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I order pizza from bangalore dominos pizza . I got the number from there website. They asked me my address after that they took my order and told me that its a bulk order, so it will take 40 mins. After 1 hour when I called the same number then they said delivery person already left and he will be there in 10 mins. But after half an hour when I didnt got my order order then again I called them , they said that your order is not placed so please give your order again. So I gave one complaint to there senior authority and after all they brought my order after 2 hours 30 mins late. Again I talked to their manager because the senior authority told me that he will be giving some discount for the delay, he refused and said that its my mistake and I have to pay the full amount or they will not give my order. This is the number what I got from their website 080-68886888. And the manager whom I spoke was talking from Brigade road, Bangalore.


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    yesterday evening i.e 4th july 2012 i went to dominoes outlet at Dehradun (vasant vihar) .
    i had with me the online discount coupon of buy one get one free and other discount coupons which i had been using for more than 1and a half year checking the validity of the coupon ofcourse
    so when yesterday i went to dominoes they refused to accept my copupon and said it was only for online order whereas the coupon i printed clearly stated that the order was to be placed by phone or at the outlet and at the time of order i had to give the coupon.when i argued with them showing what the coupon stated one of the servers i presume the outlet head or something came out and said "when we have told u we wnt entertain the coupon why are u arguing we have told u enough times we wnt entertain the coupon". on giving the online order wen i tried to redeem the coupon it showed it was not valid for online order but at the store.

    When u people dont have to entertain coupons why do u even publish it online ...

    i was a frequent customer at dominos celebrated two of my bday parties there but incident like this has dented the image of dominos....

    and when u have such rude people as ur servers i am sure no one is going to enjoy ur pizzas in an environment so unfriendly ...

    i have no intention to go to dominos furthur and will spread the news of utterly rubbish services provided by dominos people who dont even know how to talk to the customers

    Thanking you for reading this but i dnt think any action will be taken by dominos on such rude people

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    Kind Attn: Mr. Ajay Kau – CEO & Mr. Shyam Bhartia (Director) – Dominos India

    Dear Dominos India (Kothrud Branch)

    I know that your pizzas are hot selling cakes but you gotta respect your customers & the service given to them. I had a petrified experience yesterday night with the Home Delivery. I had to make 8-10 calls to check the status of my order & guess what customer executive banged the phone twice as he could not give me the answer as to why my order is taking time to get delivered. To satisfy my ego they even said sir we will refund you Rs. 300 for delay in order but no one ever acknowledged or gave me a confirmation as to how they are going to pay me. Details of my order are as follows:

    Order Date : 515
    Order Time – 21.20 pm approx.
    Restaurant: Pune, Kothrud

    My oh My – My watch shows 22:40 & finally I get my order after 1 & half hours of personal follow up. I do respect & understand that against the promised 30-45 mins, it can take longer on weekends but how would you explain the delay which happened to me ? Look at the things happened during this saga. Rash behavior of the Delivery boy namely Raju who when inquired about the delay tells me its none of my business & behaves very rashly. He doesn’t have a pen to take signature, he took another 10 mins to deliver the order at doorsteps. After I fired him for delay in delivery & unwanted behavior having abs full of attitude. After delivery ,he calls me up from his personal mobile # 8308825699 & threatens to beat me up & says “I will see to it how you get pizza in near future from Dominos”.

    Taking cognizance of the matter, I got angry as hell & told him to be a man & come back to tell all this on my face & the same was reported to Restaurant Manager namely Vishal who was neither helpful nor useful. Instead after telling him that I will be reporting this matter to Police as your employee has literally threaten me over phone then he said I will come & meet you personally. He was out of his mind when he said that why should I allow some stranger to come to my place so late at night. No one can invade my personal space that too after such a horrendous saga.

    Before order delivery also I had called up Vishal for delay in order but he took it so casually & said “So What? If late”. This shows how much Dominos honors its customer & disgusting behavior of all the people involved during the whole process. Wait a minute – There’s more fuel to the fire , when I became animated & told Vishal that I will be reporting this matter to Police as well as higher hierarchy in Dominos, some gentlemen named Avinash mobile # 9049240247 calls me late at night to whom I didn’t entertained & I said anyone who wants to approach me need to do that in presence of Police. Avinash calling me was rubbing salt on my wounds after delay & daredevilish act of Raju & Vishal. .

