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    mohit sharma

    this is complaint regarding my phone samsung galaxy s2 white i9100, i purchased this phone in dec.2011 in 30200, on the box it was mentioned that its samsung galaxy s2 i9100 model, when i opened the box, and start the phone, it was i9100G instead of i9100, which is different variant of the phone galaxy s2 i9100.

    i had sent a mail regarding my this issue around two months back to samsung support site, firstly they were saying they will give me the check of billed amount, but now they are saying to take the black i9100 in the replacement, and i spent 2000rs more for the white version, i mentioned in the first mail that i want i9100 white in the replacment. can you please help me out this.
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    i am having samsung galaxy mobile s2 i used mobile for 8 months, from the past 2 days its getting battery low every time, i went to service station, they are simple telling that its a water log it can't be warranty it ll charged for 14k of amount. but still 2 months warranty is their. please help me out..

    Name: sunil Kumar J
    Address: 633/3, 1st Main, 1st Cross
    Mathikere bangalore-54.
    ph no: 9538222102
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    I have purchased a samsung mobile phone(galaxy r)cost of 22000 on 22th dec 2011 but two day ago my mobile was dead and when i contacted the samsung authorized service centre ,they have told me your mobile motherboard was broken
    and you will pay for Rs 7000 but my mobile was dead on my hand i was use to listen song and mobile was off
    suddenly so why service center told to mobile motherboard was broken PLZ HELP ME FOR THIS.AND TAKE ACTION ON MY REQUEST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE..I WILL BE VERY THANK YOU
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    I am Inspector Subhash chand in Delhi police posted in Police Station Pahar Ganj and I want to inform you about the hand set with connection of idea service distributed by Delhi police is not working in proper condition in Police Station Pahar Ganj. Please help me as fast as you can. We already complaint about it by No. 5890-91/Admn.(ii)/Central Distt./Delhi police, Dt. 05-06-2012.
    I will be very thankful to you for it.
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    Dear sir/Madam,
    I have bought Samsung Windows Mobile model C-6625 online thru vide their invoice No.2699 dated 09/06/2012 which was generated by Aakanksha Distributors pvt.Ltd.819 Arise Plaza 27th Main,HSR Layout Bangalore-560102 their cell no. 09739693036 and Landline No. is 080-22582190 and their website But these mobile set was troubling with the hang problem. It is not receiving calls sometimes after repeatdly try. I went to Samsung Service Center to show the complaint to resolve the problem but their Mr. Abhishek Mgr. has refused to do the support because this mobile is made in south africa and will not work properly in india. For that they count this mobile out of warranty and asking me to pay for the new software. which is not genuine. It is very much in warrant and I have the bill of this phone as well. If Samsung will deny to support the customers like this then nobody will trust on their products. How will a customer come to know where it has been made before buying and how come samsung is allowing their african partners to sell this product in india without updating the software. I am really annoyed and surprise the company's policy. Please support me for my problem. how should I get it resolved. Thankyou very much
    Kind Regards
    Mrs Raj Sachdeva
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    Dear Sir,

    I'm Saurabh Shah. I have bought Samsunggalaxy S3 about a month ago.
    From the day one I'm facing problem regarding the battery of the phone. It gets drain out very fast & when you put it for charging it takes lots of time to charge.
    When GPRS is on battery gets low very fast & without using gprs also battery finish very fast.

    I went to service centre for it. They just updated the software of it. But still I'm facing the same problem.

    Kindly please help me for it.

    You can mail me on my mail id

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    i have purchased gt-c6712 phone on September 2011 ,after 6 months my phone's performance was decreased day by day.i shown to service center people...they said a software need to be updated ..i said do it ..but after few days again same problem and nw my Bluetoothis also nt working properly many times i hv to show this to service center pepople really i got fed with this mobile.....for this phone i wasted 6000/- at that my warranty date is also going to off..
    wht shd i do now...
    plz help me someone
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    Dear sir,

    myself NITIN SHARMA, i have bought Samsung Galaxy S , GT-I 9003 , on 30th of march 2012, from Hyper city retail(india) ltd. lower basement, MBD Neopolis Mall, Ferozpur road, Ludhiana- 140001, ph no. 0161-5293000.

