Complaint against Indian Railways and their Employee, Extra Charge, Misbehavior



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    My name is Rafeeq O. I taking a railway ticket on 24 Sep 2012 evening 15.25 . AC three tier in train No 12201 (KCVL GARIB RATH BRD LOKAMANYATILAK T) FROM Lokamanya tilak, mumbai ( LTT) TO Kozhikode (CLT). That time the ticket status is Waiting List No 150/PQWL, 151/PQWL, 152/PQWL .After 89 Days from taking ticket the date 21 Dec 2012 I dont get confirm seat. It was Waiting List PQWL/33, PQWL/34, PQWL/35 . But the list which the railway stick on notice board on that date ( 21 Dec 2012) I look the Waiting List which is taked after my ticket is confirm status.Example Old Waitng list W/L PQWL 155 to 406(Except some Numbers). They get confirmed seats. How it possible???. It means they get some recommendation from higher level. I have no recommender .So I dont get confirm. Next thinks When railway is know Waiting list is more than 50 members then why railway not provide Extra coach for W/L passengers. Why?
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    Sub: In 'Duronto' train No:12246 many unreserved passengers are getting IN/OUT in en-route Stations !!
    Ref: My complaint (No: 145726) to the Guard at Vijayawada station on 21-09-12.

    I would like to bring to your kind notice that I have given a complaint (No:145726) to the Guard of train No: 12246 ('Duronto' from Yesvantpur to Howrah) on 21-09-12. Unreserved passengers are traveled along with us. The points are as follows:-

    1) No RPF staff was available in any of the bogies.
    2) Many passengers getting in and drop down at Renigunta, Vijayawada and Vizianagaram.
    3) First we complaint to the Station Master of Renigunta, he came to the bogie and found most of them are railway staffs and their family members, he did not ask them to get down.
    4) We could not find the TT to complaint the same.
    5) Hence, we went to the Guard (Mr. K. Venugopal) of the train and complaint. But, he also unable to do anything about the unreserved passengers traveled with us.
    6) We found that the food quality served was poor standard.

    Kindly look into the points above and let me know the action taken from your end.

    Yours sincerely,

    K. Athmanathan
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    The passenger didn't traveled because the ticket was wait list in tatkal quota and as per rule its not allowed and also the wait list ticket will be cancelled automatically but in this case it did not happened. Therefore I tried to cancel the ticket, but unfortunately the system displayed on IRCTC website after chart preparation only TDR will be filed, so in that case i filed TDR online as the ticket booked online.

    Then please let me know why Indian Railway not refunding the amount.

