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    i placed an order with my old address because i could not go with y new address in domino's website but few days back i recieved the same order on my new address.
    I placed my order with
    Store Address 573 2ND BLOCKHMT LAYOUTVIDYANARAYANA PURA,BANGALORE - 560097 PH.NO. 080-23649980/ 81/ 82/ 83/ 84/ 85

    and this is my order

    Customer Details
    Name Harshdeep Singh
    Mobile Number 7795091790
    Address 8
    Store Address 573 2ND BLOCKHMT LAYOUTVIDYANARAYANA PURA,BANGALORE - 560097 PH.NO. 080-23649980/ 81/ 82/ 83/ 84/ 85
    Order Date/Time 6/21/2013 7:33:23 PM
    Form of Payment cash
    Order No 79
    1 Medium Country Specia.. 355
    1 Fanta Mobile 35
    Sub Total 301.25
    Tax (S.T + VAT) 51.77
    TOTAL 353.02

    and i wanted delivery on

    #19, Srinidhi Nilaya,
    Angadi Thimmaiah road,
    RMV 2nd stage, Nagashettyhalli,
    Bangalore-94, 3rd floor.

    i asked them to transfer my order to the right store as i could not connect to the same online. He answered sorie sir we this order is out of delivery range for our store and we could not transfer the order.
    i am a regular customer with domino's.
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    Have order one Dominos large pizza from Munnekolala, Bangalore - 560037
    Invoice no -DPI66234 and order no - 368 dated 22/06/2013 with a value of 639.22
    The shopkeeper does not provided the side stuff like (salt,pepper,chilli powder mix)which is minimum requirement with pizza to have.
    and for this pizza we had to pay also service tax and vat which is near to Rs.100 for me

    In my mind it is absolutely non sense service that to such a high cost of stuff.

    Mira Prasad
    Rajashree layout
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    This complaint is agaisnt Dominos pizza situated in main road, bistupur, jamshedpur. Today i ordered a Farmhouse medium pizza, Stuffed Garlic bread and a coke. This was order no. 317 today billed at 8.31 PM and was ordered to serve. On delay and after 20 min when asked for , when delivery for order no.330 was displayed, it was mentioned for next five min and with no care and no one coming to explain the delay. After every 5 min, i was given time of next 5 minutes. after around 40 min when i raised my voice on counter , i was offered my order. But i insisted for payment back. THis was also resisted and after lot of discussion, they finally agreed to cancel my order. When asked for manager , i was denied saying its too much of rush and manager is busy. I had to be irritatingly adamant to get manager. He finally came and refunded the money with no expression of feeling sorry or explaination.

    30 min is the commited Home delivery time and 40 min for serving was not even expalined the reason and no sorry felt. What a pathetic service.

