Indigo Airlines


P.N. Ganesh

S/o. P.G. Nagesh Rao

Aged about 39 years

R/at No.141, 5th Phase

Green View Apartment

Opp. Neha Prakash Hospital

Yelahanka New Town

Bangalore-560 064


Opposite Parties:

1. M/s. Indigo Airlines Ltd.,

Corporate Office at

Level-I, Tower-C

Global Business Park

Mehrauli, Gurgoan Road

Gurgoan – 122 002, Haryana, India

R/by its Manager

2. Also having branch at

M/s. Indigo Airlines Ltd.,

G-17/20, Richmond Road

Near Baldwins Girls School

Bangalore- 560 025

R/by its Manager

3. Also having authorized Agent at

M/s. Priyadarshini Airwings

Authorized agent for

M/s Indigo Airlines Ltd.,

No.62/5, Sharada Building

Opp. Rama Temple

B.V.K. Iyengar Road

Bangalore- 560 053

R/by its Manager


This is a complaint filed by the complainant under section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 against the Opposite parties (Ops in short) for the refund of an amount of Rs.15,600/- with interest, compensation of Rs.80,000/- with costs and for such other reliefs.

The brief facts of the case are that the complainant is working as a Police Sub-Inspector, Hosahalli Police Station, Doddaballapur Taluk, Bangalore Rural District- 561 203. Further, he was entrusted as Investigating Officer in investigating crime No.70/05 for the offences U/s 465, 468, 471, 489, 420 R/w. 34 of I.P.C. along with Sec. 12(3) of The Indian Passport Act. Further, he along with another Police constable namely Mr. Boregowda (PC NO.1646) was deputed to arrest the Accused in the said crime at Mumbai by issuing a circular vide No.CI/DBP/MRR/No.612/08, dt. 22/08/2008 and passport for police officers going outside the state.

The complainant along with his subordinate police constable Mr. Bore gowda, in discharge of their duty had been to Mumbai District, Maharastra State and on 25/08/2008. Further after receiving information about the accused at Meghawadi Police limits, the complainant and his subordinate PC, with the assistance of Meghawadi Policemen arrested the Accused and after recording his voluntary statement produced him to the Hon’ble Andheri Railway Mobile Court by filing Remand Application. But the same was rejected granting liberty to approach Metropolitan Magistrate. As such the complainant produced the accused at 9th Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Bandra, Mumbai. The said court handing over the Accused to complainant’s custody, passed an Order dt. 25/08/2008 remanding the Accused to be produced before the jurisdictional court at Bangalore on 29/08/2008.

The complainant in order to comply the order of 9th Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Bandra, Mumbai, the complainant was duty bound to take quick and safest route to produce the accused before the jurisdictional court since the accused was anti-social element, hence approached the Travels agency for booking Flight tickets with Op furnishing the identity and details of all travelers and their urgency of travel before PRASAD Travels, Shop No.1, Pooja Apt. Opp Ram Mandir, Bhayandar (West), Dist. Thane-401 101, including himself, one Police Constable namely Mr. Bore Gowda and the Accused Mr. Akhtar Hussain by paying a sum of Rs.15,600/- towards the cost of 3 nos. Air Travel tickets.

The complainant on 26/08/2008 approached the Op at Mumbai Airport and when the complainant and his 2 other co-travelers were about to board the plane, their tickets were rejected by Op in Mumbai Airport. At that point of time, the helpless complainant and his other co-travelers, were having no money and hence were put to irreparable hardship and untold loss. Virtually, the complainant was forced to beg money from others. The complainant when asked for the reason for refusing their tickets, the Op neither provided any documents nor disclosed the reason. Further, the Op instead of refunding the receipt amount, gave a credit in account for Rs.12,225/- in their Credit advice directing the complainant to make use of the same for travelling in Op’s flight within 1 year. Further the Op mis-appropriated the remaining amount of Rs.3,375/- without furnishing valid reasons exhibiting their deficiency in rendering service to the complainant, who was their respectable customer.

The complainant though was a customer of Op after purchasing tickets from his own hands, couldn’t utter any word in shock due to his responsible duty since he had detained accused under his custody. Further, the complainant took lot of risks and faced untold agonies in arranging funds for traveling to Bangalore, providing food to himself and his co-passengers and subsequent production of the accused before the jurisdictional court. The difficulty, trauma, embarrassment and humiliation undergone by the complainant at that juncture cannot be expressed in terms of words. The complainant sold his personal gold ring through his subordinate police constable Mr. Bore Gowda, to appropriate his travel and other expenses to the tune of Rs.5,000/-. Thus, the complainant was forced to travel through Bus viz 3 tickets nos.00003504, 00003505 and 00003506 dt. 26/0-8/2008 from Mumbai to Bangalore towards the cost of 3 bus tickets.

Due to the Op’s deficiency in service as explained above, forced the complainant to take huge risk for securing accused custody in the Bus until reaching the destination of jurisdictional court. Had the accused escaped from the complainant’s custody, it could have resulted in risk of departmental enquiry, loss of increments/promotions, suspension and/or termination of service and imprisonment for both the complainant and his sub-ordinate police constable. Having given this utmost risk, the Op has deliberately denied boarding the plane nor refunded the entire amount paid towards traveling tickets putting the complainant into pathetic situation who has left with absolutely no money. Further, the complainant inspite informing his police department about the said expenses he has not been reimbursed, since, the journey by AIR was not done by the complainant and his above said 2 co-travelers. Hence the complainant approached this forum.

