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I am on my bike with my brother, we have all documents and both have helmets.

Traffic police stop us and challan us for said that "you cross red light".

But we cross green light and other vehicles are also with us.

They not stop other vehicles in green light but only stop our bike.

When i said you are only challan us because this is 30 january now, and you guys just challan us for the sake of mantain your challan records. traffic police said loudly to me "ek baar dubara kehna jara, sabi cameras on hai."
NOw, i have challaned of my vehicle now, but i want justice that "I cross green light" not red light.

Is there any help from me from your side, or any way to proved my self.

Or these "traffic police empolyees " same do with other persons to and there is no government law to handle our goverment employees?



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    THis is to bring it n your notice that Mr R R Sawant & Kelaskar(Traffic Police) at vishrantwadi,pune are doing some unethical work.
    It's today incidence at 8pm(22feb'10) where there is too much traffic at signal in bombay shappers where some bikes forcefully come on zabra line.
    THey have taken our licenses & ask us to come aside.
    THere they have asked us to pay Rs.100 fine(ticket no-6581920 (Charges on crossing zabra line) which we refused to pay since its not done intentionally but due to too much traffic its happen in signal.
    But they have told that its traffic rule which they have too follow.
    We are there for more than half an hour debating on same topic where we saw that lot many others bikers & buses also done the same thing(standing on zabra line) when we asked them to call those people also they replied ist you people pay the money then we will free to catch them.

    This is surprising to see that traffic police inspector also inspite of doing there duties more interested to get money.
    there are 4people(traffic police) who are interested for money colection but not a single person to handle traffic.

    THey also threaten us to pay money otherwise we will take your license & you have to go court.

    I don't think this is more imp duty of traffic police to collect money not controlling traffic.

    This is such a wrong manner to treat common man,misuse of his uniform.
    Finally we have paid the amount to the police.
    But still its a complain against these people who are threatening people.

    Suraj Rana
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    Dear All,

    On 28th March at 5.30pm myself and my wife were stopped by Mr. Santosh Thovale and his colleagues on the way to Aksa Beach. We showed the bike papers, insurance, PUC and license. Then he started asking for what reason are we both going on the Aksa beach. He started threatening me and before I could give him any explanation he slapped me 4 times and pushed me down the road. I was hurt in the left ear badly. The scratches of his nails are still on the ears. Their collegues started threatening us with their stick that they would put us behind bars under section 110. They also said to us that they were the gundas of Mumbai and they can do whatever they want. Somehow we both were released after 15 mins with all policemen abusing us.

    Immediately I called Police No 100 where they told me to call the Worli Traffic Control but even they did not respond properly. Then I went to the Malvani Police Station and asked to log a complaint against Mr. Santosh Thovale where I was made to sit for 40 mins. Then a senior official named Mr Prashant Surve called me in his cabin and took some details about the incident in his diary. He was sorry for the incident personally and assured that action would be taken against Mr. Santosh Thovale.

    My wife and I are completely shocked and traumatized by the complete incident. Till today I had a belief that the law of Mumbai is for the ordinary people but by yesterday’s incident I am upset by the system. There has to be some kind of stringent system to take severe action against these policemen like Mr. Santosh Thovale who are not here to help out people but to fear them by showing their attire rights.


    Ganesh S Naik
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    This is to bring it notice to all Delhites..

    pls beware of a Delhi Traffic Police Official- Mr Mahaveer Sharma, Sub- Inspector, Rajouri Garden Circle, Delhi.

    Demanding Bribe is nothing for this guy. What he did, was highly shocking for me. He stopped my car and threatend me to give 1000 rs. to him or he would have made a challan of rs 1400 for overspeeding. He also pushed me, abused me and tried taking my car keys and other material from the car. He was with 7-8 more illiterate officials- who were talking just like road side Gunda. Passing derogatory comments on girls, man handling and abusing the general public...this is all they do.

    I dont know who has given the authority and power to these bunch of, so called "public servants", to spread their Gunda Raaj. One thing is for sure- these officers doesn't deserve any respect. they come out on streets just for robbing the general public.

    I dont know, writing this issue over here would help or not. But this will definitely show the zero disciplinary levels of our police officers.

