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    Recharged rs 100/- on my reliance mobile, but it is not showing up in my account at all

    my number is 9391012568 it is a GSM (Earlier it was a CDMA).

    there was no acknowledgement, or anything from unreliable reliance

    last time i lost rs200/- like this

    i am unhappy with apathy to customers by unreliable relaince

    hope i will get the amount reflected in my mobile account or balance

    reliance is clearly a looting and unrelaible mobile company
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    Dear Sir

    I have taken idea sim 2 moth back and till now bill is comming fine.but few days back it was showing Rs 191.40 as current charge. As this seems to be illegal or mistake of idea service.
    I haven't subscribed for any services also.I called idea customer care.They said that this is mistake of idea and Saying this will charging as you are sending messages. As i have plan of TCS_199 and for that i have 500 free messages to send.
    So seems that idea has illegally charging us.
    Plese look into the matter.

    Idea customer care are not markingmy compliaint. So please help me so that i may not charged more from idea connection.
    My number is 9540702220.

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    i have photon plus datacard connection having no.9226434594, rahul sharma. i would like to tell that the services of photon plus should be immediately stopped as its a cheating with customers in name of internet services as there is like nil speed of net, as well as i was trying to recharge my mobile through this photon plus,my bank balance was deducted but the recharge was not successful,all just because net speed got 0 suddenly when the process was going on,this happens thrice with me. i want a strict action against them also please inform me about the action taken against these photon plus n all at my email id i.e. rahul.sharma.jaipur@gmail.com.
    hope i will feel good experience through consumer court. thanks
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    Respected Sir/Ma'am,

    this is to bring to your notice that what kind of problems I have facing with Airtel customer care which is nothing less than harassment.

    I am in Mumbai for some official work till the end of this year and I received a text from Airtel stating you can enjoy free incoming calls by paying Rs.5 per day, I called customer care to know the procedure to activate it and I also specifically confirmed if this pack is auto-renewal, customer care rep confirmed "Yes, it is". However, when I checked some huge amount was deducted from my balance on 8th July, I called customer care again and they confirmed it is not auto-renewal pack, I have to activate it everyday. Even then my balance has been deducted from incoming calls every then and now. sometimes I receive a text saying "this pack is already activated and the second moment I am paying for the incoming calls.

    When I call customer care it is not free as I am in Delhi and everytime I call them, they always hang up on me the first time after talking 5-7mins and then I have to callback and explain everything to the second person. I called Nodal desk and I spent 1hr on call with him which is nearly Rs.55 calling customer care just one time. I have almost spent more than Rs.300 calling customer care and more than Rs.250 for incoming calls where as I was confirmed it is auto-renewal pack and incoming will be free.

    I need the complete refund a of the money that i have been charged for the incoming calls and also the calls I made to customer were not free. I would like them to refund my money for both.

    Thanks and regards,
    Mohit Kalra
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    Dear Sir,
    Recently I bought a flat in Miyapur, Hyderabad. I have paid all the outstanding to the builder (Venkateshwara construction, Vivekanand nagar,Kukkatpally).
    The flat is on the top floor of the building (4th floor) .The issue is that after the first rain of the season water started seeping inside the flat. The builder is not responding to the issue. Everytime I call him, he says he will do it but never turns up.

    Could you please suggest a way forward.

    Thank you in advance.

    Nitesh Singh
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    I am Vivek Garg & would like to register complaint against SAMSUNG INDIA ELECTRONICS PVT LTD. I purchased a Samsung Handset in 25th March,2013 & observed Poor voice Quality (not clear to listener). On Line complaint for the same was registered on 28th March,2013.
    CEO cell requested to visited authorised service center & if its manufacturing defect it would be replaced. On their request i got the set repaired & its Mike was changed & software was updated.
    This exercise was going on for 4 months & its software was updated 3 times & 2 hardware were replaced. Every time they committed to replace the set & on 16th July,2013 they have just denied to replace it & offered only one month additional Warranty against the same.
    It was just to play with Customers & not to fulfill the commitment.
    I expect the reasonable action on Samsung & replacement of the defective set.
    Vivek Garg
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    Hi Team,

    Recently, i have purchase the Mahindra Bolero (Bolero SLX), Java Brown colour with temporary registreation number HP 33 T 9290.

    Further, this is to inform you that this is the most bitter experience i have ever faced with the customer services of Mahindra.

