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This is Manisha Kumari, an unsatisfied customer of hathway.
i made a payment on 17th april 2012, 3:52:40 pm with receipt no 15191465 at the HSR Layout branch. my account no is 650411.
since that day i have not got the connection activated till date (26th april 2012).
i have been calling them several times a day to help me in this regard but there has been no response. however i am being constantly told that it will be rectified within 2 hours from past 9 days. i also called at the hathway office in hsr however they said they cant help me in this matter. i called on saturday(21st april 2012)
at their helpline number and had a talk with their executive named arvind, he also gave me the same answer that it will be done in 2 hours. i also asked him to register a complaint against hsr office. the complain no is 6557685. i did not get a connection after that also. i again called up the the hathway helpline no on wednwesday 26th april 2012 and had a talk with arvind again. he was very sorry for the inconvenience and told me that it will be rectified in two hours.

i dont think the hathway employees know the meaning of word sorry. they are very irresponsible and give false commitments to the customers. their helpline no keeps the customers waiting around 10 - 15 mins minimum and after that also no one is available. i'm constantly trying their helpline no but it is almost impossible to have a word with their executive. god knows in what are they busy in when they are not able to solve this simple problem for last 9 days.

in this era of internet i'm feeling handicapped without a connection. all my works are kept in pending after having the monitory and temper loss. i've lost the patience to run after these stupid people.

kindly help me in this regard.

thanking you
manisha kumari
#1825,3rd floor, 23rd main road,
sector -1
HSR Layout
ph: 9739818311


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    Hye i disha jasani my accont no is 549901 & from last many days my net is not working so please start it immediately .
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    Dear sir,

    I G G SONAWANE having your Hathway broadband connection from 3 years.(Cable Modem)
    My account no. is 522140. from last two months i am getting poor internet connection.
    Daily i am facing the problem of disconnection of internet.
    I have made so many complaints from 2 months to your costumer care help for proper internet connection.
    Your 4-5 Engineers have visited personally to my house, for checking the problem.
    But still i am facing the same problem,
    Still I have not getting the proper signal of Internet.
    When I start to use the Internet within 30 min it gets disconnected.
    Please, Take it very seriously as i am your very old and regular customer, and solve my problem as soon as possible.

    Thanking you,

    G. G. Sonawane.
    Customer no. 522140
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    Sir / Madam,

    We are an old customer of HATHWAY & our Account # is 207612, we are facing a lot of problem,from hathway off late, we are unable to access our mail since 13th of July, we have lodged several complaints & also written to their helpdesk, but in vain. All our complaints are marked as attended, but unfortunately we are still living with the same problem.
    For your information the last three complaint # are 7095965, 7099922 & 7105193.
    Requesting you to use your good office & get my problem solved.


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    I am one of the many dis-satisfied customers of HATHWAY Broadband Services. Customer # 826215. services started on Dec 2011.
    I launched a complaint for interrupted broadband connection on Friday 2:30 am and since then I have called several times to the technical support but the only thing I am told is " we have sent a reminder to the engineer and that he would visit shortly". When I wrote an email to their helpdesk, they opened a new complaint before closing / working on the existing case.

    The apathy of the Technical Support is the biggest turn around on part of their services. I have given up on them and surely would be switching to a better operator. But before that I want to penalise them for taking customers like me for a ride.

    I want to spread the news about their pathetic customer services so that they do not get any more connections which would again suffer.

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    Therefore, in order to request that the old customer for hathway We and our user ID munwar and address 105, krutika apartment, Rang Avadhut society, Ramnagar, Rander Surat us that our are on him from above, Another person use an ID number which requested the investigation.
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    I am having frequent network failures and 678 errors and despite giving complains, the problem remains unsolved.
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    This A.K.Senapthi having account no. 902381. From last saturday (29th Sept 2012) internet was disconneted. I made a call to the customer care. They told that the they have network problems in ejipura area. By Sunday it will get resolved. But, sunday nothing happened. Monday (1st Oct 2012) internet was working for 2-3 hours. Then it got disconnected. Again called to the customer care. Then from monday onwards everyday i used to call to the customer care and used to listed same statement that they are having problems in ejipura area and will be get resolved by next day. But, nothing happened till today. I asked to talk with manager. But, everytime their manager is out of office. I have already paid bill for three months. I asked to return the payment. Customer care guys are good for nothing. I could not able to work from home. If the hathway guys can not able to solve the connection please return the payment whatever i have paid for 3 months.
    A/C No. : 902381
    House No.:7,ganesh Nivas,20th C Cross,
    rama temple road,Ejipura,Bangalore
    Contact : 9164615296
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    Hathway is not going to provide you any good service even though you will die complaining them, they have a kind of third grade service.
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    pls cheak my problem, data reciever problem last 3 days not working .online problem
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    I had made a complaint about 15 days ago to the kalyan branch of hathway about very slow speed of internet i.e.10.0 mbps but they aren't responding to our complaint.Please do make note of that. my account number is 935777
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    dear sir,
    i am prakash deshpande i stay in aurangabad ,
    i complate dt 12 nov,
    today is 19 nov ,
    what is your matter ,why,
    and nobady recive phone in office,
    nobaday respome proparly
    i am yearly member ,
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    customer care sucks tried all their no. still cant reach them what to do
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    I have been trying since last 2 weeks all your customer care help lines.. but no one picks up.. did complain twice during last 3 days regarding my internet issue. which is been consistent since last month... but no action has yet been taken..Kindly send some executive to resolve the issue otherwise i will have to disconnect my services.. without payement and also a claim of heavy amount which i have lost due to unavailability of network at the required specific time.

