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    i am audesh kumar rai phone # 9971497498 air-tel post paid .my new Sim was activated on 25th June 2013, and told by customer care my billing cycle will be up-to 4th July 2013.i was told by special plan for defense people and i obtained 3G internet 1G.B data for Rs 250 .when 27th June 2013 i spoke to customer care at 121 ,i was told 1G.B net activated on my number .4th July 2013 i have utilized 1G.B net because i am paying for that.but when bill was come they are not charged as billing plan.they,charged more than that kindly cover my all internet uses charged for 1G.B data plan .1st time i am using this and i got very bed experience and horrible experience i am not going to suggest my any friends to use this plan .
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    Hi Sir/mam
    I want to complain against my college the big fake college the grt and grt SOUTH DELHI POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE who gave me admition by saying that they provided me degree course affilated to PTU. But they are lieres. they posponded the PTU exams 3 times nd this is the 4 time my as my parients come to college to know abot that they treated very badly with my father bloddy fake college I want you help me by advising how do i complain against this fake college and there staff as well.

    kind regards,

    Priyanka Srivastava
    BB pin-29676F17
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    Hi Sir/mam
    I want to complain against my college the big fake college the grt and grt SOUTH DELHI POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE who gave me admition by saying that they provided me degree course affilated to PTU. But they are lieres. they posponded the PTU exams 3 times nd this is the 4 time my as my parients come to college to know abot that they treated very badly with my father bloddy fake college I want you help me by advising how do i complain against this fake college and there staff as well.

    kind regards,

    Priyanka Srivastava
    BB pin-29676F17
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    My name is sundeep bearing mobile number 8977778007

    I was charged with additional 190 rupees on my vodafone postpaid bill for june 2013. when i approached the customer care executive, he says this was charged for the some internet active downloads which was activated and which i have no clue how this has been done on my mobile phone without my knowledge.

    The same things have happened to me a couple of months back. From this what we understand is they charge customers every now and then with some additional amount saying some fake reasons.

    Please do the needful.

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    This is in regard with my phone ninja A89. The phone had charging problem and the people at the Chandigarh service centre said the motherboard needs to be changed. Now its around 20 days that i'm not getting my phone back. And they say that the motherboard is not supplied to them.
    i can't spend all my days without my phone and i can't buy a new phone within every 4 months. It's in the warranty period and they are taking it very lightly. I need some attention to this as soon as possible.

    TARUN (09815383834)
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    Hello Team,
    I had a Loan with Bajaj Finserv Lending Loan No # 4000CD00080625.
    Loan Details: 4000CD00080625
    Type of Loan: CONSUMER DURABLE
    EMI Details
    Repayment Frequency: Monthly
    Repayment Mode: ECS | HDFC BANK LTD | HYDERAGUDA | A/C No 10311050011403
    Last EMI Paid Date: 05-01-2012
    EMI Start Date: 05-12-2010
    Tenor in Month: Gross 18 | Net 14 | Balance 0
    EMI End Date: 05-01-2012
    Total Advance EMI Paid: 3,944.00
    I have done with all the payment for the above. I have both Bajaj Finserv Statement and HDFC Statement regarding the payment.
    The loan end date was 5th Jan 2012, which is already done.
    As of now they come up on 17th July stating that I am due of 2986/- INR which has a Cheque Bounce and Insurance Charges. Cheque Bounce 350/- INR + Insurance 86/- INR with penalty Charges 2550/- INR. Which was never came to my notice (i.e. 350+86+2550).
    You may also login to my account i.e. Bajaj Finserv Lending Loan No # 4000CD00080625
    User ID :4210549
    Password: mk@123

    I would request you to check the same. And provide me a response on the above concern reported at your end.
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    Recharged rs 100/- on my reliance mobile, but it is not showing up in my account at all

    my number is 9391012568 it is a GSM (Earlier it was a CDMA).

    there was no acknowledgement, or anything from unreliable reliance

    last time i lost rs200/- like this

    i am unhappy with apathy to customers by unreliable relaince

    hope i will get the amount reflected in my mobile account or balance

    reliance is clearly a looting and unrelaible mobile company

    Dear Customer,

    We tried calling you on the given number but we were unable to reach you, as per the confirmation received from the respective team, we wish to inform you that as checked and verified there was no deduction found on your account on the said date.


