Complaint MakeMyTrip

To whom it may concern!

I am one of the millions customers that are booking flight tickets/holidays through your website.
I am experiencing the worst customer service that I have received in my entire life!

On 9th Jan I have booked a flight ticket. When I received the e-ticket on my email, I realized that by misteke I booked the wrong dates. So, I called on customer service and one of your assitants was kind enough and he canceled my flight and said that as per company policy I can't receive a refund but within 1 year, I can book any flight I want, of course paying the fees accordingly.
Booking ID: AN251 912 37 0408
E-ticket: 176 909 111 7849
Log Id given by makemytrip after cancellation: 120 110-025 894
Since 9th of Jan, I am calling on Customer Service line every hour! I am on hold for at least 20 - 30 min till someone answers my call and after telling my story, they are transferring me to another department, as they are not able to help me.
This is happening every time! They are transferring me from a department to another and nobody is able to help me. I have asked to talk to a supervisor and they totally refuse, hanging up the phone in my face!!!
I have logged my complain in your website, on all possible email address and of course I haven't received any reply!!!

All I wanted was to book a flight, but apparently you guys are not able and capable to help me so I am wondering where is that great customer service that Mohit Gupta is talking about?
I have emailed Geeta Eral hopping to have an resolution!

I will not stop till a senior person from Makemytrip will contact me! It's not possible to offer this kind of service!

My email address is and the log id that i have received after logging my complain is: 120112-027099


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    To whom it may concern!

    on 14th april I have booked a flight ticket. hyderabad to bhopal ,time 17.00 .but i missed my flight when asked for refund MMT customer care refused to pay any single amount of money and directed me to call airline,he also told me that if airline is ready to pay they dont have any problem, when i contact spice jet customer care he told directly that i m eligible for some amount of money .then again mmt hold me 20 min on telephone and ready to pay money with condition that they will take there charges .but till date i m waiting for my money .i m middle class family and traveling my air is only urgent. 4583 ticket fare is big part of my salary

    Booking ID: NF2514017537492

    My email address is moble number 9886033641
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    i had booked RETURN railway tickets from NEW DELHI to AHMEDABAD for Rajdhani
    MakeMyTrip Booking ID: NR2151310437922 1.) Cancellation Reference No: IN1202R0096891 2.) Cancellation Reference No: IN1202R0096516
    MakeMyTrip Booking ID: NR2151310437132 1.) Cancellation Reference No: IN1202R0096903 2.) Cancellation Reference No: IN1202R0096507

    i have been regularly following it up with call center,and sending them e-mails also about NO REFUND RECIEVED
    but they have been delaying this on some pretext or the other

    now they simply donot entertain my call,and disconnect it after few minutes

    i as a TROUBLED customer am writing to you to kindly help me in getting my refund amount
    my number is 9810632383 and my e-mail is,

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    I booked for the flight 5 persons. my booking ID is UN252052624064. I booked at 12th April 2012 and I am travelling on 20 th May. they have issued me E-tickets the day I bought. When I checked that PNR code in airline website. it was confirmed. it was OK and when I checked again back at 1st May. It was cancelled. so, I contacted at customerservice chat. they were telling me a story and asked me to wait for 48 hours and they will reply.. i waited for 48 hrs and I got no fucking reply. I called customer service hotline too. they said, they are system is down so, call them back after 5 hours. when calling them back, i need to explain all fucking thing from start, took me 45 mins international calls and asked me to wait for 48 hrs. i got no reply again..i contacted them 3 times like that, no reply.. customerservice email doesnt reply too..
    at 19th May. when i contacted them, they asked me to wait again 48 hrs.. i cursed them.. finally, i have to buy new tickets from another agent.. its my urgent to get to the destination.. so, i will recommended all of you.. dont ever buy tkt at they wont give u any service if u have problem with ur tkt.. they will give u alot of service when u buying.. when they vanish yr money.. they wont give u a shit..
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    i booked flights on 27/3/12 in make my trip with id NF2202617407871.on 9/5/12 i cancelled the booking with reference no Cancellation Reference No: IN1205R0022076,for which i should get Rs 4028 back,but they returned only Rs 2014 to my account on 12/5/12 and online status is transaction complete. kindly solve the email,mob no-9861666777
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    i ve booked ticket in make my trip on27/3/12 with booking id- NF2202617407871.Ive cancelled the same on 9/5/12 with ref no Cancellation Reference No: IN1205R0022076,for which i should get back Rs 4028,but my account only credited with Rs 2014.with repaeted attampts to connect with them failed,i want to know how to file a consumer case against them.
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    Whomesover it may concern,
    ID_ NN230102613313

    Booking date 02 April 2012.
    Two tickets from Hyderabad to London.