    on 5th july 2012, the cell started giving me problem, after switching it on, it only shows Samsung name on screen and not loading futher, so as it is in under guarantee period, i went to the SAMSUNG service center, Imperial refrigeration, B-37/309, NIRMAL NAGAR,CANAL ROAD, DUGRI, Ludhiana-2, phone- 0161-2501763, there they told me that this set of IMEI NO. 354949041746678, was already sold on July 2011 under some other name and it is not in guarantee period now, then after 2 days they told me that this cell have motherboard problem so it will take 5-6 days to repair and charge will ne more than Rs 6000.

    so i took that cell and came to the hypercity retailer for enquiry as i have bought this cell on 30th march 2012, they check their records and it has been sold on that date only to me but Service center is saying it had been purchased 1 year back.

    now i have given this cell to hypercity people to resolve this case on 13th july 2012, they said they will repair this on their own and committed me that after 20 days i can take this cell, but how can i take 2nd hand cell. it is completely fraud case .

    today 30th july 2012, i went to hypercity, they are just avoiding me saying that they can not do anything and Samsung service center is telling lie that this cell is 2nd hand, they are not giving me back my cell also not replacing it or giving me back my money.

    i have the printed bill of same and receipt of hypercity that they are having my cell.but now they are not responding well enough that when will my cell will be ok and returned to me.its already been 20 days. i am really fed of by SAMSUNG service and SAMSUNG product. i dont know whose mistake is this either SAMSUNG or HYPERCITY. i just want my money back and from now onwards i never will buy any of SAMSUNG product and will never advice anyone to buy .

    i want consumer court to resolve my problem as my Rs 18500 are wasted. PLEASE HELP ME OUT, WHAT SHOULD I DO.

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    I Mr. Vikas Gupta mbl no.8080656490.. have purchased samsung galaxy S2 I9100 on 2-august-2011.
    handset started to give me problem charging problem n many other handset has been repaired for 5 to 6 times now i am getting a battery drain problem and auto restart n auto vibrate... i asked them to replace my handset they said it wont be done u have to repair it i asked them to write and give it to me they didnt
    my Imei no.355310046619494.. plz do the needful....
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    dear sir, i am pandu from himatnagar. my friend buy a samsung c3520 phone in nov 2011. and given gift to me. imei no.359546/04/109223/9 and s/n:RH2BB92548B.but i lost my warrenty card. few days before my phone is switched off automatically. it is not on again. go to nearest samsung custemer care centre in himatnagar, gujarath. they told software problem, and charged 270 rupees. working good when i receive the phone. after 2 hours the phone switched off automatically. problem will repeated. again i visit same servicing centre. they taken 2 days time, after that they say that is the board problem will charge 1800 rupees approximatly. i am not intrested on that message.
    my questions are is not possible warrenty with out bill. already record in web as per imei number.
    2. why dont they tell , this is the board problem in first attempt. i think this is not a ordinary cervice centre, it is authorised service centre.
    3. my phone in same dead condition after charge 270 rupees.
    4. what is your action on my new phone damage
    please think, this type of problem facing not me only. lot of people there. please help me
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    I bought Samsung galaxys2 (I9100) 10 months ago on the date 21-sep-2012. It is not working as well, when I charge its battery it is overheated and it may burst me. It is running on very slow process. when I open its own software it show force close notification even market also and the internet is run while the downloading is in process. otherwise it cant run internet. when I went to customer service center they only update and give it as it. I want my money back from Samsung mobile or replace my mobile
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    with due respect i want to say that i am went to Samsung mobile service center in first week of July for my Samsung handset b7722 repairing and complained that any key is not working ,they note down my complain and called me after one week, when after 10 days i went there they are return my set and take my signature on satisfy column and when I check and I found that some keys are yet not working I asked them they told me that you are not mentioned specific key after my protest they take handset and called me after two week ,i went there after 3 weeks now they are saying that the display is also damaged somehow so it takes 1or 2 weeks more. I am want to inform you that my set is in warranty period which is expiring in sep 10 , company’s authorized service center is harassing me and it is possible they are using my handset parts in their personal favorite customer because my handset display is good working condition , I want to say in between time period I am bound to by a cheap handset for my routine working, it is more possibility that they return my set in extra poor condition and after 10 sep I lost my warranty period and company will started charging its repair charges
    Parikshit t verma
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    with due respect i want to say that i am went to Samsung mobile service center in first week of July for my Samsung handset b7722 repairing and complained that any key is not working ,they note down my complain and called me after one week, when after 10 days i went there they are return my set and take my signature on satisfy column and when I check and I found that some keys are yet not working I asked them they told me that you are not mentioned specific key after my protest they take handset and called me after two week ,i went there after 3 weeks now they are saying that the display is also damaged somehow so it takes 1or 2 weeks more. I am want to inform you that my set is in warranty period which is expiring in sep 10 , company’s authorized service center is harassing me and it is possible they are using my handset parts in their personal favorite customer because my handset display is good working condition , I want to say in between time period I am bound to by a cheap handset for my routine working, it is more possibility that they return my set in extra poor condition and after 10 sep I lost my warranty period and company will started charging its repair charges
    Parikshit t verma
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    I have purchased new mobile set from m/s ahuja mobiles bilaspur vide cash memo number 1267 on 26.08.2012. Model no. Of the same is waveii s-8530 and imei no. 355082047498182. The set was having touch pad problem from the very first day and touch pad was not working sometimes. The set was checked by your authorised service centre - m/s shyam telecom, sf-20 millenium plaza, near ich. Raipur chhattisgarh.
    Local service centre has raised a bill of rs. 10176.00 to local service centre has raised a bill of rs. 10176.00 to rectify the above problem claiming that the malfunctioning parts are not covered under warranty. I have purchased the set in rs. 15500.00 and the cost of new set has already gone down to nearly 11500.00. The repair charges of a faulty handset is exorbitant and unjustified. Take immediate action to replace this malfunctioning handset or else we will have to resort to consumer court option. Warranty period of the set will last on 26.08.2012 and it is required to raise the issue at appropriate level.
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    I bought this Samsung Mobile phone (Model: Galaxy S GT-i9003; IMEI: 358472040700899) on 01/09/2011 from Jabalpur. Recently it developed a problem of unresponsive screen (touch panel stopped working). I tried restarting it several times but it didn't work (The problem was there earlier as well but it used to work after restarting).