    RCOM Care
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    This complaint is regarding the Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. ltd. I have used the net connection for approx year, later there was some issue observed in the connection for which I logged a request with Customer care, and highlighted several times issue over the mail. Since the plan i was using was fixed 499 plan, which states that though we dont do any usage still we will get 499 amount bill for a month. Since the net connection was not working I asked Customer care to waive off the bill, where they have waived off half the amount. For 4-5 months, the net was not working the charges came up to 2000rs. which they have not waived off yet. The connection is disconnected now, but I am getting threat calls from the thord party saying that Tikona company has logged a case in Delhi court for not paying the bill, whereas made them understand that I will not pay a single rupee because there was issue with net connection and they have unnecessary levied the bill. I feel this a fraud case saying the case has filed, beacuse everytime i get calls from different person saying they are lawyer and they are asking for settlement out of court.

    Please advise how to get rid out of all this issue.
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    i want file a comlaint angest Nexus Business Solution private company address Sector 63, Noida(U.P). its honor(MD) is very fraud person. Befor 1 year this was a software company but it is change region that i ahve collected much mony from employye were working for this company for doing this process was at the time of joining of employee company required bond of 6 months for this employee have to submited 20,000 thousands rupees company police in wrriten was after completion of 6 months security fee 20,000 will be refund. But the company MD dose not return my security mony 20,000.so it is totaly fraud. i request all of you with are reading this massage please give advise for solve this problem

    Mohan SIngh
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    Date: 30.07.2013 Tuesday Time: 18.30


    My name is P. Surendra from Hyderabad(AP) having a postpaid connection on 9550276614 (Airtel) with ultra 299 plan-ap and the relationship number is 1036787177. My services were disconnected on July 8th 2013 because of the over due amount Rs.3434. They charged it for data services that I have used only for one day that too few hours. I have agreed to clear, but requested for some more time since the amount was not adjusted in time. But they have irritated me with the phone calls and finally disconnected. I agree there was my mistake. But I have cleared all the amount of Rs. 3400 on July 23rd 2013 at 21.53.09 through online. Here is the transaction number 791833. It's almost 7 days. When I tried to reach customer care people with another mobile number of my friend 9000885511, some of the executives said to call back with correct address instead of checking whether the bill got paid or not. I left this issue because of my busy work schedule. Today when I checked my mail, on 28th July 2013 I have received a new bill of Rs. 924.88 and the due date is immediate. On my account I have a credit limit of Rs. 14,800 and also have a security deposit.

    Here my question is that even I am having around Rs.14,800 of credit limit on my number, how could the service provider can disconnect my (Incoming+Outgoing)services? Okay I agree for this also. I have cleared my all dues on 23rd July as they said on last mail July 8th. 7days by now, but they didn't retrieve my services. Okay I agree again. But now how could they send a new bill to my mail without using any services after July 8th 2013. They have time to harass people with phone calls and with n number of mails and to send executives to get their amount. They know to terminate the services when there is no payment. But they do not have time to activate the services when there is payment made. Again they do have time to send new bills without activating the services even though when the payment was made. "They don't have any concern on customer how he would reach the customer care when all the services disconnected including Incoming when he pays the bill and to get activation from his end. Now I do not want to continue with your services if you don't take any action. I here demand for the waive off otherwise I will go with other network using Mobile Number Portability. I need action within 24 hours otherwise i will take action. Even I have so many friends who are using airtel, will ask them to stop using your services. Customers are not fools."


    P. Surendra
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    Hi. My Wife received a call from 022 61172400 claiming that this call is from Indian Health Organisation . Mr. Rahul has called and told my wife about some health card they are issueing, when she told that she is not interested , he asked for a perse in the last two days for the same, my wife threatend to go to police, he hanged up. Sameday ( Today) one Mr. Vivek called my wife, she told him again that she will go to police, he hanged up. The same complain was given to Mr. Ashish on helpline no.022 60004466. He assured me of necessary action, just asked him for the conal friendship, which my wife denied, he called her twiconcern department , he told he will forward this issue to the higher authorities.
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    Dear sir/mam,

    I am prithwijit,On the month of june a call came from( +911203882600, 18602002828 ) a official of Click2resume.com.A person named nitin kasana from that company told me that he found my resume from Naukri.com for a job in good companies.Then he assured me that if i avail their resume service worth Rs. 1052/- then they will refer my resume.The person told me that if i will purchase their services they will give me the job opportunities in reputed companies.On 1st july 2013 i purchases their services and i paid 8000/- through net banking to their orginazation. After getting the money they did not respond to me till today. Later i realize, this is a fraud company who cheat people by wrong commitments.
    Please help me out of these condition and give me justice.Please help me Sir.I have all the mail of these transactions in my mailbox.