Notices were sent to the Ops under RPAD and the same were served on them. None of them have appeared before this forum nor submitted their statement of objections. Hence Ops 1 to 3 placed ex-parte. Complainant gave his evidence by way of affidavit. Heard arguments of the learned counsel for complainant.

The complainant specifically on oath stated about the purchase of 3 air tickets from Mumbai to Bangalore by forwarding an amount of Rs.15,600/-. The documents produced by the complainant completely corroborates the evidence of the complainant. When they went in check-in to the board flight, they were not allowed and bluntly refused by the Indigo Airlines to entertain the complainant and other two passengers without giving any reasons. When the complainant has purchased the tickets to travel on the date of journey by air it is the bounden duty of the Indigo Airlines to allow the passengers to board the flight. But without giving any proper reasons bluntly refused to entertain the passengers.

When they have not allowed the passengers without giving any reasons it is their bounden duty to refund the entire amount paid by them. But they have credited the said amount in the name of complainant to utilize the same in the flight of the OP within one year. All the passengers will not have an opportunity to travel in the flight regularly. The complainant was permitted to by his superiors to go over to Mumbai to arrest one of the accused in the Crimes. Under such circumstances refused to entertain the complainant and other two passengers to board the flight amounts to deficiency in service and also non-refund of the amount paid by the complainant is also deficient act of the Ops. When the entire amount has been paid by the complainant to purchase the air tickets definitely he must have exhausted his money and forced him to sell his gold ring to purchase bus tickets. Apart from that in unknown place definitely he must have undergone embarrassment, mental agony and humiliation because of the deficient service of the Ops.

These facts have not been specifically denied by the Ops. Sufficient opportunities have been given to the Ops to file their statement of objection to rebut the evidence of the complainant. But the Ops neither appeared nor filed their statement of objection and infact Ops 1 to 3 placed ex-parte. In the absence of specific denial by the Op, the evidence given by the complainant is unchallenged.

In view of the discussions made above, we are of the opinion that the complainant has proved the deficiency in service on the part of the Ops 1 to 3. Accordingly, we pass the following order.


Complaint is allowed. Opposite parties 1 to 3 are jointly and severally liable.

Opposite parties 1 to 3 are directed to refund an amount of Rs.15,600/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand Six Hundred only) to the complainant within six weeks from the date of this order with interest @ 15% p.a from 26/08/2008 to till the date of realization.

Opposite parties 1 to 3 are further directed to pay an amount of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) as compensation to the complainant with costs of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only).


  • SidhantSidhant Moderator
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    Capt. Uday C. Arora,

    R/at : 102, Cloud -9,

    NIBM Road, Pune – 411 028. … COMPLAINANT

    : Versus :

    1. The Branch Manager,

    Travel Guru,

    Shop No.22, Connought Place,

    C.T.S. 28, Off. Mangaldas Road,

    Bundgarden road, Pune – 411001.

    2. M/s. Indigo,

    Level 1, Tower C,

    Global Business Park,

    Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road,

    Gurgaon – 122 002.


    On the basis of this complaint, Complainant has implored the Forum that the Opposite Party No.1 be directed to refund the amount of Rs.5,152/- received from the Opposite Party No.2 to the Complainant. The Opposite Party No.1 be directed to pay cost of the complaint to the Complainant.

    [2] The Complainant has alleged that he booked air-ticket through the Opposite Party No.1, Travel Guru on 17/8/2008, for Mumbai to New Delhi Flight Scheduled on 9/9/2008, at 11.35 a.m.. The Opposite Party No.2 Indigo issued the ticket on 23/8/2008. On 27/8/2008, the Complainant cancelled the ticket. The Opposite Parties refused to refund the charges, with deduction of money as mentioned in the terms and conditions. The Complainant stated that he sent an email on 28/8/2008 for refund of money. The Opposite Party No.2 responded with the information that the amount of Rs.5,152/- has been refunded to the Opposite Party No.1-Travel Guru and the Opposite Party No.1 has refused to refund the amount received from the Opposite Party No.2. The Complainant further stated that not refunding the amount received from the Opposite Party No.2 towards the cancellation of air-ticket of the Complainant, is unfair trade practice, as also deficiency in service of the Opposite Party No.1 i.e. Travel Guru. The Complainant stated that the Complainant and the Opposite Parties are within the jurisdiction of the Forum. The Complainant has annexed the documents in support of his claim, filed affidavit in lieu of evidence.

    [3] After service of the notice, the Opposite Party No.1 never appeared in the Forum, not filed V.P., written statement, hence we proceed ex-parte against the Opposite Party No.1. The Opposite Party No.2 appeared in the Forum and filed written statement and resisted that the Complainant alleging deficiency in service rendered by the Opposite Party No.1 in respect of non-refund of the cancellation ticket amount by the Opposite Party No.1 to the Complainant. The Opposite Party No.2 stated that there is no cause of action against the Opposite Party No.2 and no relief has been claimed against the Opposite Party No.2. Hence strike off the Opposite Party No.2 in the said complaint. After hearing both sides, it reveals that during the pendency of the complaint, the Opposite Party No.2 has made the said payment to the Opposite Party No.1. The claim against the Opposite Party No.1 only survives. The application for deleting name of the Opposite Party No. 2 is granted and passed order on exh.1 on 19/3/2009, that the complaint against the Opposite Party No.2 is dismissed with no order as to costs.