    I have bought two tickets for my parents to travel from Hyderabad, India to London on 02 April 2012 for 845 GBP ( Rs. 67,294/- )The dates were on 11 April 2012. I didn't receive e-tickets and after 3 days, I had to call MAke my Trip to enquire. Then they said that the bookings were not confirmed with the airlines. I asked for any other alternative. They said that I have to book a new ticket. I requested to make a new booking, and then they said I have to pay for that and they can't adjust the amount I have already paid. I requested my money back and they said that I will get my refund in 7 days. I have waited for nearly 20 days and tried to contact by phone. No option on phone for refunds/cancellations or so. I had to email them. They got back to me after one week again asking for my account details. I have sent them an email back with all my account details. Waited for 10 days. No refund. Again rang them and spoken to an agent on 09 May 2012 who said they have just initiated the refund and I will get the money in 6 or 7 days. On 12 May 2012, I have received an email again asking for account details to refund.

    Now I'm annoyed and frustated with the situation because I had to borrow money to book tickets from other direct airlines website after 15 days. What should have happened to my parents who are not highly educated if they have gone to the airport assuming that the booking was confirmed.?
    I'm still waiting for my refund!!! Dont know when I will get it. Its been 45 days days so far. They have taken my money immediately but I'm waiting since 45 days to get my own money back!!!!!!!

    Following are the email communications..
    On 25 April 2012.
    Thank you for contacting
    A Reference ID 120425-023715
    has been assigned for your query. You are requested not to change the subject line containing the Reference ID when replying to us to enable us to serve you better.
    You can expect to receive a reply shortly. If you require urgent assistance, please feel free to call us on our toll free number at 1860-500-5566 or +91-124-4628747 (from networks in and outside India).
    Warm regards,
    On 28 April 2102
    Where is my refund??

    Discussion Thread
    Response Via Email (Sunita Kumari) 01/05/2012 10.19 AM
    Dear Ms ELEYA,
    Greetings from MakeMyTrip!
    This is in reference of your mail, we have received your mail, we have forwarded this case to our accounts team.Kindly wait for 72 working hours.We do apologise for the delay and inconvenience caused.

    For any further assistance we are available round the clock on our toll free number 1-800-11-8747 (MTNL/BSNL) / 1-800-102-8747 (Airtel) / 95124-4628700 (Any Landline).You may also write to us through reply email or writing to [email] or visit us at Flights, Cheap Hotels at MakeMyTrip - India's No 1 Travel Site | Guaranteed Low Cost Air Tickets, Bus, Book Holiday Packages & Rail Tours Online[/url]. [/email]

    We care for you and value your business with us and look forward in assisting you with all your future travel plans.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sunita Kumari
    Customer Service Consultant
    Toll Free: 1860-500-5566
    Tel: 0124-4628747, 0124-2898747
    E-Fax number is 0124 - 4781801
    You are welcome to write to our management with feedback about our services at
    Customer By Email (ELEYA BASHAPAKALA) 26/04/2012 09.05 PM
    Could you please, please sort out my refund as soon as possible. I have not received refund yet which was initiated on 5th April 2012.
    Regards Eleya

    On 02 May 2012.........
    WTD Requierd

    Discussion Thread
    Response Via Email (Varun Gupta - IBM) 02/05/2012 07.31 PM
    Dear Customer,
    Greetings from Makemytrip!
    With reference of your booking id:- NN230102613313
    With the reference to our conversation we need to have details for online transfer to process the refund for any of the passenger available in the booking.
    Kindly provide the below details so that we can process the online transfer as soon as possible also " IFSC CODE" is mandatory and it will be written on your cheque book (Below Account Number & Bank Address).
    Booking ID :-
    IFSC code :-
    Account number :-
    Account Type :-
    Account holder name :-
    Bank Name :-
    Branch Name :-
    Bank City:-
    For any further assistance we are available round the clock on our toll free number 1-800-11-8747 (MTNL/BSNL)/1-800-102-8747 (Airtel).
    You may also write to us through reply email or writing to Flights, Cheap Hotels at MakeMyTrip - India's No 1 Travel Site | Guaranteed Low Cost Air Tickets, Bus, Book Holiday Packages & Rail Tours Online[/url].
    We value your business with us and look forward in assisting you with all your travel plans.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Varun Gupta
    You are welcome to write to our management with feedback about our services.
    On 12 May 2012......
    abt refund