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    On 16th July, 2013 a executive called up me from Virmani Tele solutions (Plot no.16B, Basement, New Colony, Gurgaon-122001, Phone .No. 0124-4050606)for the sales of Post paid plan of Airtel. He offered me Rs.299/- rental plan with the following facilities:

    1. Rental fee one month Rs. 299/-
    2. Total 28000 seconds will be free for one moth
    3. Total 200 national and local will be free for one month
    4. One mobile no. STD/Local of any network will be free for one month
    5. That no. you call registered by calling on 121

    I have already paid Rs. 250/- for the starting the sim and all that, the receipt no. is 8000 dated 16.07.2013. (DA262-2012-13)

    Today, i have called up on 121 and ask for the registering my one no. as per plan, the executive told me that you will be charged additional Rs. 75/- month and only local no.can be registered.

    In the whole matter the sale was done on the basis wrong fact so that Virmani Tele Soloutions is responsible for it. I need some attention to this as soon as possible.

    Mahtab Alam
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    I am from Panchkula, Haryana. i was cheated by paying the amount of 4550 rs in favour of virgin mobile tower installation acc. details: Sandeep(punjab national bank) no .0729000101630203 contact details:Sruchi Patel-07409656214, 07409693851, Raj malohtra- 07409148643, for installation of virgin mobile tower on my property. Please help me to get back my money back Thank You

    Maine 29 july 2013 ko a person by the name of sandeep ke name se 4550 rs deposit krwaye the.his worker sruchi patel cald me account mein money deposit nhi huye hai abhi tak. mujhe 25000 thousand aur deposit karne ke liye kaha. maine punjab national bank ,saket branch, ke manager se baat ki to unhone btaya ki is account mein 5000 the aur 4550 deposit huye . 29 july ko hi money nikal li gyi aur ab is account mein 450 rs hi bche hai. i cald sruchi patel, her team used bad language with me, after sometime they tried to manipulate me again by providing tower file number.but tab tak main internet pe aise fruads ka pad chuki thi so maine unhe mere paise vapas krne ke liye kaha jo unhone abhi tk nhi vapas kiye hai.
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    This is regarding a complaint against Tata Docomo for not porting out my number to Airtel.
    I had opted for MNP to Airtel 2 times with Porting Codes :- TA262729 & TA768716, both the times Airtel team was very propmt & helpful in taking the address proofs & completing the address verification but they were not getting any clearance from Tata Docomo.
    I even tried to get in touch with docomo customer care to know the status but they repeated the same story telling that all is OK it will be ported today night till the last day & expiry of my porting code.

    I can clearly feel the irresponsible behaviour & negligence of tata docomo harrasing the customer.

    I would like to file a legal action against tata docomo for harassing me , wasting my time & till date not porting out my number , & secondly they dont even have a reason to not port me out.

    My docomo number :- 09246365451, Docomo Andhra Pradesh.

    Manish Patel.
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    I had purchased a few items from fashionandyou.com in the last week of May2013. During the purchase, I had paid Rs.100 as shipping charges. I recieved two items of the three that I had ordered and waited for the third one for two months. This was reported to their concerned department and they investigated the matter further. During their investigation, they found that the item was lost during the transit and my money shall be returned to the account that I maintain on their portal. But the catch is that, if at all I decide to use this cash to buy any other item, I will have to pay the shipping charges again, which I think is inethical because it wasnt my fault that they lost the item. They should pay for the shipping since it was the fault at their end. It is not fair to ask the customer to pay the charges again.

    It is not about 100Rs that I can easily afford to pay. This matter is about the principles and ethics of business.