    I purchased the vehicle from Shimla Automobiles, Distt. Amb, (H.P.), details are as below:-
    Dealer Code: S010761C
    Dealer Type: Mahindra Authorised Dealer Branch
    Contact Person: DALJEET SINGH
    Phone: 01976260467

    The problem is:- Whenever i park the vehicle in rain, the water starts coming inside the vehicle and as a result the seats and the mats of the vehicle get drenched in rain water. I asked the dealer to resolve my issue or provide me the resolution for the stated problem, however, the dealer hardly bother regarding my concern. I have visited the dealer;s place for so many times, but, all in vain. Is this the customer service that esteemed Mahindra is providing to the customers.

    May i request you people to resolve my issue, as i have spent ample of money in purchasing of Mahindra vehicle.

    Moreover, i request you to please provide the escalation matrix of customer service so that i can escalate the matter in order to get the resolution.

    Waiting for resolution.

    Shaminder kumar chaudhary
    +91 9805667909

    Rishabh Chaudhary
    +91 9646622008
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    A Victim of Country Club & Country Vacations fraudulence activity Hyderabad
    Respected Sir(s),
    I feel ashamed to say this history of my innocence that again proves the public fraudulence and those useless people enjoying our money like royal ambassadors. Its painful story to explain.
    When I was staying in Bangalore last year due to my employment; suddenly one day I got a call from someone saying that 'sir, you have won a gift as you have purchased some items in Total Mall, Madiwala, Bangalore'. I was surprised to hear, and they also said, 'sir you need to visit our office to come and collect this gift’. I do not understand completely, but I said okay to visit to their office. This was happened on 25-05-2011.
    On 26-05-2011, I have visited their office in Koramangala, Bangalore and the address is as follows:
    Country Vacations,
    (A division of Country Club India Ltd.)
    Room no. 4, 3rd floor,
    S.V.Towers, krishna industial area,
    Hosur Road, Koramangala,
    Ph: 080-42077307/080-41646809/ 09036022338.

    The lady who received me was Mrs. Glory, she working and played a major role in pulling me to this trap. I have visited along with my wife. They have invited us, and trying to explain about some country vacations, country club… this/that etc. I said, I am not interested in any of your country club program. And at the same time I told that, I do not have money to join any Country Club membership and no-way it is useful for me. Then they forced to use credit card, if you don't have cash and we will give you 0% interest facility and you can repay EMI to bank.
    They have very badly tweaked the mindset like anything, it was almost 2hours they have banged continuously (it’s a mental torture) saying that, you can visit many places across the globe with family and there will not be any room rent when you are staying in country club, you will get 30 to 50% discount on flight tariff, atleast this way you can show your wife and children the world. It is for life time charges for you and 25years for your children. Oh my god! We cannot say the way they were binding / forcing us to take their package. Almost four to six people are rounded us and telling that this the only opportunity you get in life, never and ever…I really do not understand their trap. They have not even given time to think, just keep forcing like anything as well as they were fully rounded-up the table and muted my voice....its really unimaginable moment in life and really afraid to recollect that situation.
    Then they have presented the gift of worth rs.150/- (Rupees one hundred and fifty) glass bowl. Slowly grabbed my attention and told me to swipe any credit card if you don’t have cash. Also said that don't need to worry that we are doing an agreement for this amount. And any point of time if you are not comfortable with the agreement and club membership, you can directly visit to the head-office in Hyderabad and terminate the agreement and we will not charge anything for that except the legal documentation charges for Rs.500/- Or so. Thats all.
    Finally upon grabbing my attention, I said (with tension and low voice) I don't have credit card with me. For that they said pay whatever money you have now. Then I told 'Please understand that I don't have either money or card', requested them to wait for a day, we will come back. Again that rogues rounded-up and told if not you, may be your wife can swipe the card; we were unable to bear their torture. Then I took the credit card from my wife, what she is carrying (it is a low limit card). Then I told we can swipe only Rs.20000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only), and the rest you can swipe tomorrow with another card. But they said ‘no no’, this the only one day offer for you like people, we will send our executives to your home, so that you can pick the card and then visit to our country club office and swipe the balance Rs.65,000/- (Rupees sixty five thousands). Those buggers were literally behind us and there was no scope to abscond. With no other option it is happened to swipe another Rs.65,000/-.
    They brought some agreement papers, not allowed us to even read for 10seconds. They tightly hold those document in hand and trying to explain like country club is this, vacations are this etc by scrolling those papers from their side. While doing that, they asked us to sign here, until the last page. When we ask them to give those documents in our hand to read for a while, they said ‘sir, anyway this will be with you, we will give this copy to you, you can read anytime you want, if something not find informative you can talk to us or reach us’ for any clarifications…. Finally they totally screwed my life.
    There ends my story. They said, you will get the membership card and coupons and some of booklets, some entry passes etc., finally nothing have come to my home since 26-05-2011.
    When I spoke to my friends they said it is a fraud company, how you got into their trap, just go and convince them to refund the amount.
    Again on 27th (the next day), when I gone to their place the lady called Mrs. Glory is not there and someone else responded and talking very rude, and they are very pathetic to handle. They said anything if you wanted to discuss, go and talk at Hyderabad HQ.
    During June 2011, I have been transferred from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I have returned back to my home town, Hyderabad. Whenever I am calling this country club contact numbers none of them are lifting the phone. Then I directly visited to their office, but no one responded and talking like do whatever you want, we can’t refund anything.
    Now every month I am paying an EMI of Rs. 3611/- (Rupees three thousand six hundred and eleven) to HDFC Bank for the swiping of Rs.65000/- And I have cleared the other 20000/- Credit card by pay-off my salary and closed that card.
    It is big amount for me and it would really useful to get my monthly groceries. I have many dependents, father retired and mother diabetes patient. I just hold my head with tears.

