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I ordered a symphony air cooler from and it was delivered at my premises on 09/05/2012.

On the same day, the cooler started leaking. I registered a complaint with flipkart on the same day (09/05/2012) and requested them to replace the cooler or return my money (under their 30 days replacement guarantee scheme). However, till date (04/06/2012) no action has been taken. I've tried to contact their senior management and nobody is ready to take any responsibility and look into the matter. They just keep on delaying the issue by saying that something will be done at the earliest.

I feel cheated for my money with Flipkart. Pls help me recover my money.


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    i placed a order of hp laptop charger and i got it on 29 june 2012 but it is not able to charge my laptop because it's pin is small

    so i want to replace it with another charger.
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    i placed a order of hp laptop charger and i got it on 29 june 2012 but it is not able to charge my laptop because it's pin is small

    so i want to replace it with another charger.

    please replace my charger immidietly and save my money
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    Dear sir/Mam
    Last month I have ordered 2 mobiles from Flipkart, order id Order ID: OD20619000174 1.) Motorola EX226 (Licorice) ( MOBD9F9EDQGDSGQZ ) and od 20619000896. But sorry to inform that both mobile sets are/were defective. In first case they tried to resolve the matter by replacing the batter. But inspite of complaining several times they are refusing to solve the second matter stating that it has crossed the specified 30days replacement warranty period.
    Sir, just to inform you that I have intimated them about this earlier well within the specified time period, We faced minor issues from the 1st week of delivery itself. Only because we(me and my wife who is intended to use this handset)decided to be a paitient customer, they took it as granted that they will go away by giving us a defective piece. We also stated that "Would you really appriciate if we really create noise on minor faults , showing it as big faults and had replaced the item whithin 30 days period?". Further they also refused us to give their Nodal Officer's contact so that I cant take this to higher level. Rather they are asking me to visit Motorola service centre to get this matter resolved.
    Please look into this matter as it is happening every now and then to the customers and creating unwanted problems.
    Thanking you,
    Sinchan Mandal
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    I have received 5-6 emails on the shipment of my order for a LAva A9+ mobile phone mentioning about delay in shipment. They say it's a delay in procuring the mobile. When I say that you marketed for the item on the website, took order, and promised to ship the mobile within 2-4 days, didn't you knew about all this! You sure did!

    They called me, saying we apologize, and then taking advantage of the situation the girl mentioned, the order would be shipped on 19th and delivered in another 3 business days! It would be shipped from Bangalore to Bangalore:) I told her I expect it to be by 19th she said okay, disconnected the call, went back and wrote me another email saying order will take 3 more business days after 19th to get delivered. Their last email didn't mention this. I called her back and said why have you sent the email, she said that she mentioned the same in discussion! I clearly told her I never accepted the delay. It has to reach by 19th, she disconnected the call! I tried to call again, she didn't respond. And, the way she was talking, it was pathetic. These helpless girls in the support think no end of themselves. her name is Sreya and contact is 08049129062. I am going to the consumer court for this sickening communication on top of the delay! Who says flipkart is good! It sucks big time!

    The management team contacts me, or I don't wait for them not even the order!

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We will invest our money and you will deliver us Damage items.Is is your business policies?

    To: Flipkart Customer Support

    Order ID: OD21109131738 1.) Sonata Eva Analog Watch - For Women (Cream) ( WATDEGFACSRFXHYX )

    I ordered a Sonata Eva Analog Watch - For Women (Cream)on 9/11/2012. My sister received it on 12/11/2012.But the watch was not working from the time of delivery.The delivery person misguide my family when my family members asked about the problem(Why this watch is not working?). So, please solve this problem. I believe that your organization will solve this issue.

