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Airtel Broadband Customer Care

Airtel Broadband Appellate Authority

In case you are not satisfied with the resolution given by Airtel Nodal officers, you may get in touch with Appellate Officers within 3 months of resolution after the expiry of the complaint resolution time limit specified by the Nodal Officer.

Delhi & National Capital Region Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited, 224,
Okhla Industrial Area. Phase III.
New Delhi 110020

Rajasthan Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited,
SB-115A, opp. APEX MALL,

Uttar Pradesh East Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited,
7th Floor, Commerce House,
Habibullah Estate, 11 MG Marg,
Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow 226001

Uttar Pradesh West Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
C-31 Ganga Nagar Divider Road Meerut 250001

Haryana Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited, SCO 30,
Sec 25, Transport Nagar,
Near Malik Petrol Pump,
Panipat 132103

Punjab Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited,
Plot No.21, Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,
Chandigarh 160101

West Bengal Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
DN-1, Sector V, Salt Lake City,
Eternity Building,
Kolkata - 700091

Madhya Pradesh & Chhatisgarh Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Ltd, 1, Malviya nagar,
Near Titan Showroom
Bhopal - 462003

Mumbai Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited, Interface,
Bldg No-7, 5th Floor, Link Road,
Near Goregaon Sport Club, Malad-West,

Gujarat Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Ltd
Zodiac Square,4th Flr,
Near Gurudwara,Above Vishal Mega Mart,

Karnataka Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Maruthi Infotech Center , 11/1 & 12/1, Block A, West Wing,
Koramangala - Inner Ring Road,
Amarjyothi Layout, Bangalore - 560071

Tamil Nadu Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
5th Floor, Bascon IT Park,
Opp KPN Bus Service, 56/L, VenkatNarayana Road,

Andhra Pradesh Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Ltd.,
6-3-1192/1,8th Floor,Block 3 White House,
Kundan Bagh, Begumpet,
Hyderabadh -500 016

Kerala Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Airtel House, 28/243,
Near Malayala Manorama,
Panampilli Nagar,
Cochin - 682036

Maharashtra Airtel Broadband Nodal Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited, 4th Floor,
Vega Center, D Block, Shankersheth Road,
Near Swargate,
Pune - 411037

To appeal please download the appeal form here. To view this form correctly, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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    Dear Sir,

    I received a call from the Nodal office yesterday(18th May 2010)

    The lady said that the company cannot refund the amount paid since the connection was live till December in my name.

    The whole concern was that after making thousand calls since October 2009,Airtel was disconnecting the broadband line.

    So basically,Airtel has charged the customer to pay the bill because Airtel did not disconnect the line for 3 months.

    Why should the customer be penalized for Airtel negligence.

    I am expecting a positive reply from the appellate to get the refund of my money.
    Please refer the chain of emials sent to airtel for which no reply was received.


    Forwarded by Parul Chaddha/BLR/NIC on 05/19/2010 11:17 AM
    From: Parul Chaddha/BLR/NIC
    Date: 05/13/2010 11:42 AM
    Subject: Fw: Bill payment done on 6th march 2010 for Telephone no--011-46574758-- Injustice done to the customer

    Dear Mr.Gurmeet Singh Sandhu,

    Please refer the mails below sent to airtel customer care for their horrible broad band service.

    Airetl broadband connection ref no- 011-46574758.

    Please let me know if something can be done to my case,and if i can get the refund of the bill(Rs.2305) that i had to pay to Airtel unnecessarily.

    I am also sending a letter to your office in regard to the same.

    Looking forward for your help and co-operation.

    My Contact details: 9711194634

    Forwarded by Parul Chaddha/BLR/NIC on 05/13/2010 11:36 AM
    From: Parul Chaddha/BLR/NIC
    Date: 03/06/2010 03:00 PM
    Subject: Bill payment done on 6th march 2010 for Telephone no--011-46574758-- Injustice done to the customer

    To Whomesoever it May Concern,

    In spite of regular complaints done to Bharti Airtel to cancel the connection since 15th October 2009 ,the connection was not cancelled and the rental kept on increasing.
    The customer care of Bharti Airtel kept pursuing and calling me to clear the payment.
    I explained the history to each and every customer care representative.
    They just updated the system with the complaints but no action was ever taken.