    I have learnt a lesson from this kind of fraud people and society. I will never ever repeat this in my life.
    I am no-way interested in country club membership, whatever the documentation charges required let them take and refund the amount of Rs.85,000/-. I don't want any country clubactivities.
    It is literally a mental torture for me everyday.
    The payment details are as follows:
    Country club vacations international holiday club membership
    Contract no. Dt62#786,
    Dated: 26-05-2011
    Value of fraud: rs.85,000/-
    Paid through credit cards:
    Card no. 5546-3702-2137-9131 (citibank)
    For rs: 20,000 inr
    Rate: 26-05-2011
    Time: 16:43:45
    Terminal ID no: 49314894
    Invoice no: 001957
    Card type: master card
    Pref no: 114611130335
    Auth code: 810576

    Card no. 4617-8620-0063-2927 (hdfcbank)
    For rs: 65,000
    Date: 26-05-2011
    Time: 18:32:59
    Terminal ID no: 50040956
    Invoice no: 000505
    Card type: visa card
    Pref no: 000000001223
    Auth code: 079820

    Please help me out to get my amount back and ready to pay for the closure charges/ Documentation charges whatever.
    I learnt a lesson and never ever repeat in my life and as well I will educate people about how to be aware of such fraud people and fraud companies.
    Thank you once again.
    Sincere regards
    Anil Kumar Eswar Bandaru.
    (+91) 990 810 0021
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    Dear Sir,

    Sub: Complaint regarding – mobile given for service not yet received

    I am MANIKANDAN.P I have given my mobile for service to THE MOBILE STORE Anna Nagar , Chennai on 15.05.2013.My mobile is under Extra warranty, they checked my mobile and told want to change the parts I have submit application form to them. They told I have sent your application for approval they will call u for verification after that we will get the parts like that, but still now I not yet received any call from u and not yet received my mobile, I have called lot of times they replied we not yet get approval for your mobile they will call you for verification after only we will get approval. I very much disappointment for your service, I am waiting for two month but still not get my mobile. So please take my complaint as serious one and do the needful. I have attached my Invoice with this letter.

    this is my 4th mail to u i am very much angry on you. i am waiting for 40days still not getting my mobile.hearafter i wont get wait i will gng to take severe action on ur organization .you comitted me to give on 18.07.2013 but still i not received my mobile. Are u looking me mad waiting for 40days.i ever seen worst service like your service.I am get very much tensed of your service .
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    I am Prashant from Bangalore. This is regarding the threat call from airtel broadband connectionfor the payment of Rs.882.
    I am happy customer of airtel postpaid connection was happy customer of Airtel broadband connection for more than 2 years. I took the connection on 4th october 2010 with the DSL number 08042002258 and a/c number 16104895.
    Till oct 2012 everything was going fine with airtel.
    I got the better offer from other service provider and thought of going with that.
    I joined the other service provider on 10th Oct 2012.
    Soon after joining other service provider i raised the reqest for the disconnection for airtel broadband connection. Even after raising the request so many times airtel was convincing me to stay with airtel itself. They told, we will give better offer, please be with us.
    As I was already decided, I denied to go ahead further.
    After so many discussions, they made me to go for safe custody for a month. I agreed for the same and transfered the total amount of Rs.1862.26.
    After one month airtel didnt call me back, instead i called again to cancel the connection.
    Airtel ignored me and safe custody conitnued.
    In the month of Nov, there were extras amount Rs.402.73 left with airtel.
    In December the same amount reduced by 224.72 and balance amount was Rs. 178.
    In December again i called for removal of safe custody as well as my connection, but airtel removed the safe custody but not the connection, due to which they charged
    717.67 -178 = 539.
    In Jan it became 882.
    From oct 2012 to till date i have not used the airtel broadband connection at all, even then bill generation continued...
    As i have explained above, there is no mistake from my end.
    I have got legal notice for the same to pay the amount. I am getting threat calls from a lawyer in Delhi. If i don't pay the amount, they are harashing me saying , i have to pay Rs.20000.
    If i dont pay the amount they ll move the file and I ll have to Rs.20000
    These are the number from whom i got the call, +919213291434 and +919213290976.
    Please provide me the justice and provide me the harassment compensation from airtel
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    Dear Sir

