Consumercourt case against Alitalia Airline

It may interest you all that I have won case instituted against Alitalia Airline for unfair trade practice.

On 7th. November,2000 my wife and myself were denied boarding at JFK, New York airport on flimsy grounds, although we were holding valid confirmed tickets and allowed boarding after an extortion of US$ 886.

After obtaining the necessary permission from the Ministry of External Affairs under Sec.86 of Code of Civil Procedure, I instituted legal proceedings against Alitalia in Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, South Mumbai District--Complaint no. 329 /2002.

On 23rd. November,2004 Hon. Forum decided the case in my favour asking Alitalia to ''Refund of US$ 886 with interest @ 12% per annum from the date of complaint, i.e. 13/11/2002 till realization of the amount and cost of US$ 100 within two months from the date of receipt of copy of this Order''

Unfortunately, Hon. Forum did not consider awarding any punitive damage for grave mental torture, anguish and health deterioraton suffered by me at the Airport where I was stranded as also for insult and humiliation suffered by me as a proud Indian at the hands of foreigners at a foreign airport.

Members are requested to publicize this fact for the information of traveling public. Those having access with media are also requested to publicize this case in media. If required, I can furnish full facts of the case.

Thanking you, Sincerely Yours;

Bankim Gor
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