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This is Sunil and I join "Gold GYM" in Cybercity (Tower 9B) in Gurgaon on 1 Year package. I paid Rs 18,000 for membership in lieu of quality of services which is expected out of International Brand like "Gold Gym". Since July this gym has closed for more than five times, sometimes as long as 5-10 days and is now completely closed. This erratic behavior was explained earlier by Gym Management as technical fault (Air conditioner failure etc.) and now...there is nobody to gym is closed.

In November, AC of gym was not working and whole area was smelling...... . After brief cardio ...I could not stand that smell and decided to call off. To my surprise ....i found that there were no towels in changing room .....due to non payment of dues to cleaner ( as told by house cleaning staff ). In December, GYM also lost the light and water connection but still they kept the gym open .... assuming that members can still use this gym ..without AC, water , light. And for last 15 days... its completely closed. I am trying to chase.... management of the gym (Mrs Poonam) for quite some time.... but it seems she is hardly visiting her office in gym these days.

I think ...I had given enough opportunity to management to mend their ways but things somehow are not working. Hence, I want my membership . I want gold gym international to look into this matter (as I joined this gymbecause of Brand name attached to it and not the local franchiser (Fortune Trading & Mining co. (and on bill it shows, "A Licensee of Gold's gym Franchising Inc, USA)) ) and do the needful as soon as possible.

As evident from their behavior ( not picking up our phones & no answer to emails; not showing up at gym and fooling around with new deadline every time for last three months), they does not want to be solving our problem. We (18 goldgym members at building 9B) have decided to take our case to court and pursue our compensation through legal process only, as all other means have failed.

I am also making "Gold gym India" party to this legal notice as they didn't do enough to prevent their name be misused and in a way contributed in getting us harassed by this franchise owner. For us, Gold gym India and franchise owner are on same side and we are left with no choice but to take a legal route , and we are also bringing this thing up in Media.. so other don't get cheated like us.

Posting it on this webpage..... as others don't get cheated like .........


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    Hi Sunil,
    Glad to know that you and other members have taken up this issue in court. I'e faced the same problem with Gold gym cyber city.
    I took a 1 year membership (for Rs 24,000) from Gold's gym in Cyber city (Gurgaon) on 12 September 2011. Within 2 weeks of taking the membership, the gym started having A/C shutdown problems and hence I couldn't work out there. I complained to their customer care number (0124-4973900/ 1-16 and 9717226777) many times and they kept telling me the A/c would start functioning after 1 week.
    After another month, the gym shut down completely. As you said, there's no air conditioning, no water or even towels. The equipment is still there and there is a guard, but no receptionist or other staff. The customer care number is also not functioning. Also, I recently noticed, that they've taken off the Golds Gym logo from that building as well. Looks like they're all packed and ready to leave.
    I would be happy to join the group that has filed a court case against Fortune Trading & Mining Co. (as it says on the gym ID). Please let me know how. My email is:
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    Hi Sunil - I and my wife have had the very same experience with this branch and are looking to file a case against this gym. We started our membership in August 2011 and were barely able to go for a month before things started falling apart and the gym became unusable. The conditions September - October onwards were completely hopeless with the AC not working and the whole place stinking. It ha eventually shut down I believe, but the equipment and logo's outside were still there.

    Now it seems they have removed the branding and Logos also from the space - Jan 2012

    Please let me know if you have already filed a case against the gym management - I would like to join you in this quest!

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    Faced the same problem. Paid 24,000 for the annual membership. Tried mailing to the Golds Gym India operations. They say that the franchisee of Gurgaon (Cyber City) Golds gym was terminated 9 months back and have asked to file a complaint along with other members to them, to make their case stronger (I dont know what case they are talking about).
    They have provided with contacts:; & 9223219537 (Chaitali)

    Cant say if it is going to help.

    Trying to figure out the 3 partners contacts who ran the franchisee and next step to file a case and recover the money back.
    Sunil in case you along with 18 members have already filed a case please let me know so that I can join the wagon. Otherwise lets make a forum on any social networking site to file a strong case and follow up on the issue. My mail id is:

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    Hi, I also paid for the annual membership and faced the same problem.
    Please update on the status of the case and let me know how I can join in.
    My mail id is :

    Thank you.
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    Hi - any updates on this? Pls let me know how I can join the folks who have put the case in Consumer Court.

    kg1 wrote: »
    Hi, I also paid for the annual membership and faced the same problem.
    Please update on the status of the case and let me know how I can join in.
    My mail id is :

    Thank you.
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    I am facing Same problem, I took the GYM member ship in Nov 11 first weak for 24,000. After one month gym found closed , tried best to get money back, but all in vain. If any one can help,kindly tell.

