6/35, Azad Street, Complainant
Thirumangalam – 625 706.
Madurai District.


167, Anna Salai, opposite party
Chennai – 600 002.
Represented by its Customer Service Manager.

Date of Complaint 21.03.2006

M/s.V. Balaji & A. Sermaraj : Advocate for the complainant

M/s.P.R. Raman & S. Aravamudhan : Counsel for the opposite party

Complaint filed under section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

1. The case of the complainant is briefly as follows:

The complainant traveled along with his wife with the opposite party’s airlines from Chicago to Chennai on 25th June 2005. At the time of departure at Chicago Airport the complainant had handed over 4 suitcases weighing 129 kgs with the airlines. The suitcases contained an electronic goods worth about 811.58 dollars equilent to Rs.34,062/-. When he arrived at Chennai Airport on 26.08.2005, he found that two suitcases were damaged and the electronic gift articles were missing. He lodged a report before the opposite party and the check up report was issued and in that report it was mentioned that the weight of the damaged baggage was 63 kgs. The complainant requested the opposite party to pay the full amounts. But, the opposite party sent Rs.2025/- being the cost of the missing items. The complainant refused to receive the same. As per rule 22 of the Carriage by Air Act, the complainant is entitled for damages of 20 US dollars per kilogram and the damages for 62 kilograms comes around Rs.49,600/-. Hence, the complainant has filed this complaint claiming this amount and Rs.50,000/- as compensation for mental agony and cost of the complaint.
2. The opposite party filed version and contended inter alia that the maximum weight allowed to be carried out at the time of United States was 32 kgs per suit case. After carrying out weight of the damaged baggages it was found that only two kgs was missing. The Opposite party offered the complainant a sum of Rs.2025/- as full and final settlement. But the complainant refused to accept the amount. The opposite party is ready and willing to pay the costs of the damaged baggages on production of the bills. But the complainant did not submit any bills for the damaged baggages. The opposite party was also willing to reimburse the costs of the new suitcases on production of the bills. The two suitcases did not contain any such electronic things worth Rs.34,062/-. The carriers liability is limited to 20 US dollars for every kg of loss or damage to the baggage as per section 22 (2) of the Carriage by Air Act, 1972. Even if the suitcases contained any electronic items, the same was specifically prescribed. The article 8.3.4 and 8.3.5 of the Carriage by Air Act as per the report there was only loss of 2 kgs of weight and that too due to damage by the baggages and therefore the complainant is not entitled to relief as claimed in the complaint.
3. Proof affidavits have been filed by both the complainant and the opposite party. Exhibits A1 to A4 were marked on the side of the complainant. Exhibits B1 to B3 were marked on the side of the opposite parties.
4. The points that arise for consideration are;-
1) Whether there is any deficiency in service on the part of the
opposite party?
2) To what relief the complainant is entitled to?
5. Point No.1: The complainant traveled in the opposite party’s Airlines from Chicago to Chennai and carried 4 baggages weighing 129 kgs. According to the complainant, when he arrived at Chennai Airport, he found two suitcases weighing 63 kgs were damaged. On a claim made by the complainant the opposite party offered Rs.2025/- which was not accepted by the complainant. The complainant would submit that weighing of the damaged baggages was 63 kgs as per Ex A1. The perusal of Ex A1 which is the same as Ex B1 it was found that 2 or 3 kgs were missing and the weighing of the damaged article was 63 kgs. As per the article 8.3.4 and 8.3.5 of Carriage by Air Act, the complainant is not subjected to carry electronic devices in the baggage. Hence, even if there was electronic goods, the complainant cannot claim the same from the opposite party. According to the Exs A1, two or three kgs of the baggage was missing and that the complainant is entitled to compensation for 3 kgs at the rate of 20 US dollars per kg. The opposite party is willing to reimburse the costs of the new suitcases and damaged baggages on production of he bills. Since the opposite party has not reimbursed the amount for damaged of 3 kgs mentioned in Ex B1 and that the amount has not been settled for the damaged suit cases and that the damaged baggage which amounts to deficiency in service. The point is answered accordingly.
6. Point No.2: In the result, the complaint is allowed. The opposite party is directed to reimburse the value of the damaged baggages for 3 kilograms at the rate of 20 US dollars per kilogram and also directed to reimburse the costs of new suitcase and damaged baggages on production of bills within two months from the date of receipt of copy of this order to the complainant. The opposite party is further directed to pay Rs.10,000/- as compensation for mental agony and Rs.3000/- as costs of the complaint to the complainant within two months from the date of receipt of copy of this order, failing which the amount shall carry interest at the rate of 9% per annum till the date of payment.


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    I flew from New York to Mumbai via Lufthansa, details below. I have been waiting for 3 days, but have heard nothing from the airline. The bag track site keeps saying "we are looking for your bag, tracing continues", while Lufthansa's customer service numbers are conveniently jammed. You either don't get through, or if you do, no one picks up. The numbers are 66859898/99, try yourself if you don't trust me.

    Passenger Information: Name KUMAR, Initials GK
    File Reference: BOMLH52995
    Flight Details: LH405 / 17DEC / LH756 / 18DEC
    Routing: JFK / FRA / BOM

    Now I have documents in my bag that I would need tomorrow. If there is anyway I can get some information on my bag, please do let me know.


    PS: Please do not post replies like "why did you not put these in your hand-bag". My hand-bag already had other important stuff, and I am glad I put them there.
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    Harjeet Singh
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    I just want to let you know that i booked a online ticket from make My Trip on 17Th of august and that time they guys gave me a wrong ticket which makes me unable to travel from Toronto international Pearson after that i cancelled my ticket and paid penalty for reissuing a new ticket and now i want to change my travel dates because i want to be in Canada by 14Th of September and they guys are refusing me to do, even though my ticket is changeable. I am trying to contact with these guys from last 2 3 days but they guys just pissed me off. They are just make me to move here from there that's it.
    My PNR number is 6QEW5C
    the flight is from Delhi to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Toronto
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