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I tried to book tickets for train on 03/aug/11.

Amount has been deducted from my a/c BY the times, but I have received message saying "Transaction failed, and amount will be refunded if charged".

I have noticed that the amount has been charged to my a/c , but was never refunded since 1 months.

Below are my transaction details: reference ID :- NR 251185255172

Could you please help me in getting this amount refunded.

Thanks and Regards :-


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    Dear Tarun,

    With reference to your post regarding the amount charged for failed transaction, kindly note that your refund has been processed by MakeMyTrip on 29th August 2011. You are requested to kindly wait for 5-7 days before the amount gets reflected in your account.

    Sorry for the delay!

    MakeMyTrip Care
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    Hello. Last night I tried to book a return flight Mumbai-Delhi on the travel website

    After entering my HDFC Debit Card details for payment, the transaction was processed and the stated ticket cost of INR 7,072/- was deducted from my account.

    However, immediately after accepting my details and charging my salary account for the above-stated amount, I was redirected to a webpage which stated "Booking failed due to a sudden drop in flight availability or fluctuation in connection to server. Your booking has not been confirmed. The booking amount has been processed for refund. Please allow upto 72 hours for the money to be refunded in your account."

    The MakeMyTrip booking id given to me is "NF2513411135105". I fail to understand two things -

    1.) How can a renowned travel web portal be successful in charging a customer but fail to confirm the booking?
    2.) By when can I expect a successful refund. The cost of tickets is more than half of my monthly salary? Does MakeMyTrip really expect a consumer to trust it again after this experience?

    The icing on the cake is the fact that after the message, I was again prompted to try to book the tickets with a fresh purchase. The imbecility on MakeMyTrip's behalf has left me wondering whether I should laugh or cry!

    Gyan Manohar Khurana
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    Dear Mr.Khurana,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and thank you for your patience while we upgrade to serve you better. With reference to your post, please note that our customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours. You can also mail us at for any further communications.

    MakeMyTrip Care
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    Dear Mr. Khurana,

    With reference to your post, kindly note that your refund has been already processed by MakeMyTrip on 1st Oct 2011. Our representative tried contacting you on your cell phone but no one picked the call. Please note down the RRN No: 127501305049. Please mail us at in case you want to communicate further.

    MakeMyTrip Care
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    Hi Sir,

    I booked a two way ticket from Mangalore to Erode on 12October2011 with your website. On Payment section I got the issue even though money deducted from my ICICI bank but Ticket is not booked. Can you please help me to return my money back.

    I searched in internet, it will credited back in 3-4 business day to my account. Now it is more than 4 day. So please help me to return my money back.

    ICICI deducted details:
    Description in Bank: BIL/260127871/Annu Marriage/25002562
    Total Money Deducted:498.00

    Make My Trip Booking ID: NR251206468193

    If you need any other details let me know.


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    I booked a ticket on 18/10/2011 from makemytrip...first transaction i booked again..this time i got the tickets..but the amount has been deducted both the times.

    till when would i get the refund?? and can somebody give me the number of custmer care where i can talk to someone.

    confirmation num: 205998
    windows 7 /chrome
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    Just now, I was booking a ticket for Chennai to Vishakhapatnam (AI-9602). I made the payment through HDFC netbanking account by the name of Kapil Niranjan.
    But at the end of the transaction, I was presented with a page saying my session has expired. There was nothing on the page regarding confirmation, but this "Your session expired. We are sorry, there was an unexpected delay in processing your request." There was no reference(booking) id.
    But when I checked my account, I found that Rs 4090 have been deducted from it.
    At the time of booking I was not a registered user of, but used the email id ' '. And I also got one mail on this id that my account has been created, even though I didn't opt for it. Even after logging into this account, I can't find any booked ticket.
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    I tried to book a flight ticket today from ahemdabad to chennai but a sum of Rs 6305 was deducted and there was no response from makemytrip side. Kindly help
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    I have booked a ticket for 5-Nov-2011 booking ID NF2514112318394. I opted for cancellation on 05-Nov-2011. As the ticket was non-refundable, i was told that the basefare of the ticket will be totally charged. Only the taxes after deducting make my trip cancellation charges will be refunded back to me. The refund amount was of Rs 5110 which has not been credited to my account. I am calling makemytrip customer care almost every day but my issue is not getting resolved. I am not able to find out whom to approach to get my issue resolved

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    I tried to book an air ticket from makemytrip website for the flight Jet Lite S2-364 on 17 th April from Guwahari to Bangalore.

    But, while paying the money through online banking, an amount of Rs 5029 got deducted and the ticket did not get booked, nor did I get any booking ID.

    I even tried mailing to triphelp @ makemytrip . com but did not get any response till date.

    Please let me know when will I get the money back as early as possible.

