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    i orderd 5 pepper pizza on 29th april 2013 at 10 pm from dominos cunningham road ,bangalore and we asked for extra cheese.the pizza crust was not baked properly,the chillies were stale and the cheese was less than normal days.the quality of pizza was really bad and it spoilt my and mine friend's mood.this type of service was not expected of dominos.
    since it was late at night i didnot call the concerned outlet.totally dissatisfied!!!!!!

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    I ordered pizza and garlic bread from Domoni's Vikhroli(West) on 1st may. There was one girl whi took the order and I being a regular customer also recignized my name and gave confirmation of the order.

    After 40 minutes when I called them up, at first place they didn't pick my call for three consecutive times. Then, the fourth time a guy picked up... I told him about the delay in my order and told him that I will not be paying the amount. He replied back to me saying "There was no order placed form your end". Is this some kind of joke going on. He started narrating the last date of my order with the full menu. I asked him to connect my call to the lady who spoke to me... He denied that completely and even did not reveal anybody's name there. N then again I was told to place my order and wait for another 30 minutes. I have no idea whether this is going to be delivered in next 30 minutes or not!!!

    This is not something i expected from Domino's. Your service is degrading day-by-day.
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    Maine aapke dominoz store se 26/04/13 ko m.g.road (gurgaon )haryana se pizza or cock lee jiska amt 87 maine apne s.b.i atm ke card se paymet ki par swap hone k baad usse payment nai hua to maine cash payment kar dee baad mai saam ko jab maine a/c cheq kiya to usme se bhi 87 rs. Dominoz ko transfer ho chuki thi daine iske bare mai apke staf ko b batay but no plz back my money thnks

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    i have been ordering domino's pizza since a long time.

    lately i have noticed every time they come to deliver the pizza, the boy always lies when he comes late. either he says sorry i did not know the place or he was standing outside my gate and could not find the bell. i mean its hard to believe.

    since last two times new things have come across. they lying about the 30 min policy now. last time he said this branch has a 40 min policy and not 30 min policy and when he was wearing a batch saying i honor 30 min policy.

    this time he said this branch does not honor this policy. i mean its lies to the limit.

    secondly they are frauding with the time.
    i finished my order and saw the time and they specifically increase their input time by 5 mins. this is regular cheating they are imposing.

    please find the attached pictures which will state everything. my call in time, my call out time again after i got the delivery late to the manager as his person said we dont honor this policy and i also photographed the guy wearing the batch saying i honor 30 min delivery. i mean its so stupid.
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    I ordered for pizza n wings as my child likes dominos very much but the quality of wings was pathetic in virar west branch. This is a regular issue in dominos virar west branch . Sometimes the cheese in cheese bust is not up to the mark and u can say sauce in wings is almost not there or u can say only one tsp of sauce is there . This is a regular thing happening in virar west branch. Something should b done for this. If this things happen its a waste of money.
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    Dear Sir,

    We are a regular customer of Dominos pizza since long time they since they have open there store in Moradabad. I am Suhaib Ahmed my contact number is +91-9045332432 we stay at Lajpat Nagar Moradabad it is around 4Kms from Dominos store. I use to ask for home delivery of Pizzas on regular basis but now suddenly they have refused to deliver the pizza at my home. Now when i called them they are even not behaving properly to me on phone i called firstly at store then afterwards i called at Store managers number he didn't behaved properly and refused to deliver the pizza at just 4Kms away from store so what's the use of opening the store at moradabad when they can't deliver a pizza of behave properly with the clients on phone even.

    Kindly take necessary action against them.

    Lajpat Nagar
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    on 24-5-2013,friday i visited shirdi dominos. it was nice to hav pizza there.after eating pizza i with my 6 friends ordered butter scoth mouse cake and i really didnt like the taste.. it was not cold and inside cake it was little yellow layer formed..i thought it was some kind of flavour but was not like that....i threw butter scotch cake in dustbin...i think it was expired.. please check

    shashikant sharma
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    My area arya samaj or books market is not coming in the area list ... due to which I am not able to place order online..kindly pay ur attention towards this... thanking you !!
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    I had ordered Pizza worth Rs. 559.03 on 24-5-2013 through online. The call was made from a mob no. 9769368884. Just before the completion of the online details there was an error in my cell through the order was being place. The site of dominos showed a description stating that there was an problem while placing the order and it stated that if the payment is done please confirm the order and if the order is not placed the money will be refunded within 7 days. I had confirmed that the order was not placed at Dominos - Juhu . Beach Heaven Shop no. 17,18 near Juhu Tara road. The operator said the same thing that the money will be refunded within 7 days. Had called Dominos helpline No. 02268886888 but the call was transfered to the Juhu dominos. I have the payment details i.e account summary that the payment has been made. Further the screen shot of the error at dominis site is also available.