    My contact Info

    Mobile: 9234500131
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    today i ordered for pizza and a garlic bread at 6:50 pm in jammu from jammu outlet for home delivery . i recived my order at 8:20 after so many calls and messgaes at the jammu outlet and that too not in a good condition and i returned the whole order for replacement and they said it will take another 1 hour for the delivery . i wonder is it a joke going on ? such poor service i havent witnessed in my life . IN short they took 3 hrs approx to deliver one pizza and garlic bread and my home is not so far from the outlet hardly 4 km . the worst experince i had is this one and i m sure this was my last order at dominoes
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    today 23rd june i ordered veg single pizza, we got it on time bt u didnt deliver tamato ketchup nd it too salty nd u also didnt deliverd enough masala
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    today 23rd june i ordered veg single pizza, we got it on time bt u didnt deliver tamato ketchup nd it too salty nd u also didnt deliverd enough masala..this feedback is to secter 34(A) doninos chandigarh
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    I dnt knw whom should i address but yesterday when i was giving order the person told me tht ur area doesn't come in our limit so we will take some more time... M staying in nyati county area in Undri Pune its been 8 months m placing order but they always delivered at d same limited time all of sudden how come they talk like dis i dnt knw who was on phn i called around 9 in night he spoke so rudely n i told him i want in written tht u will not deliver in dis area he said no we dnt give anything in written,later he also told me tht in ur area there is no other options so We r giving u pizzazz tht was so bad!!!! I got angry n i asked his name n he litterly hangup my call... Me my Small little 2and half yrs old daughter of always loved Dominos but aft our family has decided we will nevr order from.dominos..
    Contact Number where i spoke was 020-26836668 and my email address is
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    Okay so i have been a regular costumer and i love dominos but recently i have seen a huge decline in the quality and quantity. They have really hiked up the prices and have reduced the quantity. Few days back i ordered a pizza and the cheese used was really bad. Deeply disappointed. I surely was a huge fan. Now ons I'm not ordering from dominos.
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    few friends and i were playing football..and the ball went out of our building.. while looking for the ball outside ..a lady told us a pizza boy had taken our football and gone..on asking her what colouyr..yellow or blue..she said blue..meaning you guys,Domino's.So we called the nearest branch and the man on the phone said that there was a ball there and that we should come and get it.He tried to throw his attitude and act as if it was our mistake.
    We went to the outlet and picked up our ball and spoke to a Shankar and he said he will call us back..its been 6 hours now and no call..really bad for a brand..and ill status this if no action is taken quickly..or we are compensated...
    (neelyog theatre branch,ghatkopar,mumbai,maharashtra,india)
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    Dear Team,

    I am megha and have ordered dominos pizza at 08:41 pm on 25th june 2013.
    Still now we have not received pizza delivery. But some one from dominos delivered half of the stuff and payment has been made to the concern person.

    We are trying to reach through Phone but they are not receiving phone call as well.

    Please Take some action. as our whole plan has been spoiled and who is gonna compensate for the same. I want call back from dominos and will accelerate the case to higher level.

    My contact no is 9820315704.


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    Dear Sir / Madam.

    At the outset i should say that i am extremely overwhelmed by the quality of pizza served.
    At the same time shocked with the kind of service and behave of your staff.
    Well, i have ordered a pizza on 23/6/13 order no 202 vide invoice no DPI66117/13-14 295244 at 7.17 pm
    processed by Mr Chiranjib B and delivered by Mr Abdul. which reached me at 7.56 pm which was beyond the 30 mins guaranteed delivery process.
    However i called up Mr Chiranjib B, who refused to agree the norms and behaved very badly over the phone.
    Even the delivery boy knowing all the facts, whom i showed the time, refused to accept the fact.

    We like your product very much and as a genuine always want you to be topper in the trade and refer to others even. But this type of attitude is not at at all acceptable.
    My Mail Id is, i would look forward for a early response from your end.

    Thanking you
    Best Regards

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    I have booked a pizza+pasta from dominos and paid desired amount for the same. The online pizza tracker on dominos website showed that my pizza has been prepared, mean while i received a call from dominos and person other side told he cannot deliver the pizza to my locality due to distance. Here it is worthy to note that;
    1. Dominos representative came to my home and provided some dominos pamphlets and menu card and asked us to make an order whenever required.
    2. I have ordered the pizza many times earlier.
    3. The person asked to make an order for at least 400-500 INR, than only he can deliver it to our locality.
    4. He has even not told me procedure to get my money refund.

    Our locality is a society of 470 flats and maximum 200mts away from gwalior collectorate office. If the society is very far from outlet than how he has delivered my earlier orders. i have tried to talk customer care many time but no feedback form their side.

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    extremely bad annoying behaviour. disgusting. no words
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    good service....just take the order we give..we dont need ur suggestions..sometimes its good..but it gets annoying if u tel me the same the thing over and over...everything else good..good going
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    Hi ,

