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    i made a e ticket from on24august2012 which ihave cancelled on 22december2012. Waiting ticket transaction id 0550031231 and pnr no 2238392459 till date ihave not received the refund amount rs.4337=00
    please do the need ful
    arvind singh
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    Dear Team,

    In this regards, i have already filled TDR 6 hours before the time of departure from the origin stopage. As the plan of travelling has been changed due to some other priority. If any remark is not written by the TTE who is on the duty than this is the problem of IRCTC and his administration and not of mine.

    If the passenger is not travelling, in that case the TTE must have to mentined that the passenger not travelled before alloting the seat to others.

    And if the TTE has not mentined any remarks than is the fault of the system and the person who is on the duty.

    Please revert back with the reason that why refund is not admissible as by Railways.

    I the railway ministry is making any rules and system than why this could not be processed as per the rules other wise why they have kept the provision of filling the TDR, is it to meant for making fool to the passenger?

    Please look into the matter and arrange to provide the money back to the account as earliest.
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    Very poor maintainence in IRCTC online ticket booking system. Sever maintainence and software maintainence are very poor.

    logging in is very hard, page navigation is very irritating, session out during page navigation and during payment are very poor. Moreover slow page loading makes the tickets empty. very disgusting. Such a big network should know how to maintain and solve these kinds of issues.

    Atleast now makes things proper regarding these issues.

    - ramya :-(
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    I have booked a ticket on 13-02-2013 for 14-02-2013 to Vijayawada from Chennai central ,process required to book the ticket was over money transfer through net banking(ICICI bank)money was transferred but the ticket was not booked.This process was done twice and I lost Rs.200 each time i.e, Rs.400 this is the incident occurred.
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    we are facing lot of problems to login and ticket booking in IRCTC

    IRCTC booking network is having lot of problem
    1. user login is very difficult
    2. Information about availblity is very Difficult
    3. Book the ticket through Internet Very Very Difficult

    Totally network is Very Poor
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    the site works too slow ....
    specially from 10 to 12 noon.
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    Even after one year you are not able to refund my amount, i am requesting you take neccessry action and pay my money back.
    you may see below reply given by IRTC, even after sevaral reminders they are not returing my money.


    yugander reddy

    PNR No.2326399158

    Dear customer,

    We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Kindly note that your refund case of PNR No. 2326399158 has been forwarded to CCM/SWR Railway on dt. 12-jan-2012. Refund yet not received from concerned railway. We are continuously chasing up your case and have sent a latest reminder with all the papers pertaining to your refund case to concerned railway on dt. 15-Jun-2012 . As soon as refund, if any, received it will be credited to your card account.

    Sajjan Kumar Kashyap
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    Dear sir/madam,
    In nilgiri express,allocate maximum number of seats for mettupalayam atleast on weekends(fri,sat,sun)and remaining seats who have their departure in the middle.We mettupalayam peoples have only one option (i.e nilgiri exp) to travel. From mettupalyam we have to go respective places like ooty/coonoor/kotagiri..etc and travel time is too long. So kindly please consider this request and do the needful.
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    Dear sir,
    As I am trying to book ticket through IRCTC, they will allow us to book at finas stage after debiting amount from account the page will not display error will come, and ticket will not book but amount will be debiting, for each ticket we have to loose 4 times amount and that amount will be refunded after 2 days, people who want to book ticket urgent he will not get with this worst site. Try to instruct these people for improving the website at least. For one ticket we have to book 4 to 5 times, it is very irritating factor. How much funds enjoying float in their accounts.

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    Dear Sir,
    We are very proud to be part of the biggest railway network. As we can show that we can do anything "only if we want to".

    Here are few suggestions about new launch
    1. If we can run Garib Rath AC Train at lowest rate than we can convert all 3 tier Trains into AC on same rule.
    2. Doubledecker AC Mumbai Ahmadabad is superhit concept. We can run same on Mumbai Pune also & on other routes.
    3. Deccan Queen Mumbai Pune is a special status Train, we can convert sitting system into 2*3 which is now 3*3 & also full
    4. All the Big stations must have " YATRI NIWAS" like Howrah station have the stay should be for 2 days. In this way railway can earn generate its own revenue.
    5. Railway can open restaurants & resorts at its own land.
    6. If china can open a bullet Train running between 2400km than why cannot we. Between Mumbai - Delhi, Delhi - Chennai, Delhi - Howrah, Mumbai - Chennai, Mumbai - Bangalore

    Only Thinking & Good words & Assurancess wont do. Only your action will show us that we live in 1st class city not in 3rd World.

