Beware of MATRIX SIM Card

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Friends, Please read this carefully and kindly pass it on to all concerned.

People travelling to Europe, Middle East, Australia, U.S.A. etc. must be aware that their local sim card will be charged heavily for the roaming charges if used overseas.

So generally people who visit overseas for a short period tend to look for cheaper options of using their mobile acess while

Of of this cheaper options sounds to be of MATRIX SIM Cards.

They are conveniently located in major cities & at airports departure & transit longues.

They offer very attractive prices and packages. They do not ask for any payment in advance, but instead they just ask you for
your credit card copy with your sign to debit your account later.

Here is where they foot in their scam.

Once you give them the Credit Card copy with your sign on this copy it declares that you have sold yourself to them

You take the SIM card & enjoy your Travel / holidays little knowing that you have already taken a step towards being cheated.

Everytime you use your cellphone to make any call, you are already being debited irrespective of you call has been placed through
or no
. Your bills will reflect charges for calls made by you from the places you have never called from or called to.

Your bill statement will show all absurd figures for example call from point “A” to point “B” for 8 seconds the charge is 0.18
cents & immediate the next call from same point “A” to point “B” for 4 seconds you are charged for 0.35 cents. (please refer to the attached statement proving the above statements & clearly showing how they cheat)

You send e-mail to matrix for clarification, they will never bother to reply you.

You call them they will put you on hold or keep you transferring from one operator to other till you get fed up and hang up the call.

These are thick skinned cheats. They do not care for customer service or future business. After all their are many fishes in this
pond which they can feed on.

So friends please beware if this cheats before the thing gets worse & once again we shall have to ask Shri Anna Hazare to fight
for us from this cheats.


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    Matrix Allahabad aka simcard is a cheat no doubt regarding that. I went to Italy and the bill reached rs 15000/- for around 1 hour of making calls back to India. Better to use other means. no use taking Matrix.
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    I had taken International SIM Cards-Singapore & Malaysia from Matrix and gave my Credit card copy with signature.
    The next thing I get is a FAT bill of Rs.11298/-which has been taken from my Credit card, even though the SIM did not work there. When we call customer service, They say their billing section will call back and no body calls.

    When I bought the SIMs they told me that it will cost only 1000/- per SIM. This is blatant robbery.
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    Matrix is big cheater , model explained and billing are different.
    who ever travelling to Srilanka never take sim from Matrix , there are local sim cards available at srilanka when you land at airport.

    Matrix billing is 1000 times more than Sim cards available at srilanka

    beware of Matrix , do not make any dealing with Matrix
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    I had taken matrix card for dubai and for 7 days they charged me 12000 bill, Please buy Local sim in foreign countries as it cheaper and no extra liability.....If u have to buy matrix than get everything written down as they always lie on plans....Its OK for corporate executives as companies bear the expenses......
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    We taken the Matrix card, with sum of Rs 7500.00 cheque was given, which was suppose to return, sim was collected next day to return back,
    Now they are sending the bill for not used by sms, on phone nobody responding.
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    I had taken a sim card while travelling to Mauritius. I had given my credit card's copy with signature. After returning back, i found that i was charged 3000 rupees for six days. I was told that the fixed rental charges would be 999 Rs. (which finally became 1200 Rs.). We were informed that 15 min would be provided free for making calls to India. The calculation is, even if you make a call of 1:02 secs, that gets translated into 2 mins. Similarly, the incoming messages are also charged. The point here is while selling the card, they will not disclose all this to the customer. Everything is hidden. Even the call charges are very very expensive as compared to that of Vodafone and airtel. I would suggest to take a local sim card, which comes at INR 600 in Mauritius and use it while making calls.

    please do not take sim cards from Matrix
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    I and my sister took 2sim cards from hyd to Malaysia for a week and the plan explained to us looked so affordable that we immediately agreed and gave our credit card copy.When I received the bill it was a big shock to see the amount 8250 and 12500 and we were told incoming is free and 500 free talk time.But to our surprise each local call in matrix network even if it lasted for 6 seconds they charged 3.5 malaysian ringetts which is insane.Each international call for 10 min costed more than 500 Indian rupees.Complete rip off.Please don't fall for this calling card looks very tempting but will hit you with heavy bill ...Please need action on Matrix for giving false packages while issuing the sim.
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    am a frequent flyer through the IGI for last one year.
    i had taken a matrix sim from the matrix stall at IGI on 20th of jan this year for my Dubai visit . On my return back i was taken aback by the false and exaggerated bills submitted by them. i did tried to convince them that the bills are unfair ; but all my concerns were not addressed to .On further search through the net about the credentials and customer feedback about the company i was horrifed to find that all most all the customers feel duped.

