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    Dear Sir / Madam
    My account for IRCTC was suspended with the user name sreenath21, I've received the password in the mail, however the mobile verification has not been done as i was not received any SMS for mobile.
    I'm a service personal and have to plan my travel in advance. May i request you to please carry out the required verification through a call and revert back my account at the earliest.


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    I booked ticket for my senior citizen Parents but due to some filter i could not get any lower birth for the senior citizen, i realized that it may be in serial number so i again book for 4 times and i surprised to see that the birth numbers are in sequence but it escaping the lower birth, i book at least 12 ticket but non of them for lower birth then i called IRCTC customer care and asked them the problem and a customer care executive after holding me for 15 minutes says our senior gone for lunch at 7.10Pm in india. i socked, is that a lunch time? i shout on him what a funny joke you saying and within 2 minutes he says ok my senior Mr amit kumar is here you can talk to him. i talk to him and find him a super man and his replies were beyond my imagination , he says IRCTC ki site se koi bhi lower birth kote ki seat attolt nahi hoti. Lower birth kota???? this is a speacial kota??? so you go to counter. i said ki counter pe jana tha to why IRCTC? his reply was- it is like this and it will be remain same. i asked him a question - i booked 6 seat all together then why i could not get any lower birth and his reply was more socking - it allot randomly so you try further. aare sir ji sequence me seat allot kar raha hai and escaping the lower birth.

    Hense proove- IRCTC it self a big player in selling ticket in black and they use filter to block the tickets of their choice. India me ye chor logo ka dhanda officer logo ki sah me aaram se chalta hai jahaa senior citizen kewel railway me identity card aur sambhal ke rakhne ke kaam aata hai and sari seate ye chor log bechte hai aaram se. 150 seats me ek bhi lower seat nahi hona really surprising.

    I hate my India i hate these politician and i hate Indian railway.

    for referance i am quoting some PNR numers of ticket i booked

    they looted my money in booking the tickets. IRCTC chor and same on Indian Railway
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    I had booked my e-ticket (with my IRCTC login) on 03.02.2012.My details are:-1. Passengers– Shankar Rao - M-62 years (self) Anita Rao - F – 51 years ( wife ) 2. e tickets Train -JhelumExpress Train No. : 110783. From - Bhopal to Pune4. Class -3A 5. PNRNo. - 26605916566. Dateof journey - 29.03.20127. Ticketcharges : Rs (1406+20) = Rs1426/-8. TransactionID : 04519709299. Status : One confirmed and one waitinglisted 1On releasing of the chart (to check the PNRstatus) on 29.03.2012,we observed that the waiting listed was not cleared. Thenat the same time, I cancelled my ticket by filling TDR(on 29.03.12).After 4 months of delay, on 1st August,12, Ireceived an e- mail with the following remarks:a. TDRstatus : Regrettedb. RefNo. : ekt 2012032904547990 c. Refundremark : 26812-CR/OL 12(as per chart passenger has travelled).Refund notapproved.d. TDRZone : CR Iimmediately responded through e-mail byreplying that considering the seriousness of the matter , it requires to bethoroughly investigated at your end. I do here by declare that we did nottraveled with this ticket and cancellation/TDR was duly filed within thestipulated time frame.After month of further delay, on 3.09.12, TDRProcess team, in their letter againregretted to refund.In view of the above ,I wrote a letter toGGM,Western Rly Zone,Mumbai on 03.09.2012 to kindly refund my due payment atthe earliest possible.Besides Cc has been sent through Email, for reply, so as my claim could besettled,at the earliest possible.- Shankar Rao 114,Karam vir Nagar,JK Road, BHOPAL-462021 Tel:0755-2686705 (Res) Mob : 9425604737
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    sir, my money is deducted from my sbi account bt ticket is not booked on 22 sep ref/check no are 30338422541 and 32423699986...pls booked the ticket today or cancel it and refund me the account no is 30849348982
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    I have tried to book online ticket through IRCTC on 27/9/2012 at 16:43:36 for journy Nashik to MALKAPUR for 195 .Immdly amount was deductewd from my SBIa/c but the ticket was not booked Bank txn no227179491453.Please refund the amount immdly to my a/c
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    On 19th of september 2012 , I had cancelled the train ticket bearing the PNR No- 4557686085 , Transaction ID - 0564252037. The ticket was booked to carry out the journey from Kakinada Town ( CCT ) to Secunderabad ( SC ), on 7th October 2012. I got the message that the ticket has been cancelled. But till now I dint receive the amount . The authorities please look into this.
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    i would like to say IRCTC is one of the pathetic website i have ever used. because its slow process it took me 1 1 hour to book one ticket.

    is there any way where i can registered complaint against irsts fir its slow process
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    Everybody says technology has made the work easier and faster but this not the case with irctc website. I tried booking a tatkal ticket on 06th dec and 7th dec 2012. from my personal username but everytime i got the err200.htm messages with "sorry connection problem". This happens till all the tatkal reservation is done. When login after that everything goes on fine with the irctc website but you will find no tickets available. Can we do something for this.

