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NKGSB Bank Customer Care Details.

NKGSB Bank 24×7 customer care ensures customers receive assistance on their NKGSB Bank account. For queries related to the debit card, net banking, cheque book request, chargeback complaint or reporting an unauthorized transaction on your account, you can reach out to NKGSB Bank Customer Care.
If you are not satisfied with the Customer Care response, you can file a consumer case in your respective Consumer Court under “Consumer Protection Act 2019”. To file a case in the Consumer Forum, collect all the relevant document to prove the deficiency in services.

NKGSB Bank Toll Free Number : 022 2860 2000

NKGSB Bank Email : quicknetsupport@nkgsb-bank.com

NKGSB Bank Head Office Address
Laxmi Sadan, 361, V.P. Road, Girgaum, Mumbai 400 004.

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Who can file a complaint in Consumer Court.
Anyone holding relationship with NKGSB Bank , not the commercial purpose can file a case in the Consumer Forum for the compensation against the deficiency in services.
What is the time limit ?
The Consumer Complaint is required to within 2 years from which the consumer has become aware of the defective goods or of deficient services.
What are the punishments under the Consumer Protection Act?
Whoever fails to comply with any order made by the Consumer Forum, as the case may be, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of one month to three years or with fine of twenty-five thousand rupees to one lakh rupees, or with both.

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Steps to file a case in Consumer Court

Simple steps to file your case in your Consumer Forum against NKGSB Bank


Dial 022 2860 2000 from your registered mobile no. to contact NKGSB Bank customer care helpline. You can also email your complaint at quicknetsupport@nkgsb-bank.com from your personal Email ID which is registered with NKGSB Bank. Please note down the complaint reference number given by the NKGSB Bank executive at the end of the for future reference. For general complaints, you can call NKGSB Bank between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (from Monday to Friday) and for urgent complaint you can call the NKGSB Bank customer care anytime.

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The turn-around time for responding to a complaint is:

3 working days for normal cases
15 working days: Fraud cases, Legal cases and cases which need retrieval of documents.
30 working days:  Cases involving 3rd party (other Banks)
45 to 90 days:  Chargeback related cases.


Contact NKGSB Bank Principal Nodal officer via email or send the physical copy of the complaint with all the relevant documents, If the customer has not received or satisfied with the resolution provided by the customer support team after the completion of the given time period, the complaint may be escalated to the NKGSB Bank Principal Nodal Officer at:

Laxmi Sadan, 361, V.P. Road, Girgaum, Mumbai 400 004.


You can contact the RBI Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with the response from the NKGSB Bank. Reserve Bank of India appoints officers to solve the customer complaints if the NKGSB Bank fails to solve the issue within 30 days of lodging the complaint.

Visit : Banking Ombudsmen


If the customer has not received any response or not satisfied from the response, the customer can file a case against the NKGSB Bank in the Consumer Court.

  1. Print all the conversation with the Customer Care and CMD / Nodal Officer.
  2. Click here for complete steps to file case in person.
  3. You can hire a lawyer near you, search lawyer.

About NKGSB Bank

About NKGSB Bank customer support center and list of customer care number

The additional information to contact NKGSB Bank branch office, nodal officer via email or through postal communication. Contacting to the NKGSB Bank nodal officer is the second step to redress your grievances.

NKGSB Bank Nodal Officer

Nodal Officer: Mrs. Meenal Kulkarni (Officer)
Contact No: 022-28900560/022-25156348
Email Id: gru@nkgsb-bank.com / meenalkulkarni@nkgsb-bank.com

Principal Nodal Officer: Mr. Laxmikant Desai
(Assistant General Manager)
Landline: 022-28900560 E mail: laxmikantdesai@nkgsb-bank.com
Address: NKGSB Cooperative Bank Ltd, First Floor, Shakti Apartment, Saishakti CHS Ltd , L.T.
Road, Opp Dahisar Railway Station, Dahisar (W), Mumbai 400 068.

You may also approach the Banking Ombudsman, if the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily.

AhmedabadC/o Reserve Bank of India
La Gajjar Chambers, Ashram Road
Ahmedabad-380 009
STD Code: 079
Tel. No. 26582357/26586718
Fax No. 26583325
Email : cms.boahmedabad@rbi.org.in
Gujarat, Union
Territories of Dadra and
Nagar Haveli, Daman
and Diu
BengaluruC/o Reserve Bank of India
10/3/8, Nrupathunga Road
Bengaluru -560 001
STD Code: 080
Tel. No. 22210771/22275629
Fax No. 22244047
Email :cms.bobengaluru@rbi.org.in
BhopalHoshangabad Road
Post Box No. 32,
Bhopal-462 011
STD Code: 0755
Tel. No. 2573772/2573776
Fax No. 2573779
Email : cms.bobhopal@rbi.org.in
Madhya Pradesh
Mumbai (I)4th Floor, RBI Byculla Office Building
Opp. Mumbai Central Railway Station, Byculla,
Mumbai-400 008
STD Code: 022
Tel No. 23022028, Fax : 23022024
Email : cms.bomumbai1@rbi.org.in
Districts of Mumbai,
Mumbai Suburban and
Mumbai (II)4th Floor, RBI Byculla Office
Building, Opp. Mumbai Central
Railway Station, Byculla,
Mumbai-400 008
STD Code: 022
Telephone: 2300 1280
Fax : 23022024
Email : cms.bomumbai2@rbi.org.in
Goa and Maharashtra,
(except the districts of
Suburban and Thane)