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hai, , i am living in below address
#151, 2nd main road
Bhuvaneswari nagar

in our colony we are facing some big problem with water service provided by chennai municipality, in that water some drinage water has mixed up..and we have given some complaint on this, ..and upto now no action has been taken by the municipality people..please we are happy if you resolve this as early as possible as our childern got some diceases with water supply..

Thanks and regards
Ramakanth reddy


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    My inlaws stay in the below address

    Pili Kothi # 2
    Shah Kamal road

    Since, the place is near a bus stand and a motor market, the street is a virtual garbage dump yard, with open gutters, which are over flowing because of the garbage thrown in them. The streets never seem to be off the garbage.

    Need less to say, that monsoons create a havoc, with mosquitoes and all sorts of wild life (rats etc) making their way into the houses. I just want to know, if the basic human rights can ever be achieved?

    We are fed up of living in this filth. Will the city mucipality ever wake up and take some action, or are theresidents doomed to live in this hell for ever?I want some action taken against the muncipality of Aligarh city for sleeping their lives away, while the residents continue to live in unhygienic conditions.

    A hassled citizen
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    hello,i m living in this adress

    10,west street
    Melur 625106,
    Madurai district,

    our street is a garbage dump yard, with open and broken gutters, which are over flowing because of the garbage thrown in them and mud makes stagnation of sewage water.
    The streets never seem to be off the garbage... that monsoons create a havoc, with mosquitoes and all sorts of wild life (rats etc) making their way into the houses...
    All with open gutter makes our place unhygienic and would be greatful to our people if you remove all garbage and build new gutters for our place as soon as possible.

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    last 2 months our pollachi people strongly affected virus feaver,, regarding for Municpal water supplied not good condition so simulstanly the virus feaver easily tranfered from one person to another... In Pollachi municipality there is no action for clean the water and they have not taken any single step to avoid this type of issues...

    If the water directly used by the people affected infection, feaver and etc.. So there is no action taken by municipality still.

    Normal people are confuesd against for the officers, because of the officeres was tied up with local doctors.. Alll the doctors clinic was very croud for the past 4 weeks...

    Kindly treat the matter is very urgent to take a step and save the people.

    Pollachi vasi...
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    Traffic Issue : -
    In Madipakkam(Chennai), all shops are throwing waste items to the road and also , they are maintaining things(Shop items like water can, Advt boards, milk and etc) out side of shutter . In this case the customer stop their vechilein the road itself .it’s creating a hude traffic (Location : Madipakkam Bus stand )

    Dust BIN : as of now , Municipality has not provided dustbin to individual houses or atleast one dustbin for one street . But they charged house tax every year without fail

    Please take the nessassary actions and do the needful without fail

    Santhoshkumar , Ph: 919444161655
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    Our Flat is located at Vishal Nagar Extension. There are no dustbins in our locality for disposing garbage. Garbage & other organic refuse are being thrown all over the streets making it difficult for us to use the roads. It also results in spread of infectious odour and mosquitoes and other insects. This may be looked into immediately.

    Dog menace is rampant and growing by the day in our locality. There are infected dogs which could cause tremendous negative impact on the environment. Dog bites from these animals could be fatal also. Kindly look into the matter immediately.

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    Good day sir/ Madam

    There is water wastage as the pipe is leaking and so much of water is wasted. So please do repair the pipes Address
    Plot no. 125, Priti Building, Shere Punjab Colony , Near St. Dominic High School ,
    Andheri (east) Mumbai.

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    Respected Sir/Mam,

    This is respect to construction of roads taking place in Sarat Pally, South Buxarah village road, Andul Road, Bokultala, Howrah 711110.

    The construction has been started and most of the lanes in Sarat Pally has been completed with the constructions, though the amount has been sanctioned for all the lanes in Sarat Pally, however, the construction has been done incompletely in most of the places.

    There are some political heads which is opposing to the appropriate construction of the lanes for their personl gains.

    Could this matter be investigated and appropriate actions is required to be taken.

    Thanks & Regards,
    for the well being of the society.
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    Sir, am an college student of ALPHA ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE -CHENNAI which is situated in THUNDALAM -CHETTIYARAGARM (Near by IYYAPANTHANGAL) - We are going to our college from Iyyapanthangal bus stand through the thundalam pathway and the road is in a very bad condition which is affecting us much.