    Vineet Periwal
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    tatkal tickets are book within 2 minute. thats i can not book my tickets throw irctc website. how i can get confirm tatkal tickets
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    i request to say that,i made a rail ticket through the irctc since 15jul 2012 in my usser id (biharkne).kne to hwh,train no.12042,but some problem i don't trvelling that train,
    so,i request pls refund my tdr amount.
    detail in ticket;-pnr-6211424822
    dat jurney-16-07-2012
    tdr ref no.-ekt2012071505209788

    pawan kumar singh
    note;-but no any response to my mail and telephone cal,i send many e-mail and 400 hundred time calls 01139340000 this number,but he/she say to me you contacted 9002040112,09831079085,03322133207 and others different no.
    so,sir i am first aid,than what can i do,pls solve my matter.
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    very very slow process of irctc website.not satisfied
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    20.12.12 morning 3,45 am katni, meet to friends, and plat frome ticket cutting but ticket collecter catch, 5oo.oo mony, when see the plate frome than ticket. Keep the pcket, chhane 316.00
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    Though I have an uesr ID as "seenoo2701" & my mobile no is 9445118340 is registerd with IRCTC to book ticket, I am unable to use it as the a/c is BLOCKED. I could login & unable to proceed further. I changed my password & tried. I have not committed any FAULT & only thing is that I have not used it for more than six moths. Is it the reason? Any body can help me.
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    respected sir/madam

    i am booked ticket of irctc web site in
    on22-Dec-2012 "from MAS (chennai central) to TPTY( tirupati) Train No: 16053 for 13.01.2013 but my transaction was not Success & my money debited Rs.130 from my (karnataka bank ltd, axisvbvpg) debit card. transaction id 0612087519.

    aftrer that on 24 dec 2012 my refund status was refunded but my refund is not refunded till now. am already contact to bank they told "your refund status is pending". kindly revert to me. through mail or mobile.

    my irctc user name is :avpramu

    Thanks & regards!

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    I booked ticket from bangalore to virudhunagar, for my wife, PNR 4801307837 - dated 30-12-12 Train 16732.
    Mistakenly i mentioned as male instead of female , so i asked station master he told just inform the TT in train and board in.
    But the TT in A1 coach, didnt allow my wife to board in train,, i argued for a while and then in Vein ( He was drunk too)
    He asked me to get sign on the hard copy from the station master, but the time was 10PM, station master in the platform was not there
    So my wife was not allowed to board in. Its really a bad experiance even though her name and ID card number was matching and TT didnt allow her.

    Now i cant get the money as refund as it was thatkal booking.
    I really dont know that weather IRCTC rules are so strict,,, that even such small mistakes cant be aforded and the penalty for the passenger is to get rid of the train !!!!!!!

    This is really bad experiance!!!!,,i require one info,,,, if a pasenger name and ID proof number is matching ,, only sex info is incorrect,, cant he/she board the train or not?
    is there penalty he/she has to pay and board???,, why the TT didnt tell the process????
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    I, sanjib mondal, wants to inform you that the train no 22824, Bhubneswar rajdhani was late by 5.30 hours in delhi on 18-12-2012.It means the train would depart from New delhi station by 22.40 instead of 17.10. We come back from station and filed a TDR to cancel the ticket arround 18.00 hours. But we got refund of 50% of the full value. I could not understand why I got only 50% after all these harassment. I should get full value of the ticket along with compensation. Since it is fault of railways because on that time there was no fog problem and all other trains were running on time.


    Sanjib Mondal
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    I have filed TDR on 27 October 2012 and its almost 2.5 months but i didn't received amount back in my account, really this is pathetic service i am facing especially with one of the esteemed government organisation