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    Harassment By Traffic Police Kolkata: Mr. Tapas Kr Pal (40769); Time: 17:50; Location: Shibdas Bhaduri Street Kol -4

    I'm writing here not for sake of putting as complaint against Traffic Police - Kolkata or police department, because I know there is no solution to this problem. I am really clueless about whom to say this. People whom we look for help and who are the supposed guardian of law - when they treat us partially and rudely using foul words; where should we go?; what should we do?
    On 8th May 2010 mother and I stopped in front of a laundry shop – in Shibdas Bhaduri Street (Kol – 4) for 1 minute; just to collect our clothes. The shop owner instructed us to park the vehicle in front of his shop.There were other vehicles (Scooter and a Red Qualis) parked in the same street in same place. Mr. Tapas Pal (GPF No. 40769) didn’t pay heed to any of my pleas that my mother had serious knee injury and it was not possible for her walk all the way from main road and we would just take a minute – in fact we were getting on the car –- when he gave us the case under ‘Parking Violation – illegally parked- U/S 122/177 MV ACT’. Not only that he even insulted us on the street using foul words which I don’t even want to write about. May be it was an everyday incident for him – but it was first in my life – I’ve lost all faith in the system – is this how we are treated??? – The normal citizens while the goons roam free looting people? What crime did we - a girl and her aged mother did on that evening do deserve this insult? The money is a small thing compared to the public insult and humiliation.
    I dont know if anybody would take any action against this traumatizing incident. I really don’t know whom to complain, neither I have contact with any influential people – I just want fair justice. May be everything is NOT BLACK in this city of joy after all.

    A law abiding citizen
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    One day i went to HDFC bank Goregoan (East) by car to diposit the amount. I was parked the vehicle properly and next to my vehicle there are somany vehicle were parked. When i came out of bank. My vehicle was not available there. Some body told that vehile taken by Goregoan traffic police. When i ask police from the station and said that vehicle was parked opposit to gate. But i was parked properly still i am confident, i have parked right place.

    One more day, I went HDFC bank i.e. same bank. But this time i have parked little faraway and walked upto bank. This time also Choor log gadi lake gaya.. Once again i went to police station to take the vehicle. This time they are telling like "Vehicle was parked in taxi stand". Even now i was confident. I parked the vehcle not taxi stand. Before my vechile, almost 7 taxis can stand.. How come police will do like this.

    One more day.. same problem but differnt reason. If you can see close to dindoshi bus dept police station. There huge traffic, due to doble line parking and doble like car washing... They nopolice will go and ask due to lack of dare.

    Goregoan trafic police and towing people are "Chor admi ye", "Arami ye". These people are looting directly with law. Actual Chor log "Chori karta ye" without law. This is the only diff.
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    On Monday, October 11, while driving home from the Rockies, I got flagged down by a traffice cop at Yahk (9 miles before the Idaho Kingsgate border). I pulled aside and so was the car behind me. I thoght he was just signaling us to slow down due to accidents or detour or any thing that nature. I was surprised when he said I was over the city driving limit. I knew I wasn't becasue I was slowing down to read the town name Yahk. After getting my driving license and records, he waved the car behind me, which has a Canadian licence plate to go on. He then walked across the street to his car and came back with a ticket with a $138 fine. I asked how come the car hehind me got away from drving the same speed as me. He said becasue I was the first car and he doesn't have 15 hands. He then asked me to sign the ticket but I was questioning him why I was treated unfarily and he got all annoyed and said he was not going to waste 15 minutes explaining to me and said all the information were at the back of the ticket. He dropped the ticket inside our car and walked across the street back to his car. He had 2 other colleagues with him and before I drove off, I yelled unfair and all three of them yelled back and said " get out of here".
    I am furious about this incident and I felt that these cops were tageting Americans. Can't you imagine the hassle we have to go thru as Amercian disputing these ticket? What give them the right to be so rude? I think he was probably caught by suprised that little Asian woman like me dare to question him.
    I don;t know if anyone has similiar experience like this but I feel that other than getting off my chest, there is nothing I can do but pay the fine.
    Any comments you like to share are much appreciated.
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    This is regarding our day today problems while traveling on our bike n car. Why r we afraid of traffic police? we r easy prey for them. Rs 100 or 200 is compulsory zizia tax to give.
    If you have not committed any violation of traffic rules, u dont have to pay anything to those exloiters gundas in the uniforms.
    Just be our member to fight against them. membership is free. just send ur names address, vehicle number, birthdate n possibly a pic to issue u our membership ID card.
    your complains are welcome, but they are fruitful if you have proofs against the injustice imposed upon u. Like Audio-visual recording, pic of bribe taking traffic police,
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    I had parked my bike on M G Road beside my bike two bikers parked there bike which are first and second in row. After 25 mnt. I came to take my bike but it was towed by traffice police officer Mr. Sangle. thereafter i went to manjunath towing agency to take my bike where i met to Mr. Sangle. I asked him why did you tow my bike when it was in third place? and first and second bike were there. Then he replied that Some times it happened? and he threatened me that if you are not paying charges then we would file complaint against you and you will have to come in court.
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    Ganapati chowk at viman nagar has cluster of temples and small eateries. The eateries have occupied half the road and remaining road is used by unauthorised parking of cars and two wheelers of their customers. A cofee shop is an addittion to the already existing tea shop and vada pao shop. passing through this patch of road has become dangerous.
    The traffic police on duty get free tea and snacks at these shops and therefore they turn blind eye to the traffic jam.

