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I had booked three tickets on 9th May,2011 and 13th May 2011.I had cancelled the tickets the same day but the amount is not refunded back for two tickets.The ticket nos for which refunds are not made are:


The amount to be refunded is Rs 2000/-


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    Dear Travelers, I would like to inform you the service provided by Neeta Travels is really worst, The Crew Member (Driver & Attendant ) of the bus misbehave with the passengers & they do not have manners to talk they use abusing word after boarding bus. And regarding the punctuality never on time bcoz of that me & my friends could not reach on time for Important Office Meeting & we had to face lots of problem.

    BUS NO:-KA-01-AA-2802 Mumbai to Manglore dated 08-05-2012

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    Yesterday I've travelled with Neeta A.C. Sleeper from Pune to Indore, bus was scheduled at 7:00 PM near Jahangir Hospital pune, but initially it was delayed by 1hr 22 mins. The actual bus had some problem so that they have arranged another bus. I've paid 800 INR per person and there were 5 persons travelled with me including my 8 months daughter. They have charged 4000 INR but the bus condition was so poor like -
    1. No blankets provided, we asked them for blankets but they replied very rudely that we don't have any blankets ask Neeta travels owner to provide. the temperature was around 20 degrees.
    2. A.C. controller was not working, chilled air was coming through the blowers as well as from speakers (provided for audio/ video), they could not able to control the temperature. Along with us there were lots of families traveled with infants.
    3. The maximum speed of the bus was 30-40 kms per hour, as per schedule it should be arrived at Indore between 8.30 to 9.00 AM but till 11.30 it was 190 Kms away from Indore at that time I left the bus and arranged a taxi.
    4. The bus having heavy bad smell.
    5. I called Neeta customer care 3-4 times but they listened my problems first time and then the continuosly cut the phone.
    They charged us very heavy amount but they did not provide us facility. I need my money back.

    Bus no. MP-09 X-411
    Person from Neeta - Mr. Yeshwant - 9764146145
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    My 60 year old mother started Journey from Bangalore to Aurangabad on neeta Volvo BUS on 06th July at 5.10 PM and expected arrival time at aurangabad at 11.30 AM on 07th July for which i paid 1500 Rs. Neeta changed bus in middle of Journey (at night, on Karnataka boundary) because BUS passing issue (This was known to Neeta operate) Putting all passengers in trouble. All the passingers where put in bus which is not in condition. AC was not working. Pathetic noise. Neeta took money for Volvo and dump every one in ordinary bus. I feel this is pure fraud cheating and irresponsible behavior as you broke trust of people who believed neeta. How much painful it is to punish neeta in this case? Question is not about money but pain my mother faced during journey.
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    I had booked a ticket from redbus website.

    The journey details are as follows:

    Route : Satara-Bangalore
    Date : July 14, 2013
    Travel operator : Neeta Tours & Travels.

    Please find attached ticket for your reference.

    The reporting time mentioned on ticket is 05:15 PM (i.e. 1715 Hrs).

    I waited at thata place for 4.5 hours and the bus came at 09:01 PM (i.e. 2105 Hrs).

    I was told by Neeta Tours & Travels that the regular time of bus is 08:15 PM (i.e. 2015 Hrs)

    I had called Redbus at that time and had a talk with a person named Mr. Rehman. He had assured that he will find out the details and get back. He also mentioned that it if it is a redbus mistake, full ticket amount will be refunded. Neither I got a call or I was updated by SMS. One more thing, I got sms twice from Redus early in the morning that the journey will start at 05:15 PM (i.e. 1715 Hrs)

    Today morning, I had a talk with Redbus executive. The lady said that the timings shown on Redbus internal site are 08:15 PM (i.e. 2015 Hrs) 10:15 Hrs (2215 Hrs).

    It clearly looks from the lady’s information that it is redbus mistake. I would be interested in knowing how this case is going to be handled and how much time in hours/days/weeks/months will be taken to resolve the issue.


    Chetan S. Deokar

    The reply I got is:

    Dear Chetan Deokar,

    Thank you for your request.
    Further to the below mail,as per the discussion done with the concerned service provider,operator has apologized for the inconvenience caused to the customer and operator has stated that the regular bus was canceled and that the is the reason there was alternate was arranged and there was delay an the difference as been refunded from the operator end . Promised that this kind of problem does not occur again .

    We wish to inform you that the refund of Rs. 300/- is done today. The reference number for the same is 20534254.

    Please note that bankers would take seven bank working days to credit the same to your card. Kindly do confirm the receipt of the same.

    we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

    We completely understand the situation from your perspective and are working towards resolving the same. Hoping you will continue your esteemed patronage towards and help us serve you better.

    Looking forward to serve you better .We value your feedback this helps us to stay in touch with your needs and to improve our service.

    Your friend at redBus

    Karthick M

    To my mail below, I got a reply ‘Sorry’:

    Dear Karthick M,

    Thanks for the mail.

    I had received call from Neeta Tours and Travels, which was not pleasant at all.