    Thanking You.
    Your's Faithfully,
    G.L Jethmalani
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    Dear SIR,
    iBOOKED e TICKET ON 27/2/2013 AT14:43:32 but so far I have not received any SMS so that I can travel.The Train No.12342 AgnibinaExpress I bought an E ticket as sr. citizen for which Rs.205 already has been debited through my debit card bearing the No.622xx2898. Now I AMrequesting you to issue me the PNR number and send SMS or refund my due money to my account.

    ekhar Ch. Bhattacharjee.
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    Dear sir/Madam
    In IRCTC when we are booking seats after deducting money only they are showing the seats allotment.Recently I booked ticket in Tcn express for my family seats availability is more than 125.Older age father and mother me my wife and children. I expect seats will be allotted in same coach as well as expect lower seats for my parents. after deducting money they are alloting seats as my father side lower(23) my mother(24) side upper my wife(66) in some other place not with us .in such a case how can a family travel . if seats are not availble we can accept their allotment.more than 125 seats are available why cant they give seats to family in sequence so that they can travel together.And also why the online booking cannot show the seats allotment before deducting money. So that if the seats required by the passengers is available they will book otherwise they will leave.will IRCTC takes step for this.
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    I had booked 2 tickets.One ticket's PNR no is : 0632793305 and another one is:0552557218.In these 2 tickets my money gone but ticket not booked. Please refund the money as possible.In the refund details it s showing as:" Money not returned from bank". Kindly help me as soon....
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    Today morning of 8th April, 2013 I reached at Chennai Central Railway Station at rushed to platform number 09 to catch my train, Coromondal Express at 10.30AM. After boarding in my berth I searched for public tap for getting water. Unfortunaely I found all the taps are dried up and it was clearly showing for dis-functioning since long month. One litter water bottle are sold at 17 rupees. Can everybody afford it when we talking about lakhs of general people travelling daily. In this season like summer how it seems wise, not to take any immediate repairing. I have taken photographs of this situation and I can produce where necessary. It is not that every time public will complain, rather the authority should be proactive to render services.
    Please take necessary action for the interest of mass.
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    I have booked the E-season ticket for commuting from ghatkopar to thane on April 9th and the ticket is valid from April 12th. Till now i have not received the ticket through courier.

    today is April 15th and Validity date is till June 11th and i have to pay for the journey which i made from April 12th to till now even though i have paid for season ticket.

    I am not sure who is responsible for this delay is it Courier or IRCTC. Who is going to extend my validity .

    STR NUMBER:9586AO200D

    Please address this asap.

    Srividhya V
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    whenever i book thatkal ticket, after payment confirmation session expired and ticket not booked
    this issue has been from long time and no action taken
    we spent lot of time to keep session and boom ticket but fianlly no response
    government has to think and give separate website to south indian railway and has to put more server to accomodate users
    where all the amount goes paid by passengers
    no maintenance in train and recent days arakkonam accident
    Governmment people are money suckers and no useful to passenfer safety
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    i had booked an e ticket for Anand Vihar to Jamalpur for travel date 20th May 2011.
    I had booked 3 ticket for the above mentioned journey was in waiting at the time of booking. after chart completed 1 was confirmed and another 2 was reamain waiting. So, there was no point to travel single person from a family. Finally i filed a TDR and details of the TDR are as follows.

    PNR Number: 2649614600
    Transaction ID: 0342825224
    TDR filling date 20th May 2011
    TDR reference No: ekt2011052002590127

    Amount INR 7044.00

    Sir, its been already 2 year and amount has not bee still credited in my account. I have send several reminder to IRCT and head quarter estern railway Kolkata. Unfortunatly i still not getting any appropriate reply from there. request you to please intervene and get it resolved.

    will be highly oblige for the same.

    Thanks & Regards
    Md Faiyaz Alam
    e_mail id :
    Mob: +91-9911335288
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    Sir ,

    During the TATKAL booking
    the Server of irctc is always busy such that no ticket is available for further booking then how we book our tickets,
    I face too many problems due to this inconvenience . please do something for us.