    Kindly take necessary action against them.
    Vicky Parmar.
    Moblie No. 9820795472
    E mail ID-
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    I have ordered dominos pizza in bangalore from gara branch.The order no. is 281.Order date time is:06/02/2013 08:47:36 PM.It have been more than 1.5 hrs.I am still waiting for the order to be delivered.They dint call to intimidate the delay.That is higly unprofessional from the domino,s part.This kind of attitude will harm them in log run.
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    I have placed an order at 10:21pm order comes on 11:02 but as per your policy it should be free, but here it is not a matter of he was arguing that we have given wrong address but on bill address was right.he has taken back the order after confirming from his senior.

    Is this jubilant's way yo hadle the customers?

    I WAS big fan of your pizza now I have decided not to order at dominos.
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    This is to report to you my most disappointing moment with Dominos. Last Tuesday afternoon, I ordered a Farmhouse cheese burst pizza for lunch. I was really hungry and was waiting eagerly for my favorite pizza. But as soon as I opened the box, all my excitement was long gone and my expectations were shattered. The pizza was in real bad shape as the cheese scattered shabbily over the slices.The pizza was also lacking the amount of cheese that should be contained in a cheese burst pizza. The quality of crust was not up to the mark. The worst thing was that upper layer of the pizza was sticking to the inside walls of the pizza box.

    That particular sight completely baffled me. In nutshell, I was completely let down by dominos that day. I would like to request you to look seriously into this matter. I have attached the picture of the tattered pizza in this mail for your reference. I hope you will do the needful.

    Aashish Ola
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    I was not given the order which was made by phone on March 6th, 2013. After the complaint on phone to the concerned Domino's pizza delivery (i.e., Indra Nagar, Lucknow) it was made sure by Mr. Pradeep Yadav (manager) that the unreceived order will be delivered whenever I'm back in town and call, as I was living out of town those days, the pizza and the side order couldn't be returned because of late hours (i.e. 10:30 PM) and my train departure time (i.e., 11:00 PM).
    I want a reimbursement, kindly go through the matter!
    -Arhana Arya
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    I went to buy pizza in dominos and ordered them 4 pizzas worth 50 rupees each.but the lady sitting at the counter replied that there are no more 50 rupees pizzas left so order something else so I ordered expensive ones..but just a few moment later I saw a student ordered the same pizza(only 5 minutes later-I was standing there at the counter) and the same lady took there I was very angry why she did that to me, she just laughed and went inside her kitchen....this is so shameful for such a ill shift to mac Donald for all my party's and will never go to dominoes...its the worst brand with worst service providers...and even asked the other boy standing there to calla there manager but he ignored me...just because I luked like I have money in my pockets doesn't mean that u'll lie to us like that..
    SHAME ON YOU DOMINOES..............................................................................................................................(THIS INCIDENT HAPPENED ON 5TH JUNE 2013)
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    Kamothe sector 6A Dominos pizza never ful fil the order and could not able to deliver the order in proper address.their service is very bad.
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    Kamothe Sector 6A Dominos Pizza is very bad centre to deliver the pizza in proper time in proper address.
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    Based on mobile 50% discount offer by Domino Pizza, I placed an online order. They collected all data's of the order and my residence etc., Based on the input it display the order will be executed from Domino Chrompet store . The order no.32 dt. 8/6/2013 12.17.11. The Chrompet stores contacted me and informed they cannot deliver the order and informed they cancelled the order. The money has been paid through online.

    I am totally disappointed the way the Domino treating its customer and when contacted the customer care they inform to place another order the earlier payment will be refunded within 7 days.