    This is HariHaran and i have ordered pizza on Wednesday 3rd of july 2013 in Velachery branch chennai at 9:11 pm. As the delivery person have delivered pizza more than half an hour i asked them that i will pay three hundred less and when i have called nobody informed me that there is no offer on dominos . The person who has spoken to me misbehaved to me asking give your mobile number i will speak to you if you have to fight and he went on and asked what do u want three hundred rupees ,i will give you. then the person have taken the phone and have told me that i am lying that even the person have informed about the order i am asking because i need money.
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    On 3rd june 2013 I tried 40 minutes to order pizza at haldwani no body was responding on phone. After 45 min order placed for cost of 440 rs .response of piaaz store representative was very poor lady told me that today we have widraw late delivery issue we shall serve you in 45 to 50 min.i received pizza against my irder in 60 minutes and pizza was fully cold.i assume it was prepared 3 hrs before and quality was not up to boy did not refund 20 rs against of my 504 rs he returned only 40 rs still 20 rs is .pl take proper action against my complaint and return my 20 rs and serve fresh pizza free of cost against my order today by 7 pm.other wise I will take this issue with consumer forum.
    Mukul joshi
    Cell 9456767563
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    No refund has been made hitherto. Online Pizza ordered on 28/6/2013.

    Rs 472.45 were debited from my account.

    Pizza for delivery at Tagore Town, Allahabad
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    I am based out of MUmbai and wanted to order pizza online.I had a Coupn sent on SMS with me.

    I placed the order twice...however the system was not able to capture it.

    I had to call the Dominos andheri outlet twice.I had a bulk order to place.

    The tone in which the females there were speaking was very annoying.They had told me that they recieved my order on 1:15 p.m.I had to check for the amount as i had a discount coupon.I told the female that i have entered a coupon ID.
    The female spoke rudely saying its ur mistake u have not mentioned the coupon number whereas i had mentioned it in both my attempts.
    The she told me ok we will discount u but the ortder will come in 50 minutes which is againt Dominos 30 minutes delivery policy.I had to argue with her and ask her why...she spoke very rudely and ultimately i had to cancel the order.

    The service is ridiculous.Now befoe ordering the pizza from dominos please think 100 times.This is the level of customer satisfaction that they deliver.

    Its really annoying.
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    dear sir\madam i am abnish singh want to say that in preet vihar store, the store manager behave with all team members like a raskle.this person give abuses on little mistakes for team member.shift are too long of employees leave you tell me about solution.
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    Mr ashique hussain p.k does his job effeciently.he always keep a good relation with customer. Always with a smile and greeting. . . :) keep doing well
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    I go to purchase a pizza at cross river branch . I gave them a coupon which was purchased by me. They refused to accept this offer coupons by saying fake. Series of coupn is ADV03. I want to confirm about these offer coupons
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    hi today i order pizza from Sheikh Sarai branch new delhi. i order cheese bust first they delivered me in 40min i told them you are late 1st reply today is wednesday we dont entertain 30min guarantee. it was ok i took the pizza and give him money. i had m first bite and there were no sign of cheese but as from them it was "Cheese Bust" i ordered two and both of them were like this only cheese was like it is gold n expensive they cant put. then i called them up they told me to call they senior i talked to him and he told it cant be possible i had checked the order he was not at all listening we had an argument at last i told him to replace it then he told me you had consumed it so we cant replace i told its only 1 slice of it he told you should have checked before eating it can you imagine he is saying that how can someone check how is pizza before eating. After 20 min of argument he told me he will replace it. i am still waiting n called him twice its been 1n half hr after he told me he will replace the pizza but still i dnt get it n waiting for it.
    for this i have learnt a lesson i will never order from Sheikh Sarai brach never ever they are making fool of the customer.
    Dominos these people are taking your name down.
    i hope i ll get my pizza today only lets see.
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    I went to connaught place with my Friends on 28th JUN'13 ..... We were looking to go dominos ( M-42 M Block CP Delhi ) ..... Accordingly we placed an online order through our mobile ..... But whenever we paid the full payment online it shows that due to an error your request couldn't go though and they charged me TWICE INR 592.63 .....

    Below is my bank receipt *****

    28/06/2013 74332743180317967872234 DOMINOS BILLDESK Rs. 592.63(DR)
    28/06/2013 74332743180317967872226 DOMINOS BILLDESK Rs. 592.63(DR)

    I called Dominos on very next day and spoke with their employee and he advised me that you will get a refund with-in a Week but till now i did not get my refund ....