    Transaction details:
    Date: 06 th Feb, 2012
    Ref No. 206112202
    Narration: 32491038-TECH MAKE MY TRIP cleardot.gif

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    This is the worst site where we booked the ticket.
    yesterday we booked a ticket from hyd-london and london-hyd roundfare trip for BA for my mother.

    Amount deducted from my bank account and there was no confirmation mail from make my trip.Called up customer care in India and they said wait for 1hr as there is slight delay in processing etc...its 24hrs no reply called them multiple times and they have no value for the customers.They speak in a very un-polite and they replied as they too doesn't know about the amount that deducted and not reflecting in their system.

    We lost out seat which was a good deal and today if i check for the same day and same flight the price was double..who has to bear the loss?
    Customer care spoke that we will refundyour amount in 7days...?

    why do they take 7days to refund when they deducted the amount in 5min from my bank account ? why i need to wait for 7days? when the ticket is not booked the deducted amount has to bounce back to the customer bank account from where it is deducted.

    am I money lender to lend them my ticket fare of 73,568INR and sit back and relax?

    is this how makemy trip makes money and grabs customer money and use it for 7days?

    now i need my seat for the same price and same date...what i have to do now? why i have to pay double price for the same seat because of delay caused by the make trip....

    this again proved how our services are in INDIA and how you respect the customer.

    This is the reference of complaint i made with make my trip Reference:120417-010236
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    i tried to book tickets twice on 4th june and both the times its has showed your booking has been failed. but the amount has been deducted and has not been refunded. my first bookin id : nf2506318149090... second one : nf2506318149318.. total money is 18,412 rupees..that is the total money i had in my account.. if you keep it with you what can i do??? even after two days money has not been refunded .. please refund soon.. i am really disappointed
  • ramanihmramanihm Junior Member
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    i tried to book tickets twice on 4th june and both the times its has showed your booking has been failed. but the amount has been deducted and has not been refunded. my first bookin id : nf2506318149090... second one : nf2506318149318.. total money is 18,412 rupees..that is the total money i had in my account.. if you keep it with you what can i do??? even after two days money has not been refunded .. please refund soon.. i am really disappointed
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    I booked2 tickets from bangalore(yesvanthpur) tosecundrabad
    garibrath express money is deducted but my ticket is not booked
    please let me know what to do
    1.drk reddy 62
    2.d subalakshmi 59
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    I would like to complain about Reference ID 120829-000419 and
    raise a high priority query for my booking ID NF2507519302258 on which I received a transaction failure message while booking my tickets from Trivendram to New Delhi.
    I was trying to book my tickets for the above destination on 22nd August, however, the booking was not confirmed from make my trip but the money was taken out of my ICICI bank account.

    The amount to be reversed is Rs. 40,108. This is a huge amount and I am concerned that nothing positive happened regarding this in last 25 days.
    This is absolutely unfair as the customer care guys keep on saying money is not yet received from the payment gateway.

    Why is the make my trip we portal so vulnerable to transaction failures. Once I get this money back, I'll never book again via make my trip.

    Vishakha Bisht
    9811839063, 9811839063
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    Dear Mr. Jagdish Kumar,

    With reference to your telephone on the 16th September at about 9.20 am . I
    would like to know exactly what information do you need for the refund of
    the tickets. Please give your phone no ( not the toll no) or send me a mail
    what exactly do you need .

    Thank you Mr Jagdish Kumar for your co-operation.

    Thanking you

    A.GOMES PH 9830324689 ADDRESS 6/3 B, PAN BAGAN LANE KOLKATA 700014


    1. PNR 4760862842 BookingID NR2512911378849
    2. PNR 6210848180 BookingID NR2511811347861
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    I try to book air tickets from makemytrip but ticket was not booked and amount of 64000/- was deducted from my account. please suggest how to get it back.
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    dear IRCTC,
    today afternoon,i tried to book online tickets from Bhubaneswar to tatanagar(jamshedpur) through purushottam express. I used my BOI card for the same and i tried two times,for both the times it showed an SSL error and my money has been deducted from my account yet the ticket is not booked and now i want my money back eithout any reservation.

    please kindly extend your help towards it and refund the money as soon as possible.
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    I'll put the story in short. I made a booking on 24th with make my trip while I was on a call with one of their executives. Booking went sucessfully and the sales guy told me that he will mail me the confirmation voucher and call back in 15 mins.
    After his comment I waited for 20 mins but no mail/call. I called their support and asked for this guy who helped me names sunil and they told me that he has left for the day and he is the only person who can help you and none of us can help.

    I got a email in the next 5mins withe a note that "Kindly note, your booking is ON REQUEST and is subject to confirmation. Our customer service representative will get in touch with you within 1 business day with details."

    This is redicules, I called them 10 more time and spoke to the sales and support but no 1 wanted to take this up and neither escelated to their seniors. They told me that they will mail the concern sales guy and cc his superviosor. I was frustrated by the night and called them again askin them to cancel and refund me the money but again they denied saying that this issue is escelated now and cannot be cancelled. They asked me to wait till morning next day and told me that they will get in touch with me. Again, no response, I called them 3rice in the morning, they put me on hold for 1 hour 30 mins during 2 calls. At the end at 11:30 they denied the booking when I was outside the hotel.