    Thanking You,

    Mrityunjay Anand
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    I have booked a ticket (PNR:4143722651) in IRCTC and couldn't travel as I had to travel on an internationalvassignment.When I filed TDR for the refund of my money since I haven't trav MCR071112V54181 a elled,IRCTC informed that Indian Railways has informed them(letter MCR071112V54181) that the passenger has travelled. I have sent the proofs that I hadn't travelled showing my international airlines boarding passes, inspite of which the indian railways is not refunding my money.
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    I just want to know that why govt employes are in insurance field on name of others like his wife,his children etc,I purchase a policy from MR Ashok kumar in policy Advisor name is written MRS renu devi (wife of MR ashok kumar) MR ashok kumar(deputy train suprintendent)
    working in kalka shatabadi train he is residing in kalka railway quarters he has taken a code on his wife name Renu devi.her wife in an insurance advisor in SBI life insurance Panchkula(haryana).he gives a seat to those persons who purchase a policy from him.and this thing is unethical.he should request to railway to increase his salary.because may be then he can stop his insurance business.he was previously in RMP.(multi level marketing company).when he oftenly do his govt service then he identifies richest people makes a relation with them and motivate them to purchase a policy.that is is also dangerous .because in emergency If customer wants to have a seat then he has to purchase an insurance policy form sbi life insurance co. from MR ASHOK KUMAR that is login in RENU DEVI code in SBI life insurance panchkula this is not in any he has become more powerfull.because now he has become branch secretary in urmu.and now he will start orders also to low level employees to purchase a policy otherwise they will not able to do their work I think it should be investigate and enquire what is matter and he has also relation with some sr officers in different-2 departments that helps him to do these kind of work.and he oftenly says he is now a branch secretary and he can do anything because he has good relations with some sr officers.this should be enquire either he shouls stop working in his wife code RENU devi in SBI life insurance co. ltd or take any naccesary and disciplinary action against him otherwise no passenger can travel without SBI life insurance if he is in emergency I again requested you not to highlight firstly.first of all enquire it from some agencies and then highlight because if it will be highlight firstly Then this matter can not be resolved.then he will stop for 10-15 days but after this he will agin start this kind of things kindly enquire it from some private detective agencies you will get a better result definately.otherwise he will be more powerful to say that his wife is doing and again he will do unethical things.kindly enquire firstly on urgent and hardly basis so that passengers should not have any problem in travelling
    Thanks &regards
    ANKIT chhabra
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    I had an opportunity to travel in train no. 16323. Shalimar Exp on 22nd December 2012. The compartments were old and uncleaned. That is not the problem. Thousands of labors travel from WB to Kerala for work. They simply take a waiting list ticket and board the train creating problems inside. The coach's capacity is 72 and this time i have seen more than 100 people traveling by sleeping on the floor, bathroom and the walkways. Ladies were unable to use the toilet also. This is a serious crime from the part of Indian Railways. We cannot pay money and suffer.
    1. Either railways should restrict unconfirmed travelers from boarding the train.
    2. Should restrict allotting the no. of waiting list tickets.
    3. Should increase number of bogies or increase the frequency from bi-weekly to Tri-weekly.
    Hope Indian railways will take the matter seriously and solve the problem before it is taken to court.
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    im a regular passenger between station Koratti angadi and Ernakulam in Kerala state.I have to catch the passenger train having no 56371 GURUVAYOOR - ERNAKULAM train arriveing at my boarding station koratty anagdi at 8.04 am to reach my office on time,but god sake im never reaching my office on time due to railways harrasement towards daily passenger commuters,because every day this particular train is reaching my boarding station 30 to 40 minute late.most of the days it will hold some station to pass the late coming express trains,most probably it is halting for trains like Chennai allepy express no 16041 & good trains.due to this like me so many daily passenger users reaching office very late.not only that evening also i have to catch the same said train 56376 ERNAKULAM - GURUVAYOOR train staring at 7.45 pm.This train also late starting due to the late coming coming train like 12624 Madras mail,veraval exp onmonday,gandhidham exp on tuesday,jammuthavi exp on friday,bikaner exp on saturday and so many other late running trains.On January 1st 2013 this train reached at my destination on 10.00 pm instead of 8.38 pm its right time, new year gift from railway to all his daily day onwards also this train running late by 30~45 minute.father of two small childern i like to meet them before they sleeping,but i the great railway not allowed me to have chance for that,when i m reaching home they are slept.few days they are anxiously waiting for me without trains can make up their late running time in between,but the daily travellers like me is not in a position to adjust our timeing.The harrassement of railway is too much,some times holding this passenger train and they allow 2 or 3 trains to pass even goods train will also allow to go.daily tired sleepy passengers like me has to wait for railways kindness in the night to reach home,that time our last buses also will go from our stop. then i have to search for any passengrs going in bike or spend rs 50/-daily for auto to reach my home.Please do the needful to stop this kind of harrasement from railyway to daily commuters like me.

    The main culprit for this train late is 16401 CHENNAI - ALLEPPY EXPRESS in morning and 12624 TRIVANDRUM- CHENNAI MADRAS MAIL in the evening.
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    Railways increasing fares but when pongal seasons no one bother for common peoples in india, dont know when common peoples in india will live without struggling for travel. i dont think they are bother for these complaints atleast.