    References :
    Order No : 3084999
    Date of Order : 28/29 May 2013

    Ankit Chugh
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    I had a IFB Washing Machine with the model No: Elite DX 5.5 Kg …I am facing Washing Machine Complaint for last one year & the same is not yet rectified from the Technical support / customer service End yet.... On contacting the customer service People they are taking the complaints in a cool manner & not at all sending technical staff for assistance or rectification.... After that we approaching the Technical staff directly in any of the local area customer Care & handing over the complaint number, they are coming to our place and seeing the machine and not rectifying the problem and going ..... Now this is the 4th or 5th time... I am diving complaint against IFB washing machine..... As of now my Complaint No: with IfB is: 10705112... & ID: 2493237...... Apart from all these I got a near by IFB Care Centre which is alll the Useless people Sitting... No use of the Technicians.....Even gone & call them they wont used to come.... I contacted one Mr. Manoj technician for Tripunitura Area in Ernakulam in his contact no : 9747656396, for a lot time, he not picking the phone.... As of his word, we are waited for technician will come , so put the Machine in off mode, were it stops... So I had lost some of my good cloths inside this machine.....



    Pradeep .....
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    I've made booking on 3rd July, 2013 on Cleartrip for 3 night stay (10th Aug - 13th Aug) in Club Mahindra Kodugu Valley, Coorg and paid in full using my Credit Card on the same day. For this I received the confirmation email and hotel voucher confirming the booking.
    I booked well in advance becuase I am not in state to take all this tensions and hazzles just before my trip due to my Migrane headaches.

    On 29th July around 9am (26 days after the confirmed booking), I got a call fro cleartrip saying that the Hotel is sold out and they can offer me alternative hotel which was not even close to the category of what I booked (Using their site's data Star Ratings, TripAdvisor Ratings and No. of Satisfactory reviews).
    I asked that either they give me what I've paid for or upgrade to one of the hotels in better category.

    It is 31st July today amd They kept on asking for time and I dont have any resolution yet. It is building up lot of pressure and tension for me as we are nearing the trip date. I called them so many times to follow up and resolve but they dont seems to be interested or if interested - not willing to pay for their mistake and give me upgrade. I have had a talk with Rohit, Pooja, Zoya and Halil. Please check their call record to see if I tried to offer so many mid-way solutions that they could have easily accepted without making too much of loss to them - but I think they assume consumers can be taken for granted.

    What I am asking for is Immediate confirmation of booking that I am looking for or the better one I asked for if they dont have Club Mahindra.
    Also, I need decent compensation from them causing so much of mental harrasment.

    UPDATE: Now they are offering me to move my bookings days 1 day later which will shuffle all my plans. I am planning to take it just becuase I am not in position to handle more stress just before 8 days of my long-planned trip. But would certainly ask a decent compensation for this compromise.
    Amit taneja - Director of ClearTrip's Hotel booking division agreed on the recorded line that it was fault from ClearTrip as they already kew on 8th July that Hotel is not going to honor my reservation. And they still held it until 29th so that I get no other choice but to take whatever they offer me at last moment.

    Parag Shah
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    1. KL7BE8482 Tata Indigo (DiCOR) was purchased by me ( Mona Shah ) on 21/02/2007 and has run for app. 80000KMs.All throughout the life of the vehicle so far it is serviced at the Tata Authorised Service Centre.It stopped during the running on 21/06/2013 due to the overheating however there was no indication.
    2. When approached to Tata Motors ( Miles Motors, Vadodara,Gujarat) they gave me an estimate of app. 150000/-INR towards the repair.The last service was done at the same place ( Miles Motors ) on 21/02/2013.
    3. While referring this to Tata Motors, they informed me that the vehicle is out of warranty and needs to be repaired at your cost
    4. However while reviewing with other automobile experts and customers ( on the internet and other webtools ) it is observed that DiCOR engine is a faliure design by Tata Motors but they have been pretending this
    5. As a whole majority of the customers who has purchased DiCOR engine from Tata Motors have gone through this pain even during the WARRNTY period and some of them have approached to the HIGHEST level ( Ratan tata and Ravi kant ) as they did not get any proper feedback and response from Customer service at tata.
    6.Similarly I also wrote to Karl Slym at tata motors and requested him to look into this and RECALL all the DiCOR vehicles as the customers have been pinalised for the faulty design by Tata Motors but of no use.
    7. I request your help and intervention to pass an order to Tata Motors to RECALL all the DiCOR engines vehicles and provide FREE REPLACEMENT to all customers.
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    August 02, 2013


    MSEDCL - Nashik Zone
    Jalgaon Circle,
    Supdt. Engineer (R),MSEB Vidyut Bhawan,
    Ajanta Road, P.B. No. 30,Old Industrial Estate,
    Jalgaon - 425 033
    Ph. : 0257 - 221 0901

    Subject : Electricity theft by Mr. Dhansingh Suklal Suryawanshi, Gat No. 299, Local name of land Vaghal, Amode Budruk, Tal-Jalgaon, District-Jalgaon, Maharashtra. From last 3 years

    I would like to inform you that Mr. Dhansingh Suklal Suryawanshi, Gat No. 299, Local name of land Vaghal, Amode Budruk, Tal-Jalgaon, District-Jalgaon, Maharashtra is using electricity illegally (Robbing Electricity) from the last Three years.

