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    The crust was burnt.....the vheese was as if...I was not paying for pizza and toppings they were negligible and by the time I could get my pizza they were cold enogh..
    I want an action against this...f**k u dominos!!
    Phone no. 8468867624
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    on 07/07/14 , I placed an online order , worth Rs 609, made my payment via debit card (online ), The online pizza tracker showed me the status of my pizza and it's progress and finally showed as " Dispatched", then after approx 20-25 mins from the time my order was confirmed , i get a call from the (Usha gate branch) that there is going to be a delay , hence I was okay with it ....but again after 20 mins from the last call , i got another call different rep , she tells me, they tell me there is going to be a delay of another 40-45 mins .... still after 40-45 mins , I didn't get my pizza , hence I decide to file a complain to the website , there i had a word with one of the chat representative (Rajan ) dominos guest care . i told him that i did not get my order and 1.30 hrs late ... he said i'll be getting the full or rs 300 refunded , and when confirmed by when and how ,, he said it will be in my credited in my account and within 7 days . :Today the branch tells me Sorry x 100 times , but they cannot refund the money because there was break down with their oven on that day , and website doesn't show that hence she was trying to make to realize that it's not their fault , hence she also tells me that i was made a " false commitment by the chat rep " hence they made me feel that , they have no connection with website or ordering online , i meant no co-ordination between online and branch . here comes my thing :L I don't really care who's fault .... i just need my refund for wasting my time and making false commitment and also for mis-leading ...

    Below mentioned are the details of my order ...

    Dominos Restaurant Address
    Tollygunge, 239 N.s.c Bose Road, Near Usha Bus Stop,tolly Height1st Floor,,kolkata - 700047 033-24286731/ 32/ 33/ 34/ 35 /36/ 37/ 38., 03324286731
    Guest Name :
    shanky gomes Guest Mobile :
    919051394769 Guest Address :
    58 58 green park , L/M : beside cake factory BAISHALI PARK GARIA KOLKATA INDIA Txn No :
    Order Number :
    5 Time of Order :
    7/7/2014 12:05:40 PM Final Total :
    609 Payment Type :
    credit Trace No. :
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    I ordered a pizza at my home from Prabhadevi (Mumbai) store. Finished it half and shocked to find a housefly embedded in the crust of the pizza. With a disgusted feeling I called the store and filed a complaint. The store manager promised to send a salesboy in next 10 minutes to refund the amount. After waiting for about 40 minutes with no response, I called back the store. The manager rudely said "I told you that we will send a boy. You will get your money back. Can't you wait for another 10 minutes?". I got extremely angry and snapped back at the manager reminding her that this is not the tone you can use to a customer (specially a dissatisfied customer). Firstly I was furious about the food quality and hygiene that dominos maintains in its kitchen; secondly was highly disappointed with the rude reaction which I got from the store manager. I received the refund, however I would not ever order again from Dominos. I have always been a loyal customer of Dominos, but now I think I should start exploring other pizza companies as well.
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    i have ordered pizza today by AT airoli navi mumbai 400708 by Txn No : MSMP3419232718 and trace no cc-16594968 to be delivered by 9.45 PM . by 10.13 PM i called dominos on number 022-27644550 . they said pizza is out for delivery but pizza has not reached to me till 9.35 PM . i felt dominos bluffed me and pizza was not out for delivery but they missed/forgot the order. kindly refund my money back immediately to my credit card account
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    I ordered a pizza using Dominos Mobile App. I made the paid using my card and funds were taken out immediately order was accepted. 10 minutes later I receive a call informing the order cannot be delivered to my address and I have to pick it up from the outlet. Previously some orders were delivered to my address. But now they straight said the order will be cxld and the refund will be processed in 7 days. What is means of home delivery and why would they accept order if it cannot be delivered to my address. Now my money is stuck for 7 days. This disgusting and very inconvenient.
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    i had ordered a pizza on 24/04/2014 the pizza was tasteless we had to through it in dustinbin as it was not a worth to eat . I had called in dominaz Thane panchpakhadi but they didnt gave any respone plz take necessary action on it n give me feedback
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    Hi, i ordered a pizza from dominos agra sanjay palce and on the delivery at home and while enjoying it there was a stone which came , i had taken the pictures of same then and there and myself Nd my two year daughter didnt took it further.i can share the pictures of same

    Please go with quality as name is

    Gaurav Mathur
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    I have ordered pizza on first attempt on 03rd August 2014 with my VISA Citibank Credit card for which payment deducted and there was no order placed so help me to reverse my transaction of rs. 252.00.

