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    Dear sir,
    This complain is related to the painful service of Domino's.This is the worst experience ever with dominos. I ordered 2 pizza with order no-442, Order Date/Time 7/20/2013 8:47:41 PM. But i could not get my order after passing one and half hour. when the delivery man was near my address he called me to bring the order from a near by address inspite of i told him the way of reaching my home. Whether he was late in delivery but i assured him that i will still pay my order. After that i called at the store at MMX MALL, G.T. ROAD MOHAN NAGAR,GHAZIABAD - 201007 on contact no 0120-4552489. The guy told me that he will talked to the delivery boy again to deliver the order on the same address. But after waiting app 20 min with no response i called again at store on 0120-4552488. The girl on the phone assured me that he will talked to the delivery man and will send the order. But again no response after that again i called at the store and talked to the Asst. Manager. He told me a poor reason for that his delivery boy had a past bad experience with some one in our society. I asked you that whats my fault in this matter. If u have a bad experience with a single guy would you cancel the other order in the same company, same society or same city. I can't understand this mean policy from an international company. If this is the it should be confirmed first. Today my maid were not come due to bad weather due to this i ordered. Now you tell me what could i do. I really so disappointed that i can't explain this only in words. I ordered several times in my office and had a best & good experience but now I really so disappointed that i can't explain this only in words and can never expect this from dominos.
    Neeraj Goyal
    Sahibabad, Ghaziabad
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    yesterday i ordered dominos pizza and it reached me 20 min late and wen i asked for the late discount the delivery boy refused and said he will not give any discount infact he will take the order back. wen i called the dominos again for the same dey said that the address mentioned is wrong but earlier i got the pizza at the same address many a times. after a call of about 30 minutes dey said ur address is wrong and we cant give u any discount. either dominos should finish off 30minutes service or provide it properly to the customer.
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    pizza was very cold and testeless
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    My name is ravi yestrday i will cm at dominos first time in vasna.i was visit all the store of dominos among vasna store pizza is amazing and mind blowing i hope is will contiue in future pls kept up n special thanks to ruksad for her fast and goo dservies
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    ram is very slow person in Kota dominos..
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    I have had the most horrible and annoying experience today on ordering a pizza from the masab tank store !
    I had ordered for one farmhouse cheese burst medium size pizza through phone. I had re-confirmed the pizza details before confirming the order at 9 pm. The pizza was delivered at 9.30pm but it was a regular pizza and not a cheese burst. By the time I realized that wrong pizza was delivered, i had already given the full payment. I rang up to the masab tank store immediately and expressed by complaint. Firstly, there was no apology from the store on delivering wrong pizza. Eventually they confirmed that wrong pizza was delivered inspite of the bill mentioned cheese burst pizza. Secondly, I was not offered any discount when the correct pizza was delivered at 10.20pm ! I got the delivery boy to talk to his store manager and demanded for full amount refund. The store manager tried to convince me by saying that such a mistake wont repeat ! The delivery boy made excuses that he didn't carry any money with him for the refund. I blasted the store manager for completely spoiling my mood and they finally agreed to pay the bill amount back. Why do you offer free pizza policy on late delivery when you can't offer the same ! Completely disappointed with dominos delivery and service. Will not recommend to any.
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    i orderd pizza so may times but dominos rajkot always refuse by saying its not in our area,,,well google shows distrance 3 km which hardly take 10 mins to deliver...yesterday a person was outside my home asking address to deliver pizza sum where.he said we can deliver only big value order.. is this only profit that can decide one can eat pizza or not?
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    service offered by few employyes workin in dominos (sadar) are extrem;y rude and pathetic. including- miss shilpa,miss pranali. too late to take orders. and bad in speaking. late in recieving and delivering orders.

    i simply hate it. i hope this can be resolved :(


    Pooja (wardha road)
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    I had ordered a pizza 40 days ago and it was late that means beyond 30 minutes and the store person told me that sir your bill had been late punched and you will get 300 Rs. in your account in next 7 days but now 40 days has been passed and I did not get my money back.

    Can anyone tell me what is the procedure to get my money back. Please reply me on my email ID

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    dear sir
    31.07.2013 ko order kiya tha relaxo footwears Ltd company aaddress... aggrwal city square plot no 10 back side kali mama minder sec 3 rohini. very purer service very bed pizza no cheese no test cold pizza so please take the action for this complaint
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    I have ordered my order to Pizza at 7.55 pm and they had told all the details for delivery and bill amount. After that i went to some work and back from their at 9 p.m. and asked about the Pizza. My family members told that they are still waiting for the pizza. Then I called to the outlet and they told that my order is not booked with them. I told them the specific time and discussion about the amount. They told that my order have not booked with them and need to re-order again. I booked with them and they told that they will send my order on first priority in 15-20 minutes. Again we waited for 35 minutes and called whereas my order was still not dispatched from the outlet and still waiting for the pizza for my family.

