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    we book maruti swift at My car bhopal on 18/02/2013, still waiting for delivery, advice us till what date we will get the car
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    Sir this is regarding complait of my swift desire pearl met arclic white vxi DL3CBG 4863 bought on 7-8-2010 order no 0887-1001157 boking dealer 0887 from marketing times automobiles 19 dlf centre savitri cinema greater kailash -1 Since the date of purchase i had been facing the problem of gear and cluch for which i made a regular complaint at ur athorised service station marketing times okhla ph - 3 industrial area plot no -18 Many times i made a complait n workshop people just investigated n said there is no problem severel times they took the car n after minor adjustment they said that car is ok n once they said that they had replaced the gear parts but no improvement I m really fed up with the as there is is very poor pickup n problem in gear shifting Last time few days back i again complaint for gear n pickup problem n the attending person was deepak whose ph no 95609987258 n he told that we have to change the gear box for which we have applied n moment the part comes we will replace it Sir 15 days have passed but no response u can investigate the job card with marketing times which will reveal the complete history of my problems
    Sir please solve my problem immediatly
    Vaishali tejwani
    vinayaka creations mail id
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I purchased the Swift Dzire on 01.05.2013 from TR Sawhney motors, Delhi(Regn. No. - DL5CK3937).
    Unfortunately the fr. Lh. door glass of the car broke down on 24.05.2013 night. I went to the nearest maruti service station SANSAR MOTORS, sahibabad at 11.30 am for the replacement of the glass. I contacted Mr. Diwedi (Manager) for the job. To my surprise he said, the the glass is not available with them and glass can be arranged by 3.00 pm and he also added that If want to order the glass I have to submit Rs. 100 as a deposit/booking amount to him. since I had no other choice, I submitted the said amount (I haven't received the receipt for the same).
    Then at 2.45 pm I contacted Mr. Diwedi, he said that he has sent his boy to some places in ghaziabad and the glass was not available with any of them. He also said, that glass cannot be arranged before monday and If I want, I can approach any other Service Center. I was shocked to see such a casual behavior. After that I contacted TR Sawheny Motors workshop at sahibabad (Mr. Kapoor) for the glass replacement, He said that I should bring the car to the workshop and get the job done. I asked him to check wheteher tha part was available with them or not. he said that he sahll call me back after 5 mins. (I haven't received any call) After 25 mins I called Mr. Kapoor to check the staus and to my surprise, I got the same reply, that the glass is not available with them and it can be arranged by monday evening.
    I was totally lost what to do. then I contacted ANY TIME MARUTI SERVICE customer care and booked my complaint regarding the non-availability of the parts on 25.05.2013 at 3:43 pm. The person on the other side of the call said that I shall receive the call from the dealership very soon. But till the time I m writing the mail to you, I have not received any call from Maruti/dealership.

    Even after 24 hrs. when I haven't got any response from maruti I approached local garage and got the glass replaced. Glass was available at the local workshop (Same AIS Marked) but it was not available with MARUTI.

    What a poor customer After Sales Service.
    Shame on your parts stock structure.
    I am Regular Hyundai Customer and It was my first time that I switched to Maruti and It was the first time that I approached any maruti workshop and see what I got as the first Impression (Poor Parts Stocking/Management).

    More that the poor stock management, I would say it has poor customer service. Dealers/Service Centers are not willing to resolve the issues. I cannot keep my car with broken glass in the open area or in the public parking. I cannot go any where with the broken glass in the hot summers.
    Even after contacting Maruti Customer Care, the Situation remains same. The same glass was available with the local workshop, but not with the maruti dealers/service centers/maruti.

    I am afraid how can this relationship shall last in the coming days.

    Totally dissatisfied customer at the very first contact.
    Thanks & Regards
    Yakun Singhal
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    Dear Sir,

    I have purchase New Swift LDI on dt. 24.05.2013, still Rohan Motor sector 1 noida not yet provided.

    Kalpit Maheshwari
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    No one has contacted regarding renual of insurence
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    I would like to bring notice that i have droped my car for service at Popular maruthi service keelkatalai branch chennai -600091 in the mnonth of April 2013 and they charged me Aprox 10,000/- for service and spare parts changes . But i am really dissapointed with the workmanship did by them and i really dont feel to drive my vehicle now a days and i had addressed them twice about the poor performance of my car but they were advising me to change some more spares again now atleast i should be carefull and my humble advice to consumers are Please avoid servicing your valuble cars at like thise authorised service centres they where using their brand name and fooling around us.