    I submitted it to a Samsung Service Center named Alpha Enterprises (shop no LG-4, Jain Tower, Russel Chowk, Jabalpur) on 30/07/2012, Work Order No: 26884. They kept it for 18 days and returned it on 17/08/2012 saying that they have changed the motherboard and the problem is rectified. Unfortunately even after keeping it for so long, they did nothing and the problem remained same. I submitted it again to them (Work Order No: 27353) on 21/08/2012. They returned it today on 26/08/2012 and the problem remains same. Overall this helped in nothing but only wasted my warranty time. I guess they did it intentionally so that my warranty expires and later they can charge for the same service after 31/08/2012.

    This is such a pathetic piece of service, which I didn't expect from such a big company named Samsung who is selling far more mobiles than any otehr company. I am really really dissatisfied and want an immediate action from their end to get my mobile repaired. Moreover whatever time "Alpha Enterprises" has wasted keeping my mobile in the name of repair and did nothing should be added to my warranty period. If they are keeping the mobile for servicing then they better be doing it properly. Had their service center serviced my mobile properly after keeping it for so long, my problem had been resolved within the warranty period, now only 5 days of which remain.

    I request for an immediate action against Alpha Enterprises and it be confirmed from them that whether they actually rectified the problem and changed the motherboard. As far as I know IMEI no changes with the motherboard while they didn't give me a new IMEI no. Moreover even after keeping it for second time they did not resolve the problem and returned my handset as is. I want my handset to be taken by them and mended properly within a valid Warranty. If they cannot repair it, then they better give me a new handset.

    I myself hold an HTC Desire smart phone. Long back it developed the same problem of hanging and HTC genuinely replaced my Motherboard and while giving me a new IMEI no (which changes with motherboard).