    I have taken idea sim 2 moth back and till now bill is comming fine.but few days back it was showing Rs 191.40 as current charge. As this seems to be illegal or mistake of idea service.
    I haven't subscribed for any services also.I called idea customer care.They said that this is mistake of idea and Saying this will charging as you are sending messages. As i have plan of TCS_199 and for that i have 500 free messages to send.
    So seems that idea has illegally charging us.
    Plese look into the matter.

    Idea customer care are not markingmy compliaint. So please help me so that i may not charged more from idea connection.
    My number is 9540702220.


    Dear Customer,

    We wish to inform you that we have thoroughly checked your Idea account details and we are unable to found any wrong billing from your Idea account. For further assistance, kindly contact our Idea customer care helpline.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Idea Cellular!
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    This is regarding Order Number 4570817 (Romanio 1155 Men's Watch) that I had ordered on 23 Jun 2013 from Shopclues.
    It was delivered to my shipping address on 28 Jun 2013 by Bluedart. The Bluedart tracking number is 69009562974.

    I had given my office address so that i can collect it personally. Please note that i did not receive any call from bluedart to collect the item and i wasnt even aware that it has been delivered. When i checked the shipment status from Bluedart website, I saw the status as "Shipment Delivered". On enquiring with my office mailroom, i received the consignment, but on checking i found that the box was empty. On closer inspection, i saw that the tape used to bind the box had been tampered and whoever has taken the item from the box has re-taped the empty box using plain white cellotape. The office mailroom also confirmed that the consignment condition during the delivery was the same as what i received.

    I have sent several mails to Shopclues and Bluedart Support Team but no actions have been taken.

    Shopclues Support Team had logged my complain with ticket number 331569.
    Bluedart Support Team had logged my complain with ticket number 242200.

    Please provide me justice either refunding my money or send the product to my shipping address.

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    hello i am a customer of onida washing machine that i purchased on 2/9/2011 and is in warranty till now but it has been repaired four times by companay and it take a lot time to repair today the same problem is inside the washing machine but they not resolved it after a month to registering a complaint. Plz help me.
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    Dear Sir,

    I would like to highlight here the services provided by the Samsung Service Center in Kadiyali, Udupi.

    My wife has the Samsung S4 which recently stopped without knowing any reasons, and she took into the showroom and they said that we will check and let you. So next day service representative said that the board was failed and we need to replace a new and they asked the price of Rs. 7500 approximately and we asked them to replace. This is happened on 11 July and still they are telling that the board is not come and today or tomorrow and they are holding our phone since almost ten days and there is no proper response. So I think this showroom is not fully capable of providing the customer service.
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    Dear Sir,

    I have purchase one symphony Air cooler model Diet 22i ROI from Star CJ Alive through telephonic order vide order no. 20130505038396 and invoice no. 201305060387 dated 06/05/2013. On Telephonic order the customer care Executive of Star CJ Alive Misplaced my name as V Roi instead of P Roy, My Residential address is Qtr No. W3/402 Tejas Complex, Vayu sena vatika Gurgaon, Haryana Pin-122002. With in 15 days the cooler stop working i have made several complaint to Symphony customer Care as well as Star CJ Alive. Once the Engineer came and stated that Motor is unserviceable and it will be replaced with in 2 days, But till date no one has turned up to replace the motor.We have made several complaint but no one turned up here by iam listing all the complaint no. which we have made to both the addresse Symphony & star CJ Alive.