    Still this issue is not solved.
    So, what r u doing. When i called your customer service they said that your executives called me . But i did not received any call.
    So, are you doing this kind of business with customer who spend their money?
    Its very shameful experience to deal with your organization.
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    I purchased a mobile phone Salora- SM201 on the 30th of dec'2012....but soon realized that there was a defect in microphone of salora SM201 received by me on DEC 31'2012...I lodged a complaint on Jan 02'2013 at the flipkart website requesting to kindly refund the money so that i can go ahead and purchase a mobile of different brand. But till date I have just been getting mails from customer care of flipkart with the same wordings--that the product would be picked up from my address and returned to warehouse and thereafter the money would be refunded...They are just harassing their customers with such copy- paste E-mails, but with no action taken from their side/ nor has anyone from flipkart called even to tell me about the status. Also when I called Flipkart-Tollfree number..they have the same reply that the product would be picked up before 7 pm...all bunch of lies and further harassment. This is another worst online shopping Portal of India.
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    Sir I am purchase a sandisk memory card threw by flipkart 1. Order ID : od21128122747 - memory_card : sandisk memory card microsdhc 8gb but after 4 to 5 day after that is not work properly and and after that flipkart change the sandisk memory cards and again same problem.After that I am surrender the both of memory card but no any one not ready to give right information and not refund the amount.
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    people out there,this is for your information that I have purchased a Fujitsu Laptop AH532 cost rs 24500.
    from Flipkart on 12th feb 2013.
    but unfortunately they delivered a faulty laptop.The, Led screen is damaged.THey neither helped me by sending an engineer nor they replaced my product,which is under 1 month replacement scheme.
    My order number is OD30212011664.
    I have a earnest request to the oridinary people ,who are willing to buy a product from flipkart.that never buy any thing from this fraud site(Flikart). Buy what u see not from pictures and descriptions.

    I will recommand indian government to bann this flipkart ,as early as possible.

    Thanking you!

    rudhesh saha
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    I had ordered Cooler Master NotePal CMC3 vide order ID: OD30530052092 The item I received is not as per my expectation. It is too small to hold my laptop. Its fan is open at bottom so it hurts and also get jammed if some object touches it.Its fan touches the fingers while lifting or carrying from one place to another. In view of this I requested to give me exchange of product vide email dated 4-6-2013. They have regretted to exchange the product. I asked for phone Number or email address of higher authority to elevate my problem. But they have not provided.
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    I purchased a micfomax canvas 2 plus on 1/7/2013 and within 15 days he start hanging very much pls replace it as soon as possible. My mobile no. 9136802336
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    I bought two simtronics tabs from homeshop18 on 12th july they stopped functioning within 72 hrs of receiving them have already returned both the tabs back to the company a month ago however have not received my money back as was promised by their exec over fone However, till date no action has been taken. I've tried to contact their senior management and nobody is ready to take any responsibility and look into the matter. They just keep on delaying the issue by saying that something will be done at the earliest.

    I feel cheated for my money with homeshop18 Pls help me recover my money.
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    My order I'd 31114024872
    have not resolve resolve for a complete month....
    it is shameful for flipkart.....

    I am going to complain it in Consumer Court.....
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    flipkart claims to return money if you do not like the products but on the contrary they harass the customers who dare to reject their products

    more ever they are offering 30%extra discount by participating in gosf. only to fool the public they have already increased the price by 30%.
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    Recently I ordered an BP monitor to check my blood pressure levels the package was delivered late and it was a defected piece when I called the customer service attendant was least bothered and gave me a refund is stating that they would replace it in two to three working days it's been weeks .
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    I had ordered a Sony laptop from Flipkart on a cost of Rs. 36,990/-. You have shown that a laptop bag and a 8 GB pendrive would be supplied alongwith Laptop. However, on receiving the courier, it was found that you had supplied only laptop and no other items were found therein. On contacting your customer care, no satisfactory answer was given by them.

    request look into the matter since eight days have passed and no solution was provided by Flipkart till todate. Their customer services are very very bad. They keep u on hold for so much time and giving no reply. I thing all the consumers who have been cheated by Flipkart should unite against Flipkart.
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    I had purchased a shaver from flipkart and the problem was with the power adapter not functioning properly , i had requested for a change of the product or refund of my money , from past five days i am getting the update that the item would be picked up by 7pm but still no one as come to picked up and at last i am getting an email it will take two more days for the item to be picked up .

    Is going to consume court the best way or to just leave it ?

    I feel flipkart is cheating people .
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    Shocking Strategy !

    I ordered a Moto G 16gb on 9th February and paid the full amount online. I have not even received a confirmed delivery date whereas my friend who placed an order on 12th February morning as Cash on Delivery for the same Moto G 16gb phone gets his order shipped and will get his phone by 14th February.