    I couldn't find any hotel nearby and I had to return the same day.

    conclusion: worst customer experience I've ever had.
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    The worst customer support team they have got. Had booked a bus ticket on 6/02/13 from Ratnagiri to Mumbai for 7/02/2013 (scheduled for 9pm departure) ; unfortunately had to cancel the plan & logged into your website at 8.30pm on 6/2/13 to cancel it, got an error message "Oops. There seems to be some problem in processing your request. This could be because of a temporary connectivity problem, so we request you to please try again.
    In case you require urgent assistance, please call our customer care toll free numbers at 1800-11-8747 (MTNL/BSNL) / 1800-102-8747 (Other operators) or 0124-462-8747 (Fixed Line - Not Toll Free)" tried calling your customer support desk, but got line busy & finally reached your executive one at 9pm one Mr.Gautam Dutta at from Gurgao office, when asked to explain about the error message & the reason i was facing problem to cancel the ticket, he informed me he has no clue about the same & that i should had tried calling earlier & refund cannot be made at that duration, he provided me no explaination & asked me to drop a complain mail instead , no i tried doing the cancellation again today morning, i.e on 7/2/13 but getting the same error message, no help from customer support team again . Now this is the limit , i am done with "make my trip" forever & gonna ask my friends & colleagues to do so. Have lost all my amount , didnt get any refund. worst experience ever!
    Contact no.9619054440
    Name:Rakesh Nair
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    This is Srinath, on Sunday Evening (17Mar2013), I made a round trip booking from Chennai to Delhi(15Apr2013) & Delhi to Chennai(19Apr2013) under name of “GAJAPATHY N”, email id mentioned But while processing, it deducted from my bank account of 9775 INR and got an internal error later and got failed. Details of transaction mentioned below :

    Sr No. Value Date Transaction Date Description Withdrawals Deposit Available Balance
    1 17/03/2013 18/03/2013 MIN/MAKEMYTRIP /20130317075626/0 9,775.00

    I did not receive any confirmation booking by mail or by SMS. So kindly help me out to refund 9775 INR, ASAP.
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    I had booked ticket online on 23 of july. At first the transaction failed .I tried once again and this tym ticket was booked successfully with I'd NF7901233876824. However ven I checked my A/c balance ,money was deducted for (wo tickets . Plz relpy asap . And to whom should I contact.
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    I had booked ticket online but due to netwrk problm transaction was cancelled. I tried again and this tym ticket was booked successfully with I'd NF7901233876824. However ven I checked my A/c balanc , the amount was deducted for two tickets. Pls look into d matter ASAP . N to whom shud I contact ?
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    I have booked 2 international tickets from alger to Barcelona on 17 oct 2013 by Vueling air.After the amount is debited,the next blank page is appeared.after that there is no page is loading regarding ticket generate.After one hour i have booked a complaint regarding this.The system generated reply i have received.But i need ticket immediately or i have to get money back soon. But i don know what i have to do.No response from customer care number. I tried customer care more than 10 times to retrieve the money.Any one help me to solve this solution?
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    Today i.e 6 oct 2013 i was booking non ac sleeper from Belgaum to Bangalore by SeaBird travels.. Departure time 11pm
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    I have made online transaction through citrus for booking flight ticket from pune to ahmedabad using Union bank on Makemytrip.
    but there is a problem with this transaction.

    My money is debited from my UBI account but ticket was not booked can you please help me over this?
    My transaction Information.

    1 07/10/2013 ePAY/To:CITRUS PAYMENT SO/18797072/Pune DR 7,227.00(INR)

    Thank You,
    Hitesh Patel
    Mo. +91 9033648701
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    My ref id is NU27011935086599. Rs. 1070 was deducted from my account but my tickets were not booked. When will makemytrip refund my money???
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    I have booked a 2 air ticket in spice jet from ahmedabad to pune on 25th of Dec which was declined because of error message of session expired but amount was deducted from my account immediately of rs 10634.00 ( bank ref: IGP2012727.)

    I haven't receive any email or sms confirmation from make my trip than i booked new ticket again and paid again.
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    Today i was trying to book my tickets from bangalore to delhi nd return ticket from delhi to bangalore. But amount has been charged to my account nd tickets have not been booked infact bookinf id is also not produce...
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    Hello Make My Trip,

    This is to bring to your notice that, on 17th April 2014, I tried booking flight tickets from Nagpur to Bangalore, while processing the payment, amount got deducted but ticket could not get confirmed. Kindly refund my money asap.

    Amount deducted : 5,488.00 Rs./-
    Failed Transaction Id : NF2203532260121

    Adv. Sushil Kholkute
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