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Sir I'm AMAL ALEX.C from kerala,I had bought a bike named HONDA UNICORN DAZZLER on 4th NOVEMBER 2010...I had met with an accident on 26th DECEMBER 2010,and gave the bike for repair service on 4th of JANUARY 2011 at KTC HONDA KALPETTA(WAYANAD)kerala.It's Head office is at calicut.When I Gave the bike for repair the service manager told that the bike will get repaired only after 3 months....After the above mentioned month I called the service manager..He again told that some parts are not yet available,so two more weeks I gave to him for repair work.After one month again I called him,but the same excuse he told again. Because of the excuses given by the service manager I had gone to The Main branch oF KTC HONDA situated at Calicut(KOZHIKODE).A man named "MANOJ" is the service manajer.I told him that the problems and I HAVENT got my bike repaired after 5 months.HE told me that the bike will be repaired within few weeks..With that hope I returned to my home.I waited for the time period he told..But again the same excuse "BIKE PART IS NOT AVAILABLE" he told me.Again I waited for another one month. After 7 months I called to the HEAD OFFICE OF HONDA MOTORCYCLES.When I told the problems they say to hold the phone.After that NO response from them.I called Them many Times ,But no response too from them... I dont what to do??If they are not taking any initiatives my bike will be lost for ever.PLEASE HELP ME .MObile Number :+919946494151


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    I am Umer M Ali,I purchased Honda CB Unicrn bike on 01st August 2012.I got my first service done.On 9th September 2012,I found that oil is leaking from outer engine cover.So,on 10th Sept 2012,I gave by bike for service in Honda Service Centre ,Kottayam,Kerala in a hired tempo lorry,as I cant drive the bike anymore with this oil leak.Today is 21st Sept 2012.Till now,I has not get my bike back after servicing.They are saying some vague excuses.Please help.Umer M
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    I had purchased honda cb unicorn from kalpetta ktc honda, from the starting day itself their service is horrible, i am not expecting any kind of hospitality from them, but there should be a professional touch, simply they are making peoples to wait for 2 to 3 hours, now i afraid what will happen to bike for the 1st service onwards. But now I will advice all my friends not to take any honda vehcles because for a two wheeler service is the main thing
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    Hi sir,

    I had book a Honda Dio bike from Kalpetta showroom. They informed to me will deliver the bike within two months. Also i have paid full payment as per their request. But they did not delivered the bike after four months. Then informed to them i have to refund it. But they are asking another 15 days for refund.

    They are not communicating with customers properly and asking the full payment form all customer before deliver the bike. None of the show room asking full payment before deliver the bike.
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    My dio have only 30 kmpl,company says 55kmpl i look by all methods,but itz only 30
    plz help me,my dio has only 11 months old
    no: 9995917719
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    Honda two wheeler,ktc Honda ,
    Respected Sir
    I jubin roy,a customer from kalpetta ,wayanad booked Honda activa on 21stNov 2013 at KTC motors ,kalpetta,SreeAyappan complex ,kalpetta P.O wayanad PH:04936 344844 having been waiting for this long ,I deeply regret to inform you that I received a condemned or showroom assembled activa on 12th FEB 2014 evening
    The details of the vehicle are as given below:
    Honda activa,colour black,
    Since the vehicle was delivered on 12th feb evening hours ,the executives wanted to finish the formalities in hurry ,but I noticed most of the fibre parts are pretty old or full of scratches some of its are the front portion ,the left side covers and floor side metal coverings ,silencer
    Immediately I reported the issue to the manager Mr.Shaji Mob:09605006300 he said we will change it on 1st service when I refused the offer ,he showed me few VECHILE IN THE SHOW ROOM AND ASKED ME TO SELECT ONE ,I THOUGHT THEY ARE GOING TO ALLOT A NEW ONE FOR ME BUT SURPRISINGLY HE SAID THE VECHILEIS ALREADY TEMP: REGD SO PLEASE SELECT ONE OF THESE AND WE WILL CHANGE IT FROM THOUSE VECHILE TO MINE ,at the moment I could see only the external faults and they changed 2 covers and 1 metal then I was really desperate ,I took the vehicle ,on the road I knew it has some major issue either with chase or fork
    Next day morning I stared the vehicle, wanted to take a turning, suddenly the right side handle got jammed and the vehicle moved little further hit on a small stone and I fell down
    I had no time in the morning; I took it to the showroom in the afternoon they said its perfectly all right nothing wrong
    I was not able to drive and again I took it to showroom on 14th feb they changed something and paid for some workshop issue bill given for 829.00/-?
    Now they assured it’s perfectly all right, but the problem persist
    Yesterday that’s 18th feb 2014 I kept for a check-up again, now they are insisting me to change the fork assembly and wanted me to make claim ,since the problem persevered right from delivery I really don’t wanted to make a false claim ,so I decided to speak to the manager shaji when he realized that the problem can never happen either it’s an old vehicle nor they have changed to some other vehicle ,there is always a rumour that Honda people change parts from new one and sell it outside ,however the manager never wanted to talk to me and he absconded from the showroom
    I phoned up to Calicut KTC and spoke to mr.dineshan who himself claimed he is in charge of kalpetta ,he said I will speak to shaji and come back to you ,nothing happened ,in the evening I again called him on mob;09847495656 , the person who attended the phone said dinesh spoke to you in my phone he is not here ,but shaji says that it’s because of some accident
    All of its parts mainly fork assembly, handle, fibre parts, silencer are 100% not new
    >Now I wanted to know why they change things from one to another vehicle
    >either you take back this scrap and give me new vehicle or pay my money back

    Vehicle cost: 51,769

    Total 56,260/-
    TPand reg 2050
    So 58310
    Accessories 3734
    Total 62044
    + I have a loan and its 1st initial payment and loan charges also have paid

    I will be very grateful if you could response at the earliest against this sort of cheating
    Please do contact me on mob 9605488885 in case if you need further details
    I would appreciate it if you could organise to have the problem fixed/use another repairer to fix the problem by 20th feb 2014 As I am sure you can appreciate, I rely on my bike for transport and apart from the Inconvenience, this problem has also caused me to incur additional cost

    I look forward to settling this matter amicably. If, however, the matter is not satisfactorily resolved by tomorrow i.e.20th feb 2014 I will consider taking further action to resolve the complaint either through the Departments or through the courts.

    Yours faithfully
    Jubin roy

    Copy to Consumer court,inspector of police kalpetta ,
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    Kunnath (ho)
    Payyoli 673521
    Consumer court
    This is to inform you that l have given KTC honda service centre at koyilandy my unicorn bike for serviceing on 10/09/2014.
    There was a call from the office yesterday (13/09/2014), num:815701117 ,2.48 pm (this was the number and time from which call came) it is a long time after giving my bike their. I called the concerned office many times. I request you to take necessary action and make it fast as soon as possible.
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