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I have had very bad experience with air-deccan and want to know if I can move consumer court ?
I was travelling from mumbai to bangalore last week thru air-deccan. In morning I inquired abt flight status and they informed me that its on-time. I reached airport and tried to get boarding pass they told me its 2 hours late. they told they can refund full amount. I thought instead of taking amount lets wait for 2 hours. But then whole drama unfolded. I went after 1 and half hours to inquire about the status of the flight. Air-deccan official informed me that its late by one more
hour. Finally we were asked to go thru security check at 2pm ( flight's actual departure was at 11.30 am). And when we were waiting to board air-craft we came to know that it has got delayed by 5 more hours because of some problem in air-craft. My whole day was wasted because of this. I couldnt find sit in any of the flight flying immediately. so decided to wait. then in-side they were selling food and packaged juice. Juice was costlier than MRP. I bought one but they didnt give me any receipt. But their menu card prints price to be more than MRP. I want to know if I can sue air-deccan for 2 reasons
1) Damages to be paid for delaying and because of that missing my working day and unable to meet my said position of 'reporting toduty on 30th november - afternoon'
2) For selling stuff more than MRP. If anyone of you can guide me what can be done it will be of great help. Because I have seen their flights getting delayed for 6-10-12 hours regularly and they shud be made to pay for inconvenience, discomfort, mental stress and emberrasment for missing appointments.

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    Best thing you can do and be profited is to learn from what happened to you,learn not to have a wishful thinking and make your decisions and choices based on the facts ,not possibilities and promises since you can hardly rely on the info you receive.My view is that you will waste your good time on something that will take you no where.Here in India,there is no law,there is no enforcement,there is nothing you can count on except your own good sense and wisdom of that
    moment in real time .
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    I regret your bad experience but I think we can do little unless there is something illegal in the contract per se. If there is no illegality in the contract, then please read the terms and conditions and you will understand the issue for yourself. YOU MAY BE SHOCKED TO KNOW OF ANOTHER FACT. A PASSENGER ON AIRDECCAN IS NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE WHICH MEANS NO COMPENSATION WILL BE PAID IF SOMETHING UNFORTUNATE HAPPENS.
    Even the cool drinks etc served on board the flight at a price higher than MRP, i think we can do very little because there is an element of "service" included along with the product. The product has an MRP but the service has none. So they will simply claim that you have been charged for the service as well as the product. Mos hotels charge attrociously higher than MRP of the products served.
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    I think you have given correct info . BUT what abt the delay ? That , I think, should be compensated or can be challenged OR even thats built into the contract ?
    You are right in the "practical" sense of it BUT way off the mark where "contribution" of one person is concerned . It always adds up. A single act in isolation cannot change the system BUT ITS CONTRIBUTION to build checks and balances CANNOT be underlined more ...

    There are ways of protesting/fighting such things "WITHOUT WASTING UR PRECIOUS TIME." ....
    The heart of air deccan is , that its a "commercial" enterprise/service. They understand "profits" and "losses" . ... [read crefully] so by "sueing" , u want to inflict a propotional loss on air deccan OR u want "compensation" for the time lost .
    Well, if u want "compensation" , then there's the court you can approach, including consumer courts [ which do consume some time, not years]
    if u want to inflict a "loss" , there are effective ways of doing it. This may involve some of the innovative ways described below [ none will appeal to u immediately but will take some time] :-

    1] Thru internet create a website and host it on an server [ this u can do after filing a consumer court case and have the case details]. Just post the relevant facts on the website or even webpage . It will be there for all citizens to read and decide whether they want to use air deccan . I guess , u will have to spend some energy ....

    Now ,escalate the case , in such a way , that it should affect air deccan...

    2] Send emails to air-deccan competitors abt the misdeeds done. send to jet-airways,sahara,etc...[ again , file a consumer court case with relevant docs/proofs etc BEFORE u do step2]

    3] Air deccan Managing Director is Gorur Ramaswamy Gopinath ...drop him an email.

    4] Air deccan is a venture involving ICICI-venture and US-based Capital International.
    send them email abt the consumer court case filed with CC marked to MD of air-deccan.
    After u have sent the email , forward the same emails to all the newspapers like times of india u see , u r completing a whole loop at the top level ...

    5] Start sending emails to all 5-star, 3-star hotels highlighting the fact that u have filed a case with consumer-court....[ the main customers for air-deccan will be here].....

    All the above can be implemented "but" require real motivation ...the idea is to bring some pressure on the people associated with air-deccan and make the people aware ...

    Let me know, if the above does NOT appeal to you at all ?
    I personally think, that the price of consumer neglect should be economic and very severe loss of business [ this can be way beyond what u actually lost]. If we cant touch their balance sheet, nobody is going to give 2-hoot abt ur consumer-court case ...
    The above will give u satisafaction EVEN if u lose the actual consumer court case.

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