Complaint against KENT RO Water Purifier

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we purchased our Kent water purifier more than a year ago. So it has completed the warranty period. Thats fine. The system just stopped working one day and we called the service center who then forwarded us to a dealer. They said they would send a technician. The technician came promptly the next day, somehow made the system work, and charged us 400 rs for service. We paid. Half an hour after he left the system stopped working. By then it had been 6 pm and no one answered our call. Next day first thing in the morning, we called the dealer and informed them. They said the technician will come. Its the third day today and still noone has come. Every 2 hours we call and this is the same response. We are vexed!

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    I purchased a KENT RO purifier from asansol. After one month form installation the purifier was frequently disorder. During warranty period its membrance, filter, uv, etc has been changed three times. Now after one year from purchased the company person told that we have to pay Rs.5000/- per year for annual maintainance cost of the machine. I am unable to understand that the machine cost is Rs. 15000/- and the maintaince cost is Rs. 5000/- per year. It is very difficult me for maintain this.
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    I logged a service request with Kent to replace the Carbon and RO fiters of my water purifier. A technician from Kent had visited my place and replaced Carbon, RO and sediment filters and charged me 3300 Rs.

    From that day, my water purifier stopped working, I called up the service desk of Kent to get it rectify. the same technician came after 4 days and gave thousand of justification why water purifier is not starting, the fact was that water purifier stopped working after they provided me service. Instead of accepting their mistake made, he shorted the electric part that sense the incoming water flow and controls the machine processing and without providing me proper details he left and now the water purifier keeps consuming electricity despite there is no incoming water flow. I need to be around to make sure when to switch ON and switch OFF the purifier, Even the water purifier is not able to sense if its tank is full with the water, its starts overflowing.

    I called up Kent service desk again to report this and wanted to have a permanent solution for this problem since this will sure affect the lifetime of my purifier and also the service provided for the money I spent, was not worth and it gave rise to many other unseen problems.

    Nobody entertained the request for more than 1 week, i was just calling up their service desk everyday and daily I was promised that some other technician will visit today and he will correct the problem but nobody visited.

    After this, I reported this incident to Kent's grievance department, subsequently I got call from Kent to justify that I need to put a motor for pumping water in to purifier. What the hell is this !!! Did I paid 3300 Rs for having a reason to purchase one water pumping machine for Kent water purifier.

    I want some assistance to get the benefit of the service which Kent claims to provide by charging such a high fee. The customer like me should not feel cheated after availing such facilities.

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    Dear Kamleshmali81,

    We apologies for the inconvinence caused to you. kindly provide us your contact details with machine serial number so that a prompt action can be taken to resolve your query.

    Kent RO Systems Ltd.
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    Dear Sir,

    We have been getting our repair done by M/S Aquacare Services, 16B/5,Mirashi Nagar, Opposite Ankur Hospital,Kanjur Marg-East, Mumbai-42 (Cell Number 9869170920/9833170920.

    The main complaints are as follows,

    1. Kent service person rarely reaches on tme,
    2.In case of urgency we are forced to contact Aquacare.
    3. He has been charging Rs 3500 per service,replaces filters, but they are open, unpacked and of second hand only.
    4. Request take note of it and ensure action and hassel free service.
    5. Possibly Aquacare is unauthorised. Please get it checked.

    Request immediate attention and action and keep me informed.
    Regards, Trilochan Sar,the user at C-305, GE Gardens, LBS Road,Kanjur-W.
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    hi , i hav purchage kent water purifier on 8 aug 2012.till one month it give pure water , but after one month its water going to become yellowish, like some oil mix in it.i wash my purifier within two days. but har baar pani saam tak pila pad jata h.i also sick from tiefied.doc suggest me to drink pure water. part of purifier will be chang after 3 month.per mai kya kru jab pani new kent ne he pure karna band kar diya.kya ye he service h????????????
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    Kent Products are nothing but a junk box left to us, In the Span of 1 Months we have been looted of 8 filters @ Cost of Rs 200/- and when we had asked about why filters go off in 2 days or 3 days we are said that the Water purifier is not suiting to our area.. When the people had come for inspection all are promises were made and after installation its just hay wire and we had incurred Rs 2000/- on filers and now its in junk yard with even R.S Rao from grievance cell in KENT has failed to respond my reminders sent on Nov last weelk.. Its now where to go with website having no contact details of them.

    No action takers available in the website and no compliants/ action taken against the chennai distributors as welll..

    WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO DO NOW.. No idea .. Its Rs 15000/- coffer im sitting on
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    Dear Sir,

    We have purchased a Kent water purifier on date 29-09-2012 bill no. 9316 from Singhal Electronics Mahaveer tower near frigo gole building road Sardarpura Jodhpur (Raj.) and only after 15-20 days it becomes faulty. We are not able to drink water from it since it is giving a very bad smell in it. We have complained to Singhal electronics Jodhpur Rajasthan 2-3 times, finally on 28-12-12 they had given us a number of Kent customer care noted from the packed box. we had contacted on it and the automated reply system had given us few numbers of the local service center. We had tried 3-4 numbers from which one of the number was wrong number and finally I had a telephonic conversation on this number-94141-35088 (provided by Kent Customer care automated reply system) on date 28th Dec 2012. The service representative on this number had assured me to send a engineer and ask me to sms him my address. As per his instruction I had messaged him my address but he had not send anyone. I telephoned him again on 1st Jan 2013 and asked him in a very polite way, for service and he assured to send someone by the same day or next day but again no one came. Finally I talked to him on same number 94141-35088 and told him that if he had not send anyone in next 2 days then I will do the complaint on internet and on Kent website or any consumer complaint site and I was surprised from his reply that instead of resolving customer's complaint he was advising me in a very rude manner to complain at anywhere.

    After disappointment to this level, I had took a decision to do complaint of Kent services and also regarding the miss behavior of a Kent service employee who attends calls on this number 94141-35088. I request you to please do the needful action in this concern.
    May God bless you and your family
    Thanks and Regards
    Sachin Sarvatee
    (Member-District Congress Committee, Jodhpur)
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    I had lodged a complaint for my Excel+ purifier 2 months back and the problem is yet not solved!!!

    The 8ltr storage tank has stopped functioning. One of the many technicians who visited my place told that just by filling pressure in the tank would solve the problem and it need not be discarded. Another said that our sir (the main service provider) has told that nothing can be done but the tank need to be replaced. Fine. Now comes the variation in the pricing of the same part from technician and the owner. So when I called the owner, he had a very rude and 'I AM THE BOSS.IF YOU WANT, TAKE IT OR FORGET IT' attitude. After a few hot words getting exchanged, I had no choice but to accept what he said. Now I'm waiting helplessly for the matter to get solved. The service provider is not only charging as he wishes (he does bargain!!!) but also decides if he wants to give the service or not.Why is nobody from the company keeping checks on such defaulters? Does the service provider have the privilege to make personal choices?

    Is the customer important only till he buys the product? This is where we Indians are way backward than other developed nations!! WHAT A PITTY :-(

    Hoping to get some help from somewhere.
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    We purchased Kent water purifier in Oct - 12. Its over 3 months now, we asked for many times but no one came for service. We purchased it from one of the distributers, Uphar kendr, in UP, Etawah, 206001.
    Kent person is fully unprofessional, at the time of installation also he did not explain the tings much to us. Later when we are calling them for some questions, as we need to regularly remove the water, but no one is coming. They says we don’t provide service. It’s really bad to hear, this was not expected from Kent.
    We preferred Kent over Aqua guard as we thought Kent would be better. But Now I feel i made a mistake. I would never recommend any one to use Kent. it’s because of its bad service in my place.
    If someone from Kent really bothers for its customers, then plz help me out here. My email is
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    I bought a kent water purifier about 18 months back for Rs. 15000. So far I have spent more than Rs. 5000 on defective parts, breakage in carbon filter twice which caused the entire filter chamber to flood and cause other parts to go defective. The power supply unit failed which had to be replaced.

    Kent is one of the worst products designed and is totally unreliable.

    I strongly recommend that this product NOT be bought.

    Very shameful product!

    -Sriram Satakopan
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    I bought Kent water purifier on 5th month of 2012. Since 15 feb 2013, purifier is not working properly, it makes sound and also purifier shakes during water filtration.
    On the same day i lodged complaint , service center (Basavana gudi , Bangalore - Ph no :741109988) said they will come by next day within 12'O clock PM.
    Next day as they dint turned up i inquired service center for the same. They gave technician no and asked to contact him.
    Technician replied he will come by EOD, which he didnt. When we contacted him he said he will come tommorrow within 12 o clock PM which he didnt.
    He gave some lame excuses that his vehicle is not working so he cant.

    When we asked service center about this .The rude and irresponsible answer
    got is "You are not the only one customer for us, we have got N Number of customers........blah and finally assured on they are going to come on monday -18- feb-2013".