    I never expect the Domion's have facility to divert their order to other sales depot and execute the order. This kind of domino put me to lot of mental pressure/ strain and disappointed me.

    I want answer from Domino for this bad behavior.

    R. Sridhar
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    Dear Sir,

    Rite now i am coming from your store i just simply want to say that your store manager was so rude and simply not ready to cooperate with any conditions he was not dressed properly nor he was behaving properly. We are very much dissatisfied with his behaviour. And above all the quality of pizzas was so bad that i now think i just wasted my money at your pizzas. Then he charged us for a carry bag an amount of INR10 what was that and he was not ready to give us bill of that also so is he having the money in his own pocket for this carry bag when i insisted then he gave a bill of Rs 10 for carry bag. I had a chat with your store manager Mr.Manish he was so rude and impolite he was acting with so much of arrogance and showing lots of attitude to me is this the culture of Dominos. Or i made a mistake consuming the pizza of Dominos he is just reuning the status of Dominos Pizza in Moradabad India or he wishes to close down the store from moradabad

    My order number at Moradabad store is 98.

    Kindly take some serious action against him.

    Suhaib shamsi
    Uttar Pradesh
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    We ordered a pizza ........ Randeep being on the front desk did not take our order ! There were still 5 minutes to be 11! Dominos was not closed!

    Rahul sharma ,the head of the team refused to take our order and did not even appologise , instead argued ! We order very frequently and as constant orderer wanted to get our order!!!! This is not the only case of today has happened many a times with us !

    A strict action should be taken against this !!!!!
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    I have order for combo pizza on 10/06/2013 timing 5:58 pm which cost around hardly Rs. 200/- . At 6: 41 pm i have cal on your outlet for pizza, as the pizza have to delivered within 30 mins . But the Madam at your Jogeshwari Out let told that anything 4 or More Pizza is considered as Bulk Order and i was told that the Delivery guy has already left 10mins before so that mean the pizza gut has to be Delivered at 6: 50 pm. But at 7.01 pm i got the cal from your Jogeshwari (W) Outlet for the confirmation of Address . ultimately i have to cancelled the order.

    My Contact No 9833070397
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    Great service,great staff,excellent staff
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    I ordered 5 pizzas online on the date 14/6/2013 having order no.245 and the voice no.DP165957/13-14/34795,cost around 1800, but the delivered pizzas are only 4. I make the complaint at the related pizza centre two times with a difference of 20 minutes for the fifth pizza but they sent the pizza after 40 minutes. Sir, I want to make a complaint against the carelessness of the concerned company and I want the compensation for the late delivery of the pizza.
    Thank you,
    Anurag Kumar
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    I Narender Kumar Dutta Ordered 3 Veg Double Combo Pizzas vide Order No 74 dated 16/6/13 at 5:15pm from your Ambala Cantt dominos outlet for delivery at 6 Pm. At 5:30 pm I again called up for change of delivery timing to 7 pm. However, when delivery boy delivered the pizzas at 7pm, the pizzas were not hot and the topings were not sufficient. When I saw the bill the preparation timing was given 5:15pm and the delivery timing was given 6:00pm. But, a fresh timing 7 pm with black sketch pen was written on the bill. It shows that our order was prepared at 5:15pm which should have been prepared at around 6:00pm due to which the pizzas were not hot n fresh. It purely shows the improper and poor service. I want compensation for this order otherwise I will go to consumer forum with proof of bill.

    Narender kumar Dutta
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    We orderd the jain pizza wid dominos at goregaon east gokuldham branch for which dey promise to deliver within 30 mins.but got the delivery after 45mins and tht too with onions.we re orderd the pizza fr which dey said will deliver in 20 mins.but finally we waited for good 3hrs and still did nt get the pizza.we asked him to return the money back and still nt rcvd the same.
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    I am a student of IIM Ahmedabad and I had ordered Veg singles online from Ambawadi store outlet( Ahmedabad) at 16/06/2013 at 8:36 pm. Though the pizza was dispatched at 8:46 pm( delivery tracker) , it came at around 9:30 pm, due to which I had got it for free. I was totally in a mood to reject the pizza but I reluctantly agreed to take it. The pizza was not at all hot and didn't taste that good which I attributed to the pizza getting cold.

