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This is to bring to your kind attention the gross mismanagement and irregularities I have faced in the reimbursement of the defective item that I had received last month. I have been forced to write this mail after repeatedly calling for atleast 10-12 times over the past month and when nobody has contacted me even after repeated reminders. Please understand that it is not about the money being refunded or not , but the kind of dismal customer service I have received that makes me write this mail.

I had ordered an item PaisaPay ID 29442122977 on 13th July and had logged a eBay Guarantee Claim # 54651. It has been more than 22 days and nobody has attended to my request even though the website clearly says that the claim would be done in 20 days. It has been 5 days since I sent the receipt of the dispatch of the product from my end and everytime I have called up (My Yashwant on 9/8/2011, Mr Kaustubh on 7/8/2011 and Mr. Aniket) I have been told that I would receive a call back by the EOD for three days. Nobody has called me up and I have not received refund in my account.I was told on 6/8/2011 that as soon as the receipt would be received, the refund process would be initiated. The claim officer, Mr. Aniket has always been unavailable or busy to talk every single time I have called up.

Yesterday, again I was assured by Mr. Yashwant that I would receive a call back from Mr. Aniket by EOD but I did not receive any call. Even on repeatedly requesting to escalate the request to higher authorities, I was discouraged and categorically told that even they would follow the same process. Even today I have not received any confirmation or feedback about my problem nor any mail regarding the same.

It is extremely unprofessional on your part not to call the customer even after repeated calls. Not so much as a call to explain the delay behind the process was arranged. Kindly arrange for a callback tomorrow. I do not see any reason why this should take so long, or why I should not be told of the process even after being assured of a call back. I have no option but to send a personal email to email ids of the India CEO Mr. Muralikrishnan B and other authorities.

I regret to say that this kind of customer service does not leave a good precedent.

Anshuman Sharma
XLRI Jamshedpur


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    Hi Anshuman

    We regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for sharing your feedback.

    I trust our Customer Support Representative would have contacted you to have your issue resolved.

    Once again we regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued patronage with eBay India.

    Assuring you the best of services.

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    Ok here's the latest fraud on ebay.. and this one is BY ebay. It is known as seller feedback manipulation.

    If you leave a negative feedback for a seller, however justified, it will be removed. How? Without informing you they send your feedback for evaluation by a "committee". Ostensibly the committee comprises both buyers and sellers but you are never told the composition of the committee or the number of members in it. And then you receive an email from ebay saying your feedback has been removed because the commitee decided so. I don't know how this scam started but the sellers are aware of it and so operate with impunity. I have burnt my fingers several times and have decided to stay away from ebay altogether. There have been instances when a product was advertized as made by a famous Japanese brand and I received a cheap locally made item instead that did not last a few hours. Apparently selling of fake goods is rampant on ebay. On other occasions there were items missing from the package, product stopped working... even the replacement would not work. A whole lot of problems. I guess the Indian online market is too undeveloped at the moment to inspire buyer confidence.
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    I had bought an item from i2cworld_inc3 and was shipped item (GEB - MSKU - 130521014118 - SMOCK TUBE COCKTAIL DAY EVE) on 6 Jan 2012 and I received wrong sized item, so I contacted the seller and as told by them, I shipped item back to for refund of my money, but I have not received any refund till now.

    I must tell you that communication from e bay side were totally uninformative regarding the time limit before which I can ask for a refund in such cases. Also, the seller had informed me that the refund will be given to me after they received the item and once they received the item at their end, they just did not replied back positively.

    Please refund my money as soon as possible so that a bonafide customer like me continue to shop with you in future also.

    I have been regularly tring to resolve this by live chatting and calling at your given numbers, but I did not receive any response.
    Plz help.

    Mukesh kumar
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    Ebay Vendor anurag_international had cheated more than 10 customer but Ebay had not taken any action . I had paid Rs.1520 for a product which i had never received from Ebay , I had requested for refund but till today i had not received any refund . on my claim they finally taken a action on the problem to Trust and Safety. You have stated that your concerns haven't been resolved.
    eBay takes policy violations seriously. Our Trust and Safety team will review your report and take appropriate action if the seller has violated the eBay Seller Non-Performance policy.but they had not refunded my money .

    more over you can see the customer care exe. online discussion where they are not interested to refund your money , its a request to every one don't buy any thing from ebay as i am more than six year old customer of ebay and the quality of ebay is going down day by day .
    there is no one in senior level to look into your matter .


    online chat started after 35 min. wait and you can see the time taken by Rupali customer care exe. and the end result is negative .
    i feel cheated by ebay and they have no control over their vendor .

    nagarkotichandan 10:34:30

    Rupali K 10:36:41
    Yes, I am there.