    Today i tried to get in touch with them since morning but no answer from their side ***** i spent almost 50 mins on hold but never got connected with them .....

    Kindly look in to this and process the refund as soon as possible .....

    My contact no. is 9717786909 and My name is Harish
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    yesterday i bought 2 dominoz pizza at 10.30 both were full of excess salts and today i went to dominoz pizzas centre nd complaint about the pizza s and they refuse to accept my complaint that's why i am complaining plzzz i need an immidiate antion on this...
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    when i called the nerul domino's outlet for home delivery they take their own sweet time placing our order ,they get confused half of them don't understand English if they don't understand English they at least shouldn't pretend understanding it then they get down to Hindi .they took my order n dint deliver it in-spite of giving them a proper address phone number and landmark after 45 mins when i called them they told me that the delivery guy couldn't find my address whats astounding is that when my husband requested that please send it again n mind you the outlet is close to my place n my place is on the main road n before this no delivery guys either from other outlets or restaurants n even domino's have ever missed it they refused to do the delivery saying its against company's policy to give the orders again when i said that it doesnt matter il heat it in my micro he started arguing with me what i dont get is the attitute of these guys my request to dominos is please train ur employees in personality development if all of them start behaving this way ul b losing customers i for sure m never going to order again from dominos n i have been their loyal customer from almost 8 years
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    I am Ashish Gupta from New Delhi, Ordered Pizza from Domino's vasant kunj on 12 july13 at 08:49 PM. they told me for delivery within maximum 40-45 minutes. I waited for that up to 10 o' clock but did not get. then I called them and what they replied that I would get delivery within 4-5 minutes. so again i waited. but it crossed 10:30-11 PM. I called them again and I get the same reply, but it was good for nothing. I called them several times for same issue.
    finally I got that at 11:20 PM in the night. isn't it ridiculous?

    Even after getting that Pizza, I found it of bad qualities.

    Is it right? that they speak for delivery within 30 minutes and is not being delivered even after 2 hrs.........

    Request to do something against these all irresponsible staff...

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    i am regular customar dine in pedder road great service great team in pedder road i love dominos pizza wow csr negi
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    Today evening by 7.59pm i placed my order for pizza at dominos pizza allahabad. all proceedings of placing the order were fully completed by 7.59pm. they delayed and changed the placed order time to 8.06pm in the given bill.
    Dominos guarantee for delievery in 30 min, else free. But they asked for "maximum" 1 hour to deliever the pizza, since the order was to be place in chowk. Even thogh the delivery boy was late as per the supposed delivery time. he came at 9.13pm.
    Being late, he still charged for the pizza (Rs445.36). THOUGH he was supposed to deliver it for FREE.
    when i asked him that i want to talk to manager, he said u can call on the number by yourself. i called and a man talked to me (he said he is the manager). I put the whole issue before him.... and he started making the stories that it is a commercial area, traffic jams etc so the guarantee period does not apply there.
    from now onwards we would take care of the service.
    they should refund my money back and should become more geniuine and transparent to their customers and need to become more respectful to their customers!!!!!!!
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    Order placed at Kolkata/ DH Road Dominos Center / at 8:54pm on 17 July 2013. Order Number 311

    Didn't get any call for confirmation. Called up many times but not response.

    Called CSR
    Try 1: Said will call back but no call for next 20 mins.
    Try 2: Called and the CSR person connected to another Dominos store.
    Try 3: I requested to CSR to connect to manager, but he didn't listen and took me round and round. Started foul mouth so i had to drop the call.

    Sent mails,but no response. Waited for update on the tracker,but no update. Its 10:30pm now and no response. Everyone is waiting for dinner and all nearby resturant is closed.


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    dominos s giving worst service. juz nw I visitd madipakkam branch and my ordr no. was 32. frm last 1hr I ws waitng and they didnt cre.... lastly I cam bck wid my mny..... hey dominos madipakkam branch mangr ws mohan
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