    He is using electricity for bore well without demand note from last Three years and also supplying water from this land (Vaghal) to another land (Dhawade) by underground pipeline.

    In this illegal usage of electricity involves Mr. Sarjerao Dhansingh Suryawanshi and Mr. Jayram Madhav Patil both are supporting and involved in this activities.

    Kindly look into the matter as soon as possible and inspect the Gat No. 299, Local name of land Vaghal, Amode Budruk to stop the robbing of electricity. Also to request you please take strict action against these people, so that they will never try to do this in future.

    Kind regards,

    Sachin Suryawanshi
    Vithawa , Thane
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    Subject : Dispute over transaction made online by credit card on Kaunsa.com
    Dear Team,
    I have made a transaction of 9th July 2013 my transaction ref.no 74766513190327358262770 – Rs.9110/- from MIFY Solution PVT LTD, but there were no update from seller from 2 weeks so I called their customer care, and got to know that the price is changed and they cannot gave me on same price, I also agreed to pay the current price but then I was been informed that item is out of stock.
    When I asked to cancel the order and refund the money, I was been told that they don’t have refund policy and gave me a cash voucher of same amount which can be redeemed only on their website.
    I then purchase a Micromax mobile worth of Rs.13,690/- using that voucher and paid balance Rs.4580/- my transaction ref no 74766513206329588046926 on 25th July 2013.
    It has been 8 days now but they keep giving false commitments that the order is in process, and will be delivered by 8th Aug 2013.
    I want to raise a dispute against this seller as I doubt they will deliver me for the services I paid.
    So request you to kindly look into this matter and help me getting back my full money of both transaction total of Rs.13,690/- as soon as possible.
    Do let us know if any more information is needed from my end.

    Warm Regards

    Hakimuddin Kagalwala
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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    MY name is nishi prakash and I have taken new tikona in year of 2011,They said one of your representative for activating 449 unlimted by paying Rs 1000,I have not received any receipt. I am unable to connect through net to my device. I have given a request earlier to your customer care to change plan to 499 unlimited. But ithas not been changed.i had requested to kKindly change my current plan to 449 unlimited. so after I fed up I request to if tikona is unable to do it, kindly let me know and disconnect my service and refund my money .it was assured on phone by the officer.but its almost one year passed I am not getting any resolution form tikona.I have not use any service of tikona for a 2 months but tikona company said u used services and u need to pay Rs 3300.I asked so many times for my E-bill and paper bill to pay the bill.I requested no. of times for discontinue my services.After 1 year in 2013 now they are saying we need come in court,because they logged case against me.I got so many threatfull calls from Tikona legal department and court as well that we will pull you in court.Although I am ready to pay the bill and confirmed my Email id for E-Bill to Tikona care as well.But they didn't send me bill.Representative and whole Company had done a fraud he had taken money form me and for give me proper plan and tikona failed to take action on that person nor given me proper service.

    please suggest me what legel action should be taken on such fraud company.
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    i booked a ticket from london to mumbai from mini booking office of air india. Mrs. shilpa booked my ticket.she told me that cancellation charges are 2000 ruppees. now they are saying cancellation charges are 12000 ruppees. but i didnt get any refund of my ticket till now.please help me.ticket number is 0982106699117.
    please help me in this mattar.thanks
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    I booked a ticket from from Hapa to Allepey - 12th April'13([boarding Vasai Road - 13th April'13)[/B]) for 2 passengers. The chart was prepared from Hapa and the ticket status was (W/L - 1, RAC-1). I decided not to travel and filed a TDR immediately i.e on 12th April'13 itself. Since it was an emergency, the passengers had booked a bus ticket also and travelled by bus on 13th April'13.

    However, after following up for 4 months with IRCTC and also forwarding the bus ticket, they replied that the claim has been rejected by SRTPJ railway/CCM due to "no remark in charting" as per their letter no - BSR190413V07151 . I kept on sending mails that when I had filed a TDR on the previous day of the journey itself, how can the passengers travel on the ticket and that too when one status was W/L e-ticket which anyhow is considered as invalid and is supposed to be automatically refunded to the customer account. I also sent them the bus ticket (which is not necessary in this case), but I did not want my money of Rs. 1421/- to be wasted for no fault of mine.

