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    I had ordered 2 Pizzas at 9.02 pm on 15th Sept 13 at the Lokhandwala outlet. I was told that the 30 minute standard would not apply but it will be delivered as soon as possible. I called the store again at 9.39, 9.40, 9.54, 9.55 and 10.04. Every time I got the same reply that the order was already out and I would get it shortly. However, the order arrived at 10.15 pm, that too in pathetic condition. The delivery boy said that he had 3-4 more orders and had completed them and come to my place after that.

    I fail to understand the delivery standards of Dominos and the quality of the product. This is the last time that I have ever ordered from Dominos.
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    We ordered one pizza free he served pizza...nd not fresh...too...very very disappointed by his service
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    I ordered pizza at 8:50 pm and the delivery boy came at 10:05 pm, and after my repeated calls the excuse given was it got late due to Wednesday, my order no was 491 and apart from late coming when the pizza arrived it was cold and not even warm, and due to dominos people today my guests were unhappy.

    Orderd it at dominoes outlet at Leela bhawan

    Thanks a lot to dominoes.

    Paras Nath Mittal
    24 d majithia enclave
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    Very Very dissappointed by the service and behavior of the staff of ghatkopar(east) branch. Ordered Dominoes one on one on 18th september, Order no. 246. I had ordered 2 Pizzas at 8:46 pm I was not even told that the 30 minute standard would not apply . Every time I got the same reply that the order was already out and I would get it shortly. However, the order has still not reached and the staff says we have nothing to do with it, keeping calls on hold for several minutes! almost had to call them 8-9 times! ridiculously unethical behaviour! if the offer cant reach customers on time dont keep such offers! Highly dissappointed! hoping that taking action about the same doesnt take as many hours otherwise you have definitely lost one loyal customer!
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    The service here is the most bad thing
    The pizza was very vvvvvv bad and they were not able to talk and even give us a new pizza they gave us our pizza 1 hour late the topping was a flopest of all
    This is a shameful point dor dominos
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    hi..this is Gaurav mishra...9960163408

    My ordered wass delivered 2 hrs late....and the quality was very came from the store kothrud ,pune.......i'm one the most common customer of dominos...hope ....i will be given some compensation
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    No service, order was not the same what ordered, and when called back so there was no response.
    And all your service, advertisement have gone in gutter.
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    hai sir i placed online order. but your delivery boy is came late. but i will asked 300rs discount but he don't gave and went away, now what i do....... i will don't satisfied with your service........ thanking you sir
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    I am very regular to dominos but today on wednesday i placed my order at 8:29 and recived my pizza at 9:27 and today was my brothers birthday and due to this all thing smashed all thing just shit.. If u cant diliver pizza on time than forget 30 min. Dilivery guarantee
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    Dear Sir,

    We are truely love domino's.. me & my hubby both from mumbai & from 3 years we are in nashik
    we have our authorized samsung service center in nashik but we never speak with rudely with any customer.
    today at 9 pm we place ordered ,mr pankaj pick up phone call & rudy said new dominos open order their i told him we also went there 2-3 times but we are not satisfied with taste & management system so many customers are irritated due to late order.i told him that we do not like their taste & 2 days before you had take our order i said give line to manager i will speak with him he said launch complaint to our web side.

    please look in to matter we love dominos is this our problem? .........please no rudely talk with any customers.
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    Today I placaed an order for Medium Ht Mex. Pizza - Order No.147 with Dominos, AS Rao Nagaqr Branch.
    They delived intime and it is found that the Pizza delivered is hlaf oven and not upto the mark.
    We ate half and immediately we developed stomach pain. I request the Dominos to leave necessary
    instructions to the concerned to be careful in future.
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    a very shrude and uneducated staff named pankaj kumar, employee id-617852 called and misbehaved on the phone. he said the pizza will not be delivered you better come and collect. he said or else forget your money. when warned about his bad language he said do whatever you want to do and he will make sure that you wont get pizza from dominos any more and your account will be banned from dominos and hung up on me.
    with this behaviour i axpect dominos to send a apology letter to me.
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    I am a regular customer of dominos. Today I had ordered four veg singles pizza from dominos. The order came after 1 hour and the delivery boy had brought only 3 pizzas. When I demanded for 4th one he said that I will have to wait for additional 20 minutes. On hearing this I told him that I wont take a single pizza from him, yhen he talked to someone on the phone and told me that he is fine with it and that you dont take any pizza. This is not the way...we were expecting pizza from 1 hour and finally we are left starved. This is not the attitude you should show to your customers. Really dissapointed !!!
    My details:
    Prateek Jha
    Malviya hostel, Mnnit , Teliyarganj, Allahabad
    Order details:
    Order no. 274
    Server: Chandra
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    Anyone ordering Domino's online - please don't do it. I placed my order online today at around 8 pm. I received a message that my money has been debited for Domino's Pizza. After I received the message, the webpage asked me to stay online until the transaction was complete. I waited till 9 and called them back. First there was no response, then the number stopped working. I called on 68886888 but even there, no one answered my call. So I ended up paying for something which I never received.