    The shops should be removed and no parking should be allowed.

    It is suggested that a divider be made at this junction so that automatically it will not be possible to park the vehicles.
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    This is regarding our day today problems while traveling on our bike n car. Why r we afraid of traffic police? we r easy prey for them. Rs 100 or 200 is compulsory zizia tax to give.
    If you have not committed any violation of traffic rules, u dont have to pay anything to those exloiters gundas in the uniforms.
    Just be our member to fight against them. membership is free. just send ur names address, vehicle number, birthdate n possibly a pic to issue u our membership ID card.
    your complains are welcome, but they are fruitful if you have proofs against the injustice imposed upon u. Like Audio-visual recording, pic of bribe taking traffic police,

    plz contact ur complaints at -,
    and work for association to resist injustice made to us at all corners of India.
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    We the residents of 57 a ruxana palace mohammed ali road have a solid grevience against the traffic police in our area who allows 4 wheelers to park on the road adjacent to the footpath and the two wheelers if parked there are towed by them and they show no guts in towing these 4 wheelers who in turn are desparately inducing the 2 wheelers to park their vehicles on the footpath which is causing the pedestrains to walk and thereafter causing unnessary hassles.

    We request if the road parking is for no parking for 2 wheelers then why 4 wheelers are parked here which please take immediate action.

    If action is not taken we will be left with no choice but to approach higher athorities and put the same in the press whatsoever.

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    This is a complaint against a beggar (Traffic Police) V.V. Paithone Police sub-inspector - Malad.

    I and my frnd were on bike, riding slowly from extreme left on the road. Here we go. Keeping your bike on the left side of the road seems to be a curse. I was asked to provide license, papers etc. Everything was correct. But since these beggars need some money they start looking everywhere to find some problem. He mentioned that the no. plate was illegal. The numbers and the name were clearly readable but wrote in a fancy way.

    To achieve his target this beggar tore a receipt of Rs 100 where there was no fault and it was completely unjustifiable.

    If this continues in India, we as youth cannot find justice in life.
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    Right under the nose of Police Headquarters of Delhi, at the intersection of ITO/DDA, traffic cops have an easy way of making money. Traffic cop posted there manually rather smartly operates the signal system in such a way that at each change they get one or two motorists for sure, taking a right turn from Vikas marg towards Rajghat, jumping the red light as the green light for right turn stops suddenly without any warning of orange light and that's where the motorists are caught unaware and get trapped by the police net.
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    Today February 8th, 2011 around 5 PM, I was stopped at a Barricade In Malviya Nagar, Near Aurbindo College; because i had tinted glass that were more than what was allowed in Delhi. I agreed upon my violation showed all the documents to the officers, and even paid the Challan on the Spot. Sir the Problem is there was another car stopped right after me, and that person claimed he had no R.C or driver's License, his offense was of tinted Glass as well as he was talkin' on phone, but what Mr. Bhupender Kumar Head Constable - 344/t and Udai bhan Another officer let them go 'cause they knew some XYZ Police officer. I was shocked from their behavior, Why would they let any offender go like that, and Just after that another safari car with wholly tinted glasses didn't stopped at barricade even after being called to stop. none of them even Recorded that car's number and when i told Mr. Bhupender Kumar that why was he not stopped that car even after being called for tinted Glass to that he replied abruptly " Mein kya yaha sab ko Rok ke khada Ho jau" This is very shameful. If Delhi Traffic Police will lead things this way it will be really very shameful for our city. Please do take necessary Action sir. thank you
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    Dear Sir,