    Still i am fighting with them for the same but one person cannot change the whole mess . And still they were fooling so many of the inosence customer like me . So their should be some proper quality controler appointed by the authorized . It took me three months to get to know this complaint forum where i can address my problem .

    Waiting for the proper reply from your and and advise me how to rectify and this should be the lesson for all . Waiting with lot of Hope .
    If required i can provide my car details and service charge sheet done by them...


    N Suresh
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    I had given my vehicle for service work on 21st July morning around 9:40 am for change of Clutch Plate assembly and general Servicing. The executive of M/s Vipul Motors checked the vehicle and arranged to drop me back home by the same vehicle.

    In the afternoon I received a call from the executive stating that the Brake Pads are also worn out and need to be replaced on which I gave consent. Again after some time I received call from the executive stating that he has to leave early can the vehicle be delivered tomorrow, on which I requested that I need the vehicle as I do not have any other mode to commute to office, he agreed and suggested that he will assign the work to someone else who will get the work done and shall call me when the vehicle is ready.

    Now in the evening around 17:30, I received call from the same executive (from his home) stating that the AC is not working and some fan part is broken, When I informed him that the AC was working fine when I delivered the vehicle to M/s Vipul Motors and while dropping me back & there was no such breakage, The executive told me that the driver who dropped me home complained the same to him in the morning , on which I objected and said that we had a number of discussions regarding the vehicle repair since morning over phone on even small issues like wiper replacement etc and in none of the incidences was any such issue informed / discussed with me.

    It clearly seems to be a damage done at M/s Vipul Motors end during dropping / service of vehicle and for which they want to pass on to the customer without any fault of the customer.

    Even after repeated SMS & Telcon thru Maruti Customer Representative (MRC) the matter has not been resolved and when MCR informed that I shall receive a call from M/s Vipul Motors Service Team, I did receive a call from an Vipul Motor Executive, who informed me that it is Executive’s mistake and he will have to pay from his pocket Rs. 15,000/- and would request to get the same repaired at your cost on which I informed that I make payment of services to M/s Vipul Motors and it is an internal matter of M/s Vipul and I would not like to get into the same more over I informed him that I could have helped within my limits if the expense would have been small but this is a huge amount for me too.

    I would also like to state that the same executive told they are aware that they have faced some issues (Suspension Problem) with this vehicle earlier also and had to get the rework done Free of Charge. I suggested him that it was a matter between M/s Vipul Motors, myself and Maruti and the last incident was based on the deficiency of services by M/s Vipul and should not have any relationship with this mishandling by M/s Vipul Motors but he was again and again repeating the same incident which did not sound good.

    Based on the above facts It seems to be case of Miss-representation of Facts by M/s Vipul Motors and Willful misconduct by the M/s Vipul Motors and damaging the vehicle at their end.

    M/s Vipul Motors is not ready to accept their fault and still are trying to pass the same to the customer and the same is not acceptable to me.

    Alsoa Letter has been received from M/s Vipul in this regard the salient features of the letter are :
    1. The Letter was send in person but was not delivered in Person to me or my Family members present at home but thrown from outside – as if M/s Vipul Motors executive is trying to avoid getting caught or questioned.

    2. The Letter in Hindi – Clearly States that the Motor was found damaged and hanging during repair – Now if the same was hanging that it should have been noticed during the vehicle taking over from me or Even when they were doing the clutch repair etc and Not at evening 17:30 when they plan to inform me. Another clear indication of miss-representation of Facts by M/s Vipul Motors

    3. The Letter has been issued on M/s Vipul Motors Letter Head, has been received in M/s Vipul Motors Envelope but the same has not been signed by any executive ( Is it being issued by the GM, MD or the executive who had broken the part while repair and now throwing letter at my residence to get it resolved.)
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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am using my Alto car from Last four years and having original tyres till now.
    But its very strange that one tyre corraded with in 10inches over its surface rather than wear down uniformally.
    Its still hard over entire surface but very soft accross corraded area. Its seems raw material used is not uniform over whole area.
    Its make is Appolo and its a manufacturing fault.

    How is it possible that still tyre prints are there overe 85% of area and can see wires in rest 10-15% area.

    I need replacement of this tryre.

    Anil (09910166255)
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    Car AC got serviced due to Gas leakage problem on 27 april 2013 at Future Auto ,Dehradun. 5400 rs paid for service and replacement of parts even though problem remain same. when meet mr. mohit sharma and jagmohan regarding the problem at future showroom on 2/08/2013, behavior was rude and denied to service . what to do in this condition? should i go to consumer court ? Bcz as per mr.mohit sharma and jagmohan there is no responsibility of Maruti to Repair it again.