    Rupali K 10:36:45
    Sorry for the long hold.

    Rupali K 10:37:36
    On checking the records it can be seen that you had requested to cancel the refund request hence this issue has been closed frm our end.

    nagarkotichandan 10:38:34
    when i had requested for refund then why should i cancel the refund

    nagarkotichandan 10:41:39
    i have mail requesting for refund on 12 june 23:16 and on 12 june 23:17 i receive a mail you have cancel the refund which is not possible time gap of one minute how can i cancel the refund . i have both the mails with time and date send by ebay .

    nagarkotichandan 10:43:12
    issue can not be closed as i have paid 1550/- to ebay and i have not received the product .

    nagarkotichandan 10:44:03
    can you provide me the contact number of sr. person to whom i can discuss my issue .

    The chat session is being wrapped up.

    The chat session has ended.

    This chat was on 07/09/2012. All times in the above transcript are in the following time zone: (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
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    I would hereby like to draw your kind attention to big problem which has put us in grave difficulty in selling goods in ebay.

    I have been involved in buying and selling at ebay for last more than 7-8 years. ebay is a wonderful site when it comes to buying a product where you can compare, judge the item amongst a variety of list of items. Most of the buyers, barring a few, are good instilling nice experience.

    However, when it comes to selling, the picture it entirely different and appalling. I tried to sell more than 20 items for the last two years in ebay, all of them were sold in the auction with fair prices but the buyers, who have won the auction, are not ready to pay during the stipulated period fixed by ebay. While asked about the reason for not paying, some of them replied that they are new to ebay and having a fun by bidding but have no real requirement to buy and rest of them simply kept mumb. What ebay does in taking action is that ebay opens a unpaid case on the non-payer which means they have to pay a meager amount as fine and do not have to pay for the entire amount and get saved. This system seems to be ridiculous. In reply, when I protested, my account got suspended (account name is souchak10) which is still facing suspension as of now.

    Ebay, as a business partner, needs to take care of its sellers and has to play a bigger role in taking exemplary actions on the non-paying bidders so that nobody makes a mockery of its system. Like me, thousands of sellers in India are daily facing same kind of problems and slowly shifting from ebay mode to some other platform which they feel comfortable. Thus it is a total loose-loose kind of situation rather than a win-win for both ebay and us. In India, online shopping is going to be the future i.e. a huge market is in the offing and until and unless ebay has strong policies in place, it is difficult (or close to impossible) to sustain in such stiff competitive scenario.

    I hope I could have made the points clear to you. It is high time to change ebay policies for India so that sellers' interests are duly taken care of. Expecting a fair, prompt and favourable consideration from your end at the earliest,
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    I need your help to solve my problem which came from eBay.

    I had booked "Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 - Strong black + Bill " (Item no. 170898494174)this item from your ebay site on 20Aug2012.

    But the DTDC courier company only gave me Mobile paper details….NOT MOBILE.......DTDC courier company person (Mr. B R Verma) told me that they didn't get any mobile from an eBay seller. He had found only 10 gram weighted packets to be delivered on 24Aug2012
    Now the Seller told me that it's by mistake not delivered to me…and he will send me again. And daily he told me this word but still today I didn’t get my item.
    Now seller didn’t pick my call, sometime he picked and said I am not a seller, I am student… or some time said this is wrong number…. In short he makes pretend to prevent…

    i have sent so many email to ebay and also called so many times..but no one is responding me. So please do for needful person.
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    Its horrible service from ebay and its registered seller.
    After 1 month of placing order,i didn't receive the item.
    Even after sending numerous mail,the seller or ebay team is not answering my mail.
    Let me register a FIR against ebay and its fraud and
    As a lawyer i know to handle this ebay in court.