    Such are the business tricks flipkart is resorting to for increasing their cash flows- Make people who have already paid up in advance, wait till eternity and use the money for god knows what and send the shipment to others who choose cash on delivery as soon as possible so that the company gets to have all the required liquidity of funds at the expense of customers patience!

    Is this not deceit ?! If you need funds, approach banks, not customers !!!

    Order nos:
    OD40212030710 (the one odered on 12th as COD and which will be delived by 14th)
    OD40209080189 (the one ordered on 9th through online payment without any delivery commitment)

    I have all the relevant emails, screenshots and the confirmations.

    Please do not try to pass this off as a gaffe ! its all automated for all I know!!!

    Give me a reason why this happened.
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    Hii i ordered Micromax Canvas Magnus A117 at Rs. 11999 , mobile cover and screen guard from Flipkart and the order confirmed as i received the confirmation message on my mobile number.After confirmation of the order the price of the mobile phone hiked.Then i Received an email regarding the cancellation of the mobile order only.And rest of the products were in the process of delivery.Then i called them(flipkart) to complain and enquire about the order and i told them that the order has been cancelled without my consent but they simply said "we are sorry for the inconvenience but you have to place another order."
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    I ordered one mobile got that today whenni opened that was unsealed second hand mobile.
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    1] OD40116054776 16/01/2014 4,788/-
    2] OD40118063714 18/01/2014 2,498/-
    3] OD40118055885 18/01/2014 1,230/-
    4] OD40202056197 02/02/2014 4,566/-

    MY EMAIL ID IS : &
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    Sir, I regret to inform you that I had choosen one Peora Silver Jewel Set (Model No 1363), but unfortunately this short of items shown undeliverable to Assam. But as it is an online store hence should be available to everyone from every corner of the world. I want to think it as a mistake despite as negligence. Sir, my request is to avail the facilities of buying every item from flipkart (as they are trusted to be genuine and cheaper than open market) from Assam also.
    I am waiting....

    Jahnu Baruah
    Jorhat, Assam
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    sir, i am santosh kutwal from pune mahrastra, i parche samsung 7262 model from your fiipkart oneline shoping. when order is place the bill invice not given by you to me.when i call your tool free number the assitance said bill is send by e mail in 24 hours.but not any one e mail resived to me , so plese send me bill invice
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    OD40427063724 i had ordered a wireless keyboard which when i received was not in working condition. I immediately contacted flipkart and requested them to take back the product and get me a working one. It took them 5 days to accept my request and pick up was scheduled on may 7. No one turned up for pick up, its may 8 now and still no one has come. After calling flipkart 10 times in total since i received the faulty product they are supervisors are not even willing to speak to me. I have taken two days off to sit at home and wait for the product pick up. I am tired chasing this company
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    FLIPKART A BIG SHAME ON YOU!! this order was a wedding present for my sister...and you people after ordering and waiting for this item for so many days say now that the order can't be track and therefore cancelling the order. This order was to get delivery in a metro city not a village that you can't track. Big shame on you. i have been doing shopping for so long from your website however now onwards i need to think twice for the harrassment coz to me because of you. I will escilate this matter to media.
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    I bought a Samsung phone (star pro 7262 on) in online store on 4.4.2014. I attached the bill of sale/parcel attachment with this.

    The problem with the phone is not reading the sim card/network as it is defective.

    I complained about this problem on 10/4/2014 for the first time. I also went to the service store, they were not able to help/solve the problem. Service company advised/suggested me to contact the Flipcart and ask for a refund/replacement as the problem was not able to be solved by them.

    I contacted the Flipcart customer care about 15 times during the last month and half about this issue without much luck/success. And I was also misled by their personnel several times which makes me furious and disappointing.