    Considering the relief claimed, the Forum has to formulate following Points :-

    Points Findings

    1. Whether the Complainant is entitled to claim any … Affirmative

    relief against the Opposite Party No.1 ?

    2 . Whether there is any deficiency in service … Affirmative

    rendered by the Opposite Party No.1?

    3. What order ? …As per final order.

    Reasons(Points No. 1 to 3 ) :

    [4] After having considered the documents on records and considering the fact that the Opposite Party No.1 neither appeared nor filed written statement, we are of the opinion that the Complainant is entitled to claim relief prayed for. Admittedly, an opportunity of being heard was given to the Opposite Party No.1, however the Opposite Party No.1 remained carefree. Since allegations on the part of the Complainant remained unchallenged, we are of the opinion that the Complainant being a “consumer” and in view of the deficiency in service, the Complainant is entitled to claim from the Opposite Party No.1 i.e. Travel Guru.

    [5] After careful scrutiny of the record, taking into consideration all the relevant facts and circumstances, it reveals abinitolly substance in the said complaint. It reveals from the record that the Opposite Party No.1 – Travel Guru is travel agency. The Complainant booked air-ticket through the Opposite Party No.1 on 17/8/2008 for Mumai to New Delhi Flight Scheduled on 9/9/2008 at 11.35 a.m.. Accordingly, Indigo-Opposite Party No.2 issued ticket on 23/8/2008. Subsequently, on 27/8/2008, the Complainant cancelled the ticket. As per the records of the Opposite Party No.2, the balance of Rs.5,152/- has been refunded to the Agency Account i.e. the Opposite Party No.1 on 27/8/2008 and directed to the Complainant to contact the Travel Agency i.e. the Opposite Party No.1.

    The Opposite Party No.2 has relied upon Reservation Record, prima-facie indicating that the payment of Rs.5,152/- has been made to the Opposite Party No.1. On being satisfied, prima-facie, the complaint as against the Opposite Party No.2 was dismissed and the complaint proceeded against the Opposite Party No.1. Accordingly, order was passed on 19/3/2009 on Exh.1. There is therefore no reason to disbelieve the Complainant. The amount of Rs.5,152/- is in the custody of the Opposite Party No.1. Therefore, the Opposite Party No.1 is liable to pay the said amount to the Complainant. As per the Opposite Party No.2 in case of booking made through Travel Agency, the balance after cancellation refunded to the same Travel Agency for passenger to claim refund. The Opposite Party No.1 has refused to refund the amount received from the Opposite Party No.2. It amounts deficiency in service on the part of the Opposite Party No.1. The Opposite Party No.1 is very well liable for denial of refund of Rs.5,152/- to the Complainant against the cancellation of Air Tickets. The Opposite Party No.1 is liable to refund the said amount of Rs.5,152/- with 9% interest W.E.F. 27/8/2008.

    [6] The Complainant has also claimed cost of the complaint. After having considered the nature of allegations, we are of the opinion that it would be just an proper to award Rs.1,000/- towards the cost of the complaint.

    For the reasons stated above and for the findings in respect of points No. 1 to 3, we proceed to pass the following order :-

    // O R D E R //

    The complaint is partly allowed.

    The Opposite Party No. 1 is hereby directed to refund an amount of Rs.5,152/- to the Complainant together with interest @9% p.a. from 27/August/2008 till its realization .

    The Opposite Party No.1 is hereby directed to pay Rs.1,000/- to the Complainant towards cost of the complaint.

    The Opposite Party No.1 shall comply with the aforesaid order, within two months from the date of receipt of certified copy of the order.
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    I, Praveen Kr Agarwal, a military serving at Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir, had booked a domestic air ticket on 31 July 2011 for a journey on 05 Aug 11 from Srinagar to Dellhi vide PNR/Booking Ref No. MFVTDN from Indigo Airlines and payment made with my PNB Master Debit Card no. 5126 5200 8517 7066 (A/C No. mentioned below) online.
    Due to immediate cancellation of my movement, I have cancelled the ticket on 03 Aug 11 but have not received the refund amount in my PNB saving account / Master Debit Card till date (about a period of 3 months) even after the several complaints registered with customer care helpline of Indigo Airlines and PNB both. On query from Indigo Airlines customer relations, I have been replied as follows:-

    "On 10/4/11, IndiGo Customer Relations wrote:

    > Dear Mr. Agarwal,
    > Thank you for writing to us.
    > With regards to your mail, we would like to confirm that the amount of Rs.1,882.00 towards PNR- MFVTDN, has been already refunded to your card account used for the booking under transaction ID 2001149182 and RRN Number 121615441013.
    > Further, may we request you to kindly contact your concerned card issuing and quote the above said transaction ID and RRN Number to claim refund.
    > Trust this clarifies.
    > Once again thank you for choosing IndiGo, and taking time to communicate with us."

    But, the said transaction ID / number has not been found with the Bank.

