Complaint Against ICICI Bank

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:[[Subject : Regarding swindling of Rs. 20000/- after full and final payment of Loan amounting Rs. 150000/- vide loan account no. LBPTA00000351385.

Good Day Sir / Madam,

I Jaspal Singh Dukhi a resident of Guru Kirpa Colony House No. 13/172, was a borrower of loan amounting Rs. 150000/- vide loan account no. as cited above. Monthly installment of Rs. 2723/- was fixed for the repayment of the loan. I was depositing an installment of Rs. 3000/- into my bank account no. 016201501371 on monthly basis, which was in excess of Rs. 277/- per month. That’s how the loan account was getting accumulated with the excess payment of Rs 277/- per month. There were 74 installments of the loan. I had paid all the installments in a timely manner , however at the end of the installments I noticed that Rs. 277/- which was an excess payment per month through out the 74 installments should stand to be Rs. 20498/-, was not credited to my account. Merely a balance Rs.2593/- was being reflected in my bank statement. This account was opened with the balance of Rs. 100/- and as such there was no requirement to maintain the minimum balance for this account. When I tried to inquire about this, the bank personnel told me that an additional charges of Rs 20000/- had been deducted from my bank account for not maintaining the minimum balance.

Such type of unknowing dealing with customers reflects the fraudulent intention of the banking organization. It appears that the customers are not given the proper instructions & acquainted with respect to the loan procedures. I would like you to look into this matter since I want Rs. 20000/- which has been deducted unknowingly to be deposited back into my bank account. I had already been to the local branch of this bank twice at Leela Bhawan in relation to this matter wherein I could not find the solution to this problem. They have showed their very shameful, deplorable and lament attitude on this matter.
Kindly advise if your goodself can look into this matter.

Jaspal Singh Dukhi


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    We are sorry to hear about your experience. We have made a note of your account number. We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
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    ICICI banks higher managment is mentally harassing women employees. they are left with no social and personal life.
    There long working hours are against the labour law we people are working here for 12-13 hours. cant it be changed? Branch managers are very rude to the employees they want only business (sales). they are mentally harassing us after taking 12-13 hours work.
    kindly look into the matter.
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    Please write to us with your contact details at and we will get in touch with you. Kindly refer "2963048" in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
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    This is regarding my credit card – 4005
    I had a credit card from ICICI bank in the year 2005 and had been paying my credit card bills regularly without any faults till my husband expired in August 2007. After which the bank has been calling me incessantly and repeatedly, atleast 15-20 calls a day for 5 months. After my husband passed away suddenly, due to a cardiac arrest at a young age of 51, I had to shut down our business and clear off all debts, etc. and in the process our creditors did not pay us, which led to a major financial constraint. At this time, I spoke to ICICI bank at their customer care multiple number of times, and they promised to settle and had their DSA’s call me to settle. These DSA’s kept promising settlements verbally, and had me clear off over Rs.70,000 out of the Rs.90,000 I owed them then. Every time this minimum payment was made, I was told that this will be deducted from my settlement amount and that at the end of the month the settlement will be done as the process for settlement had been initiated. I gave them various cheques ranging between Rs.5,000- Rs.15,000, on many occasions, and every week they postponed the settlement letter which was promised at Rs. 40,000 to me. Despite of making repeated calls, requests and emails to ICICI bank to close this matter, they did not do so. I had no response from the bank directly as they would always have their DSA’s call me and land up at my residence address uncalled for just to harass me, trying to grab more money than I had owed them. Suddenly, after 2008 November as I told them that I would not pay any more minimums. By this time I had already paid more than Rs. 70,000 of the Rs. 90,000.
    Now again they have started calling me and also trailing me as they have someone following me to track my movements. They have been harassing and blackmailing me and saying that they will get all the money out of me any which way. The DSA of the bank landed up outside my house and my previous office and current office, and have threatened to complaint at my office about this payment that I have cleared off. I have no dues to pay to them anymore, and now in 2012 they are harassing me again. I have just been given a termination letter from my office due to their calls at my office. This has left me without a job in hand with 2 children to take care off. I have already had major financial issues after my husband’s untimely sudden death and now I have lost my job due to this bank’s DSA. I wish to claim damages from the bank and sue them in this respect. Now my financial problems have multiplied as I have no job in hand and these people have not yet stopped calling me. They call and threaten me to put me in jail and to usurp anything I might have. I request you to provide me assistance at the earliest as I am drained and cannot handle this situation anymore. I have no idea of how to deal with these people, no definite source of income as my job has been jeopardized due to their unacceptable behavior. Please respond at the earliest with possible solutions.


