Complaint of cheating / using unfair trade practice by ICICI representative

I want to lodge a Complaint of cheating / using unfair trade practice by ICICI representative for issuing me a Hospital Care Health Plan Policy No.11304597 in the name of RAJ PAL SINGH RAWAT.

I have received a phone call on my mobile from one of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance representative that my credit card limit is going to be raised to Rs.1,08,000/- (one lakh eight thousand) from my current limit of Rs.15,000/- (fifteen thousand) and he started explaining me the features and benefits of the Said Limits, which is as follows:

1. I can use this Said Limit credit card to buy gold jewellery and get discount of 10% on the total billing amount.
2. I can avail cash credit limit upto Rs.1,00,000/- (one lakh) for 45 days for which no interest will be chargeable, if Ipay the cash credit limit amount within the due date.
3. When I asked him that the said limit will raise / increase on my same Credit Card No.4477468416372006, he said yes, but it will take at least fifteen to twenty days for processing and there will be no service charge imposed. To get all these favour & benefits you have to take a Health Policy. The special feature & benefits of the Said Policy as told by him is as under :-
1. There will be no EMI for first year.
2. The EMI will start from second year with your consent.
3. Thereafter, representative of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance told me that I will receive a call from ICICI Bank Credit Card Department regarding my consent to debit the credit card for the premium amount. When I asked him why? He told me that this is just for paper work.
4. The EMI will be shown from this year (i.e. The EMI amount will not be added to total amount due for that month). He also told me not to disclose about he said limit and benefits of the credit card since he is not authorized to inform these kind of features / benefit to customers.

This is all the telephonic conversation; I had with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance representative in the month of February, 2009.

In the month of April I received my credit card statement. I was shocked to see the EMI added to my total amount due for the month. Then, I immediately contact on ICICI Prudential Life Insurance call centre number and inquired about the same. The Representative, who attended the call, told me that our seniors will call you back within 24 hours. But there was no response.

Again, in the month of May, I received my credit card statement with added EMI of Health Policy. Once more, I contact ICICI call centre. This time he told me to file a written complaint to ICICI Prudential Life Insurance branch office at Aurbindo Market, Hauz Khas, N.Delhi-18. So, I write a complaint letter on 26.05.2009 to ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.

In the month of June again, I received added EMI statement of my credit card statement and enquired about the same with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Hauz Khas office. They hand over me a letter dated 28th May, 2009 stating that we (ICICI Prudential Life Insurance) have completed investigating your case and understand that you were clearly explained the policy features and benefits. After having explained the policy terms and conditions, you have given your consent to debit your credit card for the premium amount.

Here, I want to bring to your notice that the representative who provided me the Said Health Policy via telephonic conversation did not inform me about the customer entitlement for a free look period of 15 days as mentioned in the letter.

Once again I approached to EVP – Customer Service & Technology of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd., on 27th July, 2009 via e-mail. On 28th July, 2009 they replied that our specialized team is investigation the concern and you would be receiving a communication by 25th August, 2009. Thereafter on 29th July, 2009 they ask me to provide my complete 12-digit saving account number. After 2-3 days I received a letter dated 29th July, 2009 with the as usual reply that you were clearly explained the policy features and benefits. After having explained the policy terms and conditions, you have given your consent to debit your credit card for the premium amount.



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    This is regarding my Hospital care policy .Policy Number - 11018091.

    I would request you to go through the below sequence of events of what happened. I recieved call from this number - 04428422317 from a person called Ravi. He said my credit limit is being increased from 99000 to 150000 and there is an offer 25000 cash withdrawal without interest for 45 days. I said ok fine. Then he said there is a health insurance where i have to say i am opting for insurance and then i can cancelled the policy within free look period. I said i am not interested in any policy. He insisted he can cancel the policy and the cancellation will be done by him over phone. I just have to intimate him over phone. After verification call i once again called him and said there has been increase in credit limit. He said wait for this month statement. I called him again after statement now there is no such person called Ravi there and they are saying i should not have accepted the offer if i was unsure.I have seen fraud marketing but this looks like day robbery. I would like to take serious notice of this issue.
    I sent the numerous mail to ICICI credit card and then after 2 Months they diverted the issue saying only ICICI prulife should decide. Then i sent mails to icici prulife but till today i have not recieved any information.