    Pathetic experience
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    Pizza was not delivered in time and on calling back no answer. Calling several times it was told that pizza wil be delivered in 1 hour. It was already half an hour passed. Why do they have the tag of delivering pizza in half an hour when it takes 1 and half hours for delivering the same. This happened with byculla branch of dominos.
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    This is to bring to your kind notice & attention that today on 3rd October, i had ordered for a Veg Gourmet medium pizza & stuffed garlic bread for dinner from your Phase3B2 Mohali branch vide order no. 207 .To my utter surprise i found that it was not my order. When i again called the executive made me talk to his senior , Madhav , who very rudely told me "SO WHAT IF ITS A WRONG ORDER". I told him that he has spoiled my dinner but he said he will send someone to my home to check if its a wrong order as if i called him to joke around. I told him that why would i lie for such a small thing but to my shock he became ABUSIVE & threatened me with dire consequences . I want to know what type of customer service is this? Is this the way to deal with your customers ???? He was shouting at the top of his voice after spoiling my evening & my dinner. After 10 mins of this incident the store manager Arjun called me & asked me to leave this petty issue.This store manager instead of making his staff apologize & make him realize his mistake also supported him.

    I want an action to be taken against the executive & a written revert to my complaint. Also i would like to add that i have also made a police complaint against Madhav who dared to threaten me.

    Old customer of urs
    Abhishek Soni
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    I ordered pizza from vashi branch and changed my order in 2 mins.... at the time of delivery the orders were changed but I was charged for the previous order about 100 rs. Extra..... the delivery boy was waiting and I called them.... it took 10 mins for them to attend to the problem. .... then they said talk to the store manager. .... he told me to deduct 48 rs. And pay the rest.... I was ok with it.... then I asked him wat abt the 15 mins since I'm on call n now my pizza has become cold.... I asked for a further discount. ... he spoke very rudely to me... n said he won't give any discount bcoz its my problem. ..... is this the way to talk to an old customer?????
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    Hi, @ My name is tarun rana. I have orderd today large size peppe paneer and delux veggie and 2 calzon and 2 coke. Pizzas were not cheese burst. Eating pizza without cheese burst is tasteless. I felt i have completly wasted my 1582 rupees by odering dominos large size pizza. It was my worse experience that i want to share with you. Please don't do that with your coustomers. Please dont spoile the name of dominos. My phone no. Is 09990997695
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    tm jonny sec9 panchkula haryana. 179 06 oct 13. hmne phli bar order kiya tha. ye ldka time se phle hmare pas phuchaya. actualy he has nice dealing atitude. aftr seeing this dominos pizza is d best piza of d world.
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    Pathatic Pizza delivered by Dominos on 5th Oct'13.Service was also very poor when I ordered pizza on saturday for celebrating my En laws anniversary in Dwarka Sector 2 at 9.00 Pm online. My request submitted at 10.00 but till 10.25 PM not recd any sms or call for the delivery when i called their then they said it will be deliverd from sector 4 & system not working their & we can not deliver pizza from any other sector when i said then why my payment had been deducted from my account then they said sorry for that but we can not do anything.I fought with them on phone then finally they said ok we will deliver but it will take another 30 min to reach their & said their is no free delivery which dominos claims that after 30 you get your pizza free .Finally i said Ok but pls send it immeditely & they deliverd after 11.00 pm& when I opend pack then saw that the condition of Pizza was very bad.It was only a bread & very thin layed cheese & we need to throw in dustbin & wasted Rs. 1000 in Dominos.Is this the service Dominos provided.It is pathetic.......Will not order again now from Dominos.Thanx All for reading my feedbak.