    Today i received a call from Advocate Gaurav's Law firm to clear the amount by 4.p.m today else penalty of some 5,000 will be charged from tomorrow.
    Though i have cleared this amount to make my case clear and not to pay any more penalty unnecessarily but this is great injustice done to the customer.
    Transaction ref no-- 744170659640255(Print shot below)

    Even after repeat complaints the customer is charged for a bill which he is not liable to pay.

    I would want this matter to be brought to the attention of Nodal Officer who can look into the matter and see if the customer can get justice.

    Airtel being a private firm has a given a service worse that what is expected from them.

    I expect an immediate reply and action on this.

    A compliant letter will be sent to the Nodal Officer for the same.

    Please refer the mail below sent on December 28th 2009 for this complaint.
    A Dissatisfied Customer

    From: Parul Chaddha/BLR/NIC
    Date: 12/28/2009 12:50 PM
    Subject: Cancellation not happening for airtel broadband connection--SERIOUS CONCERN AND COMPLAINT

    Dear Concerned,

    This is a serious concern and complaint for airetl broadband connection ref no- 011-46574758.

    I have been calling up the customer care since 15 October 2009 for the disconnection of the line,but till date the line is active.

    I have shifted from that rented accomodation and i am not using the connection any more.

    Till date the line is active and i keep getting calls from your billing dept about the bill that is due.

    I really dont expect this kind of poor service from AIRTEL.

    Please refer a few compliant nos. that i had noted down as a proof .

    1.First call was made on 13th October to disconnect the line.At this time there was no dues to this account as the bill was cleared till 15th October.
    2.I shifted from that accomodation on 17th October and the line was still on.
    3.Second call was made on 25th October and the ticket no that was given was 835640
    4.Third call was made on 12th November and the ref no was 107184397.The name of the customer care executive was Bharti
    5.Fourth call was made on 7th December and the ref no was 27287802-- The name of the customer care executive was Parvez.
    6.Fifth call was made on 18th December and the ref no was 113108614--The name of the customer care executive was Manoj.
    7.Sixth call was made on 27th December and the ref no was 27940998--The name of the customer care executive was Varun.

    On 27th December i also spoke to Pankaj(Supervisor) and the ref no was 114375188.He has assured that the line will get cancelled for sure b y 30th December.

    I am continuously receiving calls to clear the billing that has happened from 15th October till date.

    Please see to it that this matter is resolved ASAP and there is not outstanding showing against this broadband connection.

    I am expecting a revert on this mail so that i know the the complaint

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    Draft of mail send to airtel customer care,nodal officer:

    Ref: **********
    South Corporate 4999 Plan

    With all due respect, we did not came across such an unprofessional and totally irresponsible customer relation experience in the near past.
    We are a software development firm, which needs 100% uptime, since we uplink to remote client dbs.
    We were running fine, with Asianet BB as our primary Net Connection and airtel 1mbps home plan as backup connection.
    When we had some connection issues from our primary service provider, which inturn started affecting our business's productivity, we thought to change the primary provider to Airtel (false decision)and keep asianet as backup. Since then, for the past 2 weeks we are literally in hell, using airtel BB. Considering the 100% uptime and fair download speed we chose 16Mbps connection, and informed the sales person (Mr. ****) the urgency in changing the provider. We informed that we can not afford prolonged connectivity falls which will affect our client relationship. But, we never got a single day without complaints, connectivity issues, speed problems, and "back-end issues" like your techies says. The reasons being diverse, ultimately we as a customer is not experiencing any good from the service we have taken.