    Dominos being a big giant, I know it won’t matter to you about me complaining about a poor service but being a loyal customer it made me go red & disappointed.

    I expect a favorable response from your end within 48 hours failing to which I will be forced to lodge a police complain because the whole saga has left me aghast.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Shehazad Lakhani
    Mobile # 98222 22350
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    Respected all of dominoz manager ,

    i am mrs vijaya rahul bhongade i will tolk to u in hinndi . Mai last 3 month se date of 7/04/2012 se viman dominoz ashok plaza me as part timer work kar rahi hu ,mere husbund bhi last 1 and half year se vahi pe as part timer job kar rahe hai .haum dono 9 to 6 day kahi aur job karte hai bad me 6.15pm se lekar clossing 11 pm tak rookate hai .date of 14 july ko after 11 pm vaha building ke mantananc boyes offise ke undar aye aur manager ko kahane lage " ap kuch bhi kariye ohon band ho ya kuch bhi ho muze pizza chahiye matlab chahiyr " aur gaali bhi di, vo drink bhi kare huye the . Mai use vaqt check out de rahi thi aur mere husbund dillivari ke liye gaye the. Mai boli managar ko " agar ledies first ho to mera check out ligiye "vo galiya de raha tha isliye mai ro padi , sub use samaza rahe the ke bhabhi hai galiye mat de .vaha se vo turant nikal gaya,

    lekin yah bat yek bar ki nahi hai hamesha vo boyse hum ledies ko promting karate hai aur bahar ke boise undar back offise tuk ate hai cash cabin tuk ate hai .agar vo hume chhedate hai to bhi managar unaka sath dete hai yaha tuk hamara khud ka staff bhi hume gandhi eshare karata hai ( sexsual bhi) gandhi promting karata hai tub bhi us bat pe koi action nahi liya jata managar bhi unake sath hokar maza lete hai ," vaha pe ladise sequer nahi hai "
    is insidance ke badh hum kahate hai ke hume 11 pm tuk chod do to 11 .15 pm ke bad vo mere mister ko dilivari ke liye bhejate hai " mai manati hu yah unaka kam hai but mai vaha siquar nahi hoti hu " mai aur mere mister dono eak sath char jate hai , vaha ke staff bohathi gandhi eshare karte hai ,hum bata bhi nahi sakate
    muze bhi paiso ki zarurat hai mai kam karna chahati hu , but vaha koi samaznivala nahi hai ,lediese ko respect nahi ,gandhi nazar se dekhana , is reson ki vajah se muze kam chodana pad raha hai
    mai yah bat apako late bata rahi hu esaliye sorry ,but i have system
    problam that's why ,please vaha se kisi bhi managor ko mat nikaliye lekin vaha pe diciplen ki suqt zarurat hai
    your faithfuly
    mrs. Vijaya rahul bhongade
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    i ordered just a stuffed garlic bread at 6:47 pm dominoes, Himalaya mall, Ahmadabad n they didn't gave me till 7:15........... n yet dominoes claim 30 min home delivery.
    i should have ordered that at home instead of going to the place. in voice number- DPI 66322/ 12-13/144
    and people who came after me got their orders before me. so i just left the place and told them to keep the garlic bread with them and then too no one apologized or said any thing. worse dominoes service i have ever seen. priyanka 8347474656
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    I tried to order food from dominos in Leicester it was from 9-11 Humberstone lane Thurmaston Leicester LE4 8HJ,they where useless they said they cant deliver for at least an hour and a half and when i phoned back they said there system had broken down and they cant take my order,they are useless it was quicker to make my own!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is in regard of my mails i forwarded to dominos customer care . the way dominos treats and type of seniors working with dominos.
    It is really shocking that its been more than 15 days and i m still waiting for their response no body bothers to respond regarding my complaint.
    i will really appreciate if any one culd tell me how can i escalate my issue. below is the mail i forwarded to dominos customer care.

    deepak chhoker

    Sep 20 (11 days ago)

    to customercare
    How many more days dominos need to answer 3 simple questions.

