Airline - Amout is not being reversed back

I am Manish Jhalani. I tried to book round trip airline from ezeego1 website on 15 January, 09. After transaction completion I got confirmation for only one side "Bangalore - Jaipur" but ezeego people charged money for both sides. Details are as follows:

Date of booking: 15 January, 09
Time of booking : 12:40 PM
Sector: Round trip Bangalore - Jaipur and Jaipur - Bangalore
Airline; Indigo
Name of passenger: Manish Jhalani
Contact no: 9986067301
Mode: Credit Card

Expexted money ezeego should charge: INR 3099
Actual money ezeego charged: INR 6098

After that I am trying to contact ezeego people daily through calls and e-mails. Daily I am getting different different answers from ezeego and they are not willing to return my money back. Now they have started not to answer any of my e-mail or call.

I have wasted around INR 200-300 and a lot time to solve this problem but these people are not willing to do that. They have taken all details from me a lot of time and now if I call them they are again and again asking for details. Even I have provided very sensitive information my credit card details too to these people.

Please help me.

Manish Jhalani


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    Kindly provide your full contact details,

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