    Discussion Thread
    Response Via Email (Ajay Bhatia) 12/05/2012 01.32 PM
    Greetings from MakeMyTrip!
    With reference to your e-mail about the refund for Booking ID NN230102613313 as per the bank's requirement, we request you to please provide the below mentioned details who is available in this booking so that we can process your refund at the earliest.
    IFSC code:
    Account Number:
    Account Type:
    Account Holder Name:
    Bank Name:
    Branch Name:
    Bank City:
    For any further assistance we are available round the clock on our toll free number 1-800-11-8747 (MTNL/BSNL)/1-800-102-8747 (All Major Mobile Operators)/ 0124-4628700 (Any Landline). You may also write to us through "Reply E-mail" or writing to [email]i or visit us at Flights, Cheap Hotels at MakeMyTrip - India's No 1 Travel Site | Guaranteed Low Cost Air Tickets, Bus, Book Holiday Packages & Rail Tours Online[/url].[/email]
    We value your business with us and look forward in assisting you with all your travel plans.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Ajay Bhatia
    MakeMyTrip (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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    Dear Sir,
    I had booked two separate Bus tickets for three persons for a journey from Durgapur to Kolkata by a (JAIDADA) Volvo Bus for 11.06.2012. Booking ID No. (1) NU2174929144519 Ticket No 1514840 (2) NU21714929144947 Ticket No 1514930. The payment was made through net Banking. At the last moment I got a sms that the trip has been cancelled due to breakdown. This caused me lot of trouble and I missed most urgent commitments, on top of that I have not yet received my money back to account. I called many times to a number given to some Mr. Jha who gave another no of one Mr. Sidhharth who is picking calls. Kindly arrange for the early refund to my account under intimation to my email ID or my mobile 9424160793
    Amitava Roy
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    This is in regards to cancellation I made for the Booking ID - NF2513618667190 (cancellation no: IN1210R0019498). I spoke with Aditi and she helps me in canceling the same from her side. Also, confirmed I should be eligible for full amount refund as per the current crisis with the Kingfisher airlines.

    However, when I check my "Check Refund Status", the status is shown as "Cancellation Reference No: IN1210R0019498. Cancellation Request under special claims is not approved" wherein Aditi confirmed this should be updated in next 45 minutes.
    I waited for 3 hours and no updates on the cancellation status. I called up MMT HekpDesk many times spoke with multiples Executives (Vishal, Kushal..) and they hung up the call on me.

    Later on, I spoke with Aditya and he wants me to ignore the cancel status and aware me that I should be eligible for full amount on the booking cancelled. Also provided me the as IN1208R0077487.


    Kindly update me on +91-99642 13170 if my cancellation is successful, and, if so when the same amount will be credited om my account.
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    MakeMyTrip - totally@doesn't@stand for its name. I am totally disappointed with all that happened right from booking to cancellation to refund. Here's what happened :

    Got a call from "Taranjot Kaur" ( - a MakeMyTrip executive who handled our honeymoon booking.

    Then , when I put in a cancellation request for the Trip the very next day , she gives me stories that - my initial booking amount@
    of Rs 20,000 has been used to book flights , hotels in Thailand and for our transfer cabs in Thailand - which is an utter made up story.

    And here is why @I need justice on this and a full refund back - as MakeMytrip got such untrained employees ( who are not even fit to lie or@
    keep following the previous track of story told to me :

    BOOKING ID :@IN1302B22313@
    Trip - India To Thailand ( Bangkok and Krabi )

    1. @We have not submitted the booking form with our signatures yet. I am sure its a part of@
    "SO CALLED - MAKEMYTRIP POLICIES AND PROCEDURES" , where the customer has to sign it , and only once they receive it
    can they use our booking money to go ahead with the other procedures.

    @Then , why the hell MakeMytrip used our hard - earned money to carry on@
    with the booking ?? ( though its obvious to everyone that its a lie , as any sensible travel agent or trip organizer will only ,
    I stress in DOUBLE QUOTES "Block the airlines / flights".

    2. @I have made a cancellation , the very next day after paying the initial amount ( Please refresh for Point 1 - Have not submitted@
    the signed copy of the Booking Forms yet , cos MakeMytrip have the tendency to forget what is convenient to them ) .

    @And I hear stories@of - "Mam ! Already booked flight tickets ,already booked hotel rooms , already booked cab services ". Ughh!! Give me a break .
    Its MakeMyTrips head ache , if you cant even value your customer and their hard - earned money even a little bit.