    Neeru Motiani
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    hello my name is mohammed yasir and m customer of icici from long time m from a place called bhatkal wch is in karnataka.. need to tell you smthng abt bhatkal branch.. bank manager MUKESH GUPTA and his ASSISTANT don't give respect to customer and they both use to yell at staff in front of customer..many ppl were complaining abt this "ICICI BHATKAL BRANCH" bank has got so much reputation, In my class lecturer use to give the example of ICICI bank how good bank it is..many customer doesnt like to deposit in this bank cox of those ppl if this thngs hppn den how customer will like this bank.. first tell those person to give respect or else replace them.. sorry if my msg has hurt u ppl.. do the needful thank you ;)
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    Good Day Sir/Madam,
    I am a Savings Bank account holder in ICICI Bank and my account number is 006401520731.When I opened the account my name was D.VIGNESHKUMAR and I am converted to
    Islam and changed my name to D.MOHAMED AADHIL and I have published the same in newspapers. I have submitted the Govt Gazetted copies and paper cuttings of my name
    change to ICICI Bank , Sholinganallur Branh in Chennai to change my name in the account details,But they have rejected my request since my initial 'D' was not there in my account
    records.When I opened the account by mistake I haven't given my father's name as Last name and so initial was not added in my account details,But I have given my Father and
    Mother name and my native address details whatever there in my Passport while opening the account.All those details are there with the bank.But since there was no initial they
    made me to wait for more than a month and finally rejected my name change request.I have submitted all my proofs which has my father name also.But they didn't consider it at all.
    I was very frustrated by the response from ICICI Bank and I was about to close my account. Since there is some hope with the bank I am writing this mail.
    Please consider my request and take necessary steps to change my name in account details.Please ask me if you need further information.

    Mohamed Aadhil
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    folio no:372796/22

    my husband (late) Shri Sanjeev Bahl was holding a trading account with your company. he bought certain funds via online process. he did not add any nominee in the same. now wen i wished to sell these shares, i was able to sell all of them except two shares of ICICI prudential (now total value around rs. 60,000). In 2009, when i first tried to transfer these funds on my name i submitted all the documents the company needed. every document was attached. there were rejections from your side. but still i corrected the mistakes and resend you. till 2010 i submitted each and every requirement that was needed to tranfer the fund (vaue of which was below 1lakh) in my name.but then u demanded A SUCCESSION CERTIFICATE (which is generally needed was huge investments so is IRRELEVANT) . sir, i could not arrange for the same cause i was told that it was a very long and tiring process. so being tired of trying i shut the procedure.

    but now i wish to close my savings bank account that is attached to the same trading acount. and i am not able to do so.
    when i talked to the customer care they want me to resend the documents which clearly states that you have pushed my earlier documents in trash .clearly i can not submit all those documents again and i don't think i will able to get my husband's hard-earned money back.

    mrs. reena bahl

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    Hi All,
    Once ICICI bank was known for its service. But now they are treating there customers like insects. I had a very bitter experience at their branch in Vasai with Branch Manager. I went to open current account but instead of providing me a solution the branch manager was making fun. As if he is not interested in customers. I got feedback about him from one of employees in the branch, he said we loose many customers because of this manager. Why has the ICICI employed such an unprofessional manager? If ICICI can not provide good service it should stop claiming of customer experience.
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    Dear sir/mam,

    I am hemin from father transfer money from australia date:18-june-2012 .My father transfer money in J.P MORGAN CHASE BANK,Australia but i don't get money.
    Transfer amount : 3000.00AUD
    Recipient Name: Kamleshkumar Kantilal Patel
    Recipient Bank: J.P MORGAN CHASE BANK,Australia
    Recipient Bank Clearing : BSB NO 212200
    / sort code
    Recipient Account no: 10039355
    Purpose of Payment : M2N13135261
    I complaint in NRI Service Center in Hydarabad Then not solve my complaint.My complaint no is SR229346470 date of 21-june-2012 . then tell this complaint solve in 48 hrs but complaint was not solve.then after i complaint many times but not please action on this complaint.My mobile number is 9974900975.