    Setor 2
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    I called up the lokhandwala branch, mumbai to place an order. prior to placing the order i confirmed that i wanted the delivery in my office and not at home. after 40 mins i called them to ask y was thr a delay, but she informed that on wednesdays thrs no 30 mins delivery guarantee. I kept waiting after knowing that. and 10 mins later i come to know that the pizza is delivered to my house. despite the girl confirming that it will be delivered to my office, she sent that at home. my guests kept waiting. and when i called dominos to tell them their mistake, that girl neha dint even apologise. the delivery man calls after an hour and confirms the address. on yelling at him, he bangs the phone..
    WOW.. amazing customer service..
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    Dominos at its sarojini nagar point proves to be completely useless. Persons dont pick up the calls after 10:40p.m. they have least managed staff, riders. They are a stake to dominos family. Spit on it.
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    I ordered a medium size hand tossed pizza at Sanjay Place dominoes at 0562 2524934. Since it was sunday and Navmi, they said 30 minute guarantee does not avail. I said ok, assuming, that at max 40-45 mins will be the time as my house is hardly 3-4 kms from the restaurant. I ordered at 09:15 PM, i called back at 10:00 PM, they said the person has left and will reach hardly in 5 mins. In the next half hour whenever i called at the no. they would hung up, to prevent answering. The delivery boy came at 10:35. I said its very late delivery, the delivery boy said, doesn't matter, we you'll still have to pay.
    I said but its 1 hr over due,he said nothing can be done, you will have to take it. Being both hungry and angry, i took it , paid full amount only to receive a partially warm hard pizza, which u won't even want to it. This is not the 1st time i have got late pizza + unfriendly attitude from this station, but this time it was limits.
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    I have try to place an home delivery order at Gandhinagar Store on 12th October, somehow at the middle of the transaction my internet got disconnected and was not able to complete it.

    Store Address:

    Shop No.1, , Haveli Arcade, , Plot no.231, Near Fortune Inn Haveli, , Sector-11, Gandhinagar
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    i jst wanna place order in dabri palam marg mahavir enclave .... but they r transfering me to cp or sector 4 then sector 12 ... and at last someone from sector 12 dominos gave this # to call 01128051993 and when i called that number the person from nxt side started abusing me.... now wats this .... if u cant take order y u gv ur number .....
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    I ordered pizza today. It took over an hour for delivery. When i called the local dominos office i.e. Rajkot kalwad road. People over there rude. They didnt replied properly. First time i had this bad experience. Next time i will have to think twice before orderong.
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    Had ordered today oder no.117 at 8.27 & delivery was done after hadl an hour at 9.10pm. The quality of oregano was poor, it was some old stock delivered as it was found in lumps. Your quality is dropping day by day. Hop to hear from you.

    mb no 9847058228
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    I ordered meatzaa and chicken mexicana today evening...the one on one Wednesday offer was availed by me...the main issue is the quantity of cheese was almost nil....
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    Dear Sir,
    I ordered pizza at 10:25 pm , but after 40 mins i did not get the delivery, i recalled at 01212579601 Mr. Vishal from Dominos (Pallav Puram, Meerut) said it will deliver within 5 mins. but after 10 mins when i was standing outside my house for waiting pizza delivery,
    when delivery boy reached here with his friend on another bike then
    i asked why u r so late,
    he said "pizza lo aur payment kar do bas" very rudely, i was shocked for his behaviour, after that
    i said u r late main nahi le raha pizza,
    his friend said to abe hume kyu dukhi kiya.
    i said jaao yaha se because they both drunk very badly.

    now i ask only 3 question : is this the way to talk to the customers & are they free to delivery Pizza with their friends ?

    : at 10 : 25 the rush was very low, & my house is only 1.5 km far from dominos so why it will take 50 mins.

    : Dominos Pizza is a big brand are u not trained ur delivery boys.

    I hope Dominos team will take some action against this .

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    I am a regular customer to Domino's pizza and place orders always for my family of 2+1kid. Have been a satisfied customer from last 3yrs, but IT WAS MY SURPRISE LAST WEEK when I visited the branch (RBI Layout, Bangalore). While we were eating Garlic Breadstick, what we found is not a known worm which was moving in carton box. It is not a known worm which was very thin and unnoticable, moving like hopping creature. I have captured it moving in my smartphone in HD format (150mb) and argued with staff who have taken it very easily. I wish to know what kind of compensation I am going to get and what action can be taken by concerned food security authority.

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