    Forwarded message
    From: deepak chhoker <>
    Date: Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 10:33 PM
    Subject: Bad Experience

    I had a very bitter experience with dominos today it was totally unexpected and very disgraceful totally out of my understanding, how dominos such a big brand can have seniors like RAVINDER (Area Manager Gurgaon Sector 4 mob. 9871693221) who dont even know how to talk and behave if such a senior most person will treat customers the way he treated me today i wonder what juniors will be doing.
    I have a buy one get one free coupon(Validity date 31st of sep 2012) with me i called dominos and declare my coupon before ordering the pizzas and the guy simply rejected saying we dont accept any coupon regarding the same than later i had words with VINOD(Store Manager what he said he is) he said we have directions from our senior authorities to not to accept the coupons i asked him the reason, he replied our store is not a dominos participating store and is not accepting any coupons and he disconnected my call than again i called dominos and i asked him to forward my call to his senior first he provided me 9999158500 this no and said this is our zonal manager no talk to him i tried calling the no but no body picked up the call i called him(Vinod) back and than he gave my call to Mr. Vijender he replied the same i requested him to let me talk to his senior so that i can confirm the same and he said sorry sir i cant help you n will not be able to deliver pizzas.
    Somehow i got Ravindera's no. being a area manager i was expecting a sensible reply from him but i was shocked by the reply he said EK BAR MANA KER DIYA NA NAHI DE SAKTE TO NAHI DE SAKTE BHATA KYA KERNA HAI HUMARA STORE NAHI DETA OR NA HE KOI COUPON YAHA VALID HAI BOL AB i was shocked and speechless and still not able to accept that i had words with area manager. i said ok and disconnected the call than i went to the sector 4 dominos store n showed my coupon to vinod and asked the reason why is not vaild when its clearly have a validity date he said YE DOMINOS PARTICIPATING STORES KA COUPON HAI OR HUMARA STORE DOMINOS PARTICIPATING STORE NAHI HAI.

    The purpose behind this mail is just to know why my coupon is not valid and why sector 4 store is not a dominos participating store and how can dominos permit his/her seniors to talk the way ravinder did.
    The whole experience was very disappointing and shocking.

    I expect a call from seniors above Area manager(If this mail is visible to them) and hope he/she will not behave the way dominos gurgaon area manager ravinder behaved.

    Waiting for a reply.

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    yesterday i and my friends went to domino restaurant for lunch at around 2...
    we placed the order started eating and almost finished our lunch but what we saw afterwards was to be looked down upon as per standard of domino ..
    there was a rat emerged from the dustbin which climbed on to the television and den hide himself behind the television.....If the outside is so unhygienic then what will a costumer think of inside where the food is being cooked ... And as such domino is not a place that they cant maintain this much hygiene also... I request you to kindly look into the matter and take considerable steps...

    thank you..
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    I am order online but dominos patna exgibision road said no order to us ( amount rs 2063/- pay my SBI debit card ) dt 01/10/2012 ( 4.10 pm ) POS 000000000001685atBILLDESK txn#201210648187 . order name RASHMI JAIN - 9931607737 no order or payment confarmesion mail to me how i do ?
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    Although I was pleased at first that the dominos farnborough branch answered my call at a late hour, the service and product are those out which I would expect from any hour, and any day, from the dominos franchise.
    regrettably, on this occasion, I asked the person whom took the order if he would inform the person delivering to phone me on arrival, whilst also informing him I intended to pay via card.
    I was informed the delivery driver would be able to facilitate this.
    Unfortunately this wad not the case.
    I had a seeTrmingly forced apology from"Matthew"and he offered me 99pence of my order, and also began to try to shift blame to me for his complete ineptitude.
    By way of saying,(which I found very offensive) "if you don't pay for the bottle of coke sir,I will call the police."?!
    I am not sure what he is doing, but pretty sure he is on the rip off, and not being very clever about it.
    I've got a metal cooking mesh under my pizza!
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    I visited your domino's shop at Shivalik plaza IIM road,ahmedabad,yesterday.i ordered country special pizza.The quality of your pizza was third class,not of the standarad of domino's.So plz improve your quality
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    i am really upset with dominos. yesterday (15th oct 2012) i placed the order, Mr Furkan took the order. while placing the order i categorically asked him, if you fail to deliver the order in 30 minutes, will it be for free? for which he said YES. i received my order after 30 minutes and then the delivery person refused to give it for free or on discount. i spoke to Mr Furkan and the result was same. i ended up paying the full amount. i did not have any problem in paying full amount but i was upset when they turned down there own commitment. i will try my level best to take this matter into consumer court and also am trying to get a call copy from vodafone in which Mr Furkan said the same.
    i placed this order from RDC Raj nagar, Ghaziabad outlet. my order number is 350. time of order placed was 20:55.
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    Here by I would like to bring to your notice that, on 15th Oct.'12, we ordered for a Chi-BBQ Pizza at your Outlet (Rourkela).
    After opening the packet, we found stale bread & few Pizza's slices without toppings.

    we, being a very regular customer, was quite shocked.