    Arif Jamal
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    I have purshased a samsung mobile (GT-3310) and within 1 year the software of the mobile was dead and when i contacted the samsung authorized service centre ,they have given me 1 week of time for repairing it AND GAVE ME WORK ORDER NO.WA58531025622
    when i visited after 1 week ,they said that it will take one more week as it has to be replaced by samsung company.
    I waited another 1 week and now it is more than 5 weeks,still they are saying that it has not got replaced by the company and service of the company is very bad . PLZ REPLACE MY MOBILE URGENTLY..I FACE MANY PROBLEMS BECAUSE OF THAT.....
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    Bought Samsung Note on 15th August 2012. Less than a month later the camera starts heating up (not the battery) and soon the camera isn't working properly. Went to service center and got camera replaced but they say it is still heating and there is a problem in the circuit of the handset. Whole circuit has to be replaced and they say it will be good as new. After spending so much money, what is the guarantee that I will not have further problems? Since it is a major issue, why can't the handset be replaced? In the warranty period, I am entitled to a replacement for being sold a defective handset.
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    I had bought Samsung Galaxy R 4 months Imei no_358421041204260 before which cost Rs 23,000. It works fine few months but after that there was some software problem and my phone gone switched off I had tried several times it was showing black screen. I had given my cell to Service Center Shabad Interprises Jalandhar after 4-5 days my software problem got resolved but there was a speaker problem in my phone. Again i visited to that service center i had given my cell and i Got it back after 5 days which solves my problem. But after 2 days i Got network problem there is no network in my phone sometimes there is little network and most of the time network is not there. I had given my cell again to Service center and this time i had asked for replacment but always they used to say take it after somtime it will be solved. They had given me my cell but network problem is still there then again i had given my phone to service center and finally told them for replacement of cell as it is not more than 4 months that i had used my cell and there are so may problems.But then also no result still my cell is with customer care but there is o hope of rapire I want to replace it with new cell at any cost. What is the worth of Buying so priceful cell. I think service center people are incapable of repairing their own cell. This is really so bad that services of samsung care center are not satisfactory they are neither replcaing my cell nor able to repair it. I had spent large amount money on this cell. So please help me out.

    Kindly take my complaint against the below mentioned service center and help me otu of this either with replcement of this cell or repair it.

    Shahbad interprises
    193 civil lines, sanjay gandhi market,
    near kamal palace jalandhar

    Harmeet Atwal
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    i have purchased a samsung galaxynote gt-n7000 of rs.32000 on 26th august. i had problem regarding the network not cumming in phone. i had visited the service center n they kept my phone n after keeping one day the next day the said that your phone is broken. and it is out f warranty when i handed over the phone it was totally fine.when i ask for the receiving then they refuse to give me. and they had written by hand on job sheet that it was broken it was not computerized. and they asking for Rs9000 for solving that problem. and the other thing when i ask for the receiving then they ask to sign the edited copy of job sheet(were it mentioned that phone is dameged). when i decline and they said that we will not give the job sheet. i am confused what can i do i m a student i want to replace my phone or it should repair in warranty. plzz take some action as soon as possible on this i will be very thank full to mob no. is 9810901413 or 9953477595
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    I am working as a FINANCE MANAGER in the leading mnc in pune.
    With my due approval our company has placed the order with samsung mobile to give your handsets to our employees.
    we placed the order to samsung for more than 150 handsets.
    Now comming to my own handset problem case, after reading all this please guess that, if i am having so much trouble what are my employees will face always.
    I am gone to samsung's registered service center named VEDANT SERVICE CENTER located at NAL STOP in PUNE MAHARASHTRA. contact no. 020-30292785. has took my handset model name. GT-I9003MKDINU for replacement for having constant network and 3G related problem on 24/08/2012 at 2.04pm. and said me that this replacement process may take at least 18 days. and for that they ask me to submit copy of my purchase bill, that i do as per there requirment.
    As my 18 days ends on 11/09/2012 i have gone to that place to collect my handset, that time those people said me that i have not submited my ID prof, so my handset is still not gone for replacement and it will take more 30 days for replacement. and they took my earlier job sheet and given me new job sheet bill no is 4138222656.
    My only quesion is that wheather those people not known with the detail they required for handset replacement case. or they just do such thing for delayed handset replacement.
    Plz look towards my matter and give me some quality solution on that.