    So Please check this problem and solve it. My Tracking Number is M2N13135261.

    Yours faithfully,
    Hemin Patel
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    We are sorry to here about your experience. Please send us your contact details at and our official will get back to you soon. Kindly refer '3176358' in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
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    Hi Hemin,

    We have made a note of your contact number. Our official will get back to you soon regarding the same.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
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    Dear Sir,
    this is jai here

    i am a customer of icici bank from last 5 years....i have a defence account in icici bank..this account 630801521104 was opened by the icici bank employees when they had visited Air Force Academy Dundigal, secundrabad..

    At the time of opening the account, it was very clearly informed that this is a 0 balance account and we are offering it only to defence personnel....i opened it along with other 50 friends of mine from defence...

    but your bank has been deducting my charges on the name of QAB and now AMB from LAST 3 YEARS,....


    this is a total cheating case and its only my account which is being charged......can i please get a explanation for this and i am requesting from my refund of amount charged till now on the name of QAB and AMB....
    I HOPE this mail reaches the concerned people and at the top level..
    request call back on 09756111207
    thank you....
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    Dear Concern,

    I applied for a Home loan and received received the approval of same more than 10 days back but still after that I kept receiving the inputs for one or other reasons you approval is pending / disbursement will not be done. Finally about 4 days back I received a confirmation that cheque is ready and printed and the lawyer will contact in a day time.

    I am continuously following the representative but he is having no update and keep giving new excuses and ask to revert back but never.

    I even reached his boss but even he is having no clear update and moreover he is not ready to listen and revert with a bad attitude as I have done some mistake.

    This is related to Home loan dept of ICICI bank, Sector 50, Noida, UP.

    Amit Rajpal
    92120 88815
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    I along with my wife Mrs Daizy Rani Gupta having an RD account No 635225000048 with ICICI Bank, Ambala Cantt (opened Formely with Bank Of Rajasthan on 17/04/2010). We were in urgent need of money and applied for loan @ 90% on this account but our request has been turned down and the account has been prematurely closed on 28/06/12. As against the outstanding amount of approx Rs 17,40,00/- which was available on 28/06/2011, I have been paid only 16,24,764/-. An amount of approximately 1,15,000/- has been deducted without any elaboration and we have only been told that this is penalty because of premature closure of the account. What is interesting the statement of this RD account (no 635225000048) shows a closure precedes credit to our saving bank account (no 635201411134) as Rs 16,93,764/- whereas the actual credit in our saving bank account (no 635201411134) is only Rs 16,24,764/- i.e. less by Rs 69000/-.
    M/S ICICI bank turned total irresponsible in my matter and I have neither been given any reason for this, nor being provided the relevant records to contend my case. Even a complaint no has not been provided to me which clearly shows unlawful intentions on the part of M/S ICICI bank .

    I most humbly request your honour to kindly look into the matter and get our hard earned money refunded at the earliest please.

    Thanking you.

    Sanjeev Kumar Gupta & Daizy rani Gupta
    Mobile No. 9729539420
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    Dear Concern,

    My Credit Card Number was 377041597569002 which had expired past 2 Year's, & i had not taken new credit card Issued in my Tenure bfore expiring above Credit Card.
    Reason for not taking credit card was bcoz i was jobless & was able to pay the Minimum amount but wasn't able to clear the entire amount- I had stoped using card long bfore - the Interest part went on Increasing & i decided to F&f in the Month of Feburary'2012.

    I continued paying the minimum amount after Expiring card on regular basis but had stoped for 4month's reason Job was left-bcoz my Company got closed!
    I requested the Collection Person who had came for Money named Gajanand- his cell no was 9987443893, i paid in 12,000/- by cheque that also i took loan from known person for Closing Credit Card Account & these all Transaction happened by keeping in Loop of Mr. Rohit Sawant- cell no- 9172096619, I had surrendered my Expired card to Gajanand & he told U will be getting No Due Certificate within 1 Month's time.