    It is hereby requested to expedite on the case instruct the agency (Airlines / Bank) to credit the refund amount in My PNB Saving A/C No. 3965000400179510 at the earliest.

    Thanking You in Anticipation and an early reply will be solicited.
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    ru fauji becchara waqt ka mara why dont u be thand pe lund
  • sujitkumarhotasujitkumarhota Junior Member
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    Dear Mods please tell me if I have a strong case against INDIGO

    I had booked a ticket from Bhubaneswar to Delhi 7 Nov 2010 which costed me Rs 14,531 , which is around 3.5 times more than the usual fare.
    On 7 feb 2011, Indigo refunded me Rs 5264 to my card account for some reason I dont know.

    Today after 11 months they called me and asked me that they need the money back.

    What should I do.. ?
  • ramprakashshuklaramprakashshukla Junior Member
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    I RP Shukla working in abu dhabi and my daughter SHRUTI SHUKLA had not allowed to board from indira gandhi international airport with indigo air lines flight no. 6E-21 PNR No. UBEDCI for dubai on 1st march2012, because she was traviling after 08 months after. she studying in amity university noida and as per UAE visa rules student can travel with carrying university ID card OR university letter which proove that he/she is the current student of that university. on that day she had both documents, but boarding officer was not aware about this UAE visa rules and not allowed her to travel and also they not entertained to her to extend her ticket for next day.
    so i make ticket for 3rd march2012 with indian air lines then she came uae with same documents.
    so now i want a refund of 1st march 2012 ticket cost @6200/=INR OR issue ticket for new date and
    reimbursement of indian airlines ticket cost @11700/=INR which was purchased by me to travel her to UAE on 3rd march2012.
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    I mrs. Sonali kaushal & my husband dr.Shashi kumar had taken the flight from patna to new delhi with flight no .6e233 on 22nd april 2012 .We were carrying two luggage of weight 29 kg. However on reaching delhi one of them was untraceable. My missing bag is of black color , vip brand , weight 17kg ,baggage tag number is 0312310304 , baggage description 'ba22hwx' , content of baggage cloths(silk ,cotton , supernet saares ,bangles , shirt paints ,jewellery box of estelle brand .
    We complained about the missing bag to the indigo customer service counter and they provided us the pir with a complaint number 2012/04/23 /Del/M/3247 .Booking reference : uen7lc .
    They assured us to inform about our baggage on 23rd april 2012 till 9pm but indigo staffs without any information just answering the same " we are looking into the matter " .
    We are facing lots of problems because of our missing baggage .

    Would request you to personally look into the matter and get us back our trolley bag at the earliest.
    Distressed & harrassed customer
    shashi kumar & sonali kaushal
    ph-09899963215 , 9953714267
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    I Anirudh Khandelwal,my mother Mrs.Meena Khandelwal and my father Mr.Ashok Khandelwal had taken a flight of indigo airlines,flight no.-6e 453,from delhi to raipur on 24th of may 2012.We were carrying 4 luggage and a handbag.One of my luggage.a bat.which i had purchased from Kashmir,suffered an irreparable damage,which i came to know at Raipur Airport.When we approached to the indigo customer care service at Raipur,they denied of taking any responsiblity.Instead the officials namely Mr.Ranjeet and Miss Shikha misbehaved with us.We didn't expect this type of behavior from them.Kindly look into the matter and help us out with this mental and financial torture.
    Thanking You
    yours sincerely
    Anirudh Khandelwal
    mob no-9826152677
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    Dear Sir/Madam

    This is very unfortunate and unbecoming of the INDIGO services.
    I had booked two tkts in the name of SUJATA NAYAK from Guwahati to Hyderabad.

    The details are: Guwahati to Kolkata PNR Number - J16JCH
    FLT No. 6E 208... SEAT No. 22D
    Journey date - 19th July.

    Kolkata to HYDerabad PNR No.J16JCH
    FLT NO. 6E 352
    Journey date - 19th July

    From Kolkata to Hyderabad - i could not board the flt even after my boarding pass issued and security check was done.
    The mess up was due to improper announcements and bad PR services.
    NO one could properly guide at the busy/rush Kolkata airport.
    When i approached the INDIGO counter they did not help. The staff did not respond to all my requests and pleadings.

    She was forced to buy another ticket [ PNR: ALNKEA], which she did immediately for flt 6E 354 on 19th JUly, as she has to reach hyderabad at night for an important appointment on 20th morning.

    With the same boarding pass of PNR J16JCH, they could have accommodated her in the next flight 6E 354.

    As she was alone, she underwent unimaginable amount of mental stress, embarrassment and tension at that time of the hour in Kolkata airport, struggling to manage with her luggage etc.

    Unless a favourable reply with the refund of money for the Kolkata - Hyderabad Sector, we will be forced to approach suitable forum for a legal action.
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    Subject: Ignorant And Unaware Staff In The International Sector At The Airport, High Compensation For The Demerges Caused To Us Both Emotionally And Mentally

    Respected Sir/ Ma'am,
    The following is the sequence of happenings at the HYDERABAD AIRPORT on the 3rd of September by your ignorant set of staff at the counter.