    I believe that i will get the pizza in today itself not after the midnight.
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    I have ordered 2 pizzas one is farm house cheez bust and second is double cheez margarita cheez bust & one coke at dominos punjabi Bagh branch. But they gave me other pizza which I do not ordered I have complaint many times before for that branch, but there is not satisfied response given to me. I clicked the picture of the pizza to show you. My order no. Is 301 on 7/8/2013 & who takes the order is so manner less he use bad language. Please close that branch because nobody is satisfy with them. I want compensation. My name is Hemant Gupta my mobile no. Is 9811439669
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    I posted this on FB on may 20 but still did not get the proper response.

    I tried to place an order on 1st march. I was charged 4 times even though the order was not placed/delivered????? After few days I received refund for two transaction but not all four. I contacted you on phone, email or on store as well but have not heard anything about refund of the remaining amount. I spoken to with your store manger of chander lok Delhi three four times but they never bothered to update the status to me also I have given my card statement stated the amount charged from my card??????
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    I have been a regular customer of dominos for the past 1 year. I have always been happy with the service but tonight i ordered 2 cheese burst pizzas (order no. 544) at 10:00 PM but the order is not yet delivered. (11:35 PM). This is very disappointing. I called up the nearest branch where i placed my order online i.e C.P. The team member Mr. Arvind (employ code 127943) received the call. I asked him about the status of my order but instead of providing me with the information he replied rudely that "we don't have 30 minutes guarantee on wednesdays". I said i am ok with it and its already been more than an hour n I said i am gonna cancel my order but instead of apologizing he told me not to receive the order as the delivery guy comes to my house. I asked him him that i want to talk to your manager. the manager Mr. Vinod came up on the phone n tried to sort out the things and told me to wait for the delivery boy. The delivery boy called me up n told me n he is about to come but he didn't n went back to his outlet. This experience was totally disgusting and is not expected from a reputed franchise. Thank you dominos for spoiling my night. You really SUCK.
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    I ordered I large pizza and a medium pizza having order number 581 server number 548926 on 14/10/2013 at 10.20 pm.i was delivered the same at 11.25 and that too by frequent requests/ we stay just 100 meters away from the dominos outlet my daughter went twice to see if the ordered was prepared but they said it will take time.finally the pizzas were delivered at 11.25 pm and that too they were cold.on questions they told me the delivery boy told me I have to pay.i had no choice as I had guests over and could not order elsewhere as it was already 11.30 mobile number is 9814055337 and the pizzas were ordered from phase 10,Mohali outlet
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    My name is harshdeep singh i live in nagashettyhalli in bangalore. Earlier i was in rajajinagar i had the best experience with that domino's branch. Quality and service was good. But as now i have shifted my self in nagashetty halli are the experience with domino's new bel road branch is worst. my registration no with domino's is 7795091790 i have recieved pizza for more than 15 times in this room . but now suddenly they have unregistered my new address without any notice. And even the quality of pizza is getting worse day by day. I am a regular customer of domino's. Even sometimes i have paid for late delivery also. They can not do this to me.

    I suggest you to improve the quality of the food and the service they provide.