    During, the rainy season the road changes too dirty and our clothes,shoes etc..., are getting wet with dirty mud. and also if we try to go in a vehicle the vehicle also getting dirty so we are spending much money every day for cleaning our clothes and also for water washing our vehicles.
    Not, only this even we can't able to go in a time due to difficulty of crossing the road and this makes us wasting of class in our college .
    so, this is not only my suffering we the students of thousands, are studying in the college and also the people of THUNDALAM- (CHETTIYARAGARAM) also the sufferers.
    so,we and the people are believing on TAMILNADU GOVERNMENT that will surely fulfill our problems.
    so,please help us by giving proper road for us immediately.


    3rd Aug 2010 your's respectively,

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    I am one of the residents living here in 19 th street of Nanganallur.Here during the rainy season the roads seems to be the worst with full of water stagnant, here the people are getting severe diseases due to the mosquitoes and there is no road laid here just lumped the mud on the road and the government officials are quiet doing their own work.Government officials need to take the necessary corrective action and make the city a green, clean city in favour to the people.

    Thanks and regards,
    People's Well wisher.
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    This is Shilpa Gautam, I am a resident of Quarsi, By pass, and currently studying in IIT-Kharagpur. This is to bring in to your notice that even after my regular mails to the Aligarh Municipality and PWD no action has been taken in regard of developing the By-pass road.
    As a resident of that locality where our home is situated just next to the road we have to face many problems. This becomes very unsafe even to move out of the home since due to the bad condition of the road trucks pass by just on the walking area of the road.
    Kindly consider the situation which should be the priority of your department. Infact you should also look over the last year case where a man was killed by a car when he was moving out of his home.
    In order to avoid such a situation in future please look forward to my application which is on behalf of many residents here, who have no option than to tolerate and accept the inactive and lazy organization. But this wont stop me from raising the voice the favor of these residents. Hope this complaint opens your eyes and brings this problem in light. Hoping to get the road repaired soon.

    And a suggestion that I would like to provide is it would be most appreciated if the road gets cemented which will further reduce your maintainence cost and time in repairs and our pain of complaining again after every 3-4 months.
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    I am one of the resident of Mandya(4th main, 4rd cross, sadath nagar, guthal road). This is to bring in to your notice that even after regular conversation to municipality counselor no action has been taken in regard of constructing roads and drainage. the water become stagnant during rain and stinks a lot. the people from other streets throw their garbage(waste meat, dirty cloths, etc) near my house and makes people difficult to pass my two wheeler most of the time. the garbage located just next to my house and it filled up every alternate day. the municipality service come once in every month(some times it take even more time) by that time, people find garbage in whole street and makes more dirt and stinks like a hell.

    please take necessary action and help us living in a green/clean city.

    Thank you.
    People's well wishers.
    4th main, 3rd cross,
    Sadath Nagar, Guthal Road
    Mandya, Karnataka - 571 403
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    I'm located in Enfield Ave Madipakkam. There is no Dustbin collection box starting from Madipakam Bus stand and towards Enfield Ave. Garbage collection is done in the morning by Govt. staff and its collected only upto Shiva Vishnu temple. People are throwing wastes in every corner of the street. Now, the Garbages are floating in water and it is a serious threat to life and already people are getting affected by diseases.

    Atleast if the Garbage are cleaned, it will reduce the environmental health issues.

    Please take necessary action as soon as possible.
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    my address is as below;
    firoz khan
    post office-kunderki
    distt- moradabad
    utter pradesh
    there is very worst condition of roads in my small town kunderki. complain against chairmain of kunderki is very risky jobs. he is very strong and gunda type leader. nobody have dare to go against this man. since my childhood i have seen that man as a chair person. we have not received any type of government schemes(like NAREGA,MAnrega). rods is too bad to move. plz sir did something against this strong man.
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    i am going to say this to the president of india you think who am i am his son i roamed around the city today it was shit all over
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    Sub: Appeal for Reappointmant in the suspended job in Pujali Municipality .

    Respected Sir,

    With due honour and humble submission I, Sk Jakir Hossain S/O. Late Sk. Samsuddain. Vill – Kalipur, P.o. – Purba Nischintapur. Ward No – 1 of Pujali Municipality encroached upon valuable time for your kind consideration and sympathetic action hereby bring to your kind notice that I am the permanent inhabitant of the said Pujali Municipality ,

    Sir, since four years back fifteen persons including me have been appointed by the Pujali Municipality for the wards to deliver the assessment tax bills. I was also appointed to the job with help of our local councilor. But in the middle of 2005 the above said persons have been suspended from the work by the Pujali Municipality without any notice. Hence forth our local councilor has been submitting his grievance and agony and written for the steps which have been taken by the Pujali Municipality . But all are in vein. Where as the same time the Pujali Municipality has appointed other 40 (Forty) persons for the same job as a casual basis.