    1. I, Mrs. Aayesha Nasreen (Booking Reference: GKMPCC) along with my two daughters, Ms. Anam Afshan Kaleem and Ms. Asmeena Kaleem (Both booking reference BKUWDB) were scheduled to fly on the 3rd Sept 2012

    2. We had a very bad experience of my niece being off-loaded on the 18th of Aug 2012 for reason mentioned by the airport staff as "NOT OK TO BOARD" therefore I made sure the same airport staff on 26th Aug 2012 to find if we 3 were "OK TO BOARD". I was told yes we presented our UAE ID's for the same.

    3. Hence on the said date I along with my 2 daughters reported to the airports at 11:00 AM; our check-in staff member was Ms.Chanakya. She then cleared my one daughter Ms. Anam Afshan Kaleem and myself were issued boarding passes, then she inquired about my other daughter Ms. Asmeena Kaleem because she had not travelled to UAE since 28th Aug 2011. For which she produced her BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE and STUDENT ID from her university. At this point I would like to mention that she came from CHENNAI to join us in her journey to Dubai so that she would have the company of her mother.

    4. For your kind information Ms. Asmeena Kaleem also carried a valid visa till the 1st Jan 2014; it is just that she did not make her entry since 28th Aug 2011.

    5. At this point one Mr. Jagdish intervened and said he would enquire and let us know for which the gentleman made a call to Dubai, after a telephonic conversation I was told to write an UNDERTAKING for any untoward consequences

    6. I personally drafted a letter attached it with Ms. Asmeena Kaleem‘s passport copy bonafide copy student id copy and my passport copy as well.

    7. Meanwhile one Mr. Shoaib at the counter abruptly interfered and said, I Quote “The passenger has not travelled for more than 6 months, she can NO WAY travel, andar kaise aane diya??” This was uncalled for but he just made things worse, which angered me. I don’t think he should tell me the rules when he obviously has no clue about the rules of the UAE.

    8. After submitting the undertaking Ms. Asmeena Kaleem was issued a boarding pass by Ms. Chanakya.

    9. We then headed for Emigration, where in we were allowed easily, my daughter only had to produce the Bonafide certificate and Student ID and was also cleared.

    10. Then as we were passing the security check in, Mr. Jagdish approached us and told us that he got a call from Dubai that it would not be possible for Ms. Asmeena Kaleem to travel as she had exceeded 1 yr, apparently a young girl was deported from Dubai back to Delhi for the same reason.

    11. My daughter was then retrieved back from the security check in, her emigration check was cancelled. Amidst all this there was so much of confusion because I had already crossed the security, I was made to return back to see of my daughter.

    12. Mr. Jagdish assured us that he would reschedule her ticket, which was done with an extra payment of 10thousand rupees for the 5th of September.

    13. I along with my daughter reached Dubai and enquired about “your” rules they laughed and questioned us as to why we booked such an incapable and incompetent airline, who clearly have no idea about the international rules.

    14. On recommendation of the head of entry permits in U.A.E we were asked to travel by a national carrier, anyhow we still asked your officers who again denied from letting her travel even after the enquiry, Hence we were forced to book another ticket from another airline. Your officers denied canceling the ticket and refunding it.

    15. On 5th my daughter upon emigration was asked to enquire he cancelled stamp with the head officer, the head officer then took out a RULE BOOK and showed her a clause that stated
    “Every resident of UAE must enter the country every six months
    If he/she is a student then he/she will be allowed into the country by producing a letter from respected University.”

    From this letter the following is expected of you:
    A. an Apologetic letter for the mental and emotional trouble given to us by your airline.
    C. A change and upgrade in your RULE BOOKS FOR DUBAI with the above statement.
    D. Lastly, a polite set of crew members.
    We hope you acknowledge this letter, and take action for the above line of events.

    Ms. Asmeena Kaleem’s ticket information
    Date of booking: 16th Aug 2012
    Date of travel: 3rd Sept 2012
    PNR No for rescheduled ticket: XLH1DB
    Date of booking: 3rd Sept 2012
    Date of travel: 5th Sept 2012

    Waiting for a reply,
    Aayesha Nasreen
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    Hello Sir,

    I have booked Indigo flight from MakeMyTrip on 24 July. The Booking ID is NF2203320979937. The journey date and time was 14 September,2012 10:00 AM.
    I booked this ticket for my parents who were flying for the first time. When they reach at boarding pass counter they were informed that their flight is rescheduled for next flight which was at 3:20 PM 14 September. We have not been intimated prior for the single time. We have not received any call, any message and any email from Indigo or MakeMyTrip.
    I have the ticket generated at the time of booking with me. On which it clearly written departure 10 AM from Hyderabad to Luckonw, Flight no 6E- 312.
    But when I checked today its showing different fight for the same Booking Id i.e 'NF2203320979937' and a new Flight No is 6E-314.
    I logged the complain in Indigo Airlines but do not receive any response.
    I do not understand even though 6E-312 flight took off at 10 AM, how and why the flight was rescheduled without intimating the passenger. My parents were were forced to wait for the next flight even though they were having the propr ticket of the flight at 10 AM. They were having a train from Lucknow to Gorakhpur and because of all this they miss the train also. There is deficiency in Indigo services and without any communication shifting the flight is really unacceptable that when the booke flight is not cancelled.
    I have all supporting documents with me.