    sandeep thapa

    ph: 9619153235
    account number 702055.
    postal colony chembur east -- 400071
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    i dont think the hathway employees know the meaning of word sorry. they are very irresponsible and give false commitments to the customers. from the past two months i am telling them to put the channels such an easy thing they take months
    and actually the real purpose o me writing this complaint is PLEASE TEACH YOUR NOT SO EXPERT TEAM OF CUSTOMER CARE SOME MANNERS
    eg today as they did they asked is she your daughter
    I mean what do you gotta do with this why should i answer your question u guys r my serwants i pay you for this n how can they ask such questions
    IT is against the rules of the company and i am sure that there is no point of me writting this complaint because you fools you donkeys can never understand!
    but i hope you'l take an action against this!
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    Hi !!!

    This is in related to your baodband service provider "STRONG COMPLAINT" as we have our card no: 000051000677 & 37156528 from last 8 days we have made N number of complaint i.e Ticket no: 6077776988 for channels not recvd like AAJTAK, INDIA NEWS, ZEE NEWS , TEZ

    we have spoken to various people rel;ateed to this n after a long n repeated talk they were failed to start the news channel

    Kindly look into the matter and try to solve the pro long disease prblem which they have repetdly failed to do so

    Thanx n awaiting tyo see that we hear some positive from you and get our requested channel started
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    Hi !!!

    Even after several telephonic reminders since last 8 days there has been N number of complaint against card no: 51000677 n 37156528 for zee news , india news, zee news, tez vide ticket no: 6077776988

    only verbl assurance were given but NO ACTION TAKEN

    Kindly look into the matter and try to solve the prblem at an early date

    Awaiting your reply/action

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    This is to inform you that we opted for your set top box and now we are not satisfied with it . All the channels are blocked . We live in prashant vihar , rohini sec- 14 . New delhi -110085 . Please look into the problem as the set top box is now being useless for us .
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    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a permanent customer of your Internet service, my A/C No. is 231134 and Email ID is Ram_narayan0156@yahoo.co.in. There has been an average satisfactory service was given so far but since about three to four months the standard of your service has gone down very rapidly. I am facing lot of problem as the Internet is being disconnected for about one or two days very often. In this week there was no Internet service on 9th of Mar 2013 and subsequently on 11th Mar 2013 till afternoon 12th Mar 2013 without any prior intimation to me or to your customer. This has become a regular practice every now and then. I would like to request you to look into the matter and be informed to me accordingly. Also the lapses be compensated to the user at your end. Waiting for your reply.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully

    Ram Narayan
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    this is to inform we opted for your set top box and expect all channels to be forecasted,u have not paid your dues does not mean that the customers should suffer.all the channels of viacom 18 has been blocked.i live in kasba,kolkata.please look into the matter
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    some asianet new channels are not coming and sports channels are not coming
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    This is Raghunath, an unsatisfied customer of hathway cable.
    We make regularly payment to HSR Layout branch.
    our Set top box has not been switching on after continous calling to hsr office form 13 april till today we not got the Set top box repaired.
    i have been calling them several times a day to help me in this regard but there has been no response. however i am being constantly told that it will be rectified within 1 day. i also called at the hathway office in hsr however they said they cant help me in this matter.how much time will take to call other dish tv's connection.

    Horrible third grade service.i dont think the hathway employees know the meaning of word sorry. they are very irresponsible and give false commitments to the customers. their helpline no keeps the customers waiting around 10 - 15 mins minimum and after that also no one is available. i'm constantly trying their helpline no but it is almost impossible to have a word with their executive. god knows in what are they busy in when they are not able to solve this simple problem for last 15 days.

    i've lost the patience to run after these stupid people.

    kindly help me in this regard.

    thanking you
    #468,hudco houses
    koramangala police qtrs
    bangalore 34

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    Dear Sir,

    your customer care person mr. shatru is not capable to handle your service. because my important complaint talking to him but he was very unresponsible person.

    i am calling this person Tuesday eveing 10.10 pm. Date : 21 may 2013


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    Hi, I have paid one year subscription. I had paid for all channels. Since 15 days there are no Start TV film channels, NDTV channels ,TTD etc Despite reporting no actions are taken. Also 50 % of existing channels that are being made available are of bad quality. We can not view them at all. All these problems are due to bad media servers Hathway has deployed and for many channels(like star tv) they have not payed or resolved disputes. Ten sports channels too gets repeatedly messaged for not being payed and gets cut off.
    In some areas Hathway customer pay Rs.150 per month(at Ramamurthy Nagar) and at some places Hathway charges Rs300 per month (at Indiranagar) etc. There are no single cost like other professional networks like sky or DHL etc. , across Bangalore .