    3. When I called up "Taranjot Kaur" for the cancellation, she told me that there is no refund. I mean - "What ?? !! ". Is it your organizations
    money , that you can keep it safe and say "No Refund". When I am not availing your services , why the hell should I give you my money for free.

    I don’t know whether this is a way of making money, and if MakeMytrip is such an organisation, or if it’s actually only because of a few incompetent and ignorant employees. The fact is that this entrie episode has left me frustrated and angry and Rs.10,000 poorer. Not to mention the countless calls I have made to MakeMyTrip wasting my time hoping for a good outcome.

    4. The next thing that happened was that , I had to have such an@embarrassing@conversation with Taranjot , where she gave me a bargain for the refund every other call. I felt like I am bargaining and buying vegetables.

    @First call she told me that I will be getting a minimum of only 3000 Rs as refund. Second call - the refund amount got increased to Rs 5000 ( God knows from where the flight tickets got dropped). Third call - Rs 8000 ( as if MakeMyTrip is offering a job with a salary package negotiation. ). And then all of a sudden from nowhere , she said refund amount is Rs 10,000. I told her - "I want my whole money back" and she promised me to get in touch with her higher officials for the same.

    5. Next thing she had asked me was , if she could proceed with the cancellation. I said YES. ( Though she did not confirm me that Rs 10,000 was all I would receive . Cos you know obviously - I was bargaining with a vegetable vendor and I expected a better bargain :D :D) - By the way , MakeMyTrip @I am mocking at you for having such stupid , good for nothing employees. Please do not
    feel happy or proud that I have included a SMILEY.

    6. The next event was shocking and a surprise to me. I was all teeth and glee. I had received a message on my mobile registered with MakeMyTrip@that my booking has been cancelled. And a refund amount of Rs 17,750 will be processed in next 7 business days. The exact copy of the message below :

    "Cancellation request received for MakeMyTrip Booking ID - IN1302B22313 , Refund Amount of@@Rs 17,750 will be processed in next 7 business days. Thank You"

    Now, what would you expect me to do ? I called up Taranjot and told her that I have received a cancellation message with so and so amount. And I kept Idle waiting for my account to get credited with the same.

    7. I receive Rs.10,000 in my bank account on 12th March 2013, saying Rs10,000 has been credited. I was wondering why only Rs10,000 ?. I called up Taranjot and inquired the same. She promised to check and tell me. No response. I tried calling her personal number. One ring and gets disconnected. @My number had been blacklisted or on call divert . And I realised it late. This is how she ditches customers. But when she wants business , she will call you and nag you to book with MakeMyTrip.

    8. The final made up story of theirs is : I receive the cancellation message on 1 st March,2013. On 25th March 2013 , they tell me that "Its an Automated message and the amount mentioned is wrong" . Again I try reaching , no response. Nada.

    If this episode is not sorted out ASAP, I would personally make sure that all my relatives, friends and acquaintances get to know about the way MakeMyTrip treats its customers and does business. And trust me, with an episode like this not ANY of them would be very interested in doing business with MakeMytrip ever again.

    @Furthermore, I would NOT AT ALL hesitate to approach MakeMytrip via consumer forums, to claim back what is rightfully my hard earned money. Not to mention the trauma I have been going through speaking to your various employees and their different versions of the procedures. And so far, seeing the outcome, I dare say some of the things they told me were blatant lies.

    @Please understand, that this was supposed to be my honeymoon trip, but MakeMytrip didn’t actually make it, but left a really really bad taste, which it would do well to rectify.”
    A very very disgruntled customer
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    Dear Customer,

    We are sorry to read about the issue. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    In reference to your complaint, we have re-checked details with our accounts team and found that full refund for INR 44789.00 has been initiated from our end on 08-Mar-14 and should be credited to your account as per your bank processing cycle. Refund reference number for the transaction is RRN-405519927746.

    Assuring you best of our services.

    Team-MakeMyTrip Care
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    Reasons To Avoid Doing Business With (mmt)

    R1. Mmt screens incoming calls --- I am absolutely convinced.
    R1.1. If you select “new booking” from their phone menu they will take your call.
    R1.2. If you select “existing booking” they will either (a) not pick up the call at all, or (b) place you on hold, then disconnect you after sixteen minutes on hold.
    R1.3. If you select “dial an extension”, if you happen to have an employee’s extension number, the employee is free to decide whether or not he or she wants to take your call. Chances are she’d rather not.
    R1.4. Only if you complain on their fb site will their “Department of Customer Delight” (yes that’s what it’s called) step in and respond to your phone calls.