    E-mail ID
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    Transaction Details
    PNR Number: 2813137301 Ticket Type: eticket Transaction ID: 0620734906
    Booked On: 8-1-2013 Class: SL Internet Service Charge: Rs 10.0
    Date Of Journey: 09/1/2013 Railway Zone: ER Bank: SBI Debit
    Total: Rs 453.0 Train No: 12368 Ticket Charge: Rs 443.00
    From Station: ANAND VIHAR TRM(ANVT) Quota: Tatkal To Station: PATNA JN(PNBE)
    IRCTC Zone: Group General Manager-1/Eastern Zone (IRCTC) Kolkatta

    Ticket Details
    S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
    1 WAQUAR AHMAD 23 Male S2 0011/ UB Booked

    TDR Details
    Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hou
    rs and Passenger Not Travelled
    . TDR Status: Reference No: ekt2013019006695066
    TDR Zone: ER TDR Filing Date: 09-Jan-2013
    Refund Status: Refund under Process Refund Date: Not Available Refund Amount: Rs.0.00
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    Its shame that we the people of India are facing problem to book the tatkal ticket online, the agents are booking it faster then the normal people so what the government of india is doing for it.
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    I had booked a flight ticket for Mumbai to Lucknow for travel date 13th May 2012 and booked on 5th of April,2012, cancelled on 5th of may,2012.
    PNR Number: JJ1GED

    Amount INR 8950.00
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    i have booked a tatkal ticket for 3 tier ac fare 1535/- on dated- 02/06/2013 online using my login id and password on the site of irctc from jaipur to borivalli train no. 12956 pnr no 2147391066. above said ticket cancelled automatically after chart preparation on waiting no 26 my amount of cancelled ticket not refunded yet.
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    i have booked the ticket of tatkal from pune to Visakhapatnam for my mother and my brother
    at the time of tatkal booking i had submitted the adhar card of my mother but unfortunately my mother had not taken the adhar card with her at time of journey but she has the original voting card with him
    i talk to the pune tt that we have such problem he told us if u have original voting card its OK
    but train reached to the kajipet station there tt had charged my mother for not having the adhar card with him and give him the mental harassment that u have to pay fine else u will have to come to police station on next station as she is 48 yrs old lady how can tt say liked that if she had the proof of identity of voting card original with her and my brother identity proof also available at that time at last my mother had pay the fine for without any reason

    k dharma rao
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    Irctc was very very bad service
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    this site is the best dump site in the world it should be closed as possible
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    Ref. No.- ekt2012092105719311
    PNR No. - 6312942525
    Date Of Journey: 21-Sep-2012
    TDR Filing Date: 21-Sep-2012
    Ticket Charge: Rs 786.00
    Refund Amount: Rs.392.00

    Train was more than 3 hr. late so i want to ask why my money diducted at the time of refund? while full refund given by you previous case (Reference No: ekt2011121203858847).
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    My Name is T Viswanath. Today I have booked a ticket from Giiddalur to Kachiguda on 11th July 2013 through Andhra Bank Debit Card. The amount 167 rupees has been deducted, but the ticket has not made. When I see my booked history, there is no transaction of today. So I want ticket status or amount refund fully.

    Best Regards,
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    Complaint Against IRCTC
    This is a discussion on Complaint Against IRCTC within the Railways forums, part of the Transportation category; I booked an ticket on 9/12/2008 from Muzaffarpur to .Anand Vihar my bank account no is (11260110000878)Central bank of India But ticket has been cancel and my transation money not come in my account so request you please please give my account balance
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    Sir/Madam, I booked a ticket on 17-Jun-2013 by useing my master card
    [State Bank of India] via HDFC payment Gateway as following.............
    PNR No-6220744168
    Train No-18420
    Train Name-DBG PURI EXP
    Boarding Point-BARAUNI JN(BJU)

    Passenger Details-
    Name-S C PANDIT
    Age-17 yrs
    Status- s7 64
    Total Fare-.Rs 356.24

    and I have cancelled the same on 02-JUL-2013 but refunded amount has
    not credited till now. But I have seen in refound history that money has refunded as follows....
    S No.. Transaction ID PNR No. Total Amount Bank Reason
    1 0704816157 6220744168 Rs 356.24 hdfcvbvpg Cancelled
    but till it has not credited...
    Thanking You Revati Raman Kumar
    mo :- 8877972010
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    Dear Team,
    I was travelling from bhopal to jaipur on 28th July 2013. The train no 54811 Got cancelled on Guna Station without prior notice in between. I missed my job interview in jaipur & Job about 4 lakhs. I want claim for all my amount & suffering done due to negligence of indian railway.

    Sagar Roopchandani.
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