Worst Service from Professional Courier

I have faced the worst service from professional courier service..They said in thier website that they will do the door to door service, but after the parcel is done, they ask us to come to their place and collect the parcel.

What is the meaning of courier here?if they do ask us to collect and no one responds. they say they dont have the service to the door.

uff..tiresome to talk to such people..

it was urgent courier supposed to reach in 2 days but took 5 days to reach in hand.

all waste of time and work. if i had done it through postal it would have been reached in 3 days.

Worst Service of Professional Courier where they have international service, but national service is only on the main roads..not door to door.


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    pl. don't depend on the professional courier service if u are in urgency. most unprofessional people running the show here. they have no time sense. they don,t care the sentiments. they have no meaning for punctuality....and promises .. ...don't trust them.

    they fail to deliver an very important parcel from bangalore to patancherru near to Hyderabad even after 4 days...they are professional liars readily make some promises to break it...don't succumb to their pleasing talks...
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    Plz dont use professional courier. No punctuality and no proper response. Completely waste of time.
    One humble request: Dont use professional courier and dont suffer
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