    Vertika Gupta
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    today i have booked a tck namely adil shaban
    my tckct is not booked the flight was indigo del to sringar
    the amout is recived thru online net banking
    i m v disappointed from make my trip. i dnt have enough balance to book ticket
    n i m outer person.
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    Dear Sir,

    I had travelled Dubai with my cousins in the month of September wherein while returning to Mumbai on 18th September 2012, at the time of Check-In at Dubai Airport I was being forced to Pay Excess Baggage Charges over and above to what I was meant to pay.

    I had an LED TV 46" and One Bag. The Assistant Manager of Indigo at Dubai Airport (whose name starts from "I" and is an indian) along with Mr. Lalit at Dubai Airport started asking we young students for 100 dirhams each in the form of bribe we assume. We denied paying them and we agreed to pay the Excess Baggage Charges as applicable only.
    There was a Young Girl in the queue and she was excess of 6 Kgs and both these crooked men allowed her to board the flight without paying any excess baggage charges and started conversating with her as if they know her.
    This was totally unethical.

    After 2 Hours of Harassment, we finally were forced to pay all that they asked for since we had to board the flight.
    Indigo Airlines have charged me 4Kgs in Excess of my baggage and Mr. Lalit along with the Assistant Manager of Customer Service at Dubai Airport asked us to pay more so as to board the flight.

    We paid them all. At the time of boarding, we were not allowed to board the flight till the last call and were made to stand outside the boarding gate by both of them. They started to ask us for bribe and eventually they allowed us to board the flight after mere harassment.

    We landed at Mumbai airport and the worst thing we again faced was Mr. Lalit and the Assistant Manager (name starts with "I") had called up the mumbai staff (while we were on board) to hold our baggages until we pay another 4 Kgs Price. We were surprised and extremely stunned to know that we are not liable to pay anymore extra charges even when they have collected 2Kgs of extra luggage charges in Dubai. We were forced to pay another Rs. 2200/- at Mumbai airport so that they could release our baggages.

    I do not understand when I have already paid for 2 Kgs over and above what I was meant to pay, why was I forced to pay for more 4 Kgs after I landed. I have been emailing a lot to Nodal Officers at Indigo Airlines and I have all the proofs in the form of documents. They are just not taking this case serious and not returning my money back.

    Ms. Pratibhai Bhatia from Customer Service at Indigo Airlines had once emailed me with some Baggage slips but she is not producing the missing slip which I requested her that can prove that I was made to pay extra.

    Now that I have all the proofs, she is not bothering to reply and eventually my money is being stuck with them.
    I have paid 80 dirhams in excess and Rs. 2100/- odd amount of rupees at Mumbai airport and I have all the proofs that I can produce to Indigo Airlines. Please help me in getting my money back along with the compensation for harassment and charging me more unnecesarily by asking for bribe eventually.

    I am waiting for this solution so that I can claim my money and the compensation of Rs. 20,000/-

    Date of travel: 18TH Sept 2012

    From this letter the following is expected Of Indigo Airlines:
    A. an Apologetic letter for the mental and emotional trouble given to us by your airline.

    We hope you acknowledge this letter, and take action for the above line of events.
    In case of unfavourable solution, I will be forced to take this further with no regrets eventually.

    Thank you,
    Darshit Parekh
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    Hello Sir,

    1. I have few lines for your consideration and early action please.

    2. You have issued a cheque bearing No 141598 (HDFC Bank) amounting Rs 1568/- against undermentioned pnr details.

    (a) PNR - NQYUDL - Lt Gen Sanjiv Langer

    (b) PNR - FQ1BDH - Maj Arjun Prashar

    3. In respect of above issue you are requested to issue a separate cheques under the name of two separate passengers as we are facing much problem from our accouting


    Ravi Telang
    Email Id -
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    Dear Sir,

    I have travelled with my wife in the month of april13 wherein while returning from delhi to patna at the time of Check-In at delhi Airport I was being forced to Pay Excess Baggage Charges over and above to what I was meant to pay.

    I had an LED TV 32" and three Bag (all bags are under weight as per eligibility 40bkg of two person).after weight, my luggage was excess 11 kg,bcoz they have consider my LED tv as a general luggage.i told to them plz take pay of rs 1000 (indigo tv freight rate) for led tv.but they denied to take RS 1000 and they told that your LED will be consider as a general luggage.and they told me to pay rs 2310=00. after half an hour harrassment by your staff we agreed to pay the Excess Baggage Charges.

    1.As my baggage was under weight of 40 kg.
    2.I have only one extra LED TV 32".

    AS per your staff.
    they told me that we will take 1000rs for LED TV SIZE 39" AND OVER.

    But want to know that your LED TV 39" FREIGHT CHARGE IS 1000 RS.AND FOR LED TV 32" YOU ARE TAKING 2310RS.THIS IS VERY WRONG.

    This was totally unethical.
    I am waiting for this solution so that I can claim my money and the compensation of Rs.20000.

    Date of travel: 7th APRIL 2013

    From this letter the following is expected Of Indigo Airlines:
    A. an Apologetic letter for the mental and emotional trouble given to us by your airline.

    We hope you acknowledge this letter, and take action for the above line of events.
    In case of unfavourable solution, I will be forced to take this further with no regrets eventually.