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    The train was scheduled at 18:50 PM from Jaipur station. I reached station at 6:15 PM. Checked the display on the board for platform inquiry, but the train number was not displayed. I waited for almost 20 mts and when it was not displayed went inside and enquired at a tea stall and they guided me to Platform 2. I also tried to ask some police people there and everyone guided me to platform no. 2. So I went to PF 2 and waited there. When train did not come, I kept asking all tea stalls and they said that the train will come here only. There was no official way to confirm at platform no. 2 to confirm the same, no railway official, no display. Even there was not display for the platform nuumber. At 7:20 , there came some other train, which was going to Ajmer. That made me concerned. so I went all the way back to PF1. Went station master room. One railway official was there. On asking him, he very bluntly asked me to goto inquiry and confiirm. To go to enquiry, I had to go outiside the station and go to the place where tickets are normally booked. So, I went there. There was only 1 window for enquiry and people were jumping over each other to get to the window. Real pathetic situation. Unless you are a bully enough to jump over the people, it is impossible to reachh thhe window. There was one lady, who would answer some 5 questions and then go inside for something and come back after 5 mts. Real unprofessional attiitude. I called up 139. It told me that the train had left thhe station on time. So, I must have missed my train. I went back to station manager room. There were some TTE there. I asked for the complaint book. On asking that, he became serious and asked what the problem was. I told that I have missed my train because of the display problem. He directed me to some other TTE instead of giving the complaint book. Othere TTE asked me to wait. He checked my PNR number and then tried some calls. After 15 mts he was able to get some information and told me that thee train has not yet left the station annd it is a new train, so it was not displayed. It will take some 1.5 hrs to reach Jaipur. I told him that on 139, it is told as train left the station on time. He said "do you believe 139?". in sarcastic manner. He asked me to go back to station 2 and wait for another 1.5 hrs. I went to PF 2 and asked some people there who were also waiting. It was 8:00 PM by then. I came to know that there is some different train coming on that station, which goes to same station (Makrana). I got suspicious now. My ticket was for Sleeper class. I cannnot travel in some other train. I will be caught if I board some other train. So, finally I came back home. That is the way, I missed my train first time in my life at Jaipur Junction, thanks to thee callous attitude of the people at this junction.
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    Dear Madam / Sir,

    I had filed the TDR to cancle my ticket (PNR: 6315571990, Transaction-ID:0605974902) because the train was more then three houres late. When I have filed TDR online the train had not left the source station.
    As per rule I should get full fare without any deduction but I got only 50% (Rs.805,-) of fare into my account.
    I request you to check this transaction again and refund the full fare into my account.

    Thanks and best regards!

    Anil K. Agrawal
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    I have booked the ticket from Kacheguda(Hyderabad) station to Yeswantpur (Bangalore) station in tatkal service with PNR NO. 480-1354519. By the travel time ticket is in waiting list. So I didn't travel. As per the rules if want to cancel the ticket for night train actually departed between 21:00hrs to 6:00hrs, refund will be admissible at the station as well as within four hours after opening of the Reservation office. Reservation office opens everyday morning at 8:00AM. I went to Mehdipatnam (hyderabad) Railway booking office at around 11:15AM and joined in the formed line with 7 members, due to multiple times network failure in Reservation office it took long time to reach the counter. I reached the counter on 12:35PM, the reservation officer said that "TOO LATE" and rejected the refund and advised to reach the Secunderabad (hyderabad) Railway Nilayam or booking office to get the refund / answer, which is not possible at that time to reach Secunderabad Railway office because I have to travel in the next hour. Almost I wasted my 2hours 30minutes in Mehdipatnam railway reservation office. Is it not fare to wait hours & hours to get my money back for which railway didn't give any service. The same I logged a complaint through Railway online but poor response, they gave one complaint id and without any response / feedback they simply closed the complaint as IT IS LOOKING THEY (RAILWAYS) ARE DOING SOME FAVOUR TO ME BY CLOSING THE COMPLAINT. W/CC/CCC/000014698 This is the complaint id. I have again logged the complaint asking for feedbak / response with complaint id W/CC/CCC/000014907. I demand an explanation on this. And I suggest to railways when they can't solve the complaint, please close your COMPLAINT & SUGGESTIONS cell which is no use.
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    I tried to booked the ticket on Tatkal, trying from 10 AM, but unable to enter the site, showing error, but I can see on other site the tickets been booked very fast. from 175 available, it went to WL34. So, i have to postponed my journey as i am having children to travel with me. One of my friend was also trying for my ticket from other location, but found same problem.

    i was trying to book for Poorva Exp. (Hwh to Ndls) for 20/1/2013.