    R2. Mmt will try and shake you down for any extra change they can extort.
    R2.1. The terms printed in my ticket said a $350 charge will apply for any reschedule + any fare difference.
    R2.2. When I requested a reschedule they wrote March 10 to say that I will be liable for $610 + $50 mmt service fee + fare difference.
    R2.3. I wrote back to say I’d be damned. I pointed at the terms in my ticket.
    R2.4. They wrote back again, same day, to say that they will charge me $350 + 5% service tax on (airline penalty + fare difference).
    R2.4. On April 4 they asked instead for $350 + $50 service fee + fare difference.
    R2.5. Mmt finally offered to sell me a reservation for $350 plus a fare difference of $490. They were being extra nice to me, they had the temerity to suggest. That sums to $840. I said surely there’s a cheaper ticket online. They checked and they said: ah yes, you can get a new one-way ticket for $670. Please go book it at the mmt website, they suggested. I’d have to be such a damn fool!
    R2.6. Should the idea that they need to get me a good fare not have occurred to them of their own?

    R3. Some employees are careless. Some lie.
    R3.1. Here are “phone numbers” an employee sent me by way of email: “For any further assistance we are available round the clock on our toll free number 1-800-11-8747 / … / 95124-4628700 (Any Landline).” Neither of these numbers clearly makes any sense. And their availability is not 24/7. It is 0/0.
    R3.2. An employee wrote in email, and later told me on the phone, that she had called me April 2, at about 4:30 pm. My phone shows no missed calls that afternoon or evening.

    R4. Phone manners
    R4.1. The greeting is delivered by a lady who sounds like she’s about to pat your ass and chide you playfully for pinching her again. She’s extra-jocular, and sports a Hoxbridge accent from Gurgaon. She is actually a typical specimen of the sort they appear to catch around here for telephone jobs.
    R4.2. The hold announcement repeats ad nauseam every five seconds. Fifteen minutes of that is enough to drive anyone crazy.

    R5. Shuttle-cock strategy
    R5.1. If you get in through the “new booking” route, the India office will tell you that since you made your booking in the US their “US Department” will call you. They most certainly will not.
    R5.2. If you get in again through the “new booking” route, the India office will tell you to call their US office at a 1-800 number, which you cannot call from an Indian phone.
    R5.3. Then they will suggest you live-chat on-line with the US office.
    R5.4. The live chat agent will disconnect you most abruptly at the drop of a hat. There is no chat transcript. Before the agent disconnects he will ask you to call the India office.
    R5.5. After two chat sessions, there will be no more chats. Your chat budget is done. You will get an unresponsive yellow screen that asks you call the India office, and gives you a 1-800 US number for good measure.

    R6. Bottom line
    R6.1. I have wasted at least 40 hours waiting on hold, calling, getting cut off, and writing email messages to mmt.
    R6.2. I was nearly a no-show (my ticket would have voided) on my original return date because mmt would not pick up my calls for five days, nor call back, or in any way process my change of reservation. I had to call the airline directly, in panic at the last minute, to cancel my return reservation.
    R6.3. Shoot yourself in the foot before you think of doing business with this terrible company.

    Be a good Samaritan. Please forward to every traveling person you know.
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    Dear Customer,

    We were looking into your concern but have found that a few important details are missing.

    Please provide us with the following details:

    - Booking ID or
    - Email address used at the time of booking

    We await your response to get the matter checked at our end.
    Assuring you best of our services.

    Team-MakeMyTrip Care
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    Being a customer for more than 5 years to make my trip, regret to say I am really disappointed with my last experience.
    Details of which are mentioned below and I am gonna make sure this information and poor service details reaches to most of the existing/new users of make my trip..

    I have booked a flight from bengaluru to new delhi on 26 th april
    flight indigo 6e -122 departing at 5:20 pm..
    MakeMyTrip Booking ID: NF2202831998705
    I verified multiple times that I have selected correct flight and entered correct passenger details.

    After payment I got an eticket of a different flight at 11 am on same day.. enquiring with makemytrip associates mentioned that their logs suggests I have selected 11 am flight only.

    I do not know and do not care what logs suggest, as if it is a technical issue logs might also show wrong info..

    Ended up canceling flight losing 1750 rupees and booking from some other website as didn't got any sort of support from makemytrip.

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    Dear Customer,

    We are sorry to read about the issue.