    no thanks
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    I buy a mobile(BRAND NEW BLACKBERRY TORCH 9860 GREY COLOUR !! (271188870609)) from ebay on 15 april 2013 from seller Nikil Bhagwani (ebay seller ID: omsairam1980) After purchasing the mobile is not working properly, i talked to seller he said to send the mobile back to him and he checked again. I send the mobile to him long time ago (13 jun 13) he not reply me back whether on phone or gmail. I complain it on Ebay but there is no response from there side too. Please help me out.
    PaisaPay transaction details (PaisaPay ID 33496852948)
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    I order 1 mobile from ebay handset under PaisaPay ID 36213014794 , when i was received the mobile it was duplicate i visit 2 different different Nokia Mobile store they said it was duplicate mobile, also mobile was not working/Charger not working also i am not get any Invoice.
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    I had purchased a Omron BP monitor from ebay and the seller shipped wrong machine. Immediately I had canceled the order and asked for refund. Ebay contacted the seller and arranged for correct model which I received. The wrong model which I had received had to be re-shipped to seller for which I had contacted ebay and ebay assured to pick the wrong item back. After couple of days ebay asked me to re-ship the wrong item to seller for which ebay will provide me with coupon for the courier charges I had incurred. My claim ID is 410815. I re-shipped the item and sent the scan copy of airway bill to ebay and ebay assured me to send the coupon. The coupon was supposed to be received by me in the first week of March 2014. On repeated calls and chatting I was provided with a coupon after more than a month which was a used one (such a fraud activity). Again I have been contacting on calls, mails and chatting but so far no answer from ebay. Since the courier amount was just for only Rs. 150/- I have stopped contacting ebay further. But when ebay can cheat for mere 150/- then how one can go for purchase of bigger amount?
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    I purchased one Mechanical Weight Scale on 9th April 2014 from Paisapay/invoice no is-36121775348.After i didn't receive the item after 10 days i filed for refund under guarantee claim scheme by ebay.My complain/claim no ebay id is-jyotibudha360

    I have called customer care around 15-20 times.Every time i have to wait for 20 mins in phoneline.Everytime they say your issue will be solved in next 24-48 hours.But in reality they don't give a damn about the issue.Neither they are sending me the product nor the refund.

    I'm harassed by the ebay & i want strongest possible action against these fraud cheater ebay india. advice my fellow indians not shop from this site.They are going to steal you.Teach ebay a lesson.::{

    My contact no is-9861421861/ address is at-canal rd,p.o-nalco nagar,dist-angul,orissa,pin-759145
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    Dear Sir

    Thank you for your kind support

    Regarding Ebay service in India, i am very much disappointed. I do not think Ebay will ever succeed if this kind of service is offered to customers.

    I recently purchased a mobile phone from Ebay with an assurance of Ebay gurantee which is of absolutely no use as my claim was rejected saying manufacture warranty exists.

    Flipkart and Amazon accept return of product within 30 days of purchase even though there is manufacture warranty.

    I would surely advise all of my contacts on this pathetic service by Ebay and advise always to use Flipkart which is far far better in honoring the guarantee.

    The below is the response mail from Ebay

    We thank you for your precious time in helping us investigate the issue you faced with your purchase. We regret to inform you that after investigating the claim we are rejecting your eBay Guarantee* claim request. Click here for more information.
    Please find the details here
    Action : Buyer Claim request rejected by eBay
    Remarks : I have checked the details of your claim and have noticed that the item purchased by you is under Manufacture warranty and hence excluded from eligible transactions for filing a claim under eBay guarantee. Therefore, the claim filed by you falls under non-eligibility criteria. As a result, we have closed your claim and your request for refund has been rejected. For more information on the non-eligibility criteria to file a claim, kindly check the below mentioned link: http: In this case, my best advice to you is to contact your Seller and resolve the matter amicably. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.
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    since last about 1 yr i'm a seller on ebay.

    but since last 2 month when the sell bit higher side ebay blocked the remittance for all the orders.

    for those orders also where buyer dont have any problem.

    moreover on one go i provided resolution to all the claim but ebay closing one by one on a week interval or reminded by me.

    by this ebay hold my remittance for last two months.

    if someone help on this.
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    Dear sir, My name is Swapan Acharjee, I have online purchased one Coster combo Jeans from eBay, That quality is very low and size also not proper colour also. I have complaint then, Item Information Claim ID:592459, PaisaPay ID:36913614521, Item number: 151362526185, Seller ID: arhamgarments, Date claim opened: 02-08-2014. They approve claim with a conditions. That I have back my product my spent.(Spent Courier charge-Rs 800 /-), My product cost is Rs1399/-, They told that give me some coupon agents courier charges valid one month. I am not agree for this because this there fault to sent wrong thing. At the time they said if I don't obey what they told they will not give my money back. I don't understand why should invest Rs 800 /- to do my loss. Please help me sir..

    Swapan Acharjee
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    Hi my name is Vimal.
    ebay user ID: gadgetguruvimal.
    Registered email:
    Claim ID 591034.