    I want to know, if we 'MANGO MAN' at all have any benifit from the e-ticket tatkal scheme.
    Moreover, why the tatkal ticket time shifted from 8 AM to 10 AM??????

    Thanking You.
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    I am traveling from indian railway but I have not got the proper coach as shown in the ticket.
    Pnr no.2605816942
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    Dear Consumer Forum,

    I want to complaint against the Indian Railways (North).
    I was travelling in the 12562 Swatantra Senani SF coach no S6. (DATE: 11/11/2012) from New Delhi to Samastipur
    I was travelling with my wife & friend. We have only 2 ticket.
    So I need one more ticked to travel in sleeper class.
    So i requested to TTE,please issue one more ticket.
    He Charged me 730RS.
    But earlier i traveled in same train without ticket at same situation i requested to TTE issue my one ticket and he charged me 620.(New Delhi to Samastipur) dated 19/04/2012.

    Please confirm me in the same train charges will be vary.please confirm me as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Hemant Kumar Jha
    Mob: 9015138695

    till date i did not receive any reply from indian railway team.
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    respected sir,
    my family including me were travelling from baroda railway station.we asked the guy sitting in the chamber about the train timing. he replied to it.
    but at the current reservation counter there was nobody so that we can make our local ticket into sleeper class. my father asked the person again but he replied after a long time of asking.
    so, my father entered the chamber as some people were entering the chamber .... but he misbehaviord with my father. he pushed him very hard. but not to create an issue so, we left that place .they were saying that they will call rpf and lodge complaint of taking money and running away. sir. i wanna clear one thing ..if such case happens.. cant people talk polietly and respond to the queries of simple people. but what kind of behaviour is this..even he did not respect my father.

    sir, i wanna clear one thing... please dont let such people at such post who missuse the post. and respond to people calmly and politely.
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    Dear Sir,
    This is regarding complaints on A/C Coach, on 10.01.13 I had journey in Haldia Express, Train No-22613, Boarding and Reservation from Vijayawada (BZA) and Destination was Haldia (HLZ), My PNR No-424 8001264, 3A Class, Seat No-6 & 12(Nandita Maiti F 38 & Prithwish Maiti M 13). Tatkal Reservation.

    In this train AC Coach not provided from Chennai, in the train in place of AC coach provided sleeper coach, in such a winter season not provided Blanket or bed cover,we are not prepared from Home, we faced lot of problem at night 11:00 pm at Vijayawada station.

    TTE Mr.K.K.Sagor tell us for money refund and he given a receipt and said this receipt you can show your destination station or any station they will refund you the balance money, we have reached the destination station at Haldia at night 8:30pm, station manager tell us you come next day morning. But my original address 150 KM from Haldia (Destination Station) how I will come back, Station Master told us you can en-cash at Vijayawada also, We come come on 20.01.13 and asked here (Vijayawada) to Sr.Superviser of Reservation, he to told us, "no you can get it only from Haldia",

    I think My explanation is enough for you, now point is that how I will get my money, I want my money and it is clear that if I not get my money I will go up Consumer court,

    Pl. look in to this Matter,


    Nandita Maiti
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    All ticket form Mumbai are booked before open booking counter. All in India open counter before 4 months ago and all ticket are booked form Mumbai.

    I don't know what are the setting between Railways or Ticket Agent.
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    RAJ KUMAR from alwarpet chennai-18 working in Annanur railway station for more than 10 years.. He doing own business which is illegal for government employee, he running a massive cable tv network name UDAY CABLE NETWORK, A guy who working in railway department cannot do a own buisness.. so kindly take action against ralkumar sir
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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Today (09-02-13) i have faced a very bad behaviour from railway reservation officials (a lady & a gents employee) at Sonarpur Station, Kolkata. My tickets PNR nos. are 6711688327 & 6611688304. I have collected these tickets from the lady official of reservation counter in a proper way. However, when i again went to her to cancell my other tickets (PNR nos. were 6317001021, 6117000828, 6611428975 & 6517031239), she just refuse to take the cancellation form without seeing it & told me to go another counter: whereas she was totally free. I just surprised & shocked from her's reaction.