    Punit gupta
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    We, Bank Of India at Amritsar had purchased Maruti Swift Car ZXI in July 2012, suddely on 05/08/2013 its gear box started giving problem and since then the car is lying with "SWANI MOTORS" Amritsar for its requisite repairs, every day they say you will get the car by "TOMORROW", but unfortunately that "TOMORROW" has not come yet.

    Since this car was purchased for official use of our executives, and due to the said probled all our official work has got struck.

    On one hand your Company give adverdtisement in electronic media that you have service centres in Leh and Ladakh, but actually your Company/ service centre is unable to give service at Metro city like Amritsar.

    Very unfortunate,
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    Respected sir/mam,
    This is to draw your kiNd atteNtioN towards the fact that the employees of your StaN autos jalaNdhar are very NegligeNt . customers priorities are ot take ito account rather they do what they like aNd wheN they like giviNg No coNcerN to time of customer.they really act smart .It would Not be wroNg if I would say they are very oversmart.we were give a test drive vehicle . Mistake o our part was we Never complaiNed but the 1 after 1 many moNey issues start arisiNg.
    It would Be great if u look iNto the maNagemeNt of the employees there as it is very dis satisfactory services Being provided there.
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    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I Sachin Gaikwad residing in Pune, Maharashtra, had bought a Wagon R CNG model having registration no. MH12 KE 1251 on 2nd August 2013, from M/S Sai Service Limited on J M Road Pune, the over all sales team is not at all customer friendly and helpful at all, still sticking to the issues being faced took the delivery of the Car and after 1 day saw that there is lot of issues with regards to the interiors being noisy like the front and rear doors the and the noise from the boot space dashboard seat belts and etc from which I don't even feel like I am driving a new car, however, when during the 1st service the issues were told to the service guys at Sai service Salunke Vihar, they said don't worry all issues will be solved, but again not a single issue was solved and again the same noises are coming like how they were earlier, apart from Wagon R I have Honda City, Nano, and Ford Eco Sport which are also new even nano does not have vibration or noise inside the cabin. This is my first Car from Maruti and I am really very disappointed by the issues I am facing with the car, and feel like I should sell the car and buy some other company car. request you to please help me with this issue.


    Sachin Gaikwad,

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    is swift coming with automatic transmission or not??
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    I have book one eartiga on your
    Dealer sai service Cochin bad service

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    Sir, I owned maruti Astar having No. MH 11 AK 5920. satara Chugule Industries. Yesterday i got a call from service center that their Mobile Servicing Van is at my place (Koregaon) and asked me to get my vehicle serviced at my house. I received them in no time. I get Caliper greasing. charged 100 Rs OK. But while doing it break Liners have to remove and to be checked and polished. but the person has no polish paper and just cleaned with cotton cloth. CHARGED 120 THAT'S NOT FARE. SECOND THING I DON'T UNDERSTAND ABOUT GENERAL CHECKUP COSTING 125 ( WATER IN COOLENT, BATTERY, GLASS CLEANER AND JUST PINCH OF GREASE AT DOORS) IF I HAD DONE IT AT LOCAL GARAGE IT WOULD NOT COST MORE THAN 150 THATS WHY PEOPLE DON'T GET SERVICED THEIR VEHICLE AT AUTHORIZED SERVICE STATION. THE COST OF GREASE AT LOCAL SHOP IS 23 RS/ POUCH AND CHARGED ME 80 RS I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE STRATEGY. I HAVE DECIDED TO NEVER GET MY VEHICLE AT THIS SERVICE STATION JUST THINK OF THE CUSTOMER.
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    Dear sir,
    Subject that are i have purchaged a new eeco car from T R Sahwney Motors Pvt.Ltd.Inderprastha metro station new Delhi on 12th October 2013 at 06:10pm i have taken loan from HDFC Bank for new car and HDFC Bank Paid to dealer 2,94,939 Rupees and i have paid 10000 regarding of booking amount on 10th october 2013.

    my first visit of dealer on 10th october 2013 i have consumer of maruti last ten years
    i have a omni car(DL5CF5570 model 2009)i talked about this exchange this car then evaluator says that your car value near about 90000 without seen my old car evaluator said that rate can be high and low after seen car after one days i visit true value of TR Sahwney with my old car then evaluator Mr. sumit Inspection my old car and my rate was 110000 but he was not agree so i ready to gave car in one lacs at this time evaluator(Mr.Sumit) not told about maruti exchange bonus.