    With regards
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    Respected Sir/Madam,
    sir i am very very very dissatisfy with my handset, the reason is that on 17/8/12 i m buying samsung handset - S5360 having amounting rs. 6800/- but after 13-14 days my handset was totaly spoolied means automatic switch off after very hitting, then i given that handset to the samsung serive center for the reparing and then they return that handset after 15-16 days, but after after 4 days its again hitting. then i again going back service center for that problem but they tell me that it is normal hitting but i am not satisfied because in my around minimum 5 or 6 people using that type of handset but thier handset is not hitting. but this matter is not stoped here ... after some days i was using my handset try to download from googleapp/ playshop but i didn't. then i am again going back service center and said about my problem then they check that mobile and tell me that yes in your hand sat has a problem against downloading you come back tommorro and submitting your hanset for reparing...

    now i want that they change my hand set mean giving me new hand set because i cant survive with that mobile. i am not going again nd again service center for handset problem. i am a serive girl not taken leave again and again from job nd i cant afford costly handsat but i do. so it is humble requested is that please look into in my problem and help me for changing in my handsat.
    dimple agarwal,
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    Dear Sir,

    I purchased Samsung S5830 Ace Purchased on 7th Sep. 2012 Flu # (8806085008359) EMEI # 352306052148335 - it has been repaired five times in a period of less then a month [ 12th Sep. &amp 17 th Sep then 29th Sep &amp 6th Oct. & 18th Oct. 2012. ]

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased Samsung Ace S5830i [EMEI # 352306052184335] on 7th September 2012 from Reliancedigital Retail Ltd, Unit # SF -203, Taluka Borivali link road, Malad -w, Mumbai 64.
    It has data cabal connection problem since the very beginning, i went at your authorized service center Swastik Telecom, shop # 2, Gotecha Estate,opposite Patel shopping center, near Malad -west subway.. After almost three hours[11:30 to 3:30 can be checked in there visitor''s register] the manager Mr. Suraj Pujari said _quot this is a soft ware problem ..._quot and capt the cell for a day !
    when i went on second day, again after two hours, Mr Pujari said _quot your problem is rectified..._quot and handed over me the cell.., because of ti''s open back, i saw two screws were missing..., means, it was opened by the technician for a soft ware problem ? ...for this mr Pujari say _quot haan Bhaai, sab khol ke check karna padta hai [ For software problem also, cell has to be opened ].... !!_quot The Data cabal problem was rectified at service center, but could not get time to check at my PC..., but i could notice ''phone hanging'' problem ..., again i managed to go at your service center on 17th sept. 2012 mr Pujari said _quot these type of problems occurs in new hi-tech cell and settle down it self.. !_quot i accepted and came back.

    On 25th sep. 2012 i tried to take some data in my cell..&amp find the same USB data cable problem is still there..., with this, i fined name &amp cell number''s reshuffling in my phone book.... !!

    I went to the same service center at 11:30 AM on 29 Sep. 2012 at 2:30 PM Mr Pujari said this is a _quotHardware Problem in the mother board_quot &amp will take ten to fifteen days for rectification !!_quot
    I submitted my cell [ Work order # is MCL 1038 }

    I contacted to Mr Vishesh at your ''customer service center on phone on the same day &amp today at around 2 PM, he made me to talk to Mr Pujari on a conference call... in this conversation of more then thirty minutes, both of them not committed that, when will i get my phone in OK condition... ??!! When asked for a replacement, both of them refused !!

    Why your tech-staff is not capable rectify such problem on spot ?

    Sir, it is a manufacturing defect &amp after paying the full cost Rs. 11409/-, why should i accept a defective piece ?

    Such incidents will be proved very bad for the reputation of Samsung.... !!

    Sir, i have gone threw a painful period in twelve days only by purchasing this phone and want ''Justice'' at your end ... !!

    Regards !!