    I think the TTR must have charged extra money from some other passenger and given him the RAC seat, however what did he do with the W/L seat? Why should I lose my money due to somebody else's deliberate fault.

    My transaction details are as follows

    PNR No- 8434679481

    TDR ref.no. is ekt2013041207476279 (filed on 12th April'13 immediately on chart preparation, ticket status W/L-1, RAC -1)

    Ticket from Hapa to Alleppey on 12th April'13 (boarding Vasai road - 13th April'13).

    Please guide and help.


    Sindhu Anand
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    i am neehit jain from imphal. I had booked tickets of my parents on 02/08/2013 from kolkata to imphal for 7/8/2013 in AIR INDIA flight AI711 .
    on 6/8/2013 nite 10:35pm i get an email saying that your flight is rescheduled to 11:15am 8/7/2013.
    i read the mail at 11:30pm and as my parents were in kolkata ,i read the mail and called them up t inform this so that they dont leave uselessly for airport.
    so accordingly they didnt and when they reached the airport they came to know that fight had already gone.
    so i called up goibibo customer care and complaint .
    so they are like that the format of date they had mentioned was mm/dd/yyyy and it was sent manually.
    and according to them it was my mistake that i didnt call them up at night 12am instead of telling my parents.
    they are not accepting their mistake that their format and this mail caused my parnets to stay in kolakta two days extra and had to pay for extra flight ticket uselessly.
    so please take an immediate action against them.

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    Fraudulent Business Practices by YEPME (yepme.com).

    I ordered shoes of cost 499 on 2nd april 2013.. i got third class quality shoes after 2 WEEKS from the day when order was made, product was worst quality, smaller in size (they are not following International size standards). I made complaint against the product on their helpline and they assured me of giving shoes of bigger size and dispatching the same within 1 week, also they asked me to return the delivered shoes to them on my own and stated expenses will be reimbursed. I had couriered the product via DTDC Couriers that cost me Rs. 270/- along with Xerox copy of DTDC Receipt for reimbursement.
    After that I had waited for a long in hope of getting the new product, but failed. In the month of may i called them twice for the updation, I recieved a notification "Specified Product is out of order". Then i asked them for refund, but the customer care personnel had requested my patience and to choose another product. Here i made mistake by accepting his request. I gave him new product ID for replacement. after all I was told that i would get back my courier expenses by means of cheque along with the Re-ordered Product. In the month of June, things happened in the same way as earlier. The same "Specified Product is out of order" and my waiting continues. Now In month of July, I had called them about 10 times, but there was no proper response, I was suggested by them to drop a mail. Then, I had written 3-4 mails to them regarding the issue, the mail i received from them as reply following automated reply was to contact to them VIA helpline, the same which i used to call. I got tired of all these and frustrated. The current scenario is i am able to contact them as there is no reply via mail and i can't connect their helpline. I got mentally harassed and feel cheated, almost looted. Thus I have decided to take legal action against them and want to move further. Till date i didn't received any acknowledgement, cheque or product. Please do the needful.
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    Name: Jagdip Singh Kundan
    Contact: +91-9988801386, 9988103747
    Product: IFB Washing Machine Front Load
    Dear Sir/madam,
    I’m getting problem from the month of June Which I complained several times at customer care but still the problem is not resolved I’ve issues regarding local service centre and the company’s process. My machine is not able to Spin properly as the program stuck in between washing process….
    My interactions and Services at customer care are described below

    Complaint No. / Issue
    Resolution Provided to me

    19-6-2013 12.00 PM
    Called to Customer Care
    Not able to wash/spin clothes door locked complaint no. 10979529
    Site Visit and door unlocked and said spinning switch is faulty

    Not able to Spin Clothes
    No Response

    Not able to Spin Clothes
    No Response

    Not able to Spin Clothes
    Tech. Named Amandeep Singh Visited and said Motor is faulty

    Changed Motor / shocker/ switch (again)

    14-07-2013 10:45 AM
    Called to Customer Care
    Clothes are in Machine and not able to spin Complaint No. 11101110
    No Response