    Our New Car deal was watching Mr Tanuj Sharma He is very good Service And gave delivery At time.

    After Delivery of new car i saw of invoice of my new car then found that my old car value is 90000 and include 10000 of exchange bonus amount so total payment was one lacs after that i talk about this matter to Mr.Sumit He says that you are abusing your old car value was 90000 only.

    As Per Old Agreement of Mr.Sumit your old car value is one Lacs but We Stopped your 10000 in case of no Objection Certificate when you gave us NOC than We will pay 10000 I have singed all document in under suspense that is wrong Mr.Sumit cheating with me in this deal and dealing of my old car price.

    I was not know about exchange bonus after received new car invoice i understand about this maruti scheme so it is warm requested to you please provide me my old car actual price as soon as possible.

    Please Also Verify that Exchange bonus For Dealer or Consumer I hope that you will be understand my problems softly i AM Very Sad To know that your true Value Dealer are Doing Cheating With your old consumer that is incorrect so i hope that you will take right Action.

    Thanks And Regards Pratap Singh
    House no.22a Gali no.7 Sanjay Nagar
    Mahiendra Park New Delhi 110033
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    my maruti swift dzire had some problem regarding clutch plates and it needs to replace it.
    but the Kiran motors, vadodara is closed n the CCM is not replying on phone.
    plate are not available in Amar motors, vadodara.
    i m stuck with the car and as per dealers it will be repaired after 7th/ nov.
    if i drive my car for 3 days with the same condition then there will be more damage.
    i m very disappointed as there is no emergency repair service is available in Maruti cars.
    dr nirav modi
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    In janvary 2013 i bought a new ertiga vdi last month the vehicle can't start guindy khivraj motars attend the fault for 10 days and changed the hi pressure pump and some other parts today also my vehicle can't start so i want a responsible answer for this please contact me in 9498052007
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    dear sir i brought wagon r vxi on 13 oct2013 during 1st servicing i face lot of problems from aspa bandsons amravati after servicing my car release heavy smoke from ac blower and it get too hot and suddely whole car filled with heavy smoke and i suffer lot in the dark night at 8pm of 10 november during my journy to my home my vehicl no is mh27 ar7472 next day they replied that their is a likage of coolant due to company fault not due to the servicing fault if it is company fault then why u sell faulty cars and if it is servicing fault then why they do not give proper servicing i request u give proper servicing or proper cars so no body can suffer during their journy
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    I am the unfortunate owner of Maruti Swift Zxi Petrol Car (2012 Dec. Model - KL 33D 8876) and it is great disappointment that I am writing this mail. I am facing a serious problem while having to driving in slow traffic condition. I am unable to apply brake as brake pedal is jammed this happens in start and stop traffic conditions. This problem was observed at the 1st day itself, I have reported this issue to Service Center at time of the checkup. Till date, I have completed the 1st Three service and each time I have updated them with regards to this issue, except for excuses I have received no service/advice or resolution in this regard. I had also informed of this problem, when I had received a call from one the Maruti's call center; except for my wasting time nothing else came out of it.

    I need to drive everyday and especially during the peak traffic hours. Driving this car has become nightmare, yesterday I very narrowly missed having an accident.

    I have good faith in Maruti's engineering skills, but this has now become a real big Test of faith. I have now reached stage where I am unable take my family out in the car.

    Hoping to receive some positive communication/advice as to how proceed ahead with resolving this issue, at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards

    Jijo Roy
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is to inform that I amd owner of Alto -800 LXi bearing registration no RJ02CB6624.

    My car only covered 8000 KM only and we facing lot of problem like gear shifting hard, front suspension noisy and missing problem. I visited with my car at M/s Fortune Cars, Neemrana (Raj).

    Problem details as under:-

    > Gear Shifting hard & noisy

    > Front Suspension Noisy.

    > Engine Misfire Problem.

    M/s Fortune Cars, Neemrana (Raj) advisor told me that these problem is comman, your vechile ready.

    So please chekced my vehicle and resolved the problem otherwise we complaint Maruti cusomer care.