    Endless times, called Mr. ****, the technical head Mr ********, a bunch of techies, all turned up with promises that problem will be solved now, today, tomorrow and so on. No one responded timely. We as a customer, especially being in the corporate segment needs no promised, but the service up. Countless times, techies, changed copper, cables, back end issues, but to no good, we still do not have connectivity. How could a home plan connection running fine, when upgraded to a corporate plan can act just like piece of a junk? Now we are facing serious issues in our client relations, due to net connectivity problems, which we can not afford at the first place. 16Mbps connection is crawling at a speed less that 1mbps now, with which we could not connect VPN for the past 2 days. Issue reported timely and till now, no one turned up nor responded. Are you guys collecting complaints and sits on top of it, giving customer gimmicks?

    Sorry to say that we will be forced to terminate this connection, if this is not sorted out in no time...
    Require your responsible action at large, from who ever it may be
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    Dear Customer (Airtel Broadband Corporate Connection Issues),

    This is to inform you that your concern listed 30 Nov. 2010 has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it. In order to get to the resolution, we need to get in touch with you and gather more details about the concern. However, we are restricted by the absence of your contact details in your original complaint. Please do write to us at with your contact details (address and landline or mobile phone number).

    We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

    Rakesh Ranga
    Airtel Customer Service Team
  • Airtel_PresenceAirtel_Presence Senior Member
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    Dear Customer (Airtel Broadband Corporate Connection Issues),

    We were waiting to hear back from you. Since you haven’t written in yet, we trust your issue has been resolved. If you still need assistance, we request you to please drop us an email at and we will be happy to be of assistance.

    Rakesh Ranga
    Airtel Customer Service Team
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    please dissconnetct my connection immediately i suggest u many time but dont any take a dission please remove it fast.
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    disconect my broadband connection
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    why r nt running on facebook....? last 3 days......
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    To Airtel Customer Service Head,

    This is regarding my complaint submitted to Airtel Broad band customer service team 2 weeks back.

    My internet connection (landline: 044-43590246 at Kottivakkam, Chennai) had stopped working 2 weeks back and after lodging a complaint, a customer service person (Mr.Gopi) came to check the problem. He mentioned that the wire linking the phone to the modem had to be changed and will be done within 2 hours by a diff. person. And lo I have not heard from a single guy ever since. I have been following up with this guy (Mr. Gopi - 9791997470) who had come the first time & there is no proper answer from him. After a couple of days, I called his senior, Mr. Velu Thambi (09952301070) who was equally apathetic to the situation. He said he will come & check and get it resolved within 2 days. And that was a week back. I had to escalate further up and called his boss - Mr. Anand (8754561582), the regional co-ordinator. Well you would expect something better, but he wont even pick up his call. The problem is still not resolved even as I write this and I am not hopeful of it getting resolved anytime soon. I was earlier on BSNL broad band for 2 years and did not have a single problem. I just wanted to post it here as i dont have any other forum to complain.

    With Regards,
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    I had commented on facebook. I had booked a connection on 10th May 2011 with a
    promise of a 7 day installation or may be even before (that part was not
    committed). The connection was taken on my name by Mr. Deewan Singh and Mr
    Tushar Verma from Serco BPO dealer.
    After this I have tried on Mr. Deewan Singh's number several times and it says
    " The vodafone number is not reachable" His number is 9999909678 (I don't know
    why is he using Voda when he a Airtel Dealer but that anyways is not my
    concern). I have written a couple of emails to Mr Tushar Verma adn which was the email given to me on Mr. Deewan
    Singh's card.
    Till today I received no response and I got hold of the call centre number
    011-44444121 and called up to ask about my connection. A lady called Sana
    picked up and after taking my Sef no 2744266, she put me on hold (without any
    hold music-lucky I didn't disconnect)and came back stating that my committment
    date is 26th May 2011. I told her that I was committed 7 days, she said that
    the system says 26th May and hence it shall be 26th May only.
    Well, thats where the pain is . If everything is to read out from system, then
    why do you need human agents in call centre.
    Well the issue is not that I paid 500 Rs and I haven't got a connection yet but
    the issue is your partners, your call centres where there is nothing for a
    customer. The franchisee coolly shuts down his phone. He doesn't bother to
    reply on mails and the call centre agent tells me when I had called that the
    system says its 26th May.
    If connection was not feasible due to any technical issue, wasn't it your duty
    to tell me, wasn't it the duty of call centre agent to take down my issue and
    escalate to your organisation?

