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Punjab National Bank Customer Care Details.

Punjab National Bank 24×7 customer care ensures customers receive assistance on their Punjab National Bank account. For queries related to the debit card, net banking, cheque book request, chargeback complaint or reporting an unauthorized transaction on your account, you can reach out to Punjab National Bank Customer Care.
If you are not satisfied with the Customer Care response, you can file a consumer case in your respective Consumer Court under “Consumer Protection Act 2019”. To file a case in the Consumer Forum, collect all the relevant document to prove the deficiency in services.

Punjab National Bank Toll Free Number : 1800-180-2222

Punjab National Bank Email : care@pnb.co.in

Punjab National Bank Head Office Address
Plot No 4, Sector -10 Dwarka New Delhi -110075

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Who can file a complaint in Consumer Court.
Anyone holding relationship with Punjab National Bank , not the commercial purpose can file a case in the Consumer Forum for the compensation against the deficiency in services.
What is the time limit ?
The Consumer Complaint is required to within 2 years from which the consumer has become aware of the defective goods or of deficient services.
What are the punishments under the Consumer Protection Act?
Whoever fails to comply with any order made by the Consumer Forum, as the case may be, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of one month to three years or with fine of twenty-five thousand rupees to one lakh rupees, or with both.

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Steps to file a case in Consumer Court

Simple steps to file your case in your Consumer Forum against Punjab National Bank


Dial 1800-180-2222 from your registered mobile no. to contact Punjab National Bank customer care helpline. You can also email your complaint at care@pnb.co.in from your personal Email ID which is registered with Punjab National Bank. Please note down the complaint reference number given by the Punjab National Bank executive at the end of the for future reference. For general complaints, you can call Punjab National Bank between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (from Monday to Friday) and for urgent complaint you can call the Punjab National Bank customer care anytime.

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The turn-around time for responding to a complaint is:

3 working days for normal cases
15 working days: Fraud cases, Legal cases and cases which need retrieval of documents.
30 working days:  Cases involving 3rd party (other Banks)
45 to 90 days:  Chargeback related cases.


Contact Punjab National Bank Principal Nodal officer via email or send the physical copy of the complaint with all the relevant documents, If the customer has not received or satisfied with the resolution provided by the customer support team after the completion of the given time period, the complaint may be escalated to the Punjab National Bank Principal Nodal Officer at:

Plot No 4, Sector -10 Dwarka New Delhi -110075


You can contact the RBI Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with the response from the Punjab National Bank. Reserve Bank of India appoints officers to solve the customer complaints if the Punjab National Bank fails to solve the issue within 30 days of lodging the complaint.

Visit : Banking Ombudsmen


If the customer has not received any response or not satisfied from the response, the customer can file a case against the Punjab National Bank in the Consumer Court.

  1. Print all the conversation with the Customer Care and CMD / Nodal Officer.
  2. Click here for complete steps to file case in person.
  3. You can hire a lawyer near you, search lawyer.

About Punjab National Bank

About Punjab National Bank customer support center and list of customer care number

The additional information to contact Punjab National Bank branch office, nodal officer via email or through postal communication. Contacting to the Punjab National Bank nodal officer is the second step to redress your grievances.

FOR Punjab National Bank CREDIT CARD HELPLINE: 1800 180 2345 or 0120-4616200
Balance enquiry (Missed call on Toll free (1800 180 2223)/Tolled no (01202303090) from the registered mobile will get you

How to block Punjab National Bank Debit/Credit Card

In case of loss/theft of card, the Cardholder shall immediately Block/Hotlist his /her card to avoid any misuse for safety reason through following channels:

By calling call center representative at 24 hours toll free helpline numbers 1800 180 2222, 1800 103 2222 or through paid helpline number 0120-2490000.

IVRS module integrated with above toll free numbers.

By sending SMS (HOT>space>Card Number) e.g. HOT 5126520000000013 to 5607040 from your registered mobile number.

