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    my mobile number is 8962218143 me 22 janvary 2014 net balance hone ke bavjut bhi 200 rs ka blance kat kar diya hai aur refunt bhi nahi kar rhai hai
    ple refund my blance

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    I had tried to recharge online from the Tata Docomo website and I had completed all the procedures for the process, but the server of Tata Docomo didn't respond in the last step as a result of which money was deducted from my account but I didn't get my balance recharged.

    Details of the transaction :

    Amount : Rs. 222
    BillDesk : MINB3251254266
    Ref number : 259062308
    Date : 10/02/2014, Monday
    Time : 9:43 am
    Account Number : (not publicly disclosed)
    Mobile Number : 9046444001

    Recharge my number or credit my account with the same amount.
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    Very worst service by DOCOMO with my number 8446602136.

    I have requested for the internet plan by calling to the CC. They said it is activated.

    Now I have recieved the SMS saying my bill is 2500 and after calling CC they say internet plan is not activate.

    What to do with this suckers..?? I dont understand why these guys do such mischief.. Please take some action here. I am disconnecting this number.

    I hope somehow this consumer court will help me. Other wise I should say its India nothing is going to happen to the system.

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    My name is shivakumar and mobile no is 8885428705. I had a recharge of 253 pack with 200 talktime and 1GB on 01/03/2014.but Iam not get 1GB data .i get only 50MB data and Rs.7 deducted from main balance why iam not get 1GB DATA ihad loss 253 rupees with docomo . iam calling coustomer care the superviser had tell that on 27/02/2014 iam dialing *141# and activate 1 DAY internet pack of 7 two times and the third time iam dialing *141# and activate 1 DAY internet pack of 7 but my balance is low that pack has not activated.But on01/03/2014 I had recharge with 253 Rs.7 deducted from main balance. Iam very disappointed with docomo . iam not continue with tata docomo m
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    I have repeatedly asked to stop this VAS. still my balance continues to be deducted. stop this nonsense immediately or I will port the number. I want my deducted balance to be credited back
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    I have repeatedly asked to stop this VAS. still my balance continues to be deducted. stop this nonsense immediately or I will port the number. I want my deducted balance to be credited number is 7736422536
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    1.yesterday,I had been recharged with 76rs a special tht 1gb with 3g plan was activated but their is no 3g signals com's.even at night 2g speed also have too bad service.
    but when I rechrge with rs 8 for 3g pack .I got a signals.thn y not signals comes on 76rs.I rchrged twice...but same issue com..I contact with customer care...but they bluff me n gives wrongly information.
    2.u said 2g speed is 114kbps...but it's never more thn 20-40 kbps..with full signals...
    plz kindly improve ur network thn refund me ma money of rs 76 atlest.n stop ur 3g service n it's promotions...
    customer name
    manohar koli
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    .yesterday I call to customer care that plz activate my 155 net pack in that I get 1gb 3G data but with there mistake the activated some 1gb 2g data and 1gb saavan data plan.....
    As I m calling to customer care they told me that we cant do any thing and they also said that we have both the plans in that 0ne amount like in 155 you get 1gb 3G data and 1gb 2G and 1gb savaan data but this is not possible... I have also cheaked that this 1gb 2g plan is for 154rs.....
    So plzz cheak my number is
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    I have been a customer of TATA DOCOMO broadband. In the month of Feb, I requested to upgrade my data plan from 2Mbps to 8 Mbps. The response I got from them both telephonically as well as in writing are listed below email dated Feb 15, 2014. In the month of March, I received a bill that indicated the updated plan. On the other hand I was not getting any speed. When I tried calling them, they asked why did you not reach to the technical team. How could I reach to the technical team for the anticipation of a service that was not supposed to be delivered to me till next month?? The issue of speed got resolved only in this week and I will have to end up paying 1500 Extra for something that I have not availed. I even asked them to resolve the issue. But unlike the spirit of TATA group, the have very rudely told me, nothing will be done in your bill. You should have addressed it in time. They keep in writing complain numbers and then closing it. After repeatedly telling them that I work on night shifts and if you can call me in the noon, they call me early in the morning and then close the loop that no one picked the phone. Please help me resolve the issue.

    My details are mentioned herewith :

    Name : Parimal Pradha
    Account Number : In thye mail below
    COntact Number : 9028320809

    Dear Mr. Pradhan,

    Greetings from Tata Docomo!

    This is with reference to your email regarding your Tata Docomo Account Number 989571398.

    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience experienced by you.