    Nodal desk has registred a complaint on last week of May as 47263096 but no one responded after that. I call up call centre twice Divya and Sana picked up but they are not able to trace. I have emailed scanned copy of my SEF and Bank statement--No response yet.
    I have signed off for a 1099 plan which I think you guys are not bothered to
    take revenue. Anyways....
    Looks like Airtel has no botheration.

    Warm Regards

    Kunal Ganguly

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    It is intimated that despite of my repeated requests to your customer care for disconnection of land-line no. 45058084, no action has been taken so far.They are insisting on valid reason for disconnection without which they won't act on my request.I think its my wish, if I want to continue with the service or not and your customer care is wrong if they are not accepting my request.It is therefore requested that necessary action may please be initiated for disconnection of land-line.Please accord priority or i have to take a legal recourse . It is also being stated that I will not pay telephone bills from September 2011,if my phone is not disconnected.
    I have sent the following posts to your office at plot no 16 Udyog vihar, gurgaon
    (i) Application for disconnection dated 19.08.2011
    (ii) fax dated 31.08.2011 at 10.34PM via fax no. 9810498104
    (iii) fax dated 02.09.2011 at 01.21AM via fax no. 9810498104 to Vikrant Pandey (nodal officer),Vasant Kunj,ND
    (iv) Speed post dated 03.09.2011 to Vikrant Pandey
    (v) Speed post dated 03.09.2011 to Gurmeet Singh Sandhu,Okhala,ND

    Last BILL payed dated 02.09.2011 with copy of the above 7 pages at Dilshad colony Customer Care

    Prem Shankar
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    This is sanjeev arya. i am using Airtel broad services for last 4-5 months. we are facing slow speed issue for last two months.

    our billing cycle is 10th of each month but internet speed go slow after 11th of month and it is 512KBPS. last month also we faced the same problem and we have logged a complaint and customer service person told me that your plan has changed from 10GB to 512KBPS but as i have not made any request for that and even they dont have any request from us but somehow it happend. this month also i m facing the same problem.

    your service is not constant. i m not going to pay 999 rental as plan scheme if it not resolved with 2 days. because last month it took 10 days.

    I have talked to your customer care representative, they have said my plan has migrated from 2MPBS to 512KPBS but why it happened they have no answer for this and i have not raised such kind of request. it was happening for last two months. i need a written mail on the issue why its happening. i am getting speed of 512KPBS and paying for 2MPBS(999Rs). this month i m not going to pay any amount if it not resolved within a day.

    i logged two complaints against this but there is no action taken place.

    Your new airtel telephone number is 01244112915 and Account number is 16624634.

    Plan Name : NORTH-AIRTEL 999 MAX 10 GB UL 2 MBPS AND 256 KBPS COMBO PLAN-58828
    DSL Monthly Rental : Rs. 999
    Your Modem/Router Monthly Rental(if opted for)* : NIL/NIL (Modem/Router)
    Free DSL Usage: Unlimited
    Free Voice Usage: NIL
    Additional data transfer charge: NIL
    Voice Call Charges: Local : A2A - 1p/sec, A2O - /.2p/sec; STD : A2A - 1p/sec, A2O - 1.2p/sec
    Charges for Additional Static IP: NA
    Tax on total amount: 10.30%
    Your DSL ID :
    Free Email ID: NIL
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    Kind Attention: Appellate Officer Delhi NCR / Vikas Singh,

    Dear Sir,

    I gave a request for shifting of my Landline and Broadband number 01147510847 on 18th September 2011, which has not been done yet.
    I have been following up the case with the Airtel Team since then, which should have been done from your side.

    The customer care executives and nodal officers have given me all lame excuses and suggestions, which are as under:
    1. It will be resolved in next 3 working days.
    2. The request has been sent to the Server / Backend Department, give us some time to act.
    3. I have mailed URGENT to the senior , they will look after it.
    4. It has been resolved / closed, I am reopening the case for you Mr. Singh.
    5. One executive suggested me to terminate the connection and apply for a new connection.
    6. Sir, I can't help you on this , you do whatever you wish to.