    best regards,

    Ram Goyal
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    I am Poonam and I also joined the gym on 4th July 11 and on their insistence even took a personal trainer. Within one month of my trianing they fired my personal trainer and did not replace him with any fixed person resulting in couting of my sessions but every time with new person and not stabilising it. I have experienced the same what others have mentioned. The gym prob functioned properly till aug and after that it was closed on number of times and if open it was not possible to use the GYM coz there were no towels no AC no water etc. I had also filed a complaint on Gold Gym's wen site but they have not replied till date. I paid Rs 19566/- and have not even availaed services for even 50%.
    I also got to know later that Gold Gym had revoked their franchisee with them many months ago but if so how dod Gold Gym allow Ms Ponam (owner of cyberciti Gym) to continue using the board.
    Hope sone one will do justice.
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    Hi Sunil,

    I am facing the same issue with Gold gym, within week of my joining the closed the operations and i have paid 15000 rs for 6 months....please give me your email id or phone no so i can further get in touch with you.

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    I m also faced the same issue with Gold gym, i have paid Rs. 13500 for 6 months membership and utilise just 3 months and they shut down the gym. Hope we all get our money back..

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    Mine story is almost similar as above. I took yearly membership of Gold's gym at building 9-B, Cyber city, DLF Phase -3, Gurgaon on 16th august 2011 for 26500/- rs. approximately. After normal operation for around 1 month, gym was closed for around 2 weeks in the start of september for some AC issue and a sms was received from Gold Gym that it will be adjusted in membership. After that I was out of station for around 3 months due to my company work.

    When I came back in december, I am seeing the Gym closed in the building without any notice on the door.

    As confirmed with pranav (Gold Gym employee) on phone that Gym is no more a part of Gold Gym now. They provided other email ids like of Chaitali and Legal teams. They responded like case is going on and the party is not appearing in the court so they are not sure about when the case will be resolved. If anyone has filed a case in consumer court please let me know so that I can join the proceedings. My email id is

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    Hi Guys,

    (especially Shruti, Suraj, Poonam, Ram, Prashant)

    Please leave your email ids, so that we can get in touch with you asap.

    We are in the process of finalizing the notice and police complaint by this week, so please treat this as priority.

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    Hi All (especially Ram, Prashant, Poonam, Suraj, Shruti)

    Please leave your email id for us to get in touch with you.

    We are in the process of finalising all the complaint letters by this weekend, so please treat this message as priority.

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    Hello All,

    I have the same story and paid Rs. 23,800 for the 1year membership and encountered the same problem ... i also called up Nikhil Kakkar the franchisee manager for north zone... i was told that they have initiated the case against the management of the branch... and as of now they wont provide and interim relief for the issue... i am really disappointed with the kind of service and consumer support provided by them..... Guys can i know the status of the case filled by you and if you have found any solution...

    Shrey Ashat
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    Hi All,

    I too have a same story. Paid 25,000 for one year membership and used their services for about a month only. No one is responding to my calls and emails. Please let me know if you here from anyone regarding any update / solution.. Thanks, Ann
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    dear all same happened with me in jalandhar the mumbai management is actually useless including nikhil i talked to him after 5 days of the complaint against golds gym jalandhar but to no avail. nikhil and company just knows how to glorify themselves on home page of golds gym thats it. They dont know nothing about customer service. i am going to consumer court as well .management is useless.
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    Guys, Situation is all same at every damn Gold's gym branches in Delhi/NCR. I've been to 4 till now and trust me every one of them lacks services,good management and trainers to name a few.

    Currently i am member of Gold's Gym Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana. And every day after workout, i repent the day/time when and why i bought membership here.
    Anyone planning to come this route. Achtung:

    1. Gym lacks basic facility of Lockers. I've seen number of thefts with gym bearing no responsibility.
    2. Trainers - Rude, uneducated, not certified and zero knowledge.
    3. Zero management: Machines and every damn thing if broken, take ages to get repaired.

    4. Trainers (most of them) are juiceheads and misleading clients to take roids and selling fake supplements, we all know how easy it is to mislead teens these days.
    - Every other guy who wants to loose is on extreme dose of fat burners and there magic potions.

    5. Trainers not ready to help, move there asses only if you are taking Personal Training. They workout amidst the gym members helping each other to achieve there goals instead of helping clients.

    6. Management lure you with Steam room, Massage, Gym bag & Sipper.

    -Steam room is not working half the time, when works you'll catch viral infection as no cleaning.
    -Took Massage once, rest of the coupons i am not planning to use-This masseur is a rookie and learning the skill on our bodies.
    -Gym bag works max for 1-2 month for everyone and sipper a week or so. Estimate the quality.

    A lesson learnt: Never take more than a month membership anywhere-particularly Gold's Gym. No 3,6,12 months membership as you can gauge them and you can take a lane out any time you want.