    Request you to Kindly take care of this matter with utmost importance.


    Subhojit Law

    Customer- Rourkela
    (Mob: 09668603005)
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    Yesterday evening i.e 17th Oct 2012 i Call to dominoes outlet at Bareilly U.P.
    i subscribe the link & get the online discount coupon code LSM04 valid upto 31stOct2012 (Print) of buy one get one free so when yesterday i call to dominoes they refused to accept my coupon and said it was fake coupon & he misbehave me. I m shocked about your workers behavior. I was a frequent customer at dominos but incident like this has dented the image of dominos.... Plz. Confirm me is this link coupon is fake or not. If fake then why this coupon shown on your dominos site.
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    Yesterday evening i.e 17th Oct 2012 i Call to dominoes outlet at Bareilly U.P.
    i subscribe the link & get the online discount coupon code LSM04 valid upto 31stOct2012 (Print) of buy one get one free so when yesterday i call to dominoes they refused to accept my coupon and said it was fake coupon & he misbehave me. I m shocked about your workers behavior. I was a frequent customer at dominos but incident like this has dented the image of dominos.... Plz. Confirm me is this link coupon is fake or not. If fake then why this coupon shown on your dominos site.
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    Dominos Store Address
    Chandigarh, Sco-13-15,sector 34 -a,,chandigarh - 160034 0172-2620666/777/888/889/891/ 892/ 028/ 047, 01722620666
    Customer Name :
    SHREYJIT MEHTA Customer Mobile :
    918283884464 Customer Address :
    #410 35-A SECTOR 35 CHANDIGARH INDIA Txn No :
    Order Number :
    252 Time of Order :
    10/18/2012 5:59:34 PM Final Total :
    225 Payment Type :
    credit Trace No. :

    I ordered a pizza which took almost 40 mins to reach my home , and that too not hot . First , they do not follow the policy of 30 mins gaurantee . Second , I had to eat a pizza which was not hot and very disastrous . Also , I had ordered extra cheese , and when I ate a bite off the pizza , I realized there was no extra cheese . On realizing this , I called the store and asked them to replace it because it had no extra cheese and I had to eat it without being hot and crispy . On hearing this , they said they cant help me and cut the phone . On calling again the manager again cut the phone and refused to talk . This happened around 5 times . And maybe the dominos crew teamed up and did not allow me to talk to the manager . I find this very rude and this is simply making a customer feel dumb . I hope some strict action is taken asap
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    Whenever we used to order a pizza from Dominoes on Sunday's or any other holiday, the delivery is always late and whenever we complaint them for the same they used to give excuses of bulk orders. Also, they don't provide us a quality pizza , there quality also gets degraded. They must not do that, they must serve their customers with quality food and if they can't serve too much customers at the same time, then they must stop taking orders but providing non-standard pizza is not right.
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    26th Oct 2012 evening ..I ordered pizza from domino's (though I shouldn't have done that,but hunger can make you do such stupid things),order details {Trace No. :cash-899527,Order Number :211,10/26/2012,7:42:06 PM) so first of all order came nearly 1 hour late,but decided not to go with some serious argument with delivery boy as I was very hungry but thought to at least ask what took him so long ?..and to my utter surprise that guy didn't find it big deal ..just a casual excuses he gave "sahab aane mein late ho gaya,ghar nahi mila".. felt literally shocked after listening to all this..but anyway thought not to stretch this argument more and paid to him (though was complete aware of domino's 30 min scheme),while he handled me pizza I ask him to give "chilly sachets" he said to me it's inside box ..but when I sat down to finally have my pizza there were no "chilly packets"(still can't understand what's going wrong with domino's) ..okk let it be.. decided to eat pizza but the biggest shock was waiting it was like a cold bread I am eating from nowhere it appeared fresh.
    so in then end domino's just a simple request ..please improve before it get's too late
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    I ordered for a medium size pizza from Bangalore(sahakarnagar) outlet , an the offer was 'buy 1 get 1 free', but i was denied to get the free pizza. So i hope some action will be take against this action .
    Thank you.
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    Last week I went to Domino's Mahim, Mumbai Outlet. I asked them for Spicy backed chicken. They told me that such a item is not available with Domino's. I told them I have received the menu card mentioning the same. They denied. I told them that next time i will come with that menu card. Today I went there and showed the same. The reply given to me was this us a menu card of Prabhadevi, Mumbai outlet and we don't have this perticular item. The lady at Mahim outle game the telephone no. to make a complaint. But that no. was of Prabhadevi, Mumbai outlet.How it can be possible with an international brand. I called Prabhadevi, Mumbai outlet and the reply was once new product is launched it is available in Domino's outlets all over India.

