Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to register a complaint against GoAir Airlines (Domestic Indian Airline services)
I have booked a ticket from Delhi to Bangalore in Goair Airlines.
Ticket details are as follows:
Date of Booking:29/02/2012
Date of Travel :13/03/2012
Flight number: G8201

Now, my complaint is that, the flight was scheduled to depart on 6300hrs, but the time got preponed and I have not been informed about the same.
When I reached the airport at 5.30AM, and authority denied to give the Boarding Pass and they even denied to reschedule the ticket.
I mean, the Goair should have informed me either through an email or through the phone. Because of their negligence I lost my money and forced to buy another ticket on extra cost.
So now, I would kindly request you to consider my complaint and take the appropriate action.

Thank You.


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    Hi Go Air Team,

    I made a return trip booking from cleartrip.com from Pune-Delhi for Go Air airlines PNR C5VFSB, However I need to Re scheduled my journey so I directly contacted your airlines to Re-schedule my tickets on which i was informed I can only make payment through IVR only no other way for making the payment is available, So When my call was transfer to IVR I tried to make payment but was rejected 3 times with rejection message "You are not Authorized". So I placed cancel request on the tickets on cleartrip.com and made a new Flight booking from makemytrip.com on Go Air airlines PNR XEH3CO.

    After few days I am informed your cancel request cannot be completed as you need to pay the balance of Rs.4002/-, only after payment of balance amount I will be able place Cancel Request and for that I will be charges again around Rs.2000/-, i.e for Cancellation of my tickets I need to pay Rs.6000/-(approx) which is not done.

    Expected from Go Air Team
    Call Center representatives to inform the customer all the modes of payment.
    If the payment is not made for rescheduling it should get auto canceled.
    As I have 2 Open Tickets
    Option 1 - Cancel the PNR C5VFSB tickets with cancellation charge (950 + 950), i.e Rs (9350 - 1900) = Rs.7450 Should be Refunded.
    Option 2 - Cancel the PNR XEH3CO tickets with ZERO cancellation charges, So that I can Go - Ahead with PNR C5VFSB ticket rescheduling.

    Kindly Resolve this issue ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ishwinder Singh
    Accenture Services Pvt Ltd
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    Never been cheated by an airline like this. I had upgraded to business class from mumbai to delhi flight and charged rs2500 for tht. Howevrr at the gate they told me I ws downgraded to normal class due to their system error. They said the rxtra cost would be balanced by extra luggage but as business class I was allowed tht much luggage anyway otherwise I would have returned my bag home. Didnt expect to get looted like this. Apart from being low in cost they are also low in character
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    respected sir
    i have cancelled 3 tickets under pnr no,(5TYHCT) (KQSZ1G) ON 3 MAY 2013 but i have no received my refund amount. i have called so many times to concerns but nobody is careing about that.plz help me
    javid ahmad
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    Dear Sir,
    My PNR no is 4F2BBF and Booking Ref ID : 2014/DIN/0303797

    I had booked a flight from Goa to Nagpur scheduled to depart on 13th May, 2014.
    This flight was cancelled abruptly and I was notified about the same very late (5th May, 2014). As you are aware, Flight ticket's prices go up exorbitantly in the last few days. I had booked this ticket for INR 3171. Although this amount has been promised to be refunded to my account, this is causing me great difficulty.

    I have a scheduled appointment on 14th May,2014 at Nagpur, which I need to make, failing which my Internship at this company will stand cancelled. So, I need another ticket from Goa to Nagpur on 14th May. Now, as I have been informed, all GoAir flights have been cancelled and I am being offered another ticket on 18th May, which may end up to be detrimental to my career.

    The cheapest price of ticket available right now is INR 6937.00.(Indigo flight: PNR: E21VQ1) Due to grave inefficiency on your behalf, I am forced to book this ticket. Hence, I would request GoAir, to refund the balance amount ie. (6937-3171=3766) I expect that the company has the minimum decency to be able to refund this amount to me as part of damages caused by unprecedented activity on your behalf.

    I am surprised that GoAir has been taking such decisions in such an unprofessional manner as I regularly fly with your airlines. Now, I feel that my return flight ticket ( PNR: 3T80F1), also should be cancelled and I need to partake all my future travel with another Airlines Company.

    Expecting quick response,

    A troubled Passenger.

    PS: You already have my details in your Booking ID ref.
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    I have purchased air ticket from GO AIR BY SBI debit Card on 22/5/2014 but some unavoidable circumstance I have cancelled the same air ticket in evening I have sent mail to Refunds@goair.in forth before this complaint for refund regarding Cancelled air ticket on dated 22/5/2014 for New Delhi to Srinagar for 9/06/14 and back Srinagar to Delhi for 15/6/14 with booking reference No. OT5896 and Cancelled by voucher no.7GPWPL BUT YOUR COMPANY has not deposited the amount of Rs.15000/- in my account. so, I request you to do needful for refund to deposit in my account.