    18-07-2013 12:55 AM
    Complaint No. 11132408
    No Response

    Tech. Named Ravi Visited Changed Spin Switch / MCU Card

    Called to Customer Care
    Machine Not Working
    No Response

    02-08-2013 21:15 PM
    Called to Customer Care
    Spoke to Sayid (Senior Executive) and told all problem he committed me that he’ll definitely arrange a visit tomorrow
    No Response till Now

    Called to Customer Care
    Spoke to Raghwinder
    Was Not able to give any resolution due to system downtime

    My machine has been opened several times by their untrained technicians and now it just look like a garbage/junk, front door has been damaged by their technician. They people can't rectify he fault, they working with guesses like you've seen already how many times they have changed my spinning switch, motor, MCU card, shocker etc. Now each 'n every part of my machine reassembled and now it sounds badly while running. if i'm asking to company they are not responding to me. once a technician named ravi visited and left his phone in machine and we were disturbed as it was ringing again and again till 3 hrs.

    Then on 11-AUG-2013 i did a email to IFb at customerservice@ifbglobal.com and they told me that we will get back shortly with resolution but till now there is no service i received a phone call yesterday at half past nine which was non-working hrs asking about problem just to pretend customer.
    If company is committing for 4 years warranty then why their technicians are not well trained and it is just for their business.
    I want resolution Please Help Me...
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    Dear Sir

    This is to bring to your kind notice that we are the resident of Sri Niwas Puri and are suffering quite a lot due to a mobile tower installed in the residential area of Sri Niwas Puri New Delhi - 110065.

    Tower Location:
    House Number: O-40, O-20
    NEW DELHI - 110065

    This mobile tower, which is in the vicinity of our residential locality, is on the top of House No. 0-40, O-20 Sri Niwas Puri New Delhi - 110065 and has become the cause of nuance and health hazard for the people living close to that area. The machinery installed with the tower produces the humming noise through-out the day. This noise act as a disturbance to all the residents of nearby houses. Also during the power cuts.

    In addition to above, I would also like to highlight the effect of electromagnetic radiations being emitted from the mobile tower which is a big health hazard for the people living in the vicinity of the tower area. We are posed with serious health threat and death due to diseases like brain tumourand cancer from the radiations of this tower and so are others nearby. It is a crowded area, very vulnerable and has a lot of children around. We can die a very painful, premature death along with our close relatives due to this killer tower emitting harmful radiation on us 24 hrs for last 7 years (approx) and would go on till we die.

    This is injustice and an example of utmost greed of this reckless owner of House no. 0-40, O-20, Sri Niwas Puri New Delhi -110065, who is receiving some money as rent every month, to kill a lot of people, for the tower in residential area quite populated, causing harm to our health.

    We would request you to take immediate action to remove this tower to protect us from this dreadful ordeal and loss of life.

    Thanking You,
    Residents Welfare
    Sri Niwas Puri
    New Delhi - 110065
  • sajin_1966sajin_1966 Junior Member
    edited August 2013
    Dear All,
    I am Sajeev Kuttappan, working in Qatar. January 15th I received a call from Mumbai ICICI Prudential office, one Ms.Swathi Desai,she told me your old policy agent commission is waiting for your approval.(this policy I opened 07 years before and withdrawal the same 2 years back. Now they inform me Agent fee of 30% still in your account, if you need this amount (almost 1.5 lakh Rupee) again open a new account in ICICI Prudential Retirement income solution plan. Almost one week they disturb me and finally I opened a new policy in above mentioned plan. Of Rs.51545.00.Now everything I received online (forms and certificate) but my old fund not yet received till date,now she is not receiving any call from Qatar I tried to contact her office number and mobile number also, but no response how they give agent commission for me. please give me correct information is it true or they cheat me? This is my policy Number 17372316 after getting your replay only I need to case against her and ICIC Prulife.com, how I file complaint against both, against these group.
    Her Mobile Number is:-08287499039 Office No.01409580112

    Awaiting your early replay.
    Sajeev Kuttappan
    Email:- sajin_1999@hotmail.com
    Qatar Mob No.0097430246666
    Chonkathil House,P.O.Mundakayam
    Kottayam District Kerala PIN-686513
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    Dear sir/madam, I Had ordered mafatlal shirting, when received I found 2 shirt peace damaged, I complaint to Home shop 18, after they sent me only 1 peace,now they are saying return that product, impossible to return, I already stitched 4 shirts 2 trouser ,Please gide me
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