    How can it be possible with so called international brand. This has resulted in a bad effect.

    vishvesh kalgutkar
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    I ordered a buffalo chicken pizza with no onions and extra ranch on the side... so hot sauce or any sauce on the pizza the order clearly says on it hot sauce..
    south plainfield NJ dominos..... horrible customer service, can't read an order... smh
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    mr vinod jaint was abusing and eve teasing in the restaurant he is a manager in dominos pizza meerut city
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    Order a box deal : 2x large pizza's, garlic bread, wedges and bottle of coke for $22.99 from the Meir Hay outlet in Stoke on Trent (UK)
    With a coleslaw and a BJ's tub of vermonster, when offered the freebie on the website I selected another tub of BJ's Baked Alaska.

    When the delivery driver turned up with my order, i politely asked why I only recieved the Baked alaska and not the other tub. He filled me with some excuse about a coupon, and then changed the excuse to there wasn't one on the order. I checked my email confirmation of my order and in black and white the order was quite clear.

    I then rang and spoke to the manager of the Meir Hay outlet and he tried to insist that there was no vermonster on the order, which I rerplied "its here on my email confirmation, I did order the vermonster asnd we went round and round until he finally said, "ok, I will send someone round with the ice cream tonight, so I waited until 11pm and still no ice cream turned up. Just to note that I did have trouble understanding the manager as his english was quite bad. But I did establish that he was going to send someone with the ice cream I had ordered.

    So basically it looks like to me, is that it doesn't matter whether you complain to the manager at dominos, it doesn't get you anywhere anyway, which is bad customer service.
    I just hope that the dominos website will offer for me to order from somewhere local that is not as bad as the Meir Hay outlet, otherwise I won't be ordering from dominos again because I won't be ordering from that same outlet again. I just hate getting ripped off as I imagine everyone does.
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    I order pizza from Bangalore domino pizza .i got the nearest store no form web and called them , a female answered my call and said (as per my query) if i book on line wil i get 1+1 pizza offer for classic veg and if i book through phone i will not get any offer and i need to pay the whole amount
    so i logged into the site and booked pizza (deluxe and farmhouse veg) which i need to get together as 1+1 where as i need to pay for the whole both 2 pizzas
    i got a delivery call from domino and i answered it confirmed it and asked him if it was 1+1 pizza he said yes and did what ?
    when i asked the delivery boy , he answered me get back to the domino call and cancel ur order and u will get Ur money back 15 days what a hell is this

    for this need to pay extra amount for the 2nd pizza
    is this the way they need to approach the customer
    they need to specify a better approach in the online booking for 1+1 pizza in the website

    atlast i have taken the pizza and later when i started to serve and have it along with my family i could make out that the pizza was not properly baked the dough looked raw and the pizza was so bad , my kids were disappointed for that
    it was also sticking to the paper which they generally put under the pizza(white paper) i have taken a pic of it and need to see it is passed on and every one really take care of not eating such pizza
    as eating such unbaked pizza may harm ur health
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    i ordered a medium pizza sometime back and after 45 min they delivered the pizza, but wen opened it was cold n looks like 2 days old pizzas,asked them to put extra cheese burst but there was was not cheese..being a loyal cust so long i get this kind of service,this really piss me off today and m upset with this bad service and more over today is the last day il order from u guys..kapil
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    My Delivery Order No. 180 dt 14-11-2012 time: 8pm
    Outlet: Mira Plaza, Kashimira road