    Sir, now the situation is Gajanand Cell is Not-reachable & Rohit in start use to give false commitment's by saying today/ tommorrow u will get the Letter, now it has crossed 05month's - he has Blocked my personnel number & from any new number i call he speak's & later Block's that number in his Cell ## Rohit Cell number is 9172096619.

    Rohit Sawant Operate's work from Chandivali- Credit Card Department- as told by Gajananad the Money Collection person communicated to me.

    I had Received call on dated 30/07/2012 from the Icici bank, for the money not paid from no;-022-61362903 there was a female who had called at my Residence number & spoke very Rudely gave abusive word's to my Mon/Father who attended her call- the timing of call was 10 am till 11.30am** she continous harassed them- i felt very disappointed that The reputed Bank like Icici Bank such low class people.

    My Family was saying kindly speak to Rohit on 9172096619- ( As Rohit has told me in past if any Call or Person comes for Querry give my Number i will talk to them), but that was so arrogant she abused saying its all funda- she told many Crab thing's, it was really bad experience. I had logged Complaint for the same against that Female she didnt told name, fmly asked many times but she gave excuses& didnt gave name- the Complaint No is :-

    SR233246775 of dated 31/07/2012. Kindly take Strict action against her.

    My Querry is Kindly help me to get my No Due Certificate pending from past 05 month's , i had paid my Due's as told by Rohit Sawant , kindly Check my Credit History i had tried always to pay the minimum amount & alway's paid till my job was there.

    I feel like Rohit is playing bygiving excuses & it is his Fault he hasn't Informed bank & i completed Trusted him as he is the Brand Ambassador-Face Value of the Bank when he had a transcation with me.
    Kindly help me to trace Rohit & im tried of tracking him he is fooling people- My concern is he would have done these same Cheating with other people also.
    Kindly Intervene , Higher Authorities to make them understand dont play with Customer's- there Family & themselve face Humilation.

    Take these case on Priority-= I require No Due Certificate, Rohit has got entire Knowledge Gajanand -Recovery Agent they both have Dealed with me.

    I can Only say there is lack of Customer Service shown from rohit toward's customer- may be im existing customer presently, but i had been part for long time & tired to be, but reason of financial reasons i Quitted & did F&F from Feb'2012 by paying 12,000/-.

    I feel's humilating bcos these people didnt did there assigned work to them by BANK

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    Dear Sir,
    My ICICI bank credit card no. 4477468028273022 was fraudulently used by someone for an amount of Rs 20,000/- (Rs Twenty Thousand only) on 29th January,2012. Immediately after that I had lodged the complaint in Police Station as well as informed to ICICI bank customer care to block the credit card. Subsequently, copy of FIR and details of transactions were also sent to The ICICI Bank Manager Hyderabad Branch. Meanwhile I contacted through E-mail to the agencies where these transactions took place but they refused to disclose the details to me but they told if ICICI credit card branch want these details they will furnish the same to them.

    My earlier record with ICICI credit card may please be checked where I have been paying my all dues in time and have good record in book. One Mr. Anish Gupta Debt Manager ICICI bank who collected the FIR copy and correspondence from my home and investigate the matter and assured me to solve the matter and said that any further call or correspondence come from the ICICI bank give their reference.

    But till date no action has been taken by the bank and an amount of Rs.9640/- have been debited from my ICICI Demat Account No. 002901051016 (which is separate A/C & have no linked with my ICICI credit card) without my consent. This act is illegal and unjustified. After this I tried to contact them over phone as well as through email but they have not responded properly. They are pressing hard to recover the ‘disputed amount with interest ‘from my above mentioned demat account existed with their Bank. This act of the Bank harassed me further in continuation to my problem since the fraudulently use of my card.
    Sir, from the beginning I have been facing lot of problems with ICICI bank Executives because information given by them is always contradictory and they among themselves. Every time I have been explaining the situation to their executives but all in vain.
    I request your goodself please intervene the matter and instruct the bank to revert the above amount as well as settle the issues sincerely.
    Yours sincerely
    Harcharan pal
    1708 a/4 Govind Puri extn.
    Kalkaji, New Delhi- 110019
    Phone# 9818502622/ E-mail #
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    Dear Team,

    I have ICICI Bank Saving account : 642701505357.
    On 6th of August 2012 i forgot my debit card (4704********0121) in Lower parel ATM. I received the same on 9th August 2012 via courier. As per letter, My card was blocked.