    Harshdeep singh
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    Today,i have placed an order for home delivery (one medium pizza ,two coco lava,red pasta and butter scotch) to your ranchi(jharkhand) outlet at 7:38pm and they excepted our order (order no-276) and they told delivery will be send after half an hour,but after half an hour (08:05pm)when i have again given them a call they told it will take 15 minutes more . After 15-20 minutes when i have given them a call they told that deliver boy will reached within 5 minutes .when the boy does'nt reached after 15 minutes i have again given them a call to know what is actual status of my order they have not given me proper response and continuous i have given them 10-15 calls they disconnected my phone.and at 9;20pm i have got a call from the delivery boy (contact number-8935914880)that i have brought your goods to deliver,i have not excepted the order and cancelled the order .i just want to know this is the service do u provide to your customers and i do request you please write in bold letter that we do not except home delivery order other wise we will publish in the news papers and media about your services.
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    Dear, I have taken two magrretta double cheese pizza from sec 38 chd which costs about 405 rupees I was shocked during having my meal at home , the cheese which was used in the filling was bitter .I suddenly visited the shop but the guys out there are saying that u have eaten some part of the pizza therefore it cannot be exchanged I donot know what type of staff and quality u are providing to the cusromers it was really embarrassing I have not expected this from this type of international Firm I hope u will take this feedback positively and take some positive steps in favour of the customer thanks deep singh
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    I placed my order today at sec5.They deliverd to me at 40minuts.Whenever it's already hd'bn late;for this reason when i asked for late mr.biswajit spoke with me very roughly.....but they did'nt told me the actual's a policy of your muti national company just shame for your company...i'll give the report at TIMES OF adress is DL 46.
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    Order #116
    it was long tiring day. Me n my colleagues decided to order sumthing from dominos as it is just besides our office premises.with this intention we called dominos and gave n order for 2pizza's , 2garlic bread n a coke n told them cleary that it shud be delivered to our office .executive asked the plot num, i gave him the entire address and also told him that it is just one complex away from dominos n also a landmark dat it is next to esha hospital. Can u bet it that the order was first sent to my residence n then aftet making several calls it was delivered after approximately 55mins n my office is not even 10 steps fro. Dominos.i wud sincerl reqif these complaint r taken seriously, den pleasr check the call if u hav ne recording of it. Cud,nt have explainef the address better. we paid him but the entire order went into the garbag bin as i was time to close our bank.we all had coke n threw pizza n garlic bread. my office is 10steps away from dominos somajiguds n they took 55mins..wud prefer stayin hungry then to again think of ordering anygthing from's awfull..
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    I had ordered medium size cheese burst two pizzas on 19th August that was last at around 10 pm both the pizzas has without cheese and quality was so bad even we had not eat them when we called to store (park plaza indrapuram ghaziabad U.P) no body respond next day I had call again to store and the front executive forward to me store manager(Mr Anjali) he ensured me to deliver these pizzas in my next order.on 1st sept I had called at store they refused to give that committed pizzas Mr Anjali has change his words and said I will give one pizza free only if order one more pizza I said what about ur commitment he change his words and you can complaints anywhere. I free very bad how somebody in a very big company can cheat their customer like that.when called their call Center I was hold 40 min and my call was not connected to their CSR and last I had disconnect it.this is really very bad experience with such world famous Branded pizza company dominos pizza.
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    I called to dominos branch at sinhagad road to order the pizza on date 28-8-2013... The girl who recieved the phone firstly did cut the call then i called them back on same number n asked for reason to cut the call then the second girl who recieved the second call was very rude on the phone.... I asked her to take the order, i told her my number n address... She gave me time of one hour bcoz of traffic (it was 9.30 pm...Traffic on sinhagad road at 9.30 pm?? Haha).... After alllll this conversation i am still waiting for the given order to b deliverd since last 2 days of giving the order.... That girl was just acting like she is taking the order! If dominos sinhagad road branch do not need any customers plz give me revert, this branch will never rcv a single order from dhayari,vadgaon kd n nanded..... We pay for pizza n expecting good service.... My contact number is 8888880607
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    I ordered pizzas and other food items online on 14 Aug 13 for which the Dominos portal direch ted me to SHANTINIKETAN DELHI outlet. I paid Rs 945/- through DEBIT CARD and awaited the order. When there was no delivery for over half an hour I checked the status on telephone. I was now informed that my order has been cancelled because SHANTINIKETAN outlet does not undertake home delivery. I was assured that my money will be refunded within seven working days. Neither the pizzzas were delivered nor the money has been refunded till date.

    Col Hemant Saxena
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    WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST services by dominos pizza sec 34 A chd , these ppl are disgusting !! deliverd cold pizzas after 1.5hr !! when i made a complaint , i was asked if i want to get them exchanged .. I accecpted ... same thing happened .. i waited for 1hr i ranged them up again !! person was asking his manger what to say ... nd intentionly placed my call on hold and after that put the phone receiver down !! pathetic !! I called up again and they knew they are at fault , said il get services done asap .. waited till 11:40pm i suppose, finally i had to cancel my order .. i received call from delivery boy , i askd him to pick up those pizzas from my place and i want money refunded !! No one bothered to call !! and then their no. is busy!! Dominos , really u r losing ur cx cz of ur pathetic services !! il post my this experience on all my social sites and il make sure that all my knowns, friends , mates wont go for dominos evr !! PATHETIC is the word that suits you dominos !!
    I also log my complaint in food court dept !!
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    I had visited dominoes today... and the experience was totally great... my frnds enjoyd a a lot there... service was very good by Mr. Lokanath... he was very friendly nd very co-operative.... we all friends are very happy for his helpfullness....
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    This is pratik from VApi and I have been a Domino's fan for 10 years from my days in Bombay to A'bad to Delhi and now in VApi.
    I requested a Pizza on 9/82013 7:40 Order no-92 and the Pizza was not only over cooked but also tasted bad .
    when I requested the manager Rashid to replace it, he denied Flat and when I told him its not eatable, he told me the same will be repeated and also added that's the best they have and he will not replace it , I was angry and told I will Email the Domino's authority about it about this issue and he told me to go ahead and do it , this has also happened last year, do let me know if this the way a customer is to be treated.
    Totally intolerable behavior from such a customer oriented organization.
    Pratik 09998880698
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    Hi Gaurav Kalani,