    We would like to inform you that as your have opted for FUP plan and as per process unlimited plan are effective from next billing cycle.

    So request you to kindly confirm and revert us to do the needful..your request for plan migration has been not registered.
    We value your association with Tata Docomo.

    Assuring you the best of our services at all times.

    For any further clarification please feel free to call on our helpdesk 1-800-266-3030 (Toll-Free from TATA Docomo Number) or email us on

    Warm Regards,
    Customer Care - TATA DOCOMO
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    I gave rs 800 for security for my postpaid number. As I changed my service provider and ask for refund but I did not get any refund till now.. As it has been more than 3 months..
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    My tata docomo walky postpaid number is 080-65681395.
    We are facing problem in calling(both incoming & outgoing) inside our home since late Dec 2013.
    In regard to this, we have lodged half a dozen complaints since early Jan 2014, latest being 404953361 given on 7th march 2014.

    Only once a technical executive came here to solve the problem. But he failed to solve it.
    After every few days of lodging a complaint, I found that complaint is closed even when the subject of complaint is not considered for action.

    Very urgent action required w.r.t this failing which I decline to pay the bill and will surrender the connection shortly.

    9844783117(alternate number)
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    I am using tata docomo GSM .
    last night they activated a plan named super models, .
    They charged 75 rs for that .
    but I didn't applied for that .
    now they are not refunding my balance .
    this is not the way , I want my money back at anyways....
    my number is 9041396717
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    I had over Rs. 240 in talk time on my number and about 50-60 MB data. after using internet for a short while my balance was reduced to Rs. 0.05 while i still had 6MB data. This is absurd. i can not understand how your balance can be duducted when you still have data. The same happened a fortnight ago when I lost Rs. 270+.
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    Its really sad that I have to register a complain on this website for an absolute rubbish costumer service provided by Tata DoCoMo.
    I have had billing issue which has not been resolved for 2 weeks and this after visiting their gallery personally and speaking to the manager incharge his Name Deepak kohl if I m not mistaken and wasting my time for an issue that should not have started. gallery does not have any phone number where u can call and I was given the number of this manager n he does not bother to answer his calls and does not even reply to text msg after texting him that if u do not call I will go to consumer court for complain. that shows that these guys don't care of their customers at all no matter what you do. Here comes the best after the billing issues that have been there now they have screwed my service for WiFi Max that I have been, using rubbish connectivity to internet. I used get approx upto 2mbps speed for the net now I get max 100kbps this means I have gone back in stone age. Vow what lovely service and I m paying for such a service. Talking abt internet problems I had registered a complain, wherein the techy came to my house he established tht its the network problem he told me that this issue will be resolved my Monday that is Apr 28 2014. that did not happen later on I get msg that (The coverage/speed issue is resolved by realigning the signal enhancer at your premises) this is the exact text I have got from Tata DoCoMo. I mean what signal enhancer r u talking abt nobody did anything improve the service what rubbish gyan and a lie. I m on a verge of abusing anyone from Tata even the CEO of the company.

    So I m stuck with billing problem and a connectivity/speed problems.

    so if anyone from Tata DoCoMo wants to contact me below are the details.
    Name : Allwyn D'Souza
    Tata DoCoMo Photon Number 9220025590
    Cell phone:981929638

    I would like someone to call me and speak to me. Call me during 1 pm to 5 pm if no one calls me I will create havoc for your call center and the gallery they will get hear things they would not like to.

    And if I do not get resolution for everyone who uses Tata DoCoMo service .....

    This all coz of the frustration one has to go through as you are not able to your job right after getting for it.
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    hamare gram Rambhapur dist jhabua m.p. pin coad 457779 me network nahi hai iske liya hamne kai bar complain bhai ki hai par abhi tak koi shamadhan nahi hua hai ple solve my problem

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    Dear sir/madam,
    customer care is nt responding to my problem.
    They hav cut my 180 rs within 5-10 min and when i call they are saying that it is cut for net charges.
    I am using 2g service and i am sure that within 5 minuts, it is impossible that net will charge 180 rs in 2g service.
    I want to complain against them and i want my money back. As this thing always happen in this docomo service.