    Thank you,
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    I Parama Dutta was traveling by Indigo Airlines on 6th May 2013, Flight 6E-135, Pune-Amhedabad-Kolkata, seat 7D. I was carrying two cabin luggage one a laptop bag another a VIP backpack blue and black in color. I checked these two as cabin baggage and boarded the flight at Pune. After the flight took aboard I took out my Jacket, lunch box, and bottle of water from the backpack. Thereafter flight landed at Ahmedabad where a set of passenger landed and some new passengers boarded the flight. After this when the plane landed at Kolkata airport and the flight stopped I sitting at the aisle seat quickly got up and opened the over head cabin to take out my backpack and could not find it. From the two luggage i was carrying i got the laptop bag but not the VIP backpack which contained all my valuables starting from my wallet containing my debit, credit card, PAN card, Driving License, RS2000, clothes, education certificates, sunglasses, laptop charger etc. I immediately informed the air hostess in the flight she asked me to wait. After all the passenger took their luggage and got off the plane. In the same cabin space another black backpack was left behind I told the air hostess that this is not my bag and some one else has taken my bag from the aircraft. The aircraft authority took that bag and consoled me that they we look into what has happened.

    At first I felt that someone by mistake some had taken my bag and got off in Amhedabad and left his/her bag. So to identify the person we searched the leftover bag for any reference for the passenger. The bag was stuffed with small pillows and some dirty clothes of a female but no other identification except a security tag of Pune airport. Hence the person could not be traced. The Indigo authorities asked me to wait for some time so that if it was bag swap then the other person would contact the airline. But even after 2 days no body contact Indigo airline for retuning my bag not claiming that leftover bag. I asked the Indigo authorities to check with the passengers who boarded from Pune airport and got off at Ahmedabad, but Indigo was not very helpful and denied any claim for the cabin luggage. I requested them and explained them that this is a case of serious and planned theft from the aircraft and can not be ignored. The thief had planted a dummy backpack filled with non valuable items and had taken another persons bag. I requested that this can only be traced if we can see the CCTV footage at airport after the passenger landed in Amedabad. But Indigo airlines are not being co-operative. I request this body to facilitate a resolution by viewing the CCTV footage at Ahmedabad airport of the passenger departing from indigo airlines.

    This is a case of serious theft and can not be treated lightly.

    Contact Info:
    Parama Dutta
    357/6A Prince Anwar Shah Rd,
    Kolkata -70068
    PH:- +91-9730764337
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    We subhas and Bindu tibrewal are flying out from Kolkata to Bhubneshwr,by flt no 6E 512, on 8-11-13,and we are frequent traveller by Indigo flights. Today we were forced by Mr.Waseem along with duty mngr at the check in counter at 10-40 AM, to divide our one hand bag of 10kg in to two bag of 5 kg each.

    WE NEED AN EXPLANATION FROM Mr.Bhatia how your staffs can mis behave like this and they forced us yo open the bags in front of counter only, with a threatening that they will not issue the boarding pass, until we do so.

    We do not had any other hand bag, and we are suppose to allow 15 kg in together,then why this was not allowed or co operated by the counter staff.

    Further under which rule your people forced us to do it in front of general puplic or they they can hold us t the boarding gate.

    Subhas Tibrewal

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    Respected Sir/ Madam

    This is to bring to your kind notice that I took an Indigo Airlines flight (6E354) on 12th Dec 2030 hrs from Kolkata (CCU) to Hyderabad(HYD)
    for official purpose where in my company (Genpact India) server testing was going on

    Please note that we being a group on 8 team members reached airport (CCU) at 1900 hrs to check in and collect boarding pass
    I gave a VIP Stroller to the check in crew (Akriti) who put a bar coded computer generated tag on it for baggage handling
    To my utter surprise and shock I didn't received the bag back on Hyderabad when we landed and placed at Belt 3 for the said flight
    Indigo Hyderabad registed a complaint and issue a PIR to me stating they will deliver the baggage to me asap , eventually put blame on
    Indigo Kolkata and this blame game continued till I landed back to Kolkata on 15th dec and myself checked the Baggage reconciliation chart

    Just imagine being in a new city for official purpose and you loose all your belonging an expensive camera , documents and clothes
    what, the impression of the city you have in your mind

    Please note I contacted Kolkata and Hyderabad Airport Management but they washed their hands off form this stating this is the concern airlines fault.

    Please note since than I am chasing with Indigo airlines and they have said they didn't found the baggage and offered me Rs 200/- per kg baggage claim

    its the Airlines responsibility to handle the baggage properly as I understand this is not like indian railways where in you need to rely on lock and chains.

    Please intervene and help me

    Rakhi Pareek
  • raahularaahula Junior Member
    edited June 2014
    Date: 17th March 2014

    The Managing Director
    Indigo Airlines,
    Level 1, Tower C, Global Business Park,
    Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road,
    Gurgaon – 122 002,
    Haryana, India.
    Tel: +91 (0)124 435 2500, Fax: +91 (0)124 406 8536

    IN RE: Trauma, Health Issues and Loss caused due to sloppy ticketing system of Indigo airlines

    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring to your kind notice and register my displeasure towards the recent incident and experience that I had with Indigo Airlines.

    I had booked an airline ticket from the goindigo website using my credit card, for my wife (Mrs. Deepti Gupta) for travel from Pune to Bangalore on 3rd Feb’14, at a fare of Rs. 5,061/-, booking reference no. R8CFSW.

