Rediff Shopping cheated me

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Hi All,
I had ordered a book from rediff shopping with order number 6543084 in July. I received a parcel in 2-3 days and the book turned out to be different from what I ordered. So I wrote a complaint to them asking for a replacement.
I received a reply from rediff on July 16th asking me to courier back the book after which they will refund me the cost of the book alongwith the courier charges I bore.
After a million follow ups with Rediff through email and after sending mails to their CEO Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan, I received Rs 299/-, the price of the book on August 19th. However, the courier charges of Rs 130/- that I incurred were still not refunded.
Thereafter rediff has stopped responding to my email follow ups and they do not have a phone number for customer services anywhere.

What kind of customer service is this? Don't they realize they are hurting their own image and business this way? The CEO doesnt' care least about customer service either which I feel utterly ashamed of, being from the same institute. This is extremely disgraceful for someone like Rediff and Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan.



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    I, Sameer Khan, residing in Gurgaon, Haryana, am escalating a complaint to the concerned authorities within’s online shopping portal regarding an incomplete order that was delivered to me over the weekend.

    My order number is 724.4562, which was supposed to include a Stylish Fresh water Pearl set with watch, however, what I received via the courier company was Stylish Fresh water Pearl set WITHOUT the watch.

    The package that I received was well-packed and had’s logo on it, within which a 6-sided (hexagon) box was present that had a velvet cover and the pearl set in it. I could not spot the watch anywhere in this sealed package. I assume the vendor did not enclose the watch along with the pearl set.

    Please note that I’m yet to receive any reply from Rediff Shopping’s team regarding my below query. On top of that, I called up your customer support number (1-800-266-2333) on 26 July between 1:20 pm and 1:35 pm India Time, and was put on hold by two of your male agents, who after listening to me both times disconnected the phone after I demanded to speak with their supervisor.

    Please note that while I am currently deeply disappointed with my first experience with’s online shopping, I would still like to pursue the vender to ship the pending part of my order, which is the watch, urgently.

    I’m happy to speak with the concerned authorities over the phone or via e-mail, whatever is more convenient to you. Also, my order details are in the below mail-trail.

    ~Sameer Khan
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    dear Mr, Ajit.
    I would like to inform you that I was order IPEGA Radiation Proof Bluetooth Handset on dated 15 Feb'2013 Order No. 7785929, today is 25 of Feb'2013 still I have not received this parcel, and I have called up more than 15 times to your customer care and always a guy said "we will transfer your call to my senior person and my senior person will call you....."

    as per this product, it should be deliver with in 7 days but I don't know what happen behind this.

    sir I am very fad up from your services, now I would like to request you to please take a necessary action for the same.

    Ashish Jain
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    I'm extremely hurt by the lack of professionalism by rediff. My order number 8100814 was approved on the 9th of June after I made a payment using my credit card. The product never reached me and I've contacted your customer service desk multiple times on email, but to no avail. I reached out to the vendor directly and he sid that he had refunded the amount to rediff as he did not have the product with him. I haven't received the refund yet, and tried calling your "Good for nothing" help desk which all the time says the agents are busy.

    Rs. 1399 is what I'm owed by Rediff and I need it back NOW......

    I swear that I'll not use your website for anything!

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    I have burned my fingers twice with rediff shopping. Ordered a dr.morepen vaporiser on 13 July which came in faulty. After many follow ups in email and phone ( 18002662333) very hard to find number not listed on their customer care, I couriers on my expense the product. No emails responses came in further to my follow ups from there. One fine morning I got the product back as the address provided to me was invalid. Now the product courier refund is still not done as of 2sept and similar with another product.

    Basic issues:
    They are cheats who do not want to return your money and try to prolong the process by not responding and not auctioning so customer stops following up after his patience runs.
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    I ordered Table Mate II Folding Table (2 no's) on 21st Jan 2014 and received both the tables in a damaged state on 22nd Jan 2014, I registered a complaint immediately with Rediff customer care and requested for replacement by email on 23rd Jan 2014 and requested for pickup. after several mails/complaints with rediff they agreed for pickup and arranged for the same on 7th Feb 2014. They committed by email to receive the replacement from 7-10 days and haven't received till date. I have now been requesting for refund of money since 3 days and have not received any response from Rediff customer support. I called Rediff tollfree today and they disconnected my call after listening to the entire history of this order. I'm now left with no other option than to file a complaint in consumer court.
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    I ordered a costly product from but received a different very cheap product that too in a broken condition.

    First email rediff replied asking for photos... once I sent photos, they stopped responding. I wrote 10 emails but they did not reply in last 15 days.

    I called customer support number - they acknowledged that they had received my emails and I would get a response in 24 hours but never received anything yet.

    I have enough evidences to file a forgery/cheating case against rediff shopping.
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    To whomever,

    Sir/Madam, My Self Sachin N Nanavare, Have oredered the swing machine from rediff shopping and when i got the delivery it was faulty and on their proceedure i had sent back the picece to the rediff and after that I got Mail That i will get the refundable amount. But Till today I have not received the single amount from them and its already 5 months gone. And each and every time the promises are made but not fullfilled. This the rediculious service.
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