    Monday same thing repeated, hey said they will come by 3.00 PM
    and then by 5.00PM.When we called by 5.00 PM to technicians he said contact boss he will tell the correct time.
    When we did, manager said to inquire with technician.
    Then by 6.00 PM when i called manager said-- if you call by evening we cant come.
    Is this the way to treat customers .
    a)Intentionally not receiving the call
    b)Manager says contact technician and viceversa.
    c)When i call morning , they say they are in meeting now and they will
    come by afternoon. Then they will postpone to evng and finally they say
    we cant come by evening.
    d)If you say that im not the only one customers for you product then y the hell you should sell product with warranty service .
    Y the hell you should say you will provide required service @ the time of sell.
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    Hi, I would like to log compaint against Kent Water Purifier.
    Every now and then the machine gives problem, suddenly water taste gets change and you dont realize that you are drinking poison.
    We bought machine in Jan 2012 and from Oct 2012 we are getting some or the other problem. On top of that Service is so poor..technician takes 20-30 days to come and rectify problem.
    But point is what they are rectifying, even they dont know. Because whenever they came (after 20-25 days) they replace some parts, take money from us and within 10-15 days again the machine starts giving problem.
    Recently we had replaced all other filters including UV filter but within few days, taste of water got changed. Instead of again waiting for the tehcnician for 1 month, we bought TDS to check the water. And to our suprise we were drinking not less than Poison. TDS of water was 550.

    Point to be noted: From past 5 months, this is the fourth time we are getting problem with the Water purifier machine. And everytime technician took min 25 days to rectify the problem.

    This is such a unreliable machine. How can a company like Kent run without proper support system. Why their customer care number never works. Why tehcnician always takes 1 month to solve the problem. What kent expects customers to do during that time, Shall we have one more purifier at home, so that when Kent is not working which anyways it does not work, we use the other purifier. How can they cheat customers like this.

    We want our money back so that we better use any other purifier than Kent.
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    We bought machine in sep 2011 and from that we are getting some or the other problem.due to its faulty computer control unit this machine stopped working many times in its warranty period.that time a techanician came and changed its computer unit and again due to its filter..and so when the warrenty has expired machine again stopped working,the fact was that water purifier stopped working after they provided me service.i called that techanician and now he is saying again that computer control unit has gone off and he is demanding 900+300 for rectifying this.Instead of accepting their mistake made, he shorted the electric part that sense UV not working .now we are getting without UV water from last 6 months that causes infection in body which is mentioned in its manual And to our surprise we are drinking not less than Poison. TDS of water is 1800.when we said we are not satisfied with this system then he replied he cant do anything..
    sir who will be responsible if anything goes wrong...
    so plz do something i will be thankful to you
    add; jitendra singh
    krishna vihar,23
    oppst BSA engg college
    mathura up
    mob 9465471206
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    Dear Concern,

    We bought RO (kent grand plus ) machine 2 yrs back @ Rs.16500/- from water pure house and for that maintenance spent double the machine cost , every now than it started giving the problem , technician change some parts after he turned same thing repeats and no one is bother for complaint , kindly help us in this regards

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    I have purchased a Kent Pearl water purifier on 30/9/2012. Since that date till today its 6 month and have had 4 complaints that it is not working and even today it is not working.
    I am fed up of complaining every time for a brand new machine. If its this bad now what will it be after 1 year when the warranty is over. Every time the guy comes to fix it he asks for money.
    They have made it a money making thing. Please help me, I want a replacement or my money back.
    Model nbr - KR120736542

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    I have purchased Kent RO from Canteen. I am living in Bareilly (UP). You are requested to provide service for installation of new Kent RO at the earliest. You are also requested to intimate dealer' name of Bareilly and mob No so I can contact.

    My Address is as under

    Balvir Singh Yadav
    Uttar Bharat Area Provost Unit
    Bareilly Cantt
    Near GPO
    Bareilly -1 (UP)

    Mob No - 9457720233
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    Hi ,

    I have purchased Kent Water Purifier KR 130219773 from G MART Pimple Saudagar - Pune -411007 on Thursday 2nd May 2103 .

    It was installed on Friday Evening with lot of follow ups on Phones .

    It had one Problem : Water was leaking through the TAP . We could not use it as thier was continous drop of water getting discharged .
    On Sunday evening we needed more water hence we switched on the Machine. Unfortunately it could not run .

    Sunday evening we contacted your Service engineer .

    He concluded that thier is system problem which needs to be replaced.