    1) 1st complaint on 27th May 2013 to Symphony and complaint No. SKE-26E13007

    2) 2nd complaint on 29th June 2013 to Symphony and complaint No. AVG-29F13004

    3) 3rd complaint on 05th July 2013 to Symphony and complaint No. FA-SK-4G13002

    4) 4th complaint to Star CJ Alive customer care and complaint no. 20130505038396

    In View of the above may i request your Kind office to intervene on the subject for taking away the cooler from my house and Refund me the Full Amount paid as the purpose for which i have purchased the equipment has not solved and by next year the warranty of the equipment will elapsed. Beside provide me the whole Amount refunded, also arrange to get me Compensation for the Mental Harassment made to me by the Company.

    Thanking you for anticipation of looking forward for a favorable reply. My correspondence Address is WO P Roy Hq SFC Fin Plg Section C/O 56 APO Ulan Battar Road Pin-110010

    Your Faithfully
    Pradipta Roy
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    Dear sir/ madam
    i was scheduled to travel from kiev to new delhi via sharjah in air arabia flight no g9294kiev and g9463 sharjah under pnr no 31501322
    but the person providing boarding cards asked me for bribe but i did not pay it .he took my boading card and went away with it due to which i missed my flight and i have to purchase new ticket which costs me 30000 indian rupees and i have to stay their for whole night my expenditure was 3000 indian rupees so i am asking for compensation from airarabia. So i request you to help me in this regard.
    Name . Nazia hassan
    address, umarabad hmt zainakote srinagar kashmir 190012
    email, rayeesulhassan10@gmail.com
    mobile no 990662012
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is "Deepak Sehgal" & i'm been part to IIFL (India Infoline ltd.) from past 7 years or so. I do trading in Equity in CASH segment only. My Concern is from past 6 to 8 month after company tooe over to new LOGO as IIFL. Serveices got so pathetic thereafter on consumer behalf & I'm been victimize of the same as well. Here, IIFL portal provided for accessing & dealing Equity market getting hanged, not much featuristic & intruppted on regular intervals, with no reasons, and resulted in cash loss of more then 50k in a periord of 6-8 months.

    When consulted the matter both with front end tech consultants & tech staff of IIFL, no big or accurate solution addressed upon. I myself visited many a times at branch located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai with same matter and subject, unfortunately result was the same , I'm been ownered with no postiive results only statements.

    Through out this period I'm in touch with CC representative, backend technical staff, ground staff, branch officers as well to VP level managment, but result was the same as no body means no body interested in resoloving up the issues what i'm been facing off.

    I e-mailed n number of times, called them one to one & one to many in conference calls, had Team viewer to access my desktop & addressing my issue online, sending snapshot of the troubles, every bit of information provided, but all was into vain.

    In entire tenure, i lost almost or more to Rs. 50k & same i had mentioned to VP of IIFL at Vashi Branch as well.

    I urge strongly & request to have a look into and guide me up with further AOP.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Deepak Sehgal

    Mobile: +91-9004094606
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    My cable is not working for last 10 days but still i didnt get any resolution regarding the same whenever i called to these people they say ki hojayega
    yesterday also i called up regarding my problem but nobody turned up to see my problem also they misbehave with me for your refrence below is the mail which i have forwarded to them but still i am getting harassed by their side request you to kindly look into this matter and give some resolution regarding my problem.

    Operator Name- Hathway .


    Forwarded Message
    From: Akashdeep Sinha <sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com>
    To: "ncr.nodal@hathway.net" <ncr.nodal@hathway.net>; "sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com" <sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com>
    Cc: "helpline_executive@hathway.net" <helpline_executive@hathway.net>
    Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2013 11:08 PM
    Subject: Re: Fw: Re: No response from your local cable operator

    Today also you people failed to rectify my problem this is the worst ever experience I had with you people now I am going to raise my problem in government forum enough is enough
    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

    From: Akashdeep Sinha <sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com>;
    To: ncr.nodal@hathway.net <ncr.nodal@hathway.net>;
    Cc: helpline_executive@hathway.net <helpline_executive@hathway.net>;
    Subject: Fw: Re: No response from your local cable operator
    Sent: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 8:33:13 AM

    Dear Amit
    Still my problem is not resolved and I am facing this problem for last 10 days and not a single person contacted me regarding my problem this how you people entertain your customers very disappointed with the hathway service you people simply harassed your customer.
    And moreover when I called you you also not picking my phone very poor service of Hathaway and this I will highlight to the upper level also
    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

    From: Akashdeep Sinha <sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com>;
    To: helpline_executive@hathway.net <helpline_executive@hathway.net>; sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com <sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com>;
    Subject: Re: No response from your local cable operator
    Sent: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 6:56:57 AM

    01122526282 again I called on this number my local
    Operator now this time
    a girl picked a phone and saying apko Jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo na main nam bataungi aur nahi kisi ko bhejogi this what response I get from you people