    I am truly disappointed that Redbus is associated with Neeta Tours and Travels for following points:

    1. They did not inform me about the updated schedule.
    2. They did not show any courtesy to apologize for mistake in #1. It is me who has initiated this discussion today morning.
    3. They are talking only about the compensation for delay in arrival of bus. They have not at all answered anything about the wastage of time of 4.5 hours.
    4. Their people are not at all competent to handle customer feedback and views.

    Opting for service from Redbus and Neeta Tours and Travels, in future is out of question as later is totally careless and unprofessional about customer hospitality and there is no surety how the prior is concerned about customer by keeping association with Neeta Tours and Travels.


    Chetan S. Deokar
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    Neeta bus no KA50 3759 bus from Bangalore to Mumbai. We four passengers boarded at chandani chowk. The money were collected immediately and tickets were not given. We had insisted tickets at Neeta office wakad branch but they also supported the cleaner Pappu who had collected the money from us. Neeta travels operating people are robbing the customers.
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    Neeta bus no KA50 3759 bus from Bangalore to Mumbai. We four passengers boarded at chandani chowk. The money were collected immediately and tickets were not given. We had insisted tickets at Neeta office wakad branch but they also supported the cleaner Pappu who had collected the money from us. Neeta travels operating people are robbing the customers.
    By sudarshan kendre 9890900181
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    I m Vivek singh ,travelling in Neeta for last 3 days...n not a single bus had charging points functional,reason being given as some customers had short circuited the entire wiring in past, well i must say.. The charges the are gaining from passengers everyday are not only for travel..but yes they fj
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    Still I have not received my cancelled money.Neeta agents of panvel office not refond my money.
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    My mom and dad travelled by neeta bus ac sleeper MH 04 FK 7474 scheduled at 7pm. The bus came 30mins late, when i called the bus driver and asked him where he was, he didnt bother to answr and responded rudely. Later when the bus arrived we found out the ac wasnt working properly. Later few other passengers comlained nd found that 2 windows were brolen nd all hot air was coming inside from it. The driver stopped for dinner at 1am, 6hrs ftr they boarded the bu. My mom requestd many times to the driver to stop as she wntd to urinate but the driver didnt stop. Instead behaved rudely.I would like to sue Neeta Travels for this pathetic service.
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    Booked a ticket for pune-mumbai
    And I can guarantee that this is one of the worst trip that anyone can experience
    If you guys cant give proper seating experience to the customer why don't u guys just shutdown your so called Volvo buses.
    My bus number WAS G 5656 and the travel date : 02/01/2014 Pune -Mumbai and departure time 11pm
    We were made to wake up in sleep and change the bus in the middle of the highway and shift to a bus having merely 10seats vacant . If I had to travel in a city bus I would have booked a city bus .
    Seeing the name of neeta I didn't expect such experience
    I am just gonna recommend traveling from a city bus than booking a bus on neeta travels.
    One of the worst travel bus experience
    Just because of you guys I had to suffer a very bad back ache and I have a flight in the morning to Germany
    You guys are just pathetic and just think of your money and let the customer hell.
    This is just a start , now I am gonna fill a case in consumer court against your company and make the company pay for the difficulties the travellers had to face.
    Will never thank you
    Harsh Jain
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    Neeta Volvo is a big name in market, so I choose to travel to Hyderabad by Neeta Volvo blindly on 11th July,14. But when we board sleeper bus at wakad,Pune, I was dumbstruck. It was like I am travelling on a general sleeper class train. It was over crowded with some unwanted peoples. some other people was sleeping on our berths. Attendant was drunk, and less interested in our complains. Bus was looking like a hell. I was travelling with my family. They could not tolerate that unhealthy environment anymore and finally decided to step down from bus at shivaji nagar,Pune. Wasted (1300x4) 5200 bucks. I was robbed totally financially as well as mentally. They have ruined my vacation plan with my family.

    Worst experience ever. I used to travel to Indore by Neeta frequently. but with this experience, i'll never board neeta in my life time.

    Neeta owner should look into the matter, when people choose to pay premium and get less than ordinary.


    Abhisek Chakraborty
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    I am very hurt and disappointed with the Neeta Bus service.
    I had taken to and fro ticket of myself and my wife for Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar, below are the details.
    Ticket from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar,
    PNR No: 20044578
    Seat: C1 & C2
    Date: 7/8/2014
    Time: 9.36 p.m.
    Boarding Point: Dahisar (E), Gokulanand
    Bus No.: MH-04-FK-1617

    The bus was to come at 9.36 p.m. at Dahisar but without any intimation to me, at came at 10.30 p.m. and I along with my wife had to stand on road for 1 hour. The problem was no one intimated us that the bus will get late for 1 hour and whenever we used to ask the driver, he used to say it will reach in 5 mins but it got late by 1 hour and reached by 10.30 p.m.

    Return Ticket from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai,
    PNR No: 20044579
    Seat: R, Q
    Date: 10/8/2014
    Time: 9.40 a.m.
    Boarding Point: Saj Resort
    Bus No: MH-04-G-3233

    The bus driver called me at 9.40 a.m. and I told him to that I got late and requested him to wait for 10 mins but he rudely said come fast or else we will move ahead and after 5 mins, I called the driver and told him that I am reaching in just 2 mins but he replied me arrogantly that he is leaving and come to the next stop quickly to catch bus or take another bus.