    - Varsha Choudhery (Supervisor)once called ( on 1st or 2nd week of October 2011), but as per the discussion with her, engineer was assigned a visit to my place, but he didn't turn up.
    - Tanweer Malik (Supervisor) assured me on 16th October, that the matter will be resolved in next 5-6 days, I needed to be a little patient. No followups thereafter from Tanweer so far.
    - Deepak ( supposedly an Engineer) was following up to confirm a visit (Between 19th October 2011 to 23rd October 2011). As I had a busy schedule so I told him to come on Sunday (23rd October 2011) and also suggested that in case I get time before that, I will call him to come over. I called him up on 22nd October 2011, at 9:30 AM, to come which he confirmed with the time of 11:00 AM, but he didn't turn up. When I tried to contact him (9971408525), he didn't pick up).
    - Care Executives - Vadavi (Complaint no. 6143050, she has assured this issue will be resolved by tomorrow before 13:00). I remember only one care excecutive as I talked to her just today in the morning. If you can find out, I have spoken to not less than 10.
    - Engineers - Dheeraj (9313229273, he did the wiring work), Arun (9718324330, he has visited once but he said, the server side has problems), Deepak ( 9971408525, was supposed to visit to my new address on 22nd October 2011 11:00 AM ), Ayodhya Singh (9716146527, he told me, he will activate only when he will get confirmation from server/backend).
    - Supervisors - Varsha Choudhery, Tanweer Malik

    I have talked to many executives / engineers / supervisors in the last one month, NOBODY from your side has been able to solve this issue. Such an inefficiency from a corporate like Airtel!

    Kindly look into my case urgently and get it resolved as soon as possible.Hope to hear from you soon!

    Navin Kumar Singh
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    to whomsoever it may Concern,
    This Is Regarding My Number 0522-4006072 connection on the name of Gaurav Tripathi. I am a student and i have made a 2 time payment of 1100 nd 1600rs as my number was closed since last month. so this amount was taken by me on the basis that my connection will be restored within a weeks time but was not done so so i again complaint and again representative told me that since my bill has exceeded on rental basis so i have to make a further payment of 1600(i didnt even used my connection for a month than too )and i did but still after 1 month my connection is not restored.. and the agent that took this money from me Mr. Abhay Singh Bihari(executive) in PD&recovery department whose cellphone number is-"9005082222" he is under the team of Amit Vishnoi. has took a extra sum of rs. 1000 by coming to my house and saying he will restore in an hour and he is taking the money for the modem (wi-fi& a coddles phone ) which he took nd never return back and on my repeated calls on his number he gave me blank excuses and now today on 6th nov. when i called him he said to me " bhaiya maine aapko dhoka diya aapke rs kha gya aapne mera kuch nahi ukhara aap chutiya hai nd is baat pe mujhe hassi aati hai"
    i am a resident of lucknow and was using this facility of AIRTEL BROADBAND since last 4 years and after 4 years i get to listen this. so i want my connection back from airtel and strict action against Mr. Abhay Singh whose mobile number and rank in airtel i have already mentioned as he has frauded me by taking 1000rs for which i have no proove other than some neighbours who watched it when i was giving that sum to him and my mom.and regarding the stuff that he said to me when i called him as he is the representative of airtel he can not speak to his customer like this.

    With Regards
    Gaurav Tripathi
    mail id-
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    REF: A/c 10016195

    service request: 3221188

    Request for "DSL PLAN MIGRATION to first commercial plan"
    The reason for request was the need for a STATIC IP essential for our software connectivity.

    THe above was requsted on 1/9/2011 and were told that it would be done in the next biling cycle i.e. 8/9/2011

    TIll date this is peanding inspite of innumeranble calls and emails including a written mail sent to Udyogvihar office in Gurgaon.

