Complain against Makemytrip; Confirmed holiday pakage being denied.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this email after putting all my efforts to solve this issue with the Make

I have done a holiday package booking on 23rd of May 2012 from there portal with the help of customer care executive Pradeep Kumar (email: who booked my trip "Himachal Hues" booking id IN1205B17291 starting from 30th May 2012; he asked me to pay the amount through make my trip website and I did so the very next moment.

The amount was Rs.45358 via net banking (Transaction Reference Number is 0320432394); immediately I got the confirmation of my payment via sms from make my trip.

The very next day I got a call from make my trip Customer service executive that they have been unable to book my package due to their technical issue and would make alternate arrangements ASAP. I asked for the refund immediately but they confirmed they are making sure things gets into place.

I have not listen from them since today 28th May; I have called them repeatedly and they have finally confirmed via mail on 26th May (email id: that my booking stands confirmed for package "Himachal Hues" on 30th May & also verbally confirmed that he will send the travel vouchers & tickets to mail registered mail id on 27th May 2012.

I was finally relieved & made necessary arrangements like taking Vacation leave from office, shopping for the trip etc. I waited till Monday 28th May for my tickets & vouchers and finally called them up. I was shocked to hear no booking has been done from their end. I am in big soup now.

A confirmed deal with full payment is being denied;

Now I have no options left but to go legal.

My grievances:

1. If my booking was not confirmed then why the amount Rs.45358 which was transferred to Make mytrip was not refunded after 5days of booking.
2. Why the confirmation mailer about my travel was send from the Makemy trip?
3. What will happen to my already taken leaves of 8days from my organization?
4. Most important how will I make my family understand that the ruining of this holiday was not my fault?


Aritra Kapuria


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    Dear Mam,

    With reference to your conversation with our representative on 28th May, 2012, please note that full refund of INR 45358 has been initiated from our end on 28th May, 2012.

    Team - Make My Trip Care
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    I made a booking on the date of 14th may, booking id is NF2202618226205.

    I cancelled the ticket on 15th may 2012.

    I got the refund amount Rs 4128 which is less 500 according to my calculation.

    The ticket cost was 6328.I got discount 500. so total amount I had given at the time of booking is 5828.

    After cancellation , 5828-1200=4628.
    But I got 4128 only.

    Ticket cost:6328
    Discount: 500
    total cost : 5828.
    cancellation :1200
    total correct refund 4628.

    you refunded 4128(less 500).

    I called nearly 5 times to your service ppl, I remember same date, on 23rd, on 25th, on 29th, on 31st may and today 4th jun.

    All are saying that it is mistake by accounts and they will back the money within 3 days. for that they had given ref num : 120527-022944,
    IN1205R0040159, 120601043223 etc etc....
    It is nearly 15 days over from rising this issue, and you ppl are realy not willing to solve this issue seriously.

    I am realy very serious on this matter, and need solution for this matter.

    Hope that you ppl will open your eyes and willing to provide the solution.

    My contact num: 9703775768.

    Waiting for your good and working responce,
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    I booked a flight ticket from Makemytrip on 26th May, 2014 to london, however, my Visa application got rejected and I was unable to travel.

    I requested for cancellation on 16th July and was advised by the makemytrip agent that I can get a full refund for both the passengers as the visa has been rejected.

    I was requested to provide them with the U.K refusal which I did instantly.

    Again, I received a call from makemytrip on 17th July informing me that they are going to cancel the tickets as my travel date was on 19th July and assured me that they can process the full refunds afterward.

    Later I was asked for passport copies for both passengers which was also provided by me by 30th July and they reverted me back stating that my refund is being processed, kindly wait for 48 hours.

    Later on 13 August I got a email from makemytrip stating that refund has been processed and confirmed me that one passenger will get full refund but they are charging Rs16000 + tax + other charges for NO SHOW.

    When I later called them back I was assured that I have provided all the documents correctly and I will receive a full refund and will revert me back in 48 hours.

    Since then I am repeatedly trying get my refund back but they keep on delay it saying kindly wait for 72 hours, 48 hours and 24 hours but they never revert back.

    On Aug 23, I got a email from Pankaj Kumar ( stating that refund is already processed kindly wait for 72 hours)

    Again today on not receiving my refund back I called them back and they informed me that my full refund was processed on 25th August and asked me to further wait for 72 hours.

    I fail to understand that if my refund was processed yesterday (25th Aug), how can your representative email me stating refund has already been processed on 23rd August. This is completely a case of BREACH OF TRUST by

    And just few moments ago, I again got a confusing email from makemytrip that they are working on my refund ??

    Kindly provide me with the full refund as soon as possible. I can provide you with all detail as I have documented each email.
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    Dear Subrata,

    At the outset, we sincerely apologize for the unpleasant instance.

    With reference to your complaint, please note that refund has already been processed as per below details:

    Refund Amount: INR 85000
    Refund Date: 28th Aug, 2014

    Refund Amount: INR 16426
    Refund Date: 29th Aug, 2014

    Team-MakeMyTrip Care
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    Please help me take legal action against Makemytrip. Customer care is the only point of contact for us to reach these giant companies and it seems, executives in makemytrip been taught to fool customers by any means.

    After making several calls and receiving similar responses "either system not responding or team will get back to you with 48-72 hours", I am forced to reach at this stage. After getting no proper response from customer care I raised complaint in makemytrip website and surprisingly there also we have 4 steps to complete and for every step - same story, "you need to wait minimum of 48-72 hours prior jumping to next step".

    First of all to bring to your notice - makemytrip's customer care service/executive sucks. In case of no answer or proper resolution – one liner is “Sir, System is not responding”. For whole of the world makemytrip’ s server/system responds very well but not for themselves.

    To give you context of the issue - I booked a flight from Bangalore to New Delhi on June 22nd 2014 June for the date of travel of 17th October 2014.The flight details for which I booked the ticket –
    Air India connecting flights
    Booking Id : NF2202033948141
    17Oct 2014 Air 516 Bang to Hyd 18:50 - 19:55
    17Oct 2014 Air 127 Hyd to New Delhi 20:55 - 23:10

    Surprisingly I received the ticket with the combination of flight which wasn't available at the time of booking.

    Earlier also I booked various flights through makemytrip and it was all well so I didn't verify the ticket instantly after getting in my mail box. Luckily, one day while reviewing my mails I checked my ticket and found it incorrect.
    So that was my first to makemytrip customer care - my request was taken care and been told that I will be receiving call by their technical team within 48-72 hours - and I haven't received any call. I made plenty of calls afterwards by telling the same story from scratch - surprisingly no one from customer care dare to maintain any log for my request. Every time answer was "fu
    " same that you will be receiving call from our technical team within 48-72 hours and history repeated till Today.

    I called customer care service more than 10 times till Today and every time, yes every time I need to wait for at least half an hour to get into the call. I had to explain the same story from scratch - not sure, if this is intentional to avoid customers who have been already fooled or time consuming good service which is being provided - what a joke.

    Big salute to the customer care of makemytrip for helping your customers to achieve highest level of frustration.

    Hoping to get this resolved.

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