    I want to submit my complaint against the towing vehicle drivers, who are very very bad while doing their duty. Today my son had parked his car before HDFC ATM conwood house, which was at right place. The towing vehicle came there and picked up another car, they wanted to flee from the place ASAP and while doing so they dashed my car from behind damaging it. My Car No. is MH02DB9158. My son had asked them to pay for the damages but they ran away. From where shall I get the damages done by them. They are very irresponsible people, while handling other peoples vehicles.

    Last year also they towed my car and while doing so they pulled down the radiator of my car, i icurred 12000/- expenditure to fix up the same and it was my new car.

    These people damage the cars which they tow and also the other cars around which are not at fault just because they want to tow the vehicles before the owner comes out and follow them.

    This is notonly my personal problem but a problem faced by all.

    Kindly take appropriate action against the culprits / give me the contact nos of concerned Trafic Police department to submit my written complaint.

    Thanking you,

    Lata Likhitkar
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    They are not controlling the traffic, they are looking only who is crossing the yellow or red signals, and the same if they catched you then they are not making fine, they are just taking some black money.

    If u dont have PUC: INR.100
    If u dont have Smart card: INR.200
    And even if you have every thing they are asking like that air on tier is not sufficient, light is not correct and using some vulger words: INR 50

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    Hi everyone, is there any help you all are getting after submitting compplain here on this site? I am suffering from misbehavior by Traffic Police too and they have taken my license as I refused to pay.
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    Dear sir,I m fined with 200/rs by the traffic police. as i m having all documents. at around 11:15pm on 16/3/2011 at thirumala giri cross croads,hyderabad. with challan no 328598..what should i do to take action against them.
    they have seen all my documents and written fine by writing registration number and licence this democratic countryt..those country broots not getting salary?
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    I hope I would get a help here from the traffic police behaviours and the money they draw from us.

    To start with I have a two wheeler from Chennai with TN number. For the first year with NOC I was force to pay amount almost anywhere and without a channal(bill). If I ask then I will get a reply, for Bill the amount will be huge and will have to go to police station. Being an outsider, will have to surrender. But today what happened was not acceptable. I was asked to show papers. What I had today is - Registration copy, Licence, Population certificate, one time tax paid at Hyd Rreceipt. Insurance. The traffic police used words like "Madharchod", "maki laude" while talking to me and said since my number was not transferred to Hyd so I will have to pay Rs 200.

    Please suggest if there is any help I can get. Do I have to transfer registration number to Hyderabad? Despite of me having paid the one time tax. And since I am not from Hyd and do not know telegu, will I have to pay always without any receipt and listen slangs as mentiobed above.

    his incident happened at 12:35PM near Maitri bhawan traffic signal. Waiting for you reply. If you are not the right person, I would request you to direct me to the right place.
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    Hello Sir / Mem.,

    with respact, i know you to all pubic of padra and all trafic police.

    past few day traffic police is very distbans to all padra's pepole. so all trafic police "CHATI JAO". bcoz all pople to engry to trafic police.

    past last night my example.. => may mara scooter le k ja raha tha. ager aap padra aaye ho to aap ko pata hoga ki bus depot wala petrol pemp jana ho to aap ko thodasa rong side jana padta hai. hamne bhi aisa hi kiya. police ne hamko roka. ham ruke.linsen dikya. hame kuch form pay sing. kiya. tab tak thik tha. per hamne unse kaha ki YE PRIVET VIHICAL WALE RONG SIDE PAY HAY to unhone kaha ki TUM HAMRE KAM ME DAKHAL NA DO.

    so., sir/mem aap hi kaho k ek taraf GANRAL PUBLIC to dusri taraf PRIVAT VEHICAL. so traffic police ko konsa paks(fevor) lena chahioye.

    may to aam admi hu is tarah ke koi matha-kut may padna nahi chata., kyuki u know Gov. Policy.

    may yeh fariyaad CM Online may bhi karunga. bcoz i m live in INDIA and its Democracy.

    ager aapko bhi aisa anubav(experience) hua ho to bejeehk likho.