    On 9th August 2012, I requested for new Debit card (SR234341864) and PIN details. I received the new debit card (4704********4966) on 17th Auguts 2012.

    As per bank statement, Below transcation was done with debit card. However, my old card was blocked till date and new card was used 1st time on 20th August 2012 and below transcation was done on 16th August 2012.

    3 16/08/2012 VPS_K J SOMAIYA dt.12/08/12 DR INR 50.00
    4 16/08/2012 VPS_K J SOMAIYA dt.12/08/12 DR INR 50.00
    5 16/08/2012 VPS_K J SOMAIYA dt.12/08/12 DR INR 50.00

    So, Kindly justify and provide me the details of this all transcation as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Priyank Doshi
    Email ID:
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    Dear sir/madam

    i have been requesting for e statement for the month of march 2012 and june 2012 of my salary savings a/c no.002601 535169. However till date icici bank has not bothered to reply me . What kind of treatment you give to your "privileged customers" ? Icici bank is found to irregular in mailing e statment for the reason best known to them. Dialling on following tel nos for help has resulted into sheer waste of time and energy as there is no one to answer your calls:

    Customer grievance 26537402
    ghatkopar branch 25014586
    vileparle (east) 26178340

    at least now will some one wake up to answer me?

    Bhalchandra sathe

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    Respected sir

    my a/c no: 006401524607

    no support for modasa branch manager

    khanji ammar s.

    Mo: 9033294944
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    Dear sir,

    I had many time received call from ICICI LOMBARD GENERAL INSURANCE
    I have already LOMBARD insurance, but I want to increased my insurance policy with icici lombard,
    but I don’t have balance in my credit card. and I was talk with lombard executives on 2011, but till date
    there are no results.

    Please advice me who to increased my credit card limit will increased. existing Limit is Rs. 25000/- only
    I need at list Rs.1,50,000/- limit.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am your valuable costumer since 4 years. My debit card account no. is 025301510511 (ICICI Bank ltd., Noida Sec -61 Branch). You have been deducting Rs.1000 (approx.)in two months from same account without my information.
    According to costumer care this amount is deduced against Demat account charges.

    This is for your kind information that few year back I filled demat account form, but never receive any password for the same.
    I was not able to use your demat account without password then how can you deduct money from my account.

    Kindly transfer deducted money in my account and immediately close my demat account (if any).
    I am not able to visit your branch office due my busy schedule. So, please suggest online correspondence (if required).

    Waiting for your positive reply,

    Chander Pal Singh
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    I had called customer care of ICICI Bank for converting my Rs. 25000/- transaction to 6 months EMIs. They said that you will end up paying some Rs. 700/- more if you convert this transaction to EMI. So I did it. I have other bank's credit cards as well but as this was the lowest charge, I opted for ICICI Bank credit card use for my that transaction.

    However, later when I told them to convert it, they said the information given before was wrong and the charges are much higher than Rs. 700/-. So I called customer care guys again and they said we didn't receive any call from you earlier. Basically they are lying.

    I should have taken this in written so that I could have a proof of it. So guys, take care next time, when you also have anything like this. Take a written approval and then only go ahead.
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    i am working in a firm, in my company they use to credit salary in icici BANK, I showed all my proofs but still they are accepting.they are accepting even passport . very poor customer service.
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    Dear Concern
    I am a employee of a firm and the ICICI bank is the vendor of this firm.My salary account is in the icici,but it has been closed suddenly without proper information.but my some amount was in that account.Bank has opened my account but still my remaining amount is in closed account.I had given two times application in the bank and also 20days has been completed when i gave the application to the bank representative but bank representative is not giving any responce.