Procedure of hotlisting of Debit Card through PNB Internet Banking
User has to login in his/her retail IBS account using the credentials. After successful login:
Click on Value added Service then Select ATM/Debit Card Hotlisting.
Select Account Number from drop down list to which the card required to be hotlisted is attached.
Click on “Continue”.
Cards attached to the selected account will be displayed.
Select appropriate card number. (In case, card number is not displayed, user can also enter card number manually in the space provided against label “Card Number”).
Enter IBS Transaction Password Click on “Submit”.
Confirmation message of card being successfully hotlisted will appear immediately.

Procedure of hotlisting of Debit Card through PNB PNB One App
User may login into the PNB One App using login credentials
Post login, click on the Debit Card button, then in the next page click on Hotlist Debit Card.
Select Account Number from drop down list to which the card required to be hotlisted is attached.
Click on “Continue”.
Cards attached to the selected account will be displayed.
Select appropriate card number.
Enter Transaction Password Click on “Continue”.
Confirmation message of card being successfully hotlisted will appear immediately.

Note: Debit card once hotlisted cannot be de-hotlisted

Debit Cards
All such complaints be lodged at our Customer Relationship Centre by calling # 0120-2490000 and ( Toll Free)18001802222; 1800 103 2222. Get Docket number for future reference.

In case of loss of card, theft of card, fraudulent transaction or suspicion of having compromised details of card, Do call PNB Credit Cards` 24 hour customer helpline number 1800 180 2345 or 0120 – 4616200 and email to creditcardpnb[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in and get your credit card hot-listed

Punjab National Bank Nodal Officers

Agra sme.agr@pnb.co.in Rajeev Jain, CM 8003692520
Ahmedabad sme.ahm@pnb.co.in Rajesh Kumar Gupta, AGM 9987096825
Amritsar sme.amr@pnb.co.in Anil Kumar Jhanji, CM 9814140641
Bhopal sme.bhl@pnb.co.in Arbind Tiwari, DGM 8860469997
Bhubaneshwar sme.bbn@pnb.co.in Bijay Kumar Senapati, AGM 9090960414
Chandigarh sme.chd@pnb.co.in Sunit Agarwal, CM 8126834834
Chennai sme.chn@pnb.co.in Venkataraman Ramamoorthy, 9444794065
Dehradun sme.deh@pnb.co.in Kamal Kuletha, CM 9045294275
Delhi sme.del@pnb.co.in A.K. Wahi, DGM 8171120101
Durgapur sme.drg@pnb.co.in Suman Kumar Singh, CM 8617426649
Gurugram sme.gur@pnb.co.in Ankit Batra, SM 9990911290
Guwahati sme.gwh@pnb.co.in Jawaharlal Makhija, CM 7209498082
Hyderabad sme.hyd@pnb.co.in M. Swaryajlaxmi, DZM 9100949647
Jaipur sme.jpr@pnb.co.in R.G. Dinodiya, AGM 8826824777
Jodhpur sme.jdh@pnb.co.in Suraj Kumar Chouhan, CM 9636102626
Kolkata sme.kol@pnb.co.in Mohd.Aqubal Alam, CM 7407801011
Lucknow sme.lck@pnb.co.in Ajeet Pandey, CM 9871998787
Ludhiana sme.ldh@pnb.co.in Rajeev Kamal, CM 9810806263
Meerut sme.mrt@pnb.co.in Bikash Das, AGM 9903941060
Mumbai sme.mum@pnb.co.in Sanjay Prakash Lal, AGM 7087976001
Patna sme.ptn@pnb.co.in Sudhanshu Bhushan, AGM 9970440058
Raipur sme.rpr@pnb.co.in Suresh Kumar, CM 9452840755
Shimla sme.shm@pnb.co.in S.S.Bohra, DGM 9599558131
Varanasi sme.vrn@pnb.co.in Pradeep Jha, CM 7525011053