    TDR Filed date : 27th Oct 2012
    PNR No. : 2709976101
    Transaction Id : 0580090422
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    Today i tried to book tatkal ticket, i logged in at 10 and i got an error "SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE" this is a very worst site i have ever seen. when irctc cannot handle the booking of railway tickets itself why do they need to book "FLIGHTS". They can atlest hire servers from 10 to 12 everyday and sort out the problem ...RAILWAYS IS THE WORST SERVICE THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN
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    i booked ticket today through IOB debit card no.4221320900609873 for trn no.17064 from seunderabad to manmad . account debited for Rs 1192, but tickt not issued. please atted . My mobile no.8806768757 email id:
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    Transaction ID: 0608970557 Train No: 22406
    Train Name: RJPB GARIB RATH From Station: (ANVT) To Station: (CNB)
    Date Of Journey: 16-Jan-2013 Class: CC Boarding: (ANVT)
    Resv Upto: (CNB) Date Of Booking: 16-Dec-2012 Total Fare: Rs 332.00

    i have not received my 250/- rs in my account.
    pls help me
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    I filed tdr but still i am waiting for my refund

    Transaction Details
    PNR Number: 2237656500 Ticket Type: eticket Transaction ID: 0538220336
    Booked On: 1-8-2012 Class: 2A Internet Service Charge: Rs 20.00
    Date Of Journey: 21/8/2012 Railway Zone: ER Bank: hdfcvbvpg
    Total: Rs 955.00 Train No: 12370 Ticket Charge: Rs 935.00
    From Station: PATNA JN(PNBE) Quota: General To Station: HOWRAH JN(HWH)
    IRCTC Zone: Group General Manager-1/Eastern Zone (IRCTC) Kolkatta

    Ticket Details
    S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
    1 RAKESH KUMAR 34 Male A1 0046/ SL Booked

    TDR Details
    Reason For TDR: Passenger Not Travelled. TDR Status: Reference No: ekt2012082105501239
    TDR Zone: ER TDR Filing Date: 21-Aug-2012
    Refund Status: Refund under Process Refund Date: Not Available Refund Amount: Rs.0.00
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    The following particulars is my son's Railway ticket. On his journey my son has not get any fooding service from your Rail Service. Please let me know the reason. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated to me.

    Asadul Islam, Finance Department,Rajabati, Burdwan University, Burdwan

    12864 / Ypr Howrah Exp
    Boarding: Yesvantpur Jn
    Ticket Amount: Rs 2,265
    Tue, 15 Jan' 13 (19:35)
    Bangalore Arrival
    Thu, 17 Jan' 13 (06:10)
    Kolkata Class: AC 2 Tier
    Quota: General
    Distance: 1963 Kms

    Passenger Details 1 Passenger(s)

    Name Type Age Coach / Seat / Berth / Status *TDR Cancellation
    Abubakkar Siddiq Adult 17 A1 / 41 / -- / CONFIRMED(CONFIRMED) File TDR
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    i paid seven thousand rupees 4 nov 2012 to executive of spring travel but till date company not provided me rail agencies all thought spring travel rail id is operating to the fergi address plz checking by irctc
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    Dear Consumer Forum,

    I am a regular traveler / passenger with Indian Railways and mostly book my tickets online.
    I want to file a complaint against the Indian Railway for rejecting my TDR application on false grounds.

    My ticket details are
    PNR no. 6414194508 Train No. 12102, Travel Date - 27th Nov 2012 From Akola Jn To LTT Mumbai
    Four Passengers - Sanjay Sharma (Self) Alka Sharma (My wife) Kalpana Sharma (My Mother) and Pakshalika (My daughter) 8 years.
    My case No. is CCR 051212V63949 - I had filed the TDR on 28th Nov 2012

    The case in brief is that I had booked a ticket online as above, because an earlier date ticket was not available when I was booking my travel to Akola from Mumbai for Diwali vacations. Then while I was in Akola I got a ticket of earlier date under tatkal and I traveled on that ticket. Due to some problems I could not cancel my above eticket immediately and when I went to cancel it on 26th/27th itself I could not cancel the ticket though it was well before the train time. Hence I had to file the TDR - which as per rule I could do only one after the journey. Then I had to wait for the decision for a month or so. On 20 Dec I got a reply from IRCTC that my TDR was rejected because I had traveled on that date using that ticket. This is too much, how can I travel on that date when I was in Mumbai?

    It is a clear case of misuse of my ticket by concerned authorities, who must have marked me & my family on board and allotted that seat to some current passengers who paid good cash since it was a peak season. Had they marked us “no-show” the claim would have gone to RAC passengers which would have caused them a loss of earning which they did not want. So they marked us present on the chart and when I filed for TDR my claim was rejected as the chart showed we all travelled.

    I reached Mumbai on 25th and I have all these proofs to establish that my claim was right..

    1. A card train ticket booked in TATKAL PNR No. 6115050582 dt. 24 Nov 2012 Train No. 12106 which has all four passengers mentioned above. The ticket was checked and all of us are marked present on the ticket by on duty TTE.