    rupam kumari
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    Hi, before one and half month ago, i was looking for internet connection, i called in just dail, after one hour i got a call from Tata docomo agent, I ask him come down to my place, he came and gave me photon, and 2 post paid connections, and took 2500 rs, i gave him all my documents, whatever was required, he said it will get activate after 2 days, these connections got activate after 8 days that was okay with me, but after 4 days, all the connections stop working when i call them they said we are not able to verify your location, whether i got a call from verification guy around 10 o clock on the day of verification he said i am late i will come tomorrow for verification i took off from my office, but he didn't come, i took continuously leave for 3 days, i had no leave balance, 1500 was deducting from sailry each day, but they never come, its almost 2 months now, no body is listening me, the agents number are +917276146765 and 9579175856 but now he is not receiving my call, the person who apologize and said that will activated it within 2 days, either we will refund you, he is not receiving call now, I dropped him a message i will complaint in police, he said do whatever you want, his number is 7276814141, please help me, i am really in big trouble, my contact number is 9623157074, i will go in court and give the add in news paper, please help me, this is really non scence....
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    Sir tatadocomo walo ne 11 june ko mera 45 rs kat liya maine costumarcare se bat ki aur maine bola jo bhi activet h use diactivet karo aur balance waps karo to unne servis diactivet kar diya aur bola 8 hour me aapka balance aa jaega aur mere liye costumar care ki servis band kar diya aur balance vaps nhi kiya jab maine dusre mobile se call kiya to unne bola aapka balance nhi aayega sir maine kuch use bhi nhi kiya aur balance bhi nhi mila air unhone servis diactivet bhi kar diya h my no. Is 8109399603
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    Sir tatadocomo walo ne 11 june ko mera 45 rs kat liya maine costumarcare se bat ki aur maine bola jo bhi activet h use diactivet karo aur balance waps karo to unne servis diactivet kar diya aur bola 8 hour me aapka balance aa jaega aur mere liye costumar care ki servis band kar diya aur balance vaps nhi kiya jab maine dusre mobile se call kiya to unne bola aapka balance nhi aayega sir maine kuch use bhi nhi kiya aur balance bhi nhi mila air unhone servis diactivet bhi kar diya h my no. Is 8109399603
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    i have recharged wid 251 in haryana for 3g net pack on 10-6-14 but my net is not working till date i have called customer care almost everyday but no solution provided. i have gotten very frustrated if my problem is not solved soon i am going to file a case in customer court my no. is 7206132033
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    Your sales person came home on 7th June 2014 and took the necessary documents from me. He also collected a check of Rs.572 for installation purposes and said that the installation would be done in the next 3 days. On 13th June, I contacted the sales person since there was no word from his side or the services side. He said that the service people had checked the society and it was not feasible for installation since we did not have a DP box. He promised he would return all the documents and check the next day. To my surprise, next day the check was cashed. When I contacted him again, he said it would take about 15 days to reimburse the money. I repeatedly checked my account since then and nothing has been reimbursed. I also tried contacting the sales person again but he is not picking up the phone. Its a horrible horrible service and negligence from your end. I would never ever recommend your services to anyone even if a DP box is standing idly in the parking lot of a society!

    Tinu Thomas
    CAF No.: 8811000517125
    Mobile No: 9823388660
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    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have recently ported my no. to docomo and i think i did biggest mistake in my life. There is zero network in my locality (Manyata tech park, nagavara, outer ring road, bangalore). I have complained the issue but no action has been taken yet. I advice the customer not to take sim of this company.
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    Dear sir
    my Name is ANSARI SAQUIB
    Complaint No : M19144951

    my complaint Against TATA DOCOMO
    my contact 9321313225 the starting billing form 29/05/2014.
    i am all Document will be submitted Properly.when your company give me massage call for activation,then i am calling to your activation number.activation department has call received and he is ask me my address my name for for confirmation,
    am all detail give him properly.he is all detail has accepted.and ask me your verification has successful.your sim is activated.
    and my all service is running from 29 may.but 9 June company my outgoing service has disconnected Without my information.
    then i am calling to your postpaid team.i am request to him.but your team is not working on my complaint.
    i am call to your team something 60 times
    why my all service all proof cleared and genuine .
    sir its not my fault i am giving all papers and document properly,
    sir its your postpaid department mistake.
    your postpaid Team call me and ask me : please give me your friends / Relative postpaid number for reference Verification, Then i am giving my friend Postpaid No.9768489995.your Team calling my friend and ask address verification,my friend giving self address.and your team update my friend address in my account,
    then your verification team visit my friend address and now update address is negative.
    that's why my service deactivated.
    but its your postpaid Department Mistake,because your team wrong address update in my account

    my full service has been deactivated.
    dear sir i inform you it's my business cell phone
    and now i am journey big problem.Because of TATA Docomo company
    Contact : 8806324669 / 9890500584
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    My no. is 9041412222. I'm using this number with the plan of Rs 400 monthly. And for month of July 2014, they generated a bill of about Rs6500 for me and also blocked my number suddenly. And no one from customer care is able to explain the reasons for that.