    From: Akashdeep Sinha <sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com>;
    To: helpline_executive@hathway.net <helpline_executive@hathway.net>;
    Cc: sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com <sinha_akashdeep@yahoo.com>;
    Subject: No response from your local cable operator
    Sent: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 6:42:05 AM

    Hi this is to inform that my cable is not working for last ten 10 days and still I didn't get any response from my local operator today I spoke to your customer care executive he told me that there is no problem from their end its a local problem

    If today my problem didn't get solved than surely I am going to throw your box and publish the same in the newspaper that how you people harassed me as I am a prime time reporter also in aajtak and I promise you people I will definitely hamper ur image
    House no 44 guru ram das nagar
    Landmark yadav nursing home
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    I had ordered one BSNL Teracom Lofty TZ300 7 Inch 4GB Tablet on 15.05.2013 on shopclues.com, through order no:3507451 & i received the product on 18.05.2013 when i checked the product(tablet)the touchscreen was not working & i placed a request to get the same replaced on 22.05.2013. Since then i have requesting customer care of shopclues.com to get me either replaced product or refund the money but they are asking me to visit the service center.

    When a new product is received faulty, it is not taken to service center. it is replaced by the seller. In this case seller is shopclues.com & it is their responsibility to get me a new product or get the refund if replacement is not possible.
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    I had ordered one BSNL Teracom Lofty TZ300 7 Inch 4GB Tablet on 15.05.2013 on shopclues.com, through order no:3507451 & i received the product on 18.05.2013 when i checked the product(tablet)the touchscreen was not working & i placed a request to get the same replaced on 22.05.2013. Since then i have requesting customer care of shopclues.com to get me either replaced product or refund the money but they are asking me to visit the service center.

    When a new product is received faulty, it is not taken to service center. it is replaced by the seller. In this case seller is shopclues.com & it is their responsibility to get me a new product or get the refund if replacement is not possible.
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    Pathetic Airtel,

    If i get any message or mails from you to pay the bill unwantedly , I am going to file a complain against airtel.

    Got a text from Airtel to pay my landline outstanding bill as the service got disconnected. For details call 9944090568.

    When I called Airtel Customer care they told they cant raise a complaint & today morning I called to the above number, they use abusive words & dont even understand what i said. I am not going to pay the bill at any cost.

    I will surely take action on airtel. First learn what a "Customer Service" means then come to Industry.Very Cheap in Quality. I have marked many people in this so they know about your standard & disconnect from the airtel asap.

    Worst & Cheap Quality Service provider.

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    Recharged rs 100/- on my reliance mobile, but it is not showing up in my account at all

    my number is 9391012568 it is a GSM (Earlier it was a CDMA).

    there was no acknowledgement, or anything from unreliable reliance

    last time i lost rs200/- like this

    i am unhappy with apathy to customers by unreliable relaince

    hope i will get the amount reflected in my mobile account or balance

    reliance is clearly a looting and unrelaible mobile company

    Dear Customer,

    We have noted your complaint. The matter has been escalated to our customer service team who will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.


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    I bought Non-Veg (Chicken) in Total Mall, Madiwala, Bangalore a month back. After cooking, I noticed that there were many small plastic pieces in the food.

    I noticed this couple of times and found the reason. In Total Mall, they are cutting Non-Veg on plastic base. With sharp cutting knife, it is obvious that there will be small plastic pieces merged into the Non-Veg.

    When gravy is made, it is impossible to notice the plastic pieces. When I fried it, I found many small plastic pieces were sticking to every fried piece. That too I fried it after washing it 4 to 5 times.

    Since consuming plastic will lead to lot of issues, I complained to the Total Mall customer care many times and asked them to use wooden base. They are very careless and no action was taken so far.

    All the Total Malls in Bangalore are doing the same. Since lot of people are buying meat in Total Mall, please take immediate action to save public health.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have purchased a Micromax canvas viva A72 mobile by paying Rs.6,500.I asked the mobile store employee to show the 3G video call compatiblity phone but he misguided me take that phone.When i went back after 15 days regarding the issue of not supporting 3G video calling he still misguided me to go to Micromax Service Centre.I came to know from the micromax website the phone is not having 3G supporting .Please do the needful help.
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    I have purchase R.O & U.V Water purifier from Aqua Pure Pluse PVT LTD, Anna Nagar, Chennai ( Ph no 044-30296969, 18002004040, 9840959698). on 01.05.2013. I called the customer care for a service on 16.06.2013 ( complient no 25350 ) to clean the pre filter and water tank as the water smells bad, but no response, again on 06.07.2013, 11.07.2013, 12.07.2013, 13.07.2013, 15.07.2013 i made several calls but nothing done each time i received a SMS stating that the complaint will be solved in 48 Hrs. Till date they have not taken any steps to clean the filter and we are unable to use it. ( as per their service booklet water tank and pre filter should be cleaned atleast once in 30 days with sodium hypochloride solution)

    Kindly do the needful.