    Kindly advice me on this - My mail id -

    Because of this policy i have missed my other commitments and unecessary mental agony and stress.

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    We have a shop named Bhoomi Super Market which is doing unfair trade practices. He always over charges for all the grocery items beyond its MRP and when ask for a bill he says he doesn't have any bill. He does this with every item he has in his shop. We would like you to take a strong action on this shop keeper and set an example for others too. His address is mentioned below.

    Bhoomi Super Market,
    Bhoomi Park Phase-3, Shop No. 31,
    Opposite BMC Garden, Marve Road
    Malad West, Mumbai - 400095

    Rajiv Kapoor
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    Dear Sir,

    Had a franchise of Oven Magick at Bharuch and the owner just stopped the supply without any prior information and when asked by mail or phone calls there is no reply from him and is not realy to pay back the franchise amount as well the deposit paid. Have invested 16 lakh and i have been cheated

    Kindly help me
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    Dear Sir
    We have procured a mobile connection on vodafone carrier and had opted for ebill but as on date the bill has not been delivered,when we enquired with them the email address has been wrongly entered by them though on the application we have given them the correct email address.
    Due to non payment the sim card has been blocked when we enquired with the authorities they refuse to give us a copy of the hardcopy or the softcopy and asked us to make the payment and then only the bill will be sent to us.
    Firstly we cannot understand any reason why a bill cannot be issed when the consumer wants to make payment.
    Then we asked them to give details of the bill,and subsequently we told them the phone is not even used then how can a bill of Rs800per month be generated,there is some error in the bill.
    upon my repeated requests they are refusing to issue me a bill.
    i would like to make a complaint that in the first instance they have entered the wrong email id in their records and the same can be verified with our application when taking a connection.and for their mistake they are not issuing me a hard copy of the bill FOR MAKING THE is clearly understood there is some error and they are taking consumers for a ride and therefore they want the payment to be collected before issuing the bill.
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    I have been receiving a call from an employee of ICICI prudential. He says that he is an employee of the fund management department in Delhi and that ICICI prudential is offering a special package to people who have the GSIP policy and as per that package i will be given an amount of around Rs. 87,000/- (Rs. 30,000/- is the commission and 57,000/- is the bonus).

    The above mentioned money belongs to me but as my agent advisor has mentioned in the form that he is my relative and it should be given to him. But ICICI wants to check with me before giving it to him. And if i want that money, then i need to pay them Rs. 55,000/- to break the agent code. And then in August i will the 87,000/- Rupees along with Rs.55,000/- which i am paying them now.

    Also if i want i can keep that money with them and from next year they will pay me a monthly pension of Rs.4,000/- till the end of my life.

    I am really skeptical about this package and want to know if ICICI prudential really has offered any package of this sort.


    My name is Geetanjali and I already have two policie with ICICI prudential.
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    This is to bring to your notice unfair trade practices followed by a HERITAGE MILK PARLOUR who charges Rs.19/- for a milk packet with a MRP of Rs.18/-. The shopkeeper also denies giving a bill for the same on asking.
    The address is as follows:
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    I want to inform that i recd a phone call repeatedly from no.09212541925 for a personal loan 0% from oriental bank of commerce,insurance partner in the name of oriental partner against a policy to pay rs one lakh per annem for ten years against this loan of Rs.ten lakh will be given.,which will be equalise with the maturity of insurance policy and excess amount will be kept by the bank.
    I submit the paper and a cheque of Rs.25000.00 as policy instalment.
    Cheque was cleared .
    After two three days when i want to know my statues,phone was swithed off.
    When i contacted at another no.9212541976,i was told you have been cheated.
    Please help me in getting my amount back and other innocent people from being victam.
    The paper were sent at add.Gulsha Verma.F-13,2nd floor.Budella Market,Vikas puri.N.Delhi-110018.
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