    2. The Prepaid Taxi Receipt at Dadar Central Station which ferried us home from the station
    Receipt NO. ter01a0011806 dt. 25th Nov 2012

    3. My car was giving trouble so on 25th Nov I got the battery charged and checked it. On 26th it was towed to the service centre and I have a towing slip dt. 26 Nov 2012 for Rs. 500.

    4. On 26th itself I renewed my extended warranty and paid by credit card at Sai Service Borivali (Mumbai) Centre which reflects even in my credit card statement.

    5. On 28th I took my mother to SL Raheja Hospital for her scheduled appointment with Dr. Arun Bal. I can furnish that receipt too.

    6. My children have attended their schools on all these days.

    7. We have our mobile phone bills to establish the fact that all of us were in Mumbai on these days.

    So it is simple how can we be traveling on 27th Nov when we are already in Mumbai? Our tickets were sold which is an act of serious contravention of rules – which has affected us, those travelers who were traveling on RAC tickets and the Indian Railways.

    Another issue which I want to bring up here is that Railway Officers don't treat eTicket holders equally with card ticket holders especially when it comes to refund because we don't pay money to railways directly. It's fine, we know that and are prepared for it. But what bothers me is that at many times, the eticket holders become victim and end up losing more money compared to card ticket holders.

    Like in the above case, as per the Railways Rules a person should be able to cancel the ticket till the departure of the train and file TDR after that. But you see in my case I was not able to cancel the ticket on 27th, I was getting the message that Chart is prepared at remote location. Had it been a card ticket it could have been cancelled then why is this disparity for the eTicket? What happens if the person has booked the ticket and at last day he finds he can’t travel, then he can’t cancel the ticket in the day time well 8-10 hours in before the train timing. What kind of rule is this. So for Trains originating at Howrah the deadline for ticket cancellation for eTicket holder becomes more than 24 hours, he can never cancel the ticket within 24hours of the train departure time. But for trains originating at Nagpur he can cancel till 2 hours before..then why is there a rule of cancellation till 3 hours train departure for those Howrah trains?

    I have more instances when I suffered…

    1. The train was more than 8 hours late but still people who had card tickets got refund from the counters and eticket holders were asked to file the TDRs and finally after two months we got the reply that train was not more than 3 hours late as per their records!! This was on 24-10-2009 when I was returning from Akola to Mumbai.

    2. It even happened once when the route was diverted and once when I was not able to board the train due to the procession as train was packed by the demonstrators traveling.

    I am attaching the documents for your reference, please look into the matter and do the needful.


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    dear sir,
    i did not received refund amount as i am am allredy file tdr on dec 6th.
    rain was 12 hour late and passenger did nt travelled.
    pnr no. 2811458624 and refrence no. of dr is :ekt2012127006353944
    refund is till date under process.
    please resolve this matter as soon as possible.


    ajay kant mamgain
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    Last week I traveled in Nilagiri Express (18/1/13) in Coach S6 between Kovai and Chennai. During the journey I have seen small rats inside the coach and I am shocked to see how IRCTC is not at all worried about the safety of passengers and their belongings. Similarly during my return journey in the same express(20/1/12) from Chennai, I have found rats moving here and there. When it is going to end??? IRCTC before thinking increase of fare, they must provide a better service to its passengers.
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    I am writing this email with extreme extreme disappointment and dissatisfaction which caused
    to me every time while travelling.
    My home town is in Aligarh (U.P.) and i'm working in Delhi.I usually take 64105 EMU from Aligarh to New Delhi and 64110 EMU from New Delhi to Aligarh. Travel Time: 2h 45m 21 halts Distance: 131 km
    This train get delayed every time from its schedule arrival time. During this journey we girls face lots of problem due to non availability of toilet which must be compulsary in each and every train even though its local because train get delayed by 4-4.30 hrs normally.Also the train have only 5 min stoppage on each stations and even the stations do not have any such toilet facility.
    I do not know where to post this complaint on IRCTC site and post here in the hope that some one really understand girls problem and take action.
    I urge and pledge you to please look into the above said matters and kindly take action as required.

    Shewta gupta
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    i have booked 2 luggage parcel to the train no.12719 and luggage tikit no. Is 593893 , and pnr no.2812867438..the luggage is booked on 23rd january 2013 but it did not get to us due to the irresponsibility of railway please do some action as soon as possible..
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    I am leaving in a village name is gotan in Rajasthan,The problem is that the train reservation coach gates are not oppen at the station code is gotn in night. Soi request you that this type of mistake dont followwd by railway.
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    My transaction id for pondicherry express is from pune to pondicherry date 2/2/13 around 1pm is 0634272174. Please refund money or give the ticket dear irctc.
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