    Adding to the mistakes, Instead of the box containing the soy pizza had capsicum instead and the capsicum box had only capsicum pizza.I had consumed the pizzas immediately after delivery and did not feel anything unusual at that time. The trouble started today morning when I found out I had diarrhoea and I had to miss classes at my institute. I had to go to a doctor and take medicines for this gross breach of trust and service from Dominos.

    This outlet is extremely unreliable as my friends had already complained earlier of sub standard pizzas and now with this I am not going to trust dominos ever and I would rather eat maggi noodles than order from this horrible disease spreading chain.
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    I ordered the pizza at 7:28 p.m. and I received the delivery at 8:57 p.m. !!!! 1 and a half hours late! !!! When I called up Dominos to complain ... my call was picked up for the 1st time. I complaint and then the phone was declined suddenly! !! Then no body responded to my complain for 10 minutes or so. They picked up after I received the order. They said that they were sorry but were not at all ready to correct their mistake. Their seniors didn't even bother to correct their mistake . I hope the authority will not disappoint me otherwise I will have to go for PIZZA HUT!!!!!!!!
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    I have a got a mail today from CouponDunia Alerts with a coupon which says, -

    Latest Coupons
    1.Buy one Medium/Large Pizza Get and get one Pizza of same or lesser value Free. Not valid on regular, simply veg. and simply non-veg pizzas. Valid for online order only. Offer valid only for today, 19th June.

    When i am opening this coupon to order it, it says it is expired.

    May i know that are you now forwarding fake coupons to your customers or is it some kind of technical error that is happening.

    I want to use this coupon today as it says it is valid for "19th JUNE" at any cost. Do the needful, or else give me other coupon code.
    This is really disappointing at your end.

    e-mail address:
    contact no. : 09909259161
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    Today I call dominos and order pizza at 9pm than I call agian at 9:45 to dominos to ask about my order which was not reach till 9:45pm, an employee received my call and told me that "your order is moved from dominos and after 2mins i'll call you and tell delivery status" .
    But till 10:10pm order didnt come so I again called and ask about my order, receiver person took my no. And keep me hold for 5mins n when I ask again about my order, I got response that "I didn't give any order today".
    I check after visiting their dominos and I found my call but my order was nill than I ask them why this happen and y u lie to me but they are not responding me properly , later I order again same pizza. At taking my order I saw/found that they delete/edit my call record.
    I fill that this is cheating so am wrote this.

    Dominos , surat city, kinnary cinema, ring road
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    We had placed an order for 2 Pizzas worth Rs 835/- on 15.06.13 vide order No. 136 dtd 15.06.13 at Dominos Outlet at Rama Magneto Mall complex, Bilaspur (Chattisgarh). The order was placed at 1805 hrs but the pizzas were delivered at 1905Hrs. As per company rule it should have been delivered free of cost, but the Pizza boy did not agree. On contacting the manager of the Dominos Outlet at Rama Magneto Mall complex (contact no. 07752-432000) of Bilaspur (Chattisgarh), he stated that their duty ends as soon as the Pizza boy enters 1st barrier point. Here 3 issues come into fore:-
    1. There is no defined barrier point in Bilaspur Railway settlement.
    2. Even if it is considered that he is considering the entry point of Railway area as barrier, that is only ½Km (half Km) away from my house.
    3. The logic given by manager means, even if the Pizza is delivered 2 hours later after entering railway area the condition still remains.
    We have purchased pizzas from Dominos at Panchkula, a number of times and some times no payments were made upon late delivery of even 05 minutes. There also the same logic could have been given, that the boy had entered the sector and thereafter the responsibility of Dominos ends.
    By late delivery our party totally got spoiled. On further enquiry it was told that new Pizza boys had been appointed who did not know different destinations. This logic is also not acceptable from such big and reputed Pizza outlets, like Dominos in India. I think it directly affects your reputation.
    In the end I would be thankful if my money is reimbursed to me with your kind intervention.
    My contact Number +91-9752475212.
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    This is with reference to my mobile no. 9893052842. My no. has been registered with dominos and I frequently
    receive promotional messages from your end which I want to unsubscribe. My no is 9893052842.
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