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly

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    Rubal 9871366888- My father invest with them buy back scheme on 22 nd September 2012,where they told that 3lac amount will be stay with them in loci in period of 6 months then one 1 lac amount will be paid as appreciation amount over principal amount .but their committed due date was 22nd march 2013 according to their company letter head copy with PDC cheques which got dishonoured due to zero funds in their firm account.since march we are following up and chasing them to pay back our money .but nothing seems fine and no revert as such as on date.

    Please help me out what can we done to get our funds back .we have all written documents on their company letter head with proper stamped and signature by MD.
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    Dear Sir,

    I had taken a Reliance Netconnect Post paid Connection at Pune with the number 9372266317.

    View my intended transfer to Lucknow. I applied for the connection to be transferred from Post Paid to Pre-Paid at Reliance Web World located (M/s Pratik Lt & Technoresources Pvt Ltd, Shop No 13, Shinde Nagar, Bavdhan, Pune 21) on 30 Oct 12.

    I had given them a written application for the connection to be made into Pre-paid and paid them an amount of Rs 1,622.00 towards full and final payment vide receipt number S225141911 vide my Credit Card. The application was serviced by Mr Rishikesh Jore.

    I received a call from the Reliance Call Centre on 14 Nov 12 stating that they had received my application and that they were offering me 2GB free data for the next 03 months. I once again told them that I do not want any free data usage, but they should convert my connection to Pre-Paid. To this, they said that post the 03 months my connection would get converted to Pre-paid. Hence, I agreed to that.

    However, I did not use the card at all during the three months of free usage and have not used it till date. In March I received a mail from Reliance Communication that I have to pay them a bill of Rs 700/- (approx) which I thought was an erroneous message. I tried contacting them through my online account which due to some bug does not all me to send any message or do any action. I tried sending them a complaint to resolve the same at the earliest. Again in the month of April I received another bill for the same amount along with the pending and late payment charges for the previous month.

    I raised a complaint with their call centre at 180030005555 on 11 Apr 13 vide compliant number 201323691 explaining them the actual situation. My complaint was registered and my connection was converted to Pre-paid. However, the pesky messages to clear my dues continued.

    I tried to reason with their representatives that since, I did not ask for the post paid service, I did not use it and hence why should I pay for something not asked and not used.

    For the last 10 days or so I have started to receive a sms from their side with threat that if I do not pay the outstanding amount then they will initiate legal action against me. They have messaged me that since I have not cleared my dues I have to be present in the court for the same.

    Today i.e. on 16 Jul 13, I got a call from someone stating that they represent the legal team of Reliance Communication from the mobile number 9371136567 telling me that if I do not pay the amount and be present in the court, Reliance will ruin my credit score with CIBIL.

    Inspite of repeated attempts to explain to the lady that it is not my fault, she claims that I as the customer have failed to convert my account to Pre-Paid and hence whether I use the data or not I will have to pay.

    She claims that I should not have accepted the 2 GB free connection for 03 months and at the end of 03 months should have approached Reliance Communications to convert my connection to Pre-paid. She said that I should have been aware that this is the process followed by Reliance Communications to stop the customer from converting from Post Paid to Pre-paid.

    On my telling her that I did not get any written information nor any verbal intimation regarding the above process, she said that it is common sense and I should have understood that same.

    It seems Reliance Communication is hell bent on harassing its customers and forcing them to pay for service which they do not ask nor use.

    It is requested that wide publicity be given to the above complaint so that they do not fool other customers in a similar manner. Also action be initiated against them so that such torture and malpractice be stopped immediately.

    Mithil Patkar

    Dear Customer,

    We tried calling you on the given number but we were unable to reach you, as per the confirmation received from the respective team, we wish to inform you that you were already been informed in advance that in order to migrate from postpaid to prepaid you need to use the service for 3 months.
    Hence we will not be able to process any waiver from our end.