    After cancellation of my tickets (as mentioned above) from another counter i went to the counter where the lady official sitted for getting two fresh from. Then the lady whishpered something to one of her gents collegue. Then the gents official asked me my name & also asked why i need the fresh forms. When i replied him that i need these for my upcoming new tickets; he just argued me & gave only one form.

    Then i left the statiton with a very mood for the misbehave of the lady official & her gents collegue.

    I just write this message to you just because i need a positive response from your end that they should shown more patience & also to show good manner.


    Kolkata - 700150
    email -
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    it is heard that a TTE of Chennai Railway Station namely Noushad (may be fake name) had collected crors of rupees from different person from Kerala (Rs 3 lakhs from each person) offering Rs.17000 per month as divident. He is attracting the persons saying that he is taking railway,s bussiness stalls on lease which costs Rs 3 lakhs for each stalls.He is also giving security bond in stamp papers to the investers. Rs.17000 per month as divident for Rs.3 lakhs means an interest of 68% which is against all laws and acts related to the money lending process of the country.So it seems that some sort of cheating is involved. Normally the investers will not complaint even grabbers sank tomorrow because most of them are black money holders So take immediate necessary action
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    Dear Sir,

    No body taking serious action that is the reasion repeating again and again !.

    I am M Dhanumjaya. I have booked the ticket myself and my wife & daughter(below one year) for Journey on 17Mar2013 from Bhimavaram to Secendrabad on Narsapur Exp(17255).

    Train Name: Narsapur Exp(17255)
    PNR Number: 4449735552
    Date of Journey: 17Mar2013
    Journey From : Bhimavaram To: Secendrabad
    My ticket before chart prepared: RAC 3, RAC 4
    After chart prepared: RS6 39, RS6 39

    My tickets there in the RAC top of the list(3rd & 4th members of the RAC list) confirming berth.

    TT not allotted any Sheets. We have requested for confirmation berths. I have suffered with baby allot in the journey. but they are not considered. They are shelling the tickets to non reserved candidates for money. I have fight with them but no response. I have requested information for RAC & what are the sheets allotted at the train after chart preparation, they are not given info also. They are talked too badly with the passengers.

    Please kindly respond on the complaint. They shelling the berths non reserved people in front of me.

