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We were left standing at the Vakola Police station bus stop on 22nd July 2011 for more than two hours i.e. 6:30pm to 8:45pm, waiting for the MSRTC Shivneri Bus to Pune departure scheduled from Borivali at 6:30pm, and the bus never came at this stop which is a scheduled stop for the mentioned bus. We constantly kept calling Borivali MSRTC bus depot counter, previously they didn't respond and later they attended the call saying the bus started at correct time from Borivali and that they had no clue about the bus not reaching Vakola.

On repeatedly calling them they answered very abusively and rudely.

Kindly help us to reach the consumer court and to take adequate action against this irresponsibility of MSRTC.


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    I am regular traveler of panvel-Wakad(Pune). I get bus from Panvel every monday morning. Today because of festival season all buses were coming full from start point(mumbai) hence most of us had to wait for more than hour. After such wait one bus came for our path and few seats vacant in it.Bus number BT 014-0096 Mumbai-Shirola via wakad. When we tried to get in, Conductor(D.P. KAMBALE) arrogantly said " Only Satara or Sirola.. No wakad." When we asked why? He didn't replied and when bus was full then he said.. " Now wakad .. But only standing.. If interested then get in ". He was most interested in passenger who was taking long route to get more money. Then we went to Panvel Depot's Complain desk and told them the case. Bus and conductor was still there. They called Conductor and started laughing on us who came for complaint. and after cracking jokes conductor D.P. KAMABALE went away. I had forced counter guy to give me complaint book and then they gave me some kind of rough book. I am not sure whether anybody will look into that. But the total incident was frustrating as common man has no value. It's total Gundagiri of these conductors and drivers.
    It’s a request to somebody please look into this kind of misbehave
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    This is to bring to your notice that I took a bus from Dadar to pune on 21st march at 6pm. The bus was supposed to start from Dadar and stop in Pune.

    Bus number is 9249. Bus stopped at 7 stoppages in Mumbai and gave entry to people at less fare. When we shouted at the driver then he stopped this activity. We wasted 2 hrs in Mumbai.

    After that he stopped at a food junction. He dint get petrol. He took a turn to Lonavala and he got petrol. We again wasted 20 minutes. Bus driver is shouting at passengers.

    Please do something and forward this complaint.
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    I have booked shivneri from thane to pune of date 26/11/13 and time 10:30.I waited for the bus till 11:30 and then called shivneri to cancel my ticket only to know that its not possible.bus was late for more that one hour to i have to go in cab but at least they should refund ticket fair.Kindly help me to reach the consumer court and to take adequate action against this irresponsibility of MSRT. thank you
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    my daughter is regular traveler on each Monday from Aurangabad to Pune by 6 am shivneri. she always takes print of ticket of online booking.I advised her not to take print as ministry of environment Govt of india has advised not to use paper to save environment if you have soft copy. This type of copy is accepted by railway ,airport so should be accepted by MSRTC also.but Mr. Jadhav on duty conductor at 6 am on 15/09/2014 refuses to accept the soft copy in mail.and very rudly asked hard copy of ticket.I requested and told that there is govt. of India rule to accept soft copy.He by hearing the hindi language reacted soughting" yahn nahi chalega, yeh sab up bihar men chalta hoga sab galat kam UP Bihar men hote hain."
    Sir, I am sr. manager in central government got heart how one govt employee can talk like this at public counter/place to a common men.There were other such types of passengers having soft copy.

    1.I wish to know that is it necessary having hard copy of tickets for MSRTC. even having circulars of central ministry.
    2.Whether this is official language/training to speak such remarks publicly to hindi speaking maharashtryan people.
    3. if not than it must be communal misbehavior with passengers than what is policy of msrtc to deal such persons so that others will learn lesson not to damage the image of MSRTC & Maharashtra as a whole. Damaging the image is damaging revenue as there are other alternative to travel .

    I am hope full to have reply & action against the concerned person.

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