    RCOM Care
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    I submit my micromax a73 mobile in check point of micromax at bilaspur in last friday.
    And the people work there tell me that to collect my mobile just another day ,.. I had cal them about my mobile they says me "ni bana hai kal aayiye"..
    This happens again and again . I am frustrated becouse of this my important calls are not received by me because of this problem.. Today also i call them but they reply same.. What can i do. Please suggest . And this not the first time happens, some month ago i had been face this problem .. They people are so lazy in there work , that is why so many costermers are suffered by this kind of problem.. Please help
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    Dear Sir,
    I Sabir Khan-9320735975 from thane purchase a HCL Tablet V1 from Croma Thane Dated-4/4/13.
    There are two issue which i m facing from your product and after sales service.
    The HCL Tablet V1 Sr no : 113std016520
    Imei :911251100365193
    Complant no. :8502842682
    1. I was facing a problem of Hanging up the Tablet frequently, even
    after doing reset the Tablet some time start and after the battery life 75% is utilised the Tablet get hanged up no keys are functioning and it will hang till the battery is totally drained and then after charge the Tablet and After that it will get start,
    If try to watched some Video the battery get very fast exhausted and again the tablet get hanged up ,will have to reset again ,and 2-3 time same
    problem persist and finally it get hanged up totally, and after the
    battery get drained then only it will start after charging.
    2. I have approached to Croma, they have given the address of the
    Service center -Mobile point Vashi,(see the attachement), on dated 13th may’13,submitted the Tablet at the Vashi center complaint no.8502842682.
    they said it will be done by tommorrow after consulting the Engineer as only have to update the software, and the software is available,but on 14th may’13, they are telling “the software is not available,and it will take more 2-3 days ” And now they have closed the service center and CC is telling your tab is at andheri service center ,repaired or not they don't know,they had given couple of company persons name and no. mwention below,these smart people give only false assurance that "you get you tab in 3-4 day" after that they are not answering the phone,these people should be sacked immediately. Even written couple of mail to their nodale office , all in waste, there is nor reply even nodal officers had not courtesy to atleast reply on mail, they should also be sacked immedialety, they are of no use to the HCl company. Please find the mail below attached
    Now the Service center is closed and the company person pradip-9930776143 and Regional head of service centerMr.Deepak-8898714999
    They are not answering the phone and the customer care say go to andheri service center and take your tab ,but it is repaired or not they also don’t have any idea,
    Please look into the matter immediately as this kind of sales And service by a reputed brand like HCL is just a troublesome,
    there should be strict action to be taken against the company-HCL, and Alimony should be charged for harassing the customer. I want my money back of the table, great Shame on the Brand like HCL for giving this kind of service from all your departments.
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    This is regarding my Policy No. 115170640 with LIC of 31C Branch with Servicing Agent Mrs. Usha Jain C/o Manish Jain (Code: 1010931C) [Manish Jain is the main agent who does all the work on behalf of his wife Usha Jain]

    A Brief History behind my Grievance and Complaint against Manish Jain

    Some months back as you also know that the market was booming and almost touched 21000 Sensex that time also I didn't en-cash my policy just for the sake that I wanted to nurture it a bit more and yield good amount. Just because of this I had my policy and all the required papers couriered to Manish Jain some months back as he told me to do this and he told me that whenever I wanted it to be en-cashed I would have to phone him before 11 AM anyday and he will then get it locked for en-cashing. All of a sudden 4 days back I recd. this message that my policy has been encashed to my account and that too without my knowledge and consent. I want to ask LIC, WHO THE HELL GAVE HIM THIS DAMN AUTHORITY TO SUBMIT MY PAPERS FOR EN-CASHING WITHOUT MY CONSENT???

    I have lodged a complaint to IRDA as well yesterday. For your convenience I am attaching that Excel Sheet in this mail too that have all the concerned details.

    I have repeatedly sent mails to the concerned LIC authorities but they have not turned up for any reply yet and they don't seem to answer my questions. Through this mail I would like to heavily escalate this matter to you for your kind remidiation and resolve the issue as the amount that I have recd. is not in conjunction to the sensex for that day. I smell a rat in all this as nobody is answering me.

    I didn't know that insurance from LIC would affect me o heavily that nobody from the escalation matrix would answer or contact me for the clarifications. If I'd known this then I would have remained at bay from LIC. Sir, you are my last resort for this issue and I sincerely request you to intervene immediately please. This is something unacceptable. The agent said to me "jo karna hai karlo, mera kuch nahi bigaad sakte". This is the confidence of LIC Agents that he used foul language.

    Please let me know if anything would be required, I'll be happy to provide.

    Kind Regards

    Pankaj Jain

    Mobile: +91-9868.63.63.83
    Delhi, India
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