    I am writing this email because I m not happy at all with ebay service as this was my start up as a seller on ebay and I thought to become a long life member with ebay but it seems like my journey had stopped when my claim did not go into my favor and amount refunded back to buyer as I sold my 70000Rs computer on ebay at the price of 52787Rs to the buyer named Sareesh in Kerla on 25th of July 2014 and I shipped him next day 26th July 2014 in very good condition and working condtion as I checked my computer just 30 minutes before shipping and found working fine with original bills and warranty, buyer got the item on 29th July 2014 and on 1st Aug 2014 he raised refund request.I was keep saying that I sent my computer in absolutely working condition and buyer made software and hardware changes in the computer and broke it and he had to contact manufacture as it was in manufacture warranty and in the description it was clearly mentioned that its an assembled PC so have to contact perticular faulty parts manufacture and returns are not accepted as I paid 2000Rs as shipping charges if you face any issue in future contact the manufacture but claim got closed in buyers favor for no reason. I sent solid evidence to ebay at many times as I spoke to Buyer who's name is Sareesh but as his Hindi and English communication skills are not good so he has mentioned his friends number anf name in his ebay profile who's name is Subin so I spoke to Subin and Sareesh both and Recorded our telephonic conversation as a proof in which we can hear and find out that Subin and Sareesh both saying clearly that after receiving the item he uninstalled Windows 8 which I sent and installed Windows 7 after which all the drivers got uninstalled as well I mentioned in the description that Kindly download latest drivers from the internet and even I tried help the buyer myself as I am an Engineer and I found out changes in the computer so I asked buyer what have you done he said after installing new windows Graphics card was showing and working so I asked my company's internal Hardware I.T guy to check and he opened the computer and tried to check Graphics card and we tried to connect our own graphics card as well in the conputer and changed the Graphics card port and change the cables and he tried to connect his own old Graphics card as well once you listen the conversation between me and Sareesh(Buyer) and Subin who speaks on his behalf so you will come to know. Now I have got my pc back what first thing I did was to check the computer but when I turned on my and connected to my LED using HDMI cable and VGA it was not showing anything on it I tried to change the slots and tried VGA cable as well on Motherboard slot and on Graphics card slot but both were not working, then I opened my computer and what I saw I could not believe that I immediately brought my Camera and clicked all the pics you can check that as well in this email. Graphics card was completely off spot and forcefully damaged seems like someone was trying to connect and disconnect it badly on PCI slot that's how it got curve and got broken moreover PCI slot, its right side plastic cover lock and its teeth are badly damaged now while connecting and disconnecting the Graphics card. DVD player is not working as you can see both the blue cables are disconnected and other too. Restart button not working. Hard drive is badly moved from it place and not Woking and there is no power cable of hard drive as well. Bottom stand of pc is broken you can see the damaged in the pic and bottom panel support is damaged seems like he dropped it. I have attached all pics just before shipping it and giving it to Courier guy and to buyer in working condition on 26th July 2014 in you can see I showed to Courier and played HD Games and Played Blue Ray HD Movie and played some songs as well as you can see pics inside of the computer where pc is running and working fine and on screen there is time showing and there no flick rings as customer said while opening a claim you can see Graphics card is working I was able to play Games and play movie customer said he was not able to play movie not able to use graphics card PCI slot not working and all that he was lying completely when he willingly or not willingly broke it and could fix it himself as all the cables were messed up and damaged so he lied and returned the item but you will come to know his lies after listing to the conversation and checking attached pics before and after shipping of item and Courier Proof on Overnight Express later head with company stamp and signature on which they have mention each and everything that they checked the item themselves before taking from me shipping to buyer just to make sure all its in good and working condition and blame does not come on them as it is their company policy to check expensive items before ship. I have lost my item which cost me 70 thousand and now I neither have money nor my computer and as its Broken so I had to remove my listing from ebay and you can check my previous emails which I sent many times. I was told that I will get the option to apply for seller protection once the claim gets closed but what I found that ebay said I am not eligible for seller protection then I called many times in ebay customer for seller protection they said Vishal Mangre is working on your case you have to do this that and wait I did everything whatever I was told by ebay so after 10 days I finally got the call fro Vishal Mangre from seller protection team and I cant believe that after talking to him for 2 hours he denied to give support and we cant do anything no one can help you now repair your computer yourself and even if God comes and says you are right buyer is wrong even in that condition you will not get anything I recorded the entire conversation and if someone listen to it will laugh on whatever he said and his supervisor said. I have all the solid evidence of my computer like pictures before shipping and after receiving from buyer, Courier proof recorded telephone conversation between me and buyer and his frnd and ebay telephonic recording I want justice

    Thanks in advance.
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