    I had ordered 2 medium double cheese margheritas with cheese burst and toppings of paneer and onion in one and jalapenos and red pepper in the other and one regular double cheese margherita with toppings of tomatoes and capsicum and two stuffed garlic breadsticks with red pasta. The pasta was fine but all the pizzas and breadsticks were not ok. The cheese on the pizzas was as good as burnt, there was as good as no toppings means i could count the toppings it was so less and the cheese burst layer was also not there. Even the breadsticks had no stuffings or cheese as always and were very very dry. Being a regular customer of Dominos and being very well known to the quality and standards of Dominos, I was actually shocked to see this chaos in quality. Yjis is mostly my regular order if you need to check out and my bill is always above Rs. 1200/- . This type of malfunction is not expected from any outlets of Dominos. I have wasted my Rs. 1382/- yesterday which is obviously not a small amount. I have faced this problem from the same outlet for the 2nd - 3rd time and hence this complaint.

    Will be anxiously awaiting for your revert back action.

    Harsha Doshi
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    I ordered a Combo which included 4 pizzas at 12.10pm on 15th Nov 2012 from Dominos Vikhroli(Mumbai) Branch.. I asked them to deliver at 1pm at my office, as the Dominos store is at about 15 minutes walkable distance from my office. They said no it is not possible to deliver at 1pm, then i agreed to take the delivery at 1.30pm. I called the store at 1.30pm the girl on the phone said that within 2 to 3 minutes delivery will be at your place. We waited for 10 minutes and i called back at 1.40pm again i got response that we will receive it in next 5 minutes, again i called up at 1.55pm and asked them that their moto is 30 minutes delivery or free pizza and of that is not possible then they should not commit that. The girl handed over the call to Mr. Santosh and he was very rude on the call. He was arguing that the order was placed at 12.45pm where as i have called at 12.10pm and he also said that the order was to be delivered at 1.45pm where as i told to place it at 1.30pm. He said to me that only 3pizzas are delivered in 30 minutes but this is no where mentioned in their moto. Also his tone was very rude while saying things. Even after all this we got our delivery at 2.30pm i.e. almost after 2 hours and 20 minutes. If this is the type of services Dominos is going to provide we will not be happy to pay and get insulted as we are regular customer.
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    Dear Domino's Team,

    Me and my friends planned for having pizza's by today eve and tried to order it in Domino's karapakkam.Since we stay in Seevaram(OMR-near jain college) they enquired our address and said it is not within our limits and directed us to Domino's ECR.On trying to ECR even, there was no proper response on telling the address.So we tried placing the order online and when everything was done we got a call from your outlet and they said that pizza's will be delivered in 40 minutes but again after 5 minutes they called and said it is not within our location try calling another branch.We placed order online by specifying the location address etc all.If you are going to deliver only to very nearby areas then why do you accept orders on providing all details.On the whole we still did not have our dinner due to all your outlets irresponsible replies.We don't ask anything for free ,we pay for whatever we order.Hereafter we will make sure that we don't call dominos for pizzas.
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    I never send comments in on food orders, but this time I'm really disappointed to say the least. A week or two back I ordered a beef and some other topping white sauce pizza and received one without the sauce which was fine because the manager Andrew told me he would send out a free one with sauce and Parmesan bites because of the mistake. When we called a couple days later for our food we were questioned as to what we were to be given for free and why. After the explanation the female manager on duty got angry with my fianc? for no reason and hung up on her with no info on how long it would take for the food to get there. The pizza that they gave us was uncut and since I worked for a pizza kitchen I either take that as intentional or a complete accident, but based on the managers response I take that as intentional. I just ordered the same pizza and got another one with little to no sauce whatsoever. I only order this type of pizza because I love it so much and lately I feel like it's not worth my time and money at all. I'm not bashing your food just the inconsistencies with your service. The drivers rock, I just wish I could get a delivery from a place other than the Robbindale MN location.
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    Yesterday i.e 23 nov 2012 I ordered a dominos cheese burst pizza from vacant vihar outlet in thane. I was billed for the cheese burst pizza yet I received a normal pizza. I called the outlet to complain about the same. They told me that the pizza could not be exchanged as the bill was already made. I had to make do with the normal pizza even after arguing wid the manager for quite a long time. Now it was not my fault that they goofed with the order. I have woved never to order a dominos pizza again.
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    yesterday i odered pizza the delivery by mr. asif khan he deliver pizza in short time but about pizza the pizza wich is deep dish that pizza is soo bad i promise. aaj ke bad kabhi bhi mae deep dish order nhi kerunga
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