    muje aasha ha ki maru fariyaad suni zaye

    Brijesh Patel (
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    I was forced to bribe a policeman who was patrolling in the night at senapati bapat road, pune (India) on 2/5/11 after mid night as i was riding the bike on a wrong direction, I tried to convince him that i will not do it again, It happened because at a near by place one aunty* sells tea and ciggrattes (Next to ICC towers, S.b. Road, pune) whole night, i was coming back from that place, He told me that you people roam around in the night because of these place, and i will see that the place should close down immediately-- After i negotiated with him..and things din't worked out as to let me go, as i was not having money with me. He took me to the aunty's* place, where he himself with a colleague was having tea and ciggarates for free. And without telling her to let go-- He started cracking jokes with her and students standing near by. It is illegal to keeping any shops or footpath shops open at the night but the single s.b. road has 3 shops selling tea and eateries. Please have a look at it

    Personnel (policeman) DETAILS
    Name:- G.R. THARKUDE
    NO. 4517

    Please help retard corruption!
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    Hello sir
    I am in Bangalore. I am seriously disturbed by the weak laws and their poor implementations in India. Looks there is no point of bringing the case to the notice of law and order. The poor and negligent drivers especially the lorry and cab drivers work over time and don't focus on the careful driving or the people driving on the road. On the other hand there are road side romeos who drive their bikes or cars rashly causing problems to normal people.

    The root cause is not only the drivers, but their owners too who earn a fortune making the drivers work over time and poor quality of sleep and so on.The other part is the greedy drivers do "extra" work to earn, in turn their incapability to drive focussed in traffic or even otherwise.

    The drivers or owners of the fleet of cabs or lorries usually are well versed in the techniques of argument and bribing the police. They are also understanding the law is weak and make the exploitation of it.

    How pathetic it is to know that the fine is just Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 even for a worst hit and run over cases. When I took my car accident case to police they say for accidents which do not involve life they don't even take the pain of taking up the case promptly. Hence I had to desperately wait for 2 days to get an FIR on constant persuading and paying the corrupt RTO officials Rs. 800 as bribe to get the documents.

    Moreover the traffic police also requests and compels the victim to sign on a white paper, which they are using to fill-up in favor of the negligent drivers and owners after getting their "something" also known as bribe.

    In this decade 2011, the fine amount is very very less and the negligent and rash drivers do not bother to pay. When the law is weak no rash or negligent driver wishes to correct or even takes a minor effort to drive safe.

    The traffic fines should be much much higher, it should be aligned with gold prices.

    If the price of one soverign of gold is Rs.20000. Then the hit and run over cases fine should be 5 to 10 times. ie., 1L at a minimum to 10L. This will control the people who die daily on road because of negligent and rash drivers. Over and above, the license and the vehicle should be seized and the person should be made to work for teaching the fellow Indians about traffic safety, just as a measure to learn and correct himself and this is a standard practice done in other countries. This kind of stuff will also correct the actions of "rich" rash drivers who can afford to pay whatever the penalty is.

    Going forward, this will also curb the traffic and encourage people to use public transport and get good revenues for Traffic and law department that they don't need to take bribes. The law department especially should be one of the well paid departments to avoid bribe and unethical practices. More over the identity of the officers should be protected to save them from asshole politicians and unethical dons and terrorists within the country.

    It would also be best to install cameras and radar surveillance in all parts. If this is not possible, all vehicle owners should install flight-recorder kind of data recorders which save the last 10 minutes of data. This can even be cheap simple cameras installed on all sides with unified data recorders of passengers and the videos around the vehicle which can be used to analyze the accidents later. This could also be connected to traffic police's control room for ideal monitoring.

    Thanks and regards,
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    Dear all,
    This is to bring into your notice that on Traffic Sergeant Namely Mr. Souren Dutta, Jorabagan Traffic Guart, Kolkata on 11.03.2011 charged me with the offence for triple riding u/s 192 read with section 39 of the Motor Vehicles Act and asked me to pay a fine of Rs. 3000/-.

    The provisions under the said sections relates to driving an unregistered vehicle.

    His narration stated that i was riding with two pillion riders which comes under section 128(1) r/w S.177 of MV Act is comes with a fine of Rs. 100 for first offence Rs. 300 for second or subsequent offence.