    Thanks & regards
    Sanjay Kumar Sharma
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    my vagnar is stop my no 9355888018
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    i have a swift vdi purchase 12/5/2012 from K T L KANPUR. at the time of first service there is oil lekage from engine .For this cmplaine my car again again hold from workshop but cpmplain as same . There is no compitent person to remove my complain What is the solution iwant talk to area service manager personaly for this prpblem
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    I have purchase new maruti swift dizer vxi from autopace chandigarh on 6th December 2012
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    I owe a swift dzire...recently i had service done by authorised maruti service centre...due to their negligience my car undergone wear n tear.during service all d plugs were left loose n this lead to wear n tear in engine
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    Sir, Last year my car Maruti SX4- ZXI had an accident on 12/05/2013. The car was received by Bhandari Automobiles on 14/05/2013 for repair works. After much delay I got a call by phone from Mr. Kuntal Pahari of Bhandari Automobiles in the month of August 2013, he asked me to give him Rs. 150000.00 to start the repair work. I was very surprised because the ICICI Lombard insurance co. told me that they will release the money after getting the ORIGINAL REPAIR INVOICE to the Bhandari Automobiles. I again contacted Mr. Kuntal Pahari by phone and also by sending my colleague in person about the advance of Rs. 150000.00. I told him if he really wants the money then he should give it in written words, should send me a letter asking the Rs. 150000.00 for starting the repair works. I received the new car on AUGUST 2012, the accident happened on 12 MAY 2013, the car was only 7 months old, considering depreciation the amount may come to 6 to 8 percent, may be 10 percent, but he was asking 40% money to start the repair work ( the estimated cost for repair work was approximately Rs. 400000.00 only ).This gentlemen never send me a letter asking for actual amount of money to be sent to start the repair work, but he phoned me few times to send Rs. 150000.00 to start the repair work. In the meantime the insurance co. send me a letter stating that they are closing the CLAIM NO. MOT03104011 due to the absence of ORIGINAL REPAIR INVOICE from the Bhandari Automobiles,Kharagpur, WB. As the intention of Mr. Kuntal Pahari is very suspicious, I am writing this letter to you for your help.
    Being a busy medical practitioner it is not possible for me to regularly contact the Insurance agency and the Bhandari Automobiles, I am using Maruti vehicles for many years, purchased SWIFT ZXI in 2006 then the SX4 ZXI in 2012. Waiting for your expert advice and concrete action, urgently.
    Name : Dr. Manas Kumar Biswas
    Mobile : 09474892108
    Car : SX4 ZXI MT BSIV, Regd. No. : WB34AA7562.
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    There is a complaint with Reference to my Vehicle No-HR51AD4191 (Alto LXI BSIII) Registered with the name of Braj Bhushan Sharma. My vehicle is always get serviced by Tcs Autoworld .I have done my vehicle Serviced on 6/5/13 from Tcs Autoworld , Sector -6, Faridabad as per invoice No-BR13001612.

    As per service engineer Mr. Imraan Khan my clutch plates have to be changed as they are damaged and as per my consent they have changed the same and it costs me around Rs.4000/- with total bill amountof Rs.10,509/-. At that Time My Vehicle Meter Reading is-61,816.

    After that my vehicle got regular serviced on 27/12/13 at the meter reading-72,201/- as per bill no-BR13012885.

    I again went them for my front suspensions problem and they guided me to change the same but at that time the suspensions are not in your stock so I again went them on 5/3/14 to get them replaced and the same has been replaced with my consent. At that Time Vehicle Meter Reading is-75,830/-. At that time I am also getting problem in clutch function. I was shocked when the service engineer –Mr. Nazkat Ali told me that the clutch set has been damaged and need to replaced.

    How the original clutch plates got damaged after running of only 14,000/- Kms (75830-61815).

    The company has cheated me and put duplicate clutch set in my vehicle. If there is no gurantee of company parts with the higher costs then why should we for company original parts. We cann’t we opt for local market parts in half cost.

    Now the point is that I want my clutch plates to be replaced on urgent basis as no original clutch set get damaged in 14,000/- kms. I am not going to bear these losses even after got my vehicle regularly serviced by company and paying the bill whatever the company demands.

    Request you to kindly do the needful as earliest as possible.

    Thanks & Regards

    Anshul Kaushik

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    Respected sir/madam
    Meri maruti dzire LDI up78 DB 4549 jo ki lucknow highway par 19.3.2014 ka accident ho gaya tha jo ki icici lomboard se insrd hai jiska claim nai mil raha plz sir is matter ko jald se jald solve kia jaye...09415050731 ritesh kanpur
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    Dear Sir,
    Kindly clarify about chassis number alteration, I purchased a Maruti swift Dzire VXI on Oct 2013, after accident Dec 2013 body shell was changed, but chassis number was cut and paste from the old car, by one of the Maruti dealer M/s AIE cars at Chennai, I am accept for RC book endorsement, but they ignore my option and made a mistake. I am not interested to accept and my car value was down. Please clarify regarding this. I need some suggestion.

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