    In reference to your complaint, we have re-checked details at our end and found that while booing this ticket you have selected Indigo flight 6E-108 which departs Bangalore at 1100 hrs. Please note that this information is captured under booking logs which in turn is a carbon copy of the information which passenger selects on our website while booking his reservation. If there would have been any error while booking this ticket, it automatically gets captured in the booking logs but in this case, there was no error and the flight you had selected got issues accordingly. We are sorry but we cannot honor this case.

    We thank you for contacting us.

    Assuring you best of our services.

    Team-MakeMyTrip Care
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    I was making a booking on 24 June 2014 from Del to Dar-e-salam from oman airlines on your website & in the final stages of the process after making the payment through netbanking the message pooped on your website that the booking cannot be processed due to server problem on makemytrip website. I have not received any booking confirmation but my account has been debited with Rs. 96320.
    Next day your Executive Ms. Seema Kashyap said that the payment is received & confirmed the booking with the following iD: Confirmation Mail-IN1406B0S168091
    When I inquired about the e-ticket the CCE said payment has not yet been received & kept transferring the call from 1 CCE to another without giving me any satisfactory answer.
    When I tried to contact Seema she is not available to help me solve my query.
    For the past 2 days I am trying to get a response from your side but to no help. My a/c has been debited with a hefty amount & you people have absolutely careless response to customer’s grievances.
    I regret having chosen your site for making the booking as you people have no respect for your customers & no value for their money.
    I need an urgent reply from the senior management as I have to make this booking urgently but cannot do so as my money is already debited with no info as to where it has gone.

    My email id is :

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    This is suresh and my booking id is IN1408B2S010882, make my trip guys recovered the money from the amount I paid for my travel for some historical issues with Holidays Inn Wayanad Resort, and I have been tortured by the hotel everyday that my booking not confirmed so please do not travel, if you travel then we will make you stand outside etc. . But make my trip guys says that your booking is confirmed. I've planned to travel with my family where 5 year old kid is there and 2 other friends family, the whole trip was collapsed just because of the trouble these guys made, . its been more than 15 days, . they are not arranging for any alternate and they are least bothered about to resolve this issue, . Did any once taken this legally, give me contacts, . I don't want to leave this simple, . not just because of few thousands, its a threat from both the parties, especially when you plan a travel with family, . The way I have been treated and they completely ruined my purpose the family trip.

    Now I have end up trashing my other travel arrangements to Wayanad and to ooty as well which was planned on the next days.

    Its beyond the service, . they sucks and tortured me for more than 15 days, . iam looking like a fool in front of my family and friends. by choosing make my trip.

    you guys do not choose, if you want to have pleasant experience. stay out of this guys, . plan yourself, . call the hotel directly. definitely not these guys.

    Suresh Kumaresan
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    Hi , myself Vandana maurya , i am frim and my friend had an online AC volvo bus booking from make my , which was on 14 aug 2014 evng 7:30 , majnu ka tila from delhi..we reached there at 6:50 pm sharp, but no bus was there with such details when we asked other bus operators lyk apsara and rao travels thn they said it to be fraud as because the ph no mention on the ticket were also switched off..we were running here and there in the search of our bus bt faild..we waited there till 9:30 but got nothing...the place was delhi n i was from meerut..u cant even imagine that we had no place to go at dat tym..i was very scared n disturbed too , lyk how is't possible???how can such sites do dis??? The whole money , tym , vacation jst distroyed...and ftom dat tym m regulrly complaining on theur sites but no reply and now evn the customer supportives are not taking my call..i just want all my money back..the details of my ticket arebooking ID- NU 77012938146845.. Plz help as i hv no option left..i hv heard abt dis dts why m complaining here,my contact no is 7895859761
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    Dear Suresh,

    Greeting from MakeMyTrip,

    As promised, we have initiated full refund for INR 2278.00 from our end today and same should reflect in your account as per your bank processing cycle.

    We appreciate your understanding and co-operation on the case. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance on the case.

    We thank you for contacting us.

    Assuring you best of our services.


    Team-MakeMyTrip Care
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    Dear Customer,

    We are sorry to read about the issue. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    In reference to your complaint, we have validated your case with our accounts team and found that after your discussion with ( Kunal Walk In ) full refund for INR 3198.00 with RRN# 81318852361 has been initiated from our end on 16-Aug-14 and same should be credited to your account as per your bank processing cycle.We thank you for contacting us.

    Assuring you best of our services.

    Team-MakeMyTrip Care
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