    This is ridiculous to know that we have Two majore defects in four days in Kent .

    1) Water leakge
    2) Machine not filtering

    I have been contacting your Area sales manager Mr Jatin 8390224455 asking him to replace my entire set up since i can't expect this peice which has two failures.

    Your people , Dealer in Pune donot response to Phone calls and replace my unit .

    Pl suggest and provide next steps .

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    I have purchased a Kent RO aprrox 3 years back, Recently(3 months back) I called a kent service person for water over flowing from the tank, He checked the purifier and told us that some controller is not working and i need to replace that. But I argued and told him to check it thoroughly which he was quite reluctant. But i insisted to check the overflow switch and he checked the same and found faulty and replaced the same.Today i called the person as purifier pump was not getting on. He came and checked for few minutes and told that pump has failed and to be replaced with new one at cost of Rs 2200/-. But i told him to check for any loose electrical connection or for some mechanical jamming or any other problem to service the failed pump. But he told strictly that the pump is use and throw and has to be replaced by new one and cannot be serviced but i insisted just to check the failed pump and put the new pump. He did not agree and quickly left the place. How can an item which costs Rs.2200/- cannot be serviced after all it a pump with a prime mover, how can it be straight away rejected after all it is an pump assembly?
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    I purchased Kent on 04-Sept-2011 from eZone Chennai. I had been facing several issues from the time of purchase. I have changed the filters 3-4 times during the warranty period. On March 30th 2013, the purifier stopped working. I called up the customer service and they sent a Service Rep from 'Chennai Cool Care'. When I checked with the Service Rep as to why this problem occured, he said that the previous Service Rep (from Vincy Enterprises) did not fix things properly. He charged me Rs. 4600/- and after three days the lamp stopped working and water was leaking at several places. We contacted him several times but he never turned up. It is almost 2 months and now he is not even answering our call. Then I registered a complaint with Kent and my complaint was directed to Mr. Balasubramanian, Assistant Service Mgr at Kent.

    After registering the complaint, I received a call from Chennai Cool Care on Thursday, May 16 stating that they would be sending a Service Representative on Saturday, 18 May. No one came for service on Saturday, 18 May as promised and I did not receive any call from them. I tried contacting Mr Balasubramanian, Assistant Service Manager at Kent again, but he is either not answering the call or if he picks up the call he says that he is busy. The customer service has been VERY POOR. From March 30 onwards, I am following up and no one has bothered to come and check what the problem is!!!!

    Even after owning a Kent purifier, I am still depending on Can Water due to poor customer service from Kent.

    If Kent really considers its customer, please provide a solution to the problem mentioned above. My email is

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    While selling Kent purifier customer was God.
    Asking for service the God has become BEGGAR!
    Stop selling the product if you cannot behave properly.

    Santosh Chowdhry
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    I baught a kent grand plus reverse osmosis for 16000,and it has been not functional for many days and after that it started to leak over months and kent officers came and repaired for more than 6 times and have charged 390 for each has become the amount of the product and again it is leaking from the tube,leading to mist formation.and kent representatives delay for 2 days after we have complained.

    Such an waste product.
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    i have purchased kent purifier eight months ago. one it suddenly stopped working. i called service providers they didnt come for two weeks.when they came they asked me for 500 rs as visiting charge also my kent purifier was in warranty
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    I have a kent water purifier which is guarantee period.

    Now the systen is ver bad and no water purification in one month.

    I have purchased mineral water from outside shop for drinking purpose.

    Six , seven times the technitians cheched the system but remaining the same bad condition.

    Kindly change the kent water purifier and issue a new one.

    Name - marykutty george

    registered mobile-9810774209

    plese immediately change the system and solve our drinking water problem.

    Thanking you

    marykutty george
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    I purchased a Kent Pearl water purifier on 11th April 2013 and this was installed on the 23rd of April 2013. Withinn 15 days, the machine stopped working and I registered a complaint at the Kent Service Center located at the following address. 44, Are Kempanahalli, Opp 10th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore - 27. Two technician visits and over 30 calls later, my issue is still unresolved. Initially, the technician said the the problem was with the UV light and he replaced it. When the machine still did not work, he told me that the fault was with the electrical box in the machine and that had to be replaced. He said my machine was a new model and the box he had was an old model, so they would have to procure it from the head office.