    When called on central numbers of Hathwaycall center, they suggest to contact local supplier and local suppliers are off when we call them at evening times.

    A troubled customer of Hathway.
    318,10th main,
    Indiranagar 2nd stage
    Bangalore -560038
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    Do not solve three days
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    Respected sir,
    I got a connection installed 30TH MAY with one router and two WI-Fi Modems and you technician Sanjeev came to install the connection. At that point of time he was like your one laptop software is not working properly so wifi will not work in this laptop ,although my previous airtel wifi was working properly.I said ok i will concern with my software engineer But there was no problem found in laptop.After doing so many complaints Sanjeev and Manish came to see the matter and stated that the wireless driver of another laptop is not working and suddenly i switch over to airtel Net and Airtel network started working and the guys shocked as they wrote on paper that you wifi driver is not working, i have the proof! After that three executives came to rectify the problem and all was fine at that time.But now i am facing many problems from last five days like its not working properly in Smartphones and all.i should say i have wasted my 4200 without knowing you Brand And services.Its better to pay 1000 extra to airtel and enjoy the services.MR. JAVEED promises me to refund the same amount if it will not work again. and now he is not picking up the call (9582269069) from last five days as he is scared and he is forcing me to take some serious action. I request you to please look into the matter and get Refund my Rs 4200 as soon as possible i have all written and verbal communication of your technicians RECORDED as I m totally dissatisfied with this shit network.,
    yours Faithfully
    Vineet jain
    customer code 994742
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    I Have been calling up Sai Star Network Helpline everyday for past 8 days for sending some technician at my home to check what is the issue with Set Top Box which is not working for last 8-9 days. nobody came so finally i had visited the Kandivali office where i carried my STB to check, now when they checked it at their office it was working, so that means there is some issue either in cable wires or signlling somewhere, i requested (actually pleaded) them to send somebody at home to check the issue, till next day afternoon again nobody came, so i called up again that time the guy told me that their technician is in that area i will ask him (so dont understand till now what they were doing), finally that guy came i checked it was not working so he said there is some issue with signals i will come back with proper wiring by 3 pm.....till now nobody came again same rutine i am calling up them everyday and they say person will come to your house.....

    This is is most pathetic customer service i have everseen, hoping that someday they'll come by their own and solve the issue....
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    UN satisfied customer

    I had purchased connection of hathway in the month of march 2013, My Ac no is 976178 on Sunday 17th march executive from Hathway Kalyan west Mr. Suresh +918691959696 this gentlemen called me and said he has a scheme in which I have to pay for Three months and one month internet I will get free, I said Ok and asked to send the person to collenct the payment everything is done well internet started and today on 13th June I received sms from Hawthway stating that my internet will expire on 17th June, In next few minutes I called Mr. Suresh but he said he don’t remember it and asking me to come to office to settle the issue I was requesting him if take live for one day I’ll lose four time money than the monthly rent of your internet but no use, Top of that this pathetic fellow kept phone aside in spite of knowing that I’m on other side then eventually I had cut the call, After that he was not answering my call at all, I sent him an sms as well but no reply from him.

    If customer care of hathway really cares for customers Please solve the issue on priority.
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    From two months chasing hathway for refund payment which I made twice, Billing department is pathetic and never revert back on any complaints.

    Did Payment in April 29.. hathway billing said they have not received make another payment.. which I made on 30April.

    lady from Hathway said that the refund will be credited to your account within 7 days ..its two months now chasing but no resolution and each time i call i get frustrated.

    Last choice left out is consumer court.. please guide me for the solution.

    Customer details:
    A/C # 786560
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    my name is sanket patel and my account no is 515547.my last plan was going to be end on 12 june but they ended my connection 4 days before 12june(i.e 8,9,10,11).after dialling their no. which takes 25-30 mins they said they will send engineer.but no one came.i renewed my account on 15 june,they said it will start at 8.30pm which didnt happened.i complained at 8.30 they said engineer vl come n he did came on sunday,solved it but again after 1 hour my net was disconnected.i again complained n they said engineer wil come but he didnt come on 17 n 18june.i couldnt sit fr interviews which i need to apply thru net.net was connected on 19 june but again on 24 june,it was disconnected.i call again,they replied me saying dat "u vl be called from our customer care" but i didnt get any call.when again called them n said if they dont anything i vl complain in consumer court she said "thik h,okay".the way she said was lyk they dont care, not afraid of anything and vl continue to harass customers.they work better only when our plan is going to end n call customers before 1 week of ending of plan.pls pls do something abt them as 2 buildings beside me having their customes r facing similar problems.thanks.
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