    The reason cited is that our "profile" is not updated and that the DSL Id "dynamic_hry" is not mapped to this account.
    This is strange that I am being BILLED for the same every month, connection is beng used by us,

    Every time there is anassurance of the complaint beind addressed within 24 hours or 72 hours and that there would be a CALL BACK which has never occurred till the 14/11/2011

    Ms Divya call me back for the first time and asked me to send an email "REQUAESTING FOR RE_ACTIVATION OF THE DSL ID WHICH SHOWS DE_ACTIVATED IN THE PROFILE"

    I have been loosing good will and good business due to the non availability of the static IP address. The business loss is un explainable and the harrassment is immense. All because the inter-departmental co-ordination and comunication is questionable and wanting.

    I wonder when the issue will be resolved and I will be able to resume NORMAL work.

    An explanation and accessment of such concerns are required for AIRTEL to maintain its credibility as a Service Provider it so claims to have. I certainly am contemplating dumping AIRTEL more because of its lack of commitment it so claims to have and less because there may be some one better out there.
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    I want to change my broadband plan to the 999 (10GB fast) unlimited plan. My new billing cycle starts tomorrow ie 26th Nov,2011. I called today to change my plan (since last time i called early i had billed internet etc) ad they say they can take my request only after a month ie end of december. I want it soon and this clearly inefficient service.
    My request no. for the required is 7845970
  • anususanjohnanususanjohn Junior Member
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    Hi ,

    I would like to report severe issues faced due to Airtel Broadband connection . As given in the below mails , I had requested for transfer of my connection on April 20th 2011 ( Fixed Line number : 080-41691681 ) from HSR Layout to Balladur , which was not fulfilled due to unavailability of the port , hence I requested for cancellation , inspite of multiple requests customer care service representatives denied to send me a mail confirmation regarding my cancellation . On May 3rd , a Customer service representative called and promised that they can arrange for port and connection , post which I did not receive any confirmation .
    On May 9th I called customer service and they updating me that there is no transfer request logged and cancellation request is logged on May 7th ,instead of April 22nd . The representative also did not reply back to my queries and denied to send me mail copy of all these details . On Nov 22nd , I received a mail from , to settle outstanding balance of Rs. 1535.32 , to which I replied back to check the usage and cancellation request date , a customer service representative had called and ensured that , this amount will be waived , as no usage was performed and the connection was not cancelled on time . But , On 27th Dec , I received a threatening call from Delhi Court ( Mr. Ashok Sharma and Sunil Kumar ) that a case has been filed against me and if I don’t make the payment with in 30 mins , then I would have to appear in Delhi court . I was in hospital , from past 6 days and had just returned back home , in this situation I had to run to ARS office which was 10 Kms away from my house and make the payment ( which I was not supposed to pay ) .

    Hope I get a positive response/clarification for such behavior from AIRTEL.
  • city_tanveercity_tanveer Junior Member
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    Dear Sir,

    I am totally
    fed up of with working process of your company. because I have taken a plan-UPE -1699 Weekend DSL Plan / normal speed 2 Mbps & after cross 30GB@ 1 Mbps for my personal and official purpose.

    but there is no any regular connectivity with above said speed it's goes down from 2MBPS to 256KBPS and 512KBPS after 30GB.

    see the attached file for exact account details

    when I have contact with local service engineers of your company, they have reported me the above said speed and as per their comment said registered speed is not updated on your system. that's why it's goes down.

    further to it, at the time of application your executive had offered me for a plan-UPE -1699 Weekend DSL Plan / normal speed 2 Mbps & after cross 60 GB @ 1 Mbps.

    request you to please activate offered plan to me ASAP. as I am using this connection from last 4 years and regular paid my bills. but now I want to close the connection due to bad services.

    again request you to please do the needful.

    waiting for reply......