    My sincere request to all concern at IGI to please investigate the credentials of this company and do not allow them to function from our capital airport which is the pride of all Indians. let us not allow this place to be a conman's paradise .As a matter of fact last tuesday (5th mar.) i have given a complaint in your feedback form at the domestic terminal regarding this. Hoping to hear from you soon.

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    I got 2 sims fr malaysia as well si gapore . I was told that my total fixed charges wud be 1000. But the fixed charges came out to be 2235 rs. Also,my bill shows that I have made a 400rs call to the united kingdom and 3 text messages within 10 seconds to the US. These people are cheapsters who just want money and dont care about their services. They cut the bill before u can enquire about it.
    Never buy this sim. NEVER.,!!
    Even if u call them they wont care to return ur call.
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    Matrix has not returned 6000 rupees I had given earlier for over 2 months. Repeatedly calling them and requesting for refund does not work. The company is a scam and I would suggest everyone to buy local sim card in the country they go instead of the lousy Matrix. First of all it does not work and secondly they are a big cheat when you want to get your money back.
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    Matrix is a very big fraud .They send u legal notice even after you have paid .
    Never never buy this card
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    Matrix r the big cheapsters & cheats , stay away
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    They are big cheaters. Please don't go for matrix. go for local sim cards or skype or google talk.
    Internet is the best option. Matrix will say only about their setup costs and not about their rental costs. Please don't go for matrix.
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    Please avoid using matrix sim cards
    They are cheaters and big frauds.
    There are many cheaper options available in countries where u are going and sim cards are easily available and at very low cost.
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    Please avoid using matrix sim cards
    They are cheaters and big frauds.
    There are many cheaper options available in countries where u are going and sim cards are easily available and at very low cost.
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    Respected sir , we had travelled to USA from 8th June to 30th June & opted for services of matrix sim ,& was billed Rs 38620.57 . When we analysed the bill we found that we have been charged for 3 GB data usage . We did not opted for data plan at all . When we checked with the sales person he just directed us to talk to the customer service . We immediately spoke to customer service & their answer was just go through the terms & condition which they have send by mail to us . I informed them that your sale representative should have guided us or informed us that data usage would be charges if we did not switch off the cellular date . Secondly if I would have opted for date plan then I would have only spent USD 45 for 3GB , do you think if it would have been informed about he the same wouldn't we have opted for data usage plane . I have retested a complain under complain no SU140725858 & was expecting some communication . But we came to know that they have already debited our credit cared ac which they have taken a copy at the time of filling up the form .

    Isn't the duty of matrix to attend to the complain & then debit us with our approval . It seams like it is like no one hears our grievance but they would penalise us to use matrix service.

    Pls help the amount is huge


    Nisha Murali
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    Matrix are the biggest cheats. Like all the others I have also been cheated and billed for 40000/-. They have billed for data when I never asked for it and are making run from pillar to post. I am not getting a solution . How do I take them to consumer court
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    Allow us to look into the matter, if we are at any fault we would be glad to rectify the same. Please send the details of the Matrix Connection taken at and I will ensure you get a response ASAP.

    Tushar Agarwal,
    Senior Manager
    (Customer care)
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    Dear Valued Customer,
    We wish to inform you that we have re-checked the issue and found that you are billed for the Data Usages. There was no data pack active, however data is a pre-active feature. Hence, you are billed at Data Pay Per Use Charges. Please be assured that you are not charged for the services not rendered from us.
    Team Matrix
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    PLZ dont buy matrix sim cards, if you are traveling abroad. They are big time cheaters.

    I bought a matrix sim from this a guy called VIVEK PRAJAPATI (cell:9739042557, from BANGALORE AIRPORT. He sold the card mentioning that the rental fee involves 10 mins of free india calling. i used the card to call for 12 mins (though i actually used it for less than 7 mins)of india calling, but wen i get back i get a bill which is 10 times more than expected. when i call the customer care, the agent mentions that i should have used budget calling (prefix some number before the india number), but these guys purposely dont tell you about it while buying, as thier only interest is making commisions. Why would you have 2 type of calling, when one is 4 times cheaper than the other. Infact the roaming on airtel is cheaper than using these cards.

    SO PLEASE save your selves from these thieves like VIVEK PRAJAPATI and fraud like MATRIX!!
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