    Thanks for placing order with Dominos. This email contains important information regarding your recent purchase – please save it for reference.
    Dominos Restaurant Address
    Alipore, 9a,judges Court Road,opposite Judge Courtalipore,kolkata - 700064 033-24491161/ 64/ 32402553, 03324491161
    Guest Name :
    Gaurav Kalani Guest Mobile :
    919051204518 Guest Address :
    Flat - 3D 137 , Tribhuvan Apartmants S.P.MUKHERJEE RD KOLKATA INDIA
    Order Number :
    78 Time of Order :
    9/5/2013 8:12:08 PM Final Total :
    937.63 Payment Type :
    cash Trace No. :
    Deluxe Veggie[Qty-1]
    Crust : Classic Hand Tossed
    Toppings : Onion + Crisp Capsicum + Golden Corn + Paneer + Black Olives
    Size : Medium (serves 2) Rs. 335
    Veg Extravaganza[Qty-1]
    Crust : Classic Hand Tossed
    Toppings : Black Olives + Onion + Crisp Capsicum + Fresh Tomato + Golden Corn + Jalapeno + Golden Corn + Cheese
    Size : Large (serves 4) Rs. 565
    Choco Lava Cake[Qty-1]
    - Rs. 65

    My order is mentioned above. I had ordered at 8:12PM.. But the delivery person reached after almost 45 minutes. When I enquired about the delay I was informed that they are not supposed to cover our area but to accommodate us they made the delivery. When I asked why they had not informed me before hand about the delivery address concerned he had no answer. As per Domino’s marketing policy of giving discount for untimely delivery, I asked for the discount of Rs.300 as mentioned in the terms and conditions he clearly refused saying it was out of the delivery area. I have faced this similar problem earlier as well, but in the previous two cases the Restaurant had intimated me before hand that they'll get late. And second time they had shifted the address on their own to my delivery area in head and intimated me.

    I did not get any of these intimations and when I spoke to the delivery boy's managerial head, Ms.Sushmita , she misbehaved over phone saying she could not give any discounts since it wasn't her fault. Moreover she was too loud, rude and uncooperative. In any case we paid the money and accepted the pizza, but the quality was very poor. Deluxe Veggie pizza had tomato although it isn't an ingredient in it. Furthermore it wasn't tasting well.. As if it was rotten, my mother and brother almost puked after sometime since they weren't feeling well after having one slice of it.

    This kind of behaviour from Domino's is unacceptable being in the food industry and the quality was so pathetic! And probably you have not only lost one but, all other related customers...

    Madhurika Modani
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    I have ordered Pizza online on sunday 7:40 pm. MOney deducted from my account at 7:43 pm .amount is 353.85 rs. from my visa card.then i complaint to jubilant food but they did not registered my complaint. Then after I order pizza again on cash on delivery and i paid full amount.Now my problem is whats gonna happened to my money which was already deducted from my account and did not get it back from DOMINOS.Or should i go to consumer court? I ordered OMR branch Chennai location. And i order twice. You get my money in one day or i will go to consumer court to report my complaint.I am greatly disappointed from DOMINOS. and never order it again.This is happened to me 3 rd time in last 2 months..I will go to court i swear.Atleast plz reply me
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    reena ne mera order nhi liya gya ,mujhe 3-4 bar lotaya bad m sujata n mera order liya ...............
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    Anyone ordering Domino's online - think again. Please order it via phone. I placed my order online at around 9 pm. I received a message that my money has been debited for Domino's Pizza. After I received the message, the webpage asked me to stay online until the transaction was complete. I waited till 9:20 and called them back. They said that thy hadn't received my order. When I asked them if my money would get debited if I cancelled my order, they started becoming squirrely about it. They haven't given me any guarantee that my money will be debited back to my account. They may not have gotten the order, but they sure as hell have received the money. Can't they just check their records? It was a bulk order. Over Rs. 1500. This is highly annoying. I never expected their service to be so unreliable.
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