    When i moved to the Ld. Court proving the same, the said traffic sergeant came up with a report that he wrongly input the provision and the same may be changed.

    These are the persons encharged for maintaining law and order.
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    My name is Rahman. I am working as a 'Client relations Manager' in Insurance firm. I want to lodge a complaint against a FILTHY BEGGER that is a traffic police officer named P.SANJEEV REDDY/ROA and his bleady mannerless DRIVER who feels like a superintendent of police named SRINU & a conistable named B.SURENDRA. These filthy beggers bugged my friend and me with Rs.100/-. Mr.Irfan and Myself were at Sangeeth theatre cross road signal,HYDERABAD,A.P and paid the fine for FOLLOWING TRAFFIC RULES PROPERLY. These scrap eaters asked me and my friend to leave to the left from the signal towards sangeeth theatre.. we were very well within the white line as per the traffic rules where we suppose to be.. We told the same that we are within the white line only and need to rush to secunderabad YASHODA HOSPITAL to our right on EMERGENCY PURPOSE. This bastard named srinu who is in fact driver of the filthy boss Sanjeev reddy/rao took our bike keys in the middle of the signal and went away smiling at us and asking us to pay the fine. we kept the bike at very same place to show their inspector and prove what exactly happened. Here is the filthy begging bastard Mr.P.Sanjeev reddy(TRAFFIC POLICE OFFICER WITH VERY FAT ASS) sitting in the jeep took our keys and asked his driver to bring our bike to the other side. we asked him to get down and check whether it is on the wrong side or not politely... this fellow dont even bother to get down from the jeep and shouts at us saying that if THEY ASK TO PAY THEN WE HAVE TO PAY WHATEVER AND HE THREATENED US SAYING THAT THE BIKE WOULD BE DETAINED......PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS ISSUE AND KINDLY DO THE NEEDFUL SO THAT THESE KIND OF UGLY BLOOD SUCKING BUGS COULD NOT TROUBLE ANY OTHER COMMON PEOPLE. PLEASE GO THROUGH THE BELOW RECEIPT NUMBER/ N SERIAL NUMBER FOR YOUR REFERENCE WHICH IS "369968". THIS KIND OF ROUGE BEHAVIOUR IS A SHAME AND VERY DIRTY REMARK ON VERY RESPECTIVE POLICE DEPARTMENT. I BEG YOU NOT TO RECRUITE THIS KIND OF SCRAP OFFICERS WHICH IS LETTING THE PRIDE OF OUR POLICE DEPARTMENT TO THE DIRTY DRINAGES. THIS EXPERIENCE TEACHES ME NOT TO FOLLOW ANY TRAFFIC RULES BECAUSE THERE IS NO USE OF FOLLOWING IT AS WE ARE BEING BUGGED BY DAMN FELLOW TRAFFIC POLICE OFFICERS WHO WERE APPOINTED TO CONTROL LAW AND ORDER........
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    Hi this is tina.yesterday 28th may saterday at beliaghata my fiancee and his friends were returning home by walk from a call centre at around 12.45 at night.all of a sudden a police van stoped and some officers got down from the van and without inquiring anything from them and without any reason they started beating them harshly with thier 'dandas'.i am thankful to god that the officers didn't shoot them directly.even if they were shot i don't think anyone would have witnessed the situation in fear of those police.anything would have happened yesterday.i just want to know are we realy protected by the policemen of our own city?when these police are meant to protect common citizens then why are we not safe today?can please someone tell me what to do regarding this as i want to lodge a complain against it.
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    This is Anand

    I have been reading that the traffic police cannot stop a driver just to check papers unless the driver has committed an offence.
    I was driving on Akurli Road, Kandivli( Road to Lokhandwala) in the afternoon today when a traffic policeman stoped me and asked for my papers. He was part of a group of about 6 traffic cops who had stationed themselves on the road along with their van. I had all the papers except the insurance certificate( I had the expired one in the car by oversight), so I was asked to either pay Rs. 100/- as fine or deposit my licence with them. When I told them that they should giv me an oportunity to produce the certificate within 2 to 3 days, they asked me to deposit my licence with them and take it back after showing the certificate and paying a fine of Rs. 100/-.
    Since the fine was to be paid in both the situations, I decided not to give them the licence and paid fine on the spot.
    I would like to know what use are the messages from the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic ) if the police continues to stop people on the roads without any offence and collect fines. It is virtually impossible for anyone to know all the rule, so the highhandedness continues.
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    Hi.. Could you tell me if there is any justice you have got from police dept till date ??
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    I don't know is this is right area to say wrong offence applied and charged against me,