    The last customer care personnel whom I contacted was less helpful than ever and less professional. His details as as below:

    Ref/complaint No: 16632545

    I am forced to complain about this issue as it cost me so much money and my precious time which needs fair compensation. I am willing take this issue to any level to exercise my consumer rights.
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    I ordered 2 things on 4th Jun 14, same was delivered within timeline. On opening same saw one item was as per order and other was not. Called up CC of flipkart and they registered the replacement request with correct one. (To my shock no explanation for wrong delivery given to me)

    From then on till date i.e 25th June 14, i am waiting for replacement item to reach me. Since the turm of events
    1. in the morning keep getting sms from flipkart the delivery will happen today
    2. in the evening get sms, not able to deliver, will attempt agaim as per your instruction (no one talks to me but takes instructions from me...LOL!)
    3. get sms with contact person name for delivery of good
    4.on calling that gentleman, he says sms was for yeaterday
    5.they sent the item back withour delivering saying customer not responding
    6. again contacted CC for delivery of replacement item
    7. flipkart duely registers request
    8. delivery boy calls and says your address is of sector 18, but as per me it has to be sector 14...
    9. instead of listening to me courier boy says contact customer care as address is wrong
    10.calls up customer care, gets to know address is right and courier guy did the goof up and delivery will happen on 24th june 14 without fail
    11. on 24th it didnt happen
    12.on 12th again get sms that delivery will happen
    13. courier guys calls up to confirm address
    14. this time customer care of flipkart calls up and says it will heppen tomorrow

    This is the worst online experience for me..till now everyone saying we are on job but no one delivering on promise...hope the owners wake up before its dawn for the co...
  • edited June 2014 is fooling its customers. If you place an order for the same item more than once, you would be called a "reseller". You will not be able to place order for any item after that. All orders that you place will get cancelled.
    This happens without any warning from flipkart. They consider themselves bigger than the customer.
    I placed an order for a hard disk for myself and after 2 days, placed an order for the same hard disk for my cousin. The same was delivered as well. However, now when I am trying to place any order on (be it earrings or speakers), it gets cancelled automatically. They assured me so many times over an email that this is due to a technical issue, but nothing worked out. Even now any order that I place gets cancelled.
    The telephonic customer support team is not able to help at all. I sent my last email on Monday 23 June, but no response from the customer support team for the past 5 days.
    This is so foolish.
    Their email response is as below:
    On June 14:
    "Order Id: OD40613063501
    Item: 925 Silver Alloy Dangle Earring
    Thank you for taking your valuable time to write to us. I am really very sorry that your order was cancelled due to reseller issue. The order was cancelled by the system due to some technical issue and auto generated response was sent. I humbly request you to accept our apology for inconvenience caused to you.
    I have contacted and informed our technical and dedicated team to look into the matter and ensure that the same should not be repeated in future. We will make sure that none of our customers should face the same issue.
    On June 17:
    "Hello Jeetu,
    Thanks for reverting to us.
    Please place the order and the same will be delivered to you. If any issue arises while placing the order or after placing the order, let us know and we will assist you. In previous email I was trying to inform that if you have requirement of multiple numbers of same item, just inform us and our dedicated team which assist customer in placing bulk order will assist you.
    You can use wallet of your flipkart account. You can log into your flipkart account and place the order as the same you have placed the earlier order. Once again I would like to assure you that we will assist you for any issue."
    They have been giving me assurance that the order will not be cancelled, however, it gets cancelled every time.
    I don't understand why do I have to give an explanation. If you ( believe that the same customer cannot order the same item more than once, then your systems should be robust enough to detect it and not allow the customer to order at the first place. Rather your systems would first accept the order and the money blindly without looking at the past order history and then your systems would foolishly cancel the order and process refund.
    At least educate your customer first that you guys don't want the same customer to order the same item more than once so that the customer don't place such repeated orders.
    All Customers Beware!!!
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    I am very much disappointed to see my order no. OD40704058262 cancelled in the same day, and thereby protecting third party seller. Wow Flipkart this is great, my trust in you is broken. with broken heart, i want to say a Big Good bye to you. There is no protection for the wishes of buyers, only leaving pain and sorrow.
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    i have bought a karbonn handset from flipkart and got a waranty of 6 months on accessories and 1 year for phone and battery of the handset not working properly and regularly flipkart executives visited service center but not got any resolution please help...
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    yesterday flipcard call me and told me your order come 21.07.14 in 7 pm but my order was not come yesterday, you diss pointed mi again
    flipcard focas there order in one day delivery because of the charges
    @ you and your product,
    shame on you..........................................*4&@##3#, my friend call flipcard and she ask for one day delivery but she give them extra charges . and she get surprised and happy ....for urgently delivered her product........but i m unhappy and dis pointed
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