    It has been over a month now, and every time I call the service center, they give me some excuse or the other about how they haven't received the box from the head office. The person who owns the service center is Mr. Anjan Kumar and he does not pick up the phone. I spoke to another lady called Ms. Nalini, who has, on various occasions been very rude to me, as though the responsibility to fix this was mine. I make on an average over 5 calls to the center everyday, their number is busy, switched off, no one picks the phone or when they do pick up, they give me excuses. The toll free number for Kent in Noida does not have the option to speak to a customer care representative.

    What is frustrating is that Kent chooses to sell its products but makes to effort to entertain customer grievances via its call center (if one exists) and the complete apathy towards customers on the part of the service center. This is atrocious and an example of poor customer service.

    My complaint number is HE08C05 and my mobile number is 9886246340.
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    This is the worst service I have ever seen. We had bought the purifier a year and half ago and it's motor stopped working some how...and we had given the complaint three days ago and till today the service people have not come.we have been calling them and asking and every time they respond same thing that they will come in 5min and never came
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    Dear Sir,
    We have purchased Kent Pearl in April 2012. There were many problems from the initial stage. With in one month of purchasing the machine stopped working and many calls to the Pure water house, dealer in Bangalore went in vain. After repeated calls they came and repaired it. I also got my free service done within warranty period of course with loads of pain calling them. Few days after the service within warranty period ie at the end of one year, my machine stopped working. I had even changed the filter during the service, in spite of this machine stopped working. the service team came, obviously after many follow ups, and changed the RO and FRT which costed around 2800 Rs/ With in two days after changing the RO and FRT, machine again stopped working. My repeated calls to Pure water house went in vain. Unfortunately my machine will stop working during weekends and none will be available after saturday 5pm untill Monday 9pm. I am fed up of the service and product. I am not sure if this complaint will help me but still want to give a try.. My mail to went in vain. I have lost many days sitting at home waiting for the service guys to come. They had never turned up at the committed day and time. I am sorry to use these words but could not help to say that bunch of idiots are sitting in Pure water house. I am affected so much so to say this.
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    I have bought kent Pearl Water Purifier on 20/07/2012 from Kent RO Systems Ltd.

    Invoice No: 0104
    Model - KR 120504426

    From FIRE TECHNOLOGIES INDIA(P) LTD ADDRESS-3/171 Rajiv Gandhi Salai Mettukuppam,Chennai

    I have paid 16650rs for this. But the item is not working satisfactorily. I have been facing problem with my device from the very first beginning.Either water leaks down from the filter or water comes in drops. It’s taking lot of hours to fill.We made complaint .first few times they attended our calls and fixed the problem. But just in few days the same problem is repeating.They asked to replace the membrane . We did that also. But still the problem is continuing.We are still in the warranty period but already they asked money for doing service.

    We paid 200rs once. Next time again when problem came they asked 400rs for service.They said it’s valid for 3 months .We paid 400 on 8/4/2013. They fixed the problem but again in 2 weeks problem started. Since april we getting water can from outside.If we call for service they saying they will come only if we give money for service.They not giving proper response ,not attending our calls. The customer service people are doing nothing but delaying the response in order for the warranty period to get over.

    They give me useless excuses

    We are very dissatisfied with the product performance and seriously demand that an appropriate action be taken in order to replace the RO system currently used by us.We cannot continue to use this faulty RO system.
    This is our first experience with KENT and we are really very sorry to say that it is very disappointing.
    We'll never recommend KENT RO system to anybody.

    We expect a proper and quick action from KENT service providers regarding this matter.

    I hereby request to take harsh action against Kent RO company. I want my money back so that I can get new machine from other provider.





    CHENNAI 41
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    Its been an year and It is creating problems and problems. I am fed up with this product. I have spent a lot on it.Sometimes there is a problem in pump, membrane, filter etc. I Have replaced all these things but still it is troublesome. Whats wrong is with this product ? I recommend the owner to close this WORST product
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    This is to inform you that I done a complaints on your service centre regading for kent Ro purifier for change of filter & give the noise for beep so loudly .local service centre guy solve the complaint that time but due to electicity problem we can't cheak it outat that time after electricity come the same beep sound are coming.we recall the service centre guy & after some time that guy come to my house & resolve the complaint & after 4 hour kent is not working interms of throughing the water .& we are complaining this time .the local service centre is not responding at that time.details of service centre is :

    Nameof local service centre :shri ananta enterprises
    kashiram building 5-dhamawal
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    I am Under comprehensive AMC with Axis Consumer pvt ltd.I tell you this people have become very Callous and providing below standard services.Since last 3 months I am not getting desired TDS.I have to plead them for service and repair.Kindly take necessary intervention
    Dr Kamal Jalodia
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