    Please do the needfull ASAP.

    Abhimanyu Rana
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    i docomo and bsnl tata docomo number is 8866240503. from my a/c Rs.16 gets deducted without any call/msg etc. n which i hv.complained to representative n he told me that amount is deducted for my internet usage but i hv already 10mb free though he said it is deducted for internet surfing. i wounder how it is possible..
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    Sir my balance of rupee 92 has been deducted from my main account on 10-jul-2014. there is no response by coustmer care they verify all and said it to refund with in 24 hrs but i not yet get my money back. So, I requested u to refund my money.The CCE comfirmed that my balance is deducted by mistake but after 1-2 day later they even dont recieve my call from my no. My no. is 7696659860
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    I'm a tata Docomo user I have an issue regarding internet problem and I have called and raised my issue with the customer care past 3 weeks ago till now I dint get any response from then and they have blocked me I'm not able to contact them.
    The only response I'm getting regarding my bill payment.
    This is the way how you treat your loyal customer

    Ph no:-8050079992
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    Dear sir/ madam,

    I'm writing this long email, for having fame @ TATA, and wants to continue other service @ TATA. The customer who lost the Trust.I am A.Ramana Babu, My photon + No is, 9246731102 I'm using your service formore than 4 years. my modem stolen by thief compaint no 152038312****.I informed but no response
    I was comfortable with your service up to March 2013. In the month of march, i have shifted my place (kakinada) due to thati'm not getting your service properly. I'm started to get bad connectivity.From there the problem begins, I spoke to the customer care regarding this issues, i got irresponsible answer stating that it will be like that but iexplained that, the same place i'm able to get good connectivity in Airtel as well as photon connectivity which i frequently start borrowing from my friends to do my business activity. I didnt get any proper responsefrom the customer care. Then i decided to go for disconnection, but i would like to switch over my service to other provider.I was trying to go for settlement. i didnt get any support from anyone. Asusual, i started getting montly bill, which i'm not ready to pay. (I agreeyour service is good at outside of my house but couldnt work at home whichis mandatory for me). Once i stop payment, i got the attention from your customer care. I'm started keep getting calls for make payment.
    like this :-
    1) Bad connectivity
    2) Irresponsible answer from Customer Care
    3) Illiterate Executive
    4) Cheating calls & sms
    Is this consists of TATA,??? I never ever expect this from the Brand company like TATA. I wont say the individual cheated me, Its TATA, Its allyour employees. TATA can have some genuine & educated employee. The customer care should convince me and rectify the errors, instead ofthat, why they want to cheat me? This is not suit a company like TATA. Ineed Justice. Provide genuine service and get paid.
    I was a genuine customer, paid the bill regularly for the last 4 years without any default and our relationship ends in the bitter way. Now, i got cheated the money which you got Rs 1,000 is a cheating money its not for
    your service. still, asking more money through sms.
    I paid rs ,393 on feb 2nd through my Credit card.The two ladies (the Cheater) who spoke to me as head of TATA DOCOMO andhra Pradesh
    All these people are fraud. I need an explanation, and TATA co should take
    action against these fraud. This definitely spoil the reputation of tata &
    need to sort these issues asap. I believe in TATA, I had some issues
    previously, which was sorted immediately by your service i'm expecting the
    same. Otherwise i will go for consumer court i dont have any other option.

    Expecting a positive reply & want to solve the issues as ASAP. (Got hurt
    badly by seeing the message carrying "Legal Action". I'm not afraid of but
    i feel its an insult to me(being a genuine customer @ TATA for these years).

    A.Ramana babu
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    Tata docomo company detect my balance 100 rs ... Then I call to customer care and asked why did you detect my balance he said that you are using multiple surfing but I did not use multiple surfing. How can i use multiple surfing when speed of docomo is too weak even to open one page its take too much time then how can I open another window at the same time. Please solve my problem otherwise I will take seriously action against tata docomo company.

    Mobile no. 9034289894
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    Sir my name is raghu 8977378006 I recharge this num 499 in my net banking bt bals not up date sir I cal custer care bt dnt lift cal sir plz wt will we do now .plz help me sir .transaction id num igx 8234153 my num 8099904206 plz hepl me sir 6-08-14 I recharge
    My email id
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