    This is not only my request. Majority of the passengers having the same problem. Kindly take this on priority.
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    sir ,
    I Dr. Prajakta Naik along with 2 colleague Dr. Siddhi Naik and Snehal MIshal had booked tickets in waiting of train Mangala express 12816 from Nizzamuddin to Goa on 21/03/13 at 9.20 am. our tickets had not confirmed when we checked on 20th night at around 10pm it was still showing in waiting of 20, 21,22 in number. Very next day we all 3 girls in tension ran on station at 7.30 AM and again checked the status of our confirmation of the seats on the inquiry counter. There was one lady officer at that time that is at 7.30 am. she took our waiting tickets and she checked our status of the tickets as we asked whether it got confirmed or not . she replied that our seats are not yet confirmed. and she made us to do current booking at that time and by paying 2000re per head. The actual amount of that ticket was 1720re per head. We were in need at that time as we are girls and cant travel these long journey on waiting tickets. we paid her the amount that she had demanded. OUR CURRENT TICKETS number was 64, 61 and 62 in B3 and she told us to cancel the waiting tickets . on waiting ticket she wrote A2-10,11,12.
    we did not got it as for what she had written it as we were not the regular traveler. we took that waiting ticket and with the current ticket and filled the small form what she had gave, on my name and address as we were in hurry.Then again after 5 mins Snehal went there to ask them how to cancel waiting tickets but by that time that lady got disappear from that inquiry counter.
    Train came on time and we boarded the train. TC Mr. D.S Dubey came to check the tickets . he checked our tickets and we came to know that of name is existing twice in the train, that is in bogy A2 AND B3. the thing is here our tickets which were on waiting was already got confirmed and our names were already existing in the final list. But that lady did not told us about the list and all, infact she made us to do the current booking and also made us to pay extra amount for that tickets. these was totally the misguiding done by that lady officer on the station.And we already lost our 6 thousand rupees in these process. our mistake were we were new to these system???? Therefore she cheated us. these was totally unfair happened to us. and we need justice.
    sir i am not the only victim in these case, such things must be happening to the many people but i want justice in these case.
    i hope u will take the necessary action on these situation on urgent basis. all the proof will b forwarded as per i get the respond.
    Thanking you.
    Dr. Prajakta Naik.
    phone no. 08806403551
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    RAJ KUMAR SHARMA from HATHRAS working in hathras junction railway station. He doing own business and use the property of railway in personnel use which is illegal for government employee, he running a massive cable tv network , A guy who working in railway department cannot do a own buisness.. so kindly take action against ralkumar sharma who is posted as DY ASM on hathras junction
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    RAJ KUMAR SHARMA from HATHRAS working in hathras junction railway station. He doing own business and use the property of railway in personnel use (in home) which is illegal for government employee, he running a massive cable tv network , A guy who working in railway department cannot do a own buisness.. so kindly take action against ralkumar sharma who is posted as DY ASM on hathras junction
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    in Kurali Pin Code 140103 In Punjab Passenger Train arrive time 12.50 pm and departure 1.25 pm without any region, no any crossing and Railway crossing Gate close 45 min. please check this complaint.

    my name sanjay mittal
    from kurali
    mobile no 9888537349
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    I am taking 3 ticket from Amethi(U.P.) to New Delhi on 3 April 2013 then the Ticket Distrebuter want 45 ruppees extra for ticket.
    Ticket no.=22319379,22319380,22319381.
    My name is Ajay Kumar
    Mobile no.9818601986
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    i am atul kirti anand, today (12.04.13), i had gone for book a ticket , from delhi to haridwar .i had filled both tatkal and genral form for the same train and stood in the line , after 45 min when i reached to window , tatkal booking has opened .some employ sighed the form of other ppl who was specially came for tatkal ticket, most of them were agents and they stood from last night .and there line was different . when i reacher to the window the officer said tatkal booking is opend and i will not book your ticket , then i have given a tatkal form ,then he again said you are not in line . i was said i am in line from 45 min, and if i am not in line for tatkal passengers,fine then book my genral ticket ,he again denied and said only tatkal ticket can be booked from 10 to 11 come after 11 o"clock , and have to sit there again for 1 hr for the ticket. generally it happens only for agents who are paying to some staff .
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    Resp. Sir/ Madam

    I am monthly ticket holder and Travelling in First class coach between Navsari to Surat(train schedule- NAVSARI MORNING 8:30 AND SURAT EVENING -18:20) From last 2 year. we are not getting any facility from railway.
    Some passenger like general pass holders or without ticket passengers are travelling in FC coach. There are lots of people who travelling in train they don't have ticket and they are travelling from last long time. After that big problem is that there is no ticket checker available in trains. Some trains like Virar shatal and Memu passenger are very effected with this problem.
    We need routine checking in train. Please take any action and provide TC in trains or any surprise checking on railway stations.

    Regards & Thanks
    Mahesh Gadgil
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    Resp. Sir/ Madam

    I am monthly ticket holder and Travelling in First class coach between Navsari to Surat(train schedule- NAVSARI MORNING 8:30 AND SURAT EVENING -18:20) From last 2 year. we are not getting any facility from railway.
    Some passenger like general pass holders or without ticket passengers are travelling in FC coach. There are lots of people who travelling in train they don't have ticket and they are travelling from last long time. After that big problem is that there is no ticket checker available in trains. Some trains like Virar shatal and Memu passenger are very effected with this problem.
    We need routine checking in train. Please take any action and provide TC in trains or any surprise checking on railway stations.

    Regards & Thanks
    Mahesh Gadgil
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