    Sir, I am the unemployed educated person now facing starvation with our families in these high markets of daily consumption commodities and now in a dire distress condition. I have no fund to help back upon.

    In this circumstance I fervently appeal to your goodself to rescue / help me so that I can be reappointed for the above mentioned job again.

    I shall be ever grateful to you if this favour is done to the families like me who anxiously need the job.

    Thanking You, Yours Faithfully

    Dated : 18.2.2011


    1. Sk Jakir Hossain, Ward No – 1
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    I want to question the municipailty corporation of gurgaon that why they are not reconstructing the damaged roads of guragon?
    Its been a year, i have been living here and the roads of guragaon were damaged during heavy rain fall period. It should be reconstructed soon after that period but govt is not bother to repair them. The big dump holes and broken road is becoming the cause of numerous accidents and difficulties to commuters. Kindly do something for these roads, i and almost everybody residing here is fed up of it.

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    This dump is very danger in public health. Now this area is resitential area...

    Any idia about Madipakkam garpage dump remove from that place. Please replay
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    Dear sir

    Porbandar memonwad is full of dirty gutter water and it is likely to spread diseases and increase the moquitoes in the memonwad porbandar.kindly do something for cleaning and keep the area disease free.we and all other people in the society are very much fedup of this situation and no body is from the municipality is coming to clean the area.

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    I am staying in a slum area in visakhapatnam named kotha jalaripeta which comes under 21st ward. Our ward corporator Mrs. Jyothi is behaving very irresponsibly. The streets in my area are very narrow that even a cycle cannot enter into the street. Though many complaints are given to our corporator she is least bothered about widening our streets. The peolpe are building their houses by taking the municipality road very selfishly. Even the ceremony of a dead body cannot be taken out of the house into the street. Since the streets are narrow immediate measures cannot be taken at the time of fire accidents. Many deaths have been taken place in the recent days. Mrs. Jyothi never bothered to visit our wad and check what is going on in the ward. The buildings are raised to 4 storeys. Due to this there is a chance of buildings getting crashed. So I kindly request you to take immediate measures regarding this complaint. Immediate survey is required in my area.
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    Dear sir

    Porbandar memonwad is full of dirty gutter water and dump it is likely to spread diseases and increase the moquitoes in the memonwad porbandar.kindly do something for cleaning and keep the area disease free.we and all other people in the society are very much fedup of this situation and no body is from the municipality is coming to clean the area.please take action as soon as possible

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    Dear Sir,

    I am living in Ganpatraj nagar main road, Virgumbakkam(near to Annai hospital). Always in my road water is getting stagnet & full of garbage are lying in the road. Never I have seen muncipal persons for cleaning the same.

    request you to do the needful.
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    I am from,
    Flat No:10,
    Usha Nagar,

    This is to inform you our street road is not good for the past 8 months. We are facing lots of trouble when driving a two wheeler and four wheeler. In rainy days its much more difficult to drive a vehicle. Kindly take the necessary steps to make our street road in a good way.

    With regards,
    Navin Alex Lazarus
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    There is no drianage facility in Poonamallee, chennai. Due to this People are leaving the sewage water in the tanks in their home. Recently it got mixed with the drinking water. Many of them reaching hospital daily. Please take necessary steps to provide a drianage facility in poonamallee. For name sake they are telling Poonamallee nagaraachi. But no facilities.
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    Dear sir

    Porbandar memonwad is full of dirty gutter water and it is likely to spread diseases and increase the moquitoes in the memonwad porbandar.kindly do something for cleaning and keep the area disease free.we and all other people in the society are very much fedup of this situation and no body is from the municipality is coming to clean the area.before few days dustbin was kept but now the dustbin is also not kept here memonwad and all the waste in coming out on the road.please take the action as soon as possible

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    I am a resident of Susarla Colony Baji Junction Gopalapatnam(P.O) Visakhapatnam.Garbage is dumped on the road daily.Even the drainage waste is dumped along with garbage giving room to very bad smell in our area.Many complaints have been given to our municipality but no action had been taken.We request to dump garbage and drainage waste in an abandoned place and not on road.
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    To Moovarsampet Panchyat

    Iam Manivannan living in Moovarasampet. Sewage water is being let out in the road from the residents of Flats owner in Ragava Nagar,8th street, Moovarsampet, Chennai - 600 091. Despite several requests the residents owners have not taken due action to either bale out regularly nor are they making a permanent solution. The whole street is getting flooded and causing unhygienic situations. Request the panchayat authorities to take necessary action.
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