    When I came at the stop, I saw the bus going ahead, I called the driver but he didn’t listen to me. I along with my wife had to alone wait on the road and looked for the alternate arrangement. The road was very lonesome, anything could have happened to us. Anyhow we arranged the alternate car and paid them Rs. 700/- to reach the next stop and then took the bus.

    Further, the bus couldn’t wait for us for 2 more mins but it was waiting frequently like ST bus and was taking the local passenger.

    Also, I came to know from Co-passenger that even they told the driver to wait for 5 mins and take me but the driver and the attendant in their arrogance went ahead without listening to anyone.

    This is very unprofessional and unkind behaviour from Neeta Bus service. This kind of service is unexpected from Neeta Bus Service keeping in mind the goodwill of Neeta.

    I therefore request to reimburse Rs. 700/- paid to car for going to the next stop and take the strict action against the driver and the attendant so that it cannot happen with anyone in future.
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    i have booked the ticket from Udaipur to ahmedabad through your bus service keeping in mind that Neeta travel provide best bus service with comfortable & hessle free journey experiance.

    But thing were totally ooposite as soon as i board your bus no. MH-04 G-9908.
    F5 seat was getting heat from backside ( may be becau of engine). So i was not able to lay down by back.
    The bus design is so unconfortable that even at lower seat you can not seat comfortablly,have deep your head tilt down. If you want to take suppört by back side the AIR CONDITION PANEL fitted at over head corner causes so much inconvinency. Over window ractangle shape of side panel is so large in shape and size, again makes interior space very much lsser.

    So over all journey is so unconfortable, you can not seat properly, rest properly, on the contrary, when i share with conductor that seat is hot even after AC, driver intervene and replies" sb log bethe h unki seat farm nhi ho rhi aapki hi ho rhi h, yha ahmedabad tk hi to jana h apko kya fark padta h."
    So please look into it, i am paying fare of 580 Rs which is much more higher than the fare charged by shrinath volvo or parshwanath volvo.e.g. 450 to 500 Rs. Travelling with so much discomfort wich i never experianced in shrinath volvo or parshwanath travel volvo.
    It doesn't makes any sense.

    My ticket details is as below

    Dear BAJRANG, Your PNR:20278380 Journey:Udaipur To Ahmedabad Seat:F5 Date:14-08-2014 6:15 PM Pickup:Savina Circle, Baroda Nursry Is Booked. Board Bus:Board Bus: MH-04 G-9908, Pickup man:plz pick at savina office , Phone:02942489555. Thank You, NeetaBus.In

    Bajrang Moyal
    MOB. 09602569558
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    I had booked a ticket on 31 August from Pune to Ahmedabad.They charges me Rs.1200.
    1)The bus arrived at the pick up point 2 hrs late.They did even call up earlier to inform that the bus was late and each time we asked the designated person he was very rude and every time said that bus will reach in 10 minutes.
    2)After an hour or so they changed our bus the second bus did not provide us with any blankets also water droplets were falling from the ceiling
    3)This new bus did not have the permit to travel and again we had to wait for more than an hour at the highway for the issue to be sorted out
    4)even after all this delay the bus again stopped at some highway for almost an hour because of some parcel which they had to deliver.pls tell me whats your priority people or your parcels

    I reached Ahmedabad more than 4 hour after the actual time.I did not pay 1200 rs for this much delay and dripping water and to bear the rudeness of your operators.
    It was very much disappointing specially compared to such high costs

    So pls i would like you to reimburse the cost of ticket

    My ticket details are as following:
    Pune -> Ahmedabad Sunday, August 31, 2014
    Ticket no: TG9T58668999
    PNR no: 20658213
    Neeta Tours And Travels
    Volvo A/C Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (2+2)
    10:15 PM
    Reporting time
    10:30 PM
    Departure time

    Hinjewadi - Neeta Travels
    Near Hinjewadi Bridge, Near Ranjai Hotel, Wakad, Pune.
    Seat No.T
    Total Fare :Rs. 1,210
    (Inclusive of Rs.60 Service Tax)

    Nupur Agarwal
    MOB. 09033822467
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    I had booked seat from mumbai to pune online a day before my travel. See below my ticket details

    Your PNR: 20876942 Journey: Mumbai To Pune Seat: K Date: 07-09-2014 04:55 PM Pickup: Kharghar - Hira. Thanks, Neeta Tours And Travels | ONLINE BUS TICKET BOOKINGS & TRAVEL SERVICES

    Dear Passenger, Plz board Bus:@MH 04 G 3435 (brijesh 9768847153) for ur journey Mumbai-Pune on 07-09-2014 4:55 PM.

    They gave my seat to another person and I am forced to sit in another seat where one lady n kid have occupied half of my seat also. I complained to mumbai office and somebody named Dilip. Nobody is giving me back my seat.

    They charge more while booking online and treat us like this. Pathetic and inhuman behaviour with customers by the utmost rude staff.

    I want refund of the whole amount I paid
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