    Secondly, I have ordered trail mail pizza on second attempt through my HDFC Visa Credit card at 1.31 PM and it has been delivered at 2.35 PM. When asked for free then he directed me to customer care.

    Sensitize this concern as your registered customer and resolve ASAP.

    My concern registered on Dominos website as 438205 and 438216 with elaborate transaction details for easy reference.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Harsh Gupta
    Cell no. +91-9958317165
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    On 12th august I visited your outlet at thakur complex. I parked my bike in the compound where company's(dominos) bikes were parked including TWO other bikes which was not been painted as dominos A person working at tht outlet told me that I am not suppose to park my bike there even though there was sufficient parking and other two bikes were parked except company's bike and that mr fool tells me to park my bike on the highway where it is no parking zone. After that I was stunned that they didnot take my order and request me to first keep my bike outside. SO WHAT DOES THE COMPANY EXPECT IS THAT ALL THE CUSTOMERS SHOULD COME THERE EITHER BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT OR BY WALKING?, I also have the pic off the bikes parked in that compound, I expect the explanation for this kind off behaviour
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    Hi, I tried to place an order in Dominos in Bangalore on 12th August 2014. But after the payment was successfully done, i got a message that the payment was unsuccessful. This happened twice for the same order. In this process 2250 rupees ( 1125 rupees per transaction) was debited from my HDFC account. It is been more than 7 days now and I have not received my cash credited back. Please look into this as soon as possible. Here is those failed order details.
    12 Aug 2014 MHDF3448783208-Billdk DOMINOS 812214058 12 Aug 2014 1,125.00
    12 Aug 2014 MHDF3448780702-Billdk DOMINOS 812213854 12 Aug 2014 1,125.00
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    This is to complain about the the non advertisement of the your offers at the time of booking through phone to your Patna P & M Mall outlet. today we had a party in the office but we purchase one medium size pizza only due to non information about the offer buy one get one offer.
    After knowing this offer through your delivery boy we felt sad we would buy as much as more
    So, Kindly look at to the matter and ensure that offers are explained to the customer for the getting the benefits of large order from your outlet
    Today Order NO-1
    Contact no 8676921695
    Name –Preeti
    Address: P.S.I,b-201,Sri Krishna puri,near icici zonal office
    Server name-Amit
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    I have placed complaint regarding Dominos violation of 30 mins or free ploicy + in the bill provided by them the due amount was shown as Rs.254 and they were asking to pay Rs.352.Dont know why they even responded while i have placed complaint in their official website.
    Pathetic Service.Its been 4 months i lodged a concern in their official website
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    Hello I ordered chicken Dominator at Dominoes on 24/8/2014 at 20:00pm....approx...when we got our order there was a an INSECT in d pizza...A BIG BLACK ANT to be specific,was lying in ......if any of my family members had consumed it wud d people responsible for there carelessness wud giv me an answer?????
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    Pizza delivery never on time they take at times an hour to deliver even in the same area my home is not even a km away from the outlet and above all they had even cancelled my order twice that it was not registered , every time i call need to tell my address and contact details,poor quality stuff simply I don't know what's the matter is this the original Domino's outlet............
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    This is to inform that I noticed an utter scene of negligence in dominos sector 63 noida.

    All the activities involved in pizza preparation were done bare hands.This includes pizza base preparation,spreading cheese,getting additional cheese from the storage bin.

    This was a disappointment and was not expected from you guys . Hygiene is the most important thing and negligence in this will surely result in loss of customer trust. I do have the video of the whole scenario incase needed for furture reference.
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    Dear sir,
    i am ramesh yadav from 113 dr. G.s.bose road kol-39 mob. 9038069636/8100871794 ordering pizza mania from gariahat store(kolkata). The delivery boy came to my door after 35 mins. And arguing with me for late and insulting me infront of my family members. Then i talk to the store manager mr. Subol chakraberty but he also ruddly told me that sorry i did not give you late. Now, you told me what was my folt and what is the meaning of " 30 mins nahi to free".
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    On 14-sep-14 i ramesh yadav order pizza mania from gariahat store (kolkata) and it came to my house after 35 mins but when i told that you are late the delivery boy arguing with me and told to speak store manager.then i call to the store manager subol chakraberty and explain the full detail but he misbehaved with me and says i did not give you late.

    My question is what was the reason that i din't get the late pizza. Yesterday i mail to your company but i not get any respones of my mail.

    In clear word's i want my free pizza and its a request to your company to suspend the manager who don't no how to behave with there guest.

    And if i don't get any response of my mail. Tomorrow i again complaint to your company. Mobile no. 8100871794
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