    Account No. 13150107
    phone no.-05224070708_dsl

    Warm Regards,

    Tanveer Ahmad Siddiqui
    City Engineers
    Shop no.6 Grand Market
    Behind Burlington Hotel
    Near- Harman Hospital

    Cant Road Lucknow 226001
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    I have not recieved my recharge of Rs.100 from Feb 2012 as per plan on 0121-4051222 and on lodging my complaint the resolution comes that it is not included in my plan but i was recieving recharge till jan 2012 but that also on lodging many complaints.
    Now when i call customer care they tell me that whats the proof that i have got my recharge till jan 2012 but its their job to check records how can i check that.Now i am told to show them the paper in which plan is written but who will keep that paper for lifetime and they are just not listening to the complaints.
    Apart from these they have made many wrong commitments at the time of selling connection. they have also given me a wave off of rupees 200 on my bill for not resolving the complaint and their floor supervisor told that its in my plan and i will soon recieve it .now please tell me what to do.

    Samyak jain
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    i have taken a new fixed line broadband connection on 12 march with cash 500rs given to ur sales person and i have been told that this 500rs will be adjusted in first bill and on welcome call i have been told the same thing. now my first bill has been generated and calling on 198 the are telling that 500rs is ur deposit that cannot be adjusted in first bill. rules have been change from march. which connection r installed in February they only get adjusted the amount of 500rs and connection r installed in march there 500rs amount is taken as deposit. what i have been told by 2 departments sales and backhanded team is wrong. but what is being committed told yo me i want that as i have attach the CEF in this mail in attachment below what i being committed i have in written. plz take necessary action and i demanded to call me and inform what action has been taken asap or i have file case regarding this to consumer court. plz take action towards both department for intimating wrong information to customer.
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    I am Kratika Sharma, from Bhopal (m.p). I have taken new connection on 29/06/13 and my no is 0755-4225894, and from that day my net is not working properly. Iam tired doing complaint again and again because im not getting any response, and im not satisfy with your service at all. Im regularly doing complaints since from 5th of july. My complaint no is 35306232. thank you.
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    I have applied for data card connection through Global Vision Traders , T Nagar, Chennai on 9th JUL 2013 and the details are as under:
    Data card number- 9789953561
    Order no- 112178440
    It is disgusting and frustrating to call Air tel and the agent who have been making false promises for connection.
    I have paid Rs1000 for the data card and appalled at the service provided.
    If you cannot provide connection by 15th JUL2013, kindly arrange to refund the amount as I would no longer need the connection.
  • edited July 2013
    These people are professinals, they know how to cheat customers and yet escape from it.

    I have paid 5000rs advance rental plan, almost every alternative day internet doesnt work and always there would be frequent disconection in the line. I have got to know that there os someserious problem with 450tc2. these people are just fooling us with their rejected product.

    No one here has an idea as how many times I would called these people.

    now, they are playi ng a game with me by asking for a modem receipt for exchanging it which they wont give as was offered free of cost.
  • edited November 2013
    This is reference to my complaint on 28th October 2013 regarding change of bill plan without my consent. For which I was told I will get a call back. As my due date was last day of the month, i was expecting call back. But I did not receive any call back.

    When on 07.11.2013, I contacted customer care, I was told the complaint was closed as there is increase in tariff and it is not a wrong billing.

    My bill statement clearly says the plan is of 2mbps 20GB combo plan for Oct'13 as against 1mbps 10GB plan for previous months.

    I require clarification on this issue without further delay.

    Further to your clarification, I will proceed with appropriate action.

    My Service Details:
    Account Number: 7005904863
    airtel Number 04040180611

    Amiya Tripathy
  • edited February 2014

    My num: 044 43800573

    I was moving out of chennai to hyderabad and I had requested for the disconnection of Airtel Broadband. Customer care insisted on shifting and finally i agreed for the same and she told that she will do it for free by crediting 500+ to my account which will be utilized as shifting charge. She told that I can mail them to disconnect the day i am going to Hyderabad and let them know the new address once I reach there and get a new house.

    Bill No: 272405213 (this bill is correct, but the next one generated is wrong.)
    Amount: 1,234.84
    Bill Period: 11/Nov/2013 to 12/Dec/2013
    After the payment of the above amount, on 12/Dec/2013 Airtel executive
    Nalini called me and told that she will credit 500+ to my account so that I
    dont have to pay shifting charges. she told me that I can request for the
    deactivation the day I am moving out and Airtel will take care.