    Mobile No.09426456084
    Resident address
    C-203, Vitthal A square flat,
    Motera Stadium Road,Motera,
    E-mail address. tjmunia@yahoo.com
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    BOOKING ID NF2201334322993 via make my trip
    FLIGHT NO. G8 391/397
    date 8 july 2014
    occasion : emergency due to Demise of my father
    from Bangalore to Lucknow Via Mumbai
    tickets cost : 25K approx for 2 tickets

    we bought urgent two tickets of go air flight ON 8JULY beacuse of our fathers demise on the same day.
    boarding time was 45 min before scheduled time, but we reached 30mins before. Ravi Repswal was at go air counter and that Bastard denied out chekin even after telling him the emergency reason.we called make my trip to cancel our tivket beacuse flight was still on ground. but make my trip customer care refused to do on phone. who will understand consumers problem ????
    we missed the funeral ceremony too. who is responsible ?? we want our money back .

    Go air Staff is resonsible for our loss, we had mental and financial issues. we want compensation of our loss.

    refund our money.

    Go air is the worst flight with such a bastard people in staff. we will never travel with this service again
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    @hi International airport New Delhi was 9.55 am.
    The flight took off on schedule but during the flight we were informed by the pilot over the intercom that the flight was delayed. I was not worried as this was quite normal.
    The flight G8-327 landed at 10.21 am -26 minutes behind the scheduled time and that when the nightmare started. We rushed out from the arrival lounge and headed for the departure lounge which was located in another building on the first floor. We entered through gate 7 was headed for the security check. Once out of security, we ran on to gate no 9, where we were confronted by the digital announcement board that that the gate was closed.
    We approached the three GoAir officials at the gate and explained that we had just got out of flight G8-327 from Mumbai and that we were there to catch flight G8-151 bound for Guwahati. They told us that the flight had departed while rudely demanding to know why we had deplaned as the same air craft was bound for Guwahati. I was perplexed for a moment but showed them the second boarding pass for flight no G8-151 and asked them if the same air craft was flying on to Guwahati why were we issued two boarding passes. To which they replied that it was ‘standard procedure’. One of them took away the boarding pass and asked us to follow him.
    At the counter we were told to wait. I watched them as they stood a little away their face grim as they discussed the situation. After about 15 minutes I walked up to the counter and asked for the fate of our luggage which was booked through to Guwahati. They asked me to be patient and wait as they were bringing it. 45 minutes or so later our bags were wheeled in. One of the airline employees tried to remove the baggage tags but I prevented them from doing so. By this time I had begun to realise that the airlines was attempting a cover up.
    So one again I approached the counter and demanded to meet their superior to register my complains. But I was stonewalled again and again. When I persisted they haughtily informed that they would rebook my ticket for the following day. A young man, in the airline uniform was given my boarding pass and was instructed to ask me take me to the reservation office to get the paper work done. However at the exit gate the young man passed on that chore to a lady colleague. I followed her on to the reservation office and was asked to wait at the lobby while she disappeared into the maze of offices with the Delhi Guwahati boarding passes. I waited for a very long time but I never saw her ever again. My patients ran out after a long wait and so I walked behind the counters trying to locate the lady. She was nowhere to be seen. Just as I despaired ever getting any where I noticed the air line staffer who had guided us from gate no 9 to the counter. I caught hold of him and demanded to know the status of the rebooking of our tickets. He asked me for the PNR no on my Mumbai Delhi Boarding pass and within seconds I was holding the new tickets booked the following day.
    I then demanded that the airlines make arrangements for the hotels at our unscheduled stop over at New Delhi. He coldly told to take care of it myself; once again iterating that the air lines were not at fault and so was not liable. I lost one whole precious day thanks to Go air. I also had to shell out of my pocket for my lodge and board plus taxi fare for the unnecessary stop over at Delhi.
    I boarded flight G8-151 bound for Guwahati the following day but not before I extracted the information from the flight manager that flight G8-151 originates from Bangaluru and not Mumbai as claimed by the officials’ of GoAir.

    Some questions
    If the same air craft was on ward bound to Guwahati why were we issued two boarding passes? With two sets of seat numbers
    If our luggage was booked through to Guwahati how/why was it unloaded at New Delhi air port.
    Would they have treated any other passenger from the ‘mainland India’ in the same shabby way?

    I can only conclude the following:-
    This is a clear case discrimination against people from the north east of the country
    Ingenious way to harass passengers
    Blatant racist attitude.
    The air line in risky one and I strongly advise travellers to avoid using their service
    The airlines had better pull up its socks if it wants to stay in business

    I was travelling with a cousin who is a cancer survivor on our way back home after his annual medical check up at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
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    Dear Sir,
    I have booked the tickets from Delhi to Srinagar and return through PNR NO: PC3FVJ on 31st August, 2014 for my family vacation. But now due to the prevailing situations in the Srinagar, I want to cancel my booking. As per the directions issued by the DGCA no cancellation fees will be charged from the passengers who donot want to fly to Srinagar. So I request you to cancel my tickets and refund my full money without levying any charges.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Devesh Kumar,
    Mob: 9953772268
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