    Basically I work in Bangalore as Software Engineer and my Native is Gulbarga
    I came to gulbarga for some family work, and I was Riding my Royal Enfield in Gulbarga towards Railway Station,
    In between Opposite to Mini Vidhana Soudha Traffic Police stopped my bike and asked me to show documents

    I had below documents with me in Original
    1; Driving licence
    2: RC book
    3: Insurance Photo copy

    i was not wearing helmet, as it is not compulsory in Gulbarga,
    I asked what's the reason for stopping me, then they said me you are not wearing Helmet, i said ok But what about others there are many people
    who riding 2 whalers without helmet, why didn't you stopped, then one of the police man told don;t tell our duty as we are doing and we will do how we want, i said that's not a right way to do duty,
    Then they started charging me as you have to pay 100 Rs for driving without helmet, I said ok I will pay for that
    Then again another policeman told you are driving dangerously you will be fined Rs: 200, I told him I was driving in 20KM Per hour speed how it is dangerously, then he started scolding me saying you are riding by leaving both Hands,
    I told this is Bullet heavy Bike Can't ride with 2 hands easily how can I Ride without hands, Then they are chargin one after another,
    They started asking me where is Emisson test, I told this is new Bike not required for Emission Test,
    By doing all these they wasted my 1Hr Important time, also they given a Recept which is old one(2009) Year Booklet,
    They charged me Rs: 300 in total and Laughing on me,
    They said Actually you are required to Pay Rs: 100 but you are paying Rs: 300 This will happen If you ask Questions,

    I want to know are they doing Duty or are they simply charging and giving trouble to Public and making them to shy on them self for asking Questions

    please find My below Recept details.

    Receipt Number: 936509
    Date: 04-Sept-2011
    Place Mentioned in Receipt: MVS
    Vehicle Number: KA 05 HM 997
    Name of the Driver: Shivakumar S Auradi
    Nature of Offence:
    1: Found Without Helmet
    2: Found Driving Dangerously
    Amount Paid: Rs: 300

    I paid Rs: 200 Extra for Asking Questions If I ask More Question I could have paid More Money,
    I want a Justice on this, simple people don;t have options to ask Questions when they want to know exactly what and why?
    Also want to know the above mentioned Receipt is going to government or not as I have doubt on Receipt as it is from Old Booklet.
  • vivek6737vivek6737 Junior Member
    edited October 2011
    Thanks for sharing all the views and complaints, even i have few such bad experiences.

    Government employees like traffic police suppose to support us instead a lot of them make us work for them.

    Considering various issues around us. it better we as citizens of India start "Citizen Recovery system" in this we will
    have various froms and cost slabs related to "Fine" a Traffic police department.

    This will help us to improve our system. By this government staff focus on the work around to get things better.

    Please suggest who all would like to help me on this.
    This may take some time but it will be like a wild fire spread and initiate a revolution in traffic clean-up process.

  • edited November 2011
    I am on my bike with my brother, we have all documents and both have helmets.

    Traffic police stop us and challan us for said that "you cross red light".

    But we cross green light and other vehicles are also with us.

    They not stop other vehicles in green light but only stop our bike.

    When i said you are only challan us because this is 30 january now, and you guys just challan us for the sake of mantain your challan records. traffic police said loudly to me "ek baar dubara kehna jara, sabi cameras on hai."
    NOw, i have challaned of my vehicle now, but i want justice that "I cross green light" not red light.

    Is there any help from me from your side, or any way to proved my self.

    Or these "traffic police empolyees " same do with other persons to and there is no government law to handle our goverment employees?

    Hey Man,

    Today same thing happened to me. We can't do anything in that situation. Today I have given bribery of Rs 100 just because she has given me the options to pay 600 (with time consuming process) as fine or 100 as bribery (immediate closure of matter). I think they used to take bribery from their father / mother to come out to the earth as well.

    Now, I actually am in wonder what Mr Anna Hazare / Jan Lokpal can do if such options are given to one. Obviously one is going to select bribery option.

    I know I am 101% wrong but just think you have lost your money while playing cards or while partying and be happy :)
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