    Ragini Mahendra G Bhatnagar
    +91 9833108266
    +91 9920400891
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    I have purchased a Samsung ace duos on 28-3-2012 of Amt 13200/- after 20 days it's started missing its display many times in a single day. Along with this the sim is not working properly sometimes. I summited my phone to service center but they gave back my phone after two or three days and said that now phone is ok but till now the problem is same. I also sent mail to Samsung customer care and they said me to again submit my phone to service center and I did that but still problem is same. I also requested them to change my handset but they refused and after that they never talk to me. I also visited to Samsung store from where I had purchase the phone but no one taking my problem is seriously.
    So I request you to take a appropriate step against Samsung and i want a mew handset because I am very dissatisfied with this handset
    Thank you
    Sakshi jain
  • mahekmahek Junior Member
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    I am having problem with my Samsung Galaxy S Advance since the time I have bought it.
    I have been following up at Samsung Service Center, Santacruz West, Mumbai with no clear response. They realised it is a hardware issue and committed for a replacement, however nothing is getting processed and no indication either. It is over a month now since I am not given any clarity and being asked for unnecessary documents. Customer Care on phone also doesn't have any answer and directs to service center. Can anyone from Samsung please help? Or has everyone gone deaf?
  • sailuchakrisailuchakri Junior Member
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    I brought a samsung mobile Chat on - DUOS phone in the month of May 2012... the very next day the voice started not functioning properly
    and I visited three times the service centers at Tirupati.. they had changed the mother board and speakers and still the problem persits.
    I dont have time to visit all the times , getting the same problem every time..

    I need to file a case in the consumer court for the same

    What should I do now ..Help is needed in this regard.

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    respected sir / madam

    my name is ravindra sing verma
    my handset model no is s8530 wave
    i m form bhusawal

    Ever since I took my mobile to mobile touch screen does not work yet and my phone did not solve the problem but so far she has not repaired.And now my mobile is in Bhusawal B accumulated 20 days of the service center, but has not yet Solve problem.May you please make the request've been or money refunded to you please change my handset. and my claim no is 4141544291

    so please suggest to me that what should i do other wise i will complaint in consumer court.
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    I bought samsung galaxy s3 on 25th october 2012 at Rs.35000 from agripada,mumbai.
    From first day onwards I am having many problems in my cell. As i was out of town i was not able to go to service centre.
    And on monday at 10december i went to samsung service centre at crawford market n claimed the warranty. They took my cell and on next day i got my cell back. but they broke my cells side ring. and Now they are saying that i broke that ring.
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    I have purchased Samsung S DUOS mobile on 28th November 2012.There was a defect in screenwhich I got to know after 3 I have decided to visit service centre but I couldn’t visit immediately because I am also a working person.service center timing is 11 to 6 and my working hour is 8.30 to I decided to visit on weekend that was last Saturday.
    So they are saying that they can replace the piece only in 4 days after purchasing the mobile.The are not ready to replace the mobile.and saying that we will replace screen within 2 days.It has been 6 days & they havent given me even a stand by phone.
    what can i do in this matter?
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is MANU SHARMA and I have purchased a Samsung GALAZY ACE DUOS CDMA mobile Hand set vide model no SCH-I589MA SINU IMIE no 35909940605890 on 22/06/12 from The Mobile Store Limited Dwarka Market. after purchasing the handset I Started facing problems. A very strange problem it has no battary power and also facing Hanging problem. , I rushed to the dealer and he suggested me to go to the Samsung Service center. In the month of July 2012 I went to Authorized Samsung Service center at 0006285067 CELLNET Adderess-Mahavir Enclave Palam -Dabri , New Delhi-110045 the executive there Mr sunny ask me to leave the hand set and told me that handset will be corrected with in 7 days and collect the handset by next told me. They have not provided me with two time samsung service reques slip. I waited and struggled a lot for a week. I received my handset but to my utter surprise after few days i noticed my hand set problem is still same. I suffered a lot for next 4 months and when . This time reason told to me for delaying the hand set is that the hand set has mother board problem and he changed my mother board. But i am still suffering from the same problem. Now at present after every 10 minutes i need to check my mobile to confirm that my handset same hanging Problem . I am using your many product So, Please kind attnd. my requst earlier

    I am professionally a Account Manager and always on phone and its very important for my wife I along with my patients and people whom i am connected are badly suffering from this negligent attitude of Samsung Customer Care staff.

    Now i request you to kindly help me to get out of this problem. Either Samsung must replace my hand set or else refund my money back. I will happily buy a new phone.

    Again i request you to please further do not let me suffer more mentally by not giving any response to my this plea. Please let me work and live in peace.


    RZ-C-133, Street No-6
    Madhu Vihar, New Delhi-110059
    Phone 9268010281,
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