Complaint against Indian Railways and their Employee, Extra Charge, Misbehavior



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    Hi, my name is ABhinay Sharma, on 21-09-2012 i bought a ticket from ludhiana to jammu tavi by paying Rs 77,Ticket Number " T 89014258"

    i waited for Train Uttar Sampark Kranti with number 12445, Ticket Checkr gave me seat in A1 - seat number 5, he told me i have to pay Rs 500 for the ticket.

    I reside at the seat and train started , on the way near to Station Jalandhar junction, TT asked me to pay Rs 500, i agreed and paid hi, but he refused to give me the receipt of the Rs 500 , " according to him , he has obliged me by giving A1 -5 seat as this seat belongs to conductor" so he refused to give me the ticket and taken Rs 300 as bribe from me . Please take an strict action against that TT.

    Jai hind!
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    I booked a online ticket from irctc , My Name is Virendra Singh.The ticket PNR No:- 270-8631665 and the Train no is 12461 (Second Class Sleeper) . The ticket is for starting journey from jaipur to Jodhpur
    on 18th,Sep 201.
    But the railway employee (T.T. & Examiner) misbehaves with me.I have the duplicate copy(Fax Copy and Photo- Copy) of