    The transaction went through successfully, and I got the ticket, which I sent to my wife over email. From then to the date of travel, there is not once that I got any indication from Indigo which gives me a hint that the ticket must have got cancelled. It seems that the credit card was declined later. But there was NO EFFORT from Indigo's side to contact me and get the payment issue resolved. No call, no SMS, no nothing. Indigo had 3 of my contact numbers, but no one contacted on any. The ticket received after the perceivably successful credit card transaction did have the status as ‘pending’, however, it is natural for one to easily overlook it, especially in today's world when even the smallest of websites will proceed further only if payment details provided were accepted.

    My wife, unknowing of all this (thanks to Indigo Airlines, who did not bother to contact the passenger or me), was at the airport 45 mins before the departure, to board the flight. And when informed about the situation, she was forced to buy a fresh ticket, in cash, at a much higher fare - Booking Ref: NCWC4U, INR 8,785/-. Thankfully, she did have just about the amount to buy the new ticket.

    However, all this not only caused extreme trauma to my wife, Deepti Gupta, as she was not sure if Indigo was double charging the ticket. She had recently undergone 3 consecutive surgeries, due to which her health was also fragile, and this situation caused her to undergo strain, which had adverse effect on her health. She also was worried about going out of money as now she had to cancel all her plans planned for upon reaching Bangalore.

    Even I had to go through difficult times and trauma after reaching Bangalore, since my wife was clearly unhappy with her plans getting cancelled.

    I have reported the above matter to your customer care several times – over email and over phone:

    a. 7th Feb’14, 3:15 PM – I called the Call Center (Mr. Sachin)
    @ I was assured to get a call back from some executive within 48 hours, which I never received.
    @ I got an email immediately AFTER the above call on 7th Feb, informing me that my original itinerary (R8CFSW) was cancelled. I did call the call-center and inform about it (Ms. Apoorva)

    b. 10th Feb’14, 10:40 AM – I called the Call Center (Mr. Vishal)
    @ Vishal acknowledges that Indigo Airlines is at fault in this entire episode, and someone will surely call back by 11:00 AM the same day.

    c. 10th Feb’14, 7:17 PM – I called the Call Center (Mr. Rehmaan, Mr. Pritam)
    @ Rehmaan informs me that Indigo tried to call me on ALL THREE numbers – which of course was not true, since ALL 3 numbers not reachable at the same time? Seriously?
    @ Pritam, who was the senior executive, and who made me hold the call for more than 5 mins, offered me a “free meal, and a VIP seat” as the best he could offer for all my woes
    @ Unacceptable to me, he assured me he will call back within 24 hours after a word with management, which again I did not receive.

    d. 13th Feb’14, 12:08 AM – Sent an email to Customer Relations

    e. 17th Feb’14, 1:00 PM – Received a call from Indigo (Ms. Pratibha)
    @ Pratibha informs me that best Indigo Airlines could do was to refund the fare difference
    @ Unacceptable to me, she said I was free to go to consumer court

    Thus despite all my pleadings you have not made good effort address my grievances which is indeed regrettable and highly unbusiness like. On account of your aforesaid dereliction of duty and failure and neglect to rectify the same I have suffered major losses and have incurred expenses. The details of the same have been mentioned below and are also sent in the hard copy of this letter which has sent to your office on 23rd May’14.

    Fare Difference of Tickets
    INR 3,724

    Loss due to cancelled plans of Mrs. Deepti Gupta
    INR 30,000

    Punitive Damages due to health issues faced by Deepti Gupta
    INR 2,00,000

    Punitive Damages due to strained relations
    INR 3,00,000

    INR 5,33,724

    I hereby urge you to compensate for me for the damages I have suffered due to your dereliction to the tune of sum of Rs. 5,33,724, with interest @12% per annum within 30 days of the receipt. I am forced to approach this forum and file a complaint under the statutory provisions of The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 for redressal of my grievances and recovery of the aforesaid amount since my previous letters and requests have been unanswered.

    Place: Bangalore, Karanataka Dated: 18th June 2014

    Rahul Agarwal
    Flat #2603, Sobha Mayflower,
    Green Glenn Layout, Bellandur,
    Bangalore – 560 103
    Karnataka, India
    +91 9890 555 255
    Deepti Gupta
    Flat #2603, Sobha Mayflower,
    Green Glenn Layout, Bellandur,
    Bangalore – 560 103
    Karnataka, India
    +91 9970 40 1819

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    THAT TODAY I.E 26/08/2014. I HAD TO GO TO
    jaipur from guwahati. AND I WAS BOOKED
    FLIGHT NO.6E 208. of PNR NO. O2LFJY
    Their ground staff was very rude; they harassed
    me and also misbehaved at the airport. Even
    after knowing that I have my baggage was
    security checked. They did not let me check-
    This was a really terrible and horrifying
    experience for me and I caused a lot of stress
    and mental pressure on me as I am a patient
    of high blood pressure and sugar.
    please take an vise decision on this and whatever decision you take is granted by me.
    Awaiting your co-operative action
    Arvind gupta
    52/8-9,gatore road,
    Rajasthan, INDIA
    MOBILE: - 8955041945
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