Non refund the fd amount by escort finance

Dear sir/madam ;

I am an employee of escort limited PLANT-I as supervisor . I saved a amount with struggle and deposited as FD in escort finance limited for marriage of my daughter. The amount was approx 350000/- this was the saving of my whole life and i collected it for my daughter marriage . All FD's got matured on year 2005 . but i have not got a single rupee till today even after all documentary formality .
I had send a number of letters to the escort finance office ( N-6, Partap building ,connaught circus,new Delhi -110001 ) but no reply . I visited there but they are not ready to talk ever time they said 'case chal raha hai '.

Sir this was my three year salary i am really helpless nobody there to help us . my daughter got married on November 2008 . i borrowed money from banks relatives & company . I am now getting only 2500 /- salary . my son is doing MCA . his fees is 60,000/- rupees . I requested them to give me 60,000/- so that i can pay the fees of my son . On reply of this MR A.K MANGLA ( phone no . 9312350686 ) said we have no money .
Sir i want to ask only this " these Law and order is only for the rich people . it does not help common people . "

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PHONE NO :- 9911939590 ; 9958294879



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    I took two FD's ( receipt nos XN15 /CD0 5002542 and XN15 /CD0 5002444) on April 13 and 11 , 2004 for Rs 26318.00 and Rs 28694.00 . These Fd's were due for payment on 28th March and 18th March 2006.
    I have sent representation to Hardship committee also since i am hard pressed for money . My husband is 65+ retired with no pension etc, our hard earned money is only saving and i am dependent on our savings only. My husband has undergone angioplasty three times. the medical history and supporting documents already submitted on 21 .01.2010 to Hardship committee of Escorts Finance. Faridabad . I am yet to receive my money . It is my earnest request to all concerned to refund my dues. Owners of Escorts Finance are not poor people, they must have the intention to pay .
    Hardeep Kaur
    BL-43, Fist Floor , L Block Hari Nagar
    New Delhi-110064
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    i want details of fd
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    against my fd receipt #:- XE2/CD-00017248( A/c #:- 0075252), with maturity date 24-08-2005, till today i have receive not a single penny.

    in the month of june 2010, hardship committee sent me discharge certificate to be sign and submit to them to get the money, and i did sent all the documents and discharge certificate on 26th, June, 2010 by SPEEDPOST, and the same has been received by them on 28th, June, 2010.

    and till 11-10-2010 nothing received by me.

    Can some one look into this matter?

    Today I called to Mr. Avinash Kumar Mangal at his mobile #:- 093123-50686 because the other numbers of Escort (011-4189-5500 & 011-4167-8072) is not working, and Mr. Mangla given me a new number 0129-2564107, which is busy all the time.

    I need justice.

    AChintya Kumar Roy
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    I had purchased one FD on 30 Nov 2000 with the following details:
    Name: Manjari Pramanik
    A/C No: XN15/0111581
    Receipt No: XN15/CD00025077
    Dt of Maturity: 28/11/2005
    Maturity Amount: Rs. 20,000/-
    Nominee: C Pramanik
    When I contacted them, their letter No. FDR/R/743 dt 09 Jan 2006 stated about the difficult financial situation of the company and that they regret that they are not in a position to repay the amount.
    The company has not vanished or liquidated as I see it is being traded in the secondary market. The promoters or the board members have not been declared bankrupt nor are they with begging bowls. Then where has my money gone? This country does not require external enemies with such diabolic citizens within.
    Please help me. My present contact is as under:
    Mrs Manjari Pramanik
    C/O Col C Pramanik
    Station Headquarters
    Wellington Barracks, Dist- Nilgiris
    Tamilnadu, Pin- 643231
    mob: 07598875658
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    Surendra Singh
    FDR No. XN0802001880
    Dated : 28/08/2002

    Sub: Not Receipt of Fixed Deposit Payment
    FDR NO. XN0802001880

    As per Escort Finance email dated 06 Sep 2013, I have sent all said documents to him
    On 10 Sep 2013 for FD Payment.

    In View of above, Till to date , I have not received any payment from him
    nither any correspondence .

    Now, I request you pl. take a necessary action to get my payment at the earliest.

    Thanking you.

    Place : Kanpur Yours faithfully,
    Dt. : Sep 16 2014
    Mob. : 9807919987 Surendra Singh
    Email :
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