    On 21st of December 2013; that means after 8 days of the previous bill period
    and usage, I have requested for deactivation through mail (as discussed with
    Nalini) as I was moving to Hyderabad and I informed that i will give the new
    address once i reach. (This means that I have used the internet only for 8-9
    days and I assumed that you will do your duty by disconnecting the service till
    you give me the connection at new place.

    After 1 month, on 20-Jan-2014, I requested for the connection at my new place
    in Hyderabad. But I noticed that there is a bill generated for the entire month
    of Dec-2013 even after i requesting to deactivate the service on 21st of
    december. When I came to know that you had not disconnected the service in
    chennai, i requested to deactivate it again on 20-Jan-2014 and you disconnected
    THAT).I followed up with you for more than 10-12 days and came to know that you
    dont have feasibility at my place and then I requested for the termination of
    service on 1-Feb-2014.

    So effectively, I have not had the service from 21st of December till now. and
    for the period from 13-Dec-2013 to 21-Dec-2013, I have paid 675/- and I am not
    responsible for the other amount 561/- which you are charging illegally saying
    that you have credited to my account. It was for the shifting of the broadband
    which was not done from your side.

    Kindly help to get a resolution to this. I have written to 121, Nodal and Appellate but nobody really tried t understand the issue. everyone trying to wash their hands off.

    Sarat U
  • edited April 2014
    I have purchased new airtel Postpaid mobile connection (9717198077) a week ago.but my mobile number has not activated till date.i have deposit all documents & Security Fee.
    now i am calling to your sales Representative for activation of my number but he is not receiving my phone.these are contact number of sales Representative :-

    1:- Mr. Sandeep -9212351096
    2:- sales manager- 9910424244
    3:- sales manager- 9971252100.

    Please activate my mobile number (9717198077)

    Amit Saxena
  • edited August 2014
    Hi, I'm Lokesh (,
    I'm another victim of Airtel broadband. Last week (on 15/8/14) i contacted an airtel broadband dealer (Mr.Babu – 08880660295) and enquired about it, he said he would visit my location and check if feasibility of connection is possible or not and then he would tell me all details. As said he visited me verified my address, checked for feasibility and said everything is fine and i can get a connection by tommorrow (i.e, by 16/8/14) guaranteed if i pay him the deposit amount now, but he also mentioned that in exceptional cases it may take 1 or 2 days extra. I paid him the deposit amount but next day when i called him he did not answer my call so then i had to change my no and call him and when he picked he said due to some technical reason installation could not be done and it'll be done on monday but on monday also it was not done and he stopped answerimg my calls, to talk to him i had to change no everytime, then on tuesday (19/8/14) i got a msg from airtel saying your order instalation(26263718) will be done in next 3 days i was completely pissed off.

    But then again when i spoke to the dealer he said talk to the technician (Mr.Naresh- 08197210088) and he would help me, when i called the technician he asked me to wait and said he would call me back in 5min but never called me and when i called him back he asked me to wait for another day and the installation will be done but the next day also passed and when i called him he too stopped answering my call, i somehow called him with an unknown no and took managers (Mr.Hasan – 9900993314) no but he is one of the worst guy of all and i had a very bad experience with him, everytime when i call him he would disconnect my call saying he'll check for the issue in 5min and will call back but he never called back and when i call him back he would either speak very rudely or not answer my call and he too initially said give me a day and he would give me connection the next day but no use of these words as they were all branches of the same tree. Next day when i called him he disconnected my call and sent me a msg saying- “he would give connection by tommorrow or refund”, to this msg i responded as- “ why will ypou refund, did i pay the deposit amount for getting a refund or a connection , if this was the case then you should have not asked for the deposit amount when you said everything is fine and connection would be given in a day”. After reading this msg he called me back and said he would not give me connection no matter what.

    Today (26/8/14) more than 10days passed i neither got the connection, nor refund and not even a single response from them. What should i do? Everyone just kept asking 2-2 days and did nothing.
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