    Cheers and Live Healthy.
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    I joined Gold gym the Mysore branch for belly dancing classes and I was never communicated that the batch needs six people to commence . Money was taken from me and we were two people who started as students in the batch and our trainer was Ms Anushka .After four classes were over my trainer informs me that they are stopping the as we don't have much people . So since anushka was not there and her student was the one who was training , she requested me to speak to the Golds Gym people. So I was interacting with Mr Mahesh who happens to be the centre manager ,He was so rude and arrogant and was refusing to return the money that I paid . Instead of apologising and giving asolution he was arrogant and dumb without any solutions. When I said I would like to speak to somebody senior , he said he is the senior most and he cannot give me any bodys names , Meanwhile his team was telling him not to apologise , and telling him we will get couple of other customers let her complaint no body is going to tell us or throw us out of our jobs . After a major argument I told him to return my money which he said he cannot give now he has to get it from the head quarters , and I told him I don't want to see any body face and I need the money back , after major reluctance he returned the money ,

    After a month I again start getting calls from Golds Gym saying the belly dancing classes have started again , and we would want you to join , This call happened today and within fifteen minutes I again get acall from alady called Suma from the Gym saying our senior management has decided not to take you for belly dancing classes .

    Why should the customer suffer for lack of communication and arrogance attitude of people like Mahesh who are handling positions like Center Manager for Gold Gym Jayalakshmipuram Branch .

    When I called Gold gym again fifteen minutes back I get to interact with Mr Mahesh , and I hear no humble approach , its the same arrogance in which he speaks
    Gold s Gym is spoling its brand by enrolling people like Mr Mahesh in the GYm

    Serious auditing needs to be done in this branch as to how insensitive is their approach
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    This is very serious complain against Gold Gym Raipur-Chhattisgarh. I along with my four friends took the membership of Gold Gym Last year in the moth of Feb-13. Since the very first day the services, cleanliness and the behaviors of manager and the owner was so pathetic that we all regretted that why we have taken the membership.
    Some staff along with other members smokes in the changing room and toiled and during the night time they use to drink beer and whisky in the canteen area. I have taken the photograph also and going to post online.
    The cleanliness is so poor that more than 90% members keep on complaining the owner but he never listen and ignore everybody. The massage room is so pathetic that if you enter the massage room, you will feel like vomiting and that was the reason I did not avail my balance 10 free massages. The massage person being appointed by Gold gym Raipur, use to chew tobacco all the time and throw saliva of tobacco in the room itself.
    The condition of Gold Gym Raipur is so bad that 40% of Cardio machine is not in the working condition and the owner never took the pain to get it rectified. The owner of Gold Gym Raipur’s main and foremost motto is to earn money and money and nothing else. You can send your team to get the survey done and only then you will come to know the reality of Gold Gym Raipur.
    I have come to know that the owner of Gold Gym Raipur never pay salary in time to their staff and that was the reason the dieterician ran away and left the job. The Gold Gym Raipur is taking extra 3% from the clients who pay the money by credit card and never use to give the receipt for the payment being made in cash. It seems, some fishy is going on inside.

    I have visited Gold Gym across the world and this is the first Gym where I could see and realize, “as if I am in some local and non branded Gym.”
    When I joined we were told that the spinning classes will be the part of yearly membership but just after one month the spinning classes were shut down. The TV which is being installed in the Cardio machine never works because the owner never recharges the “airtel” connection. Out of 10 machines the recharge is being done only in 20% machine.
    Kindly let me know why the action should not be taken against the Raipur franchise and cancel his franchise. The Gold gym should take appropriate against the franchise otherwise nobody will be willing to join the Gold Gym of Raipur. I have left the Gold Gym and will join AB’s.

    Aryn Ohri
    (Foreign Correspondent of India)
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    Hi, This complaint is regarding membership at Gold''s gym at Pusa road. Address: 35B, Main Pusa road, New delhi-1100005 Phone: 46102400, 46102500 I have enrolled for annual membership for gym for Rs.16000. However in last October i wanted the membership to be transferred to Gold''s Gym different Branch. And it was supposed to be done in 2 weeks. However After continuous followups for 3 months with Manager, i found the same is not transferred yet. Since March, i am following up to check if my transfer is completed but nobody at Gold paid attention to the request. I have received no confirmation about the transfer. I have tried reaching Pranav (as he was dealing my case) on his cell but he has stopped picking up the phone. Tried reaching on land line and visited personally as well but nobody gave me the clear answer. Since March, i am actively following up with the Gym on their land line. Came and met Tamanna as well but got a clear answer that we are sitting here for the memberships not the grievances. Though am very disappointed with the time lost and harassment faced and seeing your inability to address such a small transfer case, I dont want to transfer the services now and continue to use my balance months (8 months) in the same branch now i,e Pusa Road itself. Still they are not allowing to use the services. Please look into this.
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