    Bank Name=ICICI BANK

    Branch=East Of Kailash,New Delhi

    Now i will hope,my application will process early and i will get the proper responce about my complaint and early get the proper outcome.
    My Communication medium is
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    m very.much unsatisfied with icici bank...nor the employees giv the correct information...the service theu.providde is very bad..i m closiny ma icici bank...for closing the account also they are taking charges of 565/ ma account is less than one year..very poor service
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    Dear Manager ICICI Bank.

    Sub: Complaint regards to executives behavior.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am an existing customer of ICICI & am much happy about it & its services.
    As of now we are looking for property loan regards to this I contacted Mr. Shankar of Koramangala Branch.

    First I checked eligibility me & my husband were eligible for 18+ lakhs we said ok for it. Later we searched a lot and finalized a property for 8lakhs at Janapriya Town Ship near Magadi Road(Our property value is of 8lakhs) again we approached Shankar for loan addition we asked process for Mortgage loan also. First one week he send mail regarding EMI, and then he said over night EMI rates reduced for 10.25% we were happy hearing about it. Again I asked about Mortgage loan he was not trained anything about it something he blabbered. Again I asked him to come on 18th and collect all personal and property documents to process. Again on 10th Oct 2012 (today) he called to my cell I asked He started barking like dog telling “what are u talking have control on your words first you told you want 18lakhs” and now you are asking for 8lakhs. So I told him “see boss I liked property worth 8lakhs only and I want loan for only that much”. He spoke very rubbishy. He told he knows how to do business & how to take business felt very bad by his words & messaged him telling that I already got approval from HDFC for what I wanted.

    So please don’t encourage him anymore he is not that matured in speaking with customers please don’t encourage such people and spoil your brand name. Now am getting scared where he will come to my office and spoil my image at office. Kindly take measure as soon as possible please. Please don’t let my name to him. It my humble request.

    Vedashree S
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    Dear Sir,
    I closed down my account no 000701241469 and requested your Gurgaon Branch to deposit the balance in my NEWLY OPENED A/C no. 114401502255.From last one year I am contacting your Gurgaon Branch ( Where I am operating my new Account ) to credit this amount but to no use.
    I am told that the balance amount has been sent to my old address which I have left about 3 years back. This was also confirmed while opening new account at Gurgaon.
    You are advised to transfer the amount in my new account immediately.
    Thanking You.
    Vikram Khera
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    Hi CEO ICICI Bank,

    I want you complaint regarding the wrong banking practices followed by you and mental and physical harassment by your collections agents and threats to my family members.

    I have made complaint regarding earlier also for you mis behavior however now they are threatening my family. I already did multiple complaints in 2008 to your collection people who never listened.

    This is to tell you that my parents are heart patient and if you make any further harassment to them It will not be good.

    Let me know who is the responsible collection agent to contact regarding full and final settlement on this personal loan account LOAN# LPDEL00007827580

    Give me the contact# for your collection agent who can talk politely and not threaten again.

    I willing to settle this account full and final.


    LOAN# LPDEL00007827580
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    o care
    Hi CEO ICICI Bank,

    I want you complaint regarding the wrong banking practices followed by you and mental and physical harassment by your collections agents and threats to my family members.

    I have made complaint regarding earlier also for you mis behavior however now they are threatening my family. I already did multiple complaints in 2008 to your collection people who never listened.

    This is to tell you that my parents are heart patient and if you make any further harassment to them It will not be good.

    Let me know who is the responsible collection agent to contact regarding full and final settlement on this personal loan account LOAN# LPDEL00007827580

    Give me the contact# for your collection agent who can talk politely and not threaten again.

    I willing to settle this account full and final.

    LOAN# LPDEL00007827580
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    I had a savings account no.003701051312 with ICICI bank, Preet Vihar branch which was a salary account with zero balance facility. There was a amount of about RS 3000 plus in the savings account . The bank deducted the entire amount,with no balance left in the account,without informing me as a result of which I had to suffer a lot . The bank should have informed me through letter well in advance, before deducting the entire amount, as per the rule of The Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 (chapter IV.sec 8(1) GROUNDS OF COMPLAINT(k)levying of charges without adequate prior notice to the customer).

    This means the bank deducts money of the customers who are not aware of their balances without informing them well in advance which is against the rule.

    Please if you could help me in getting my hard earned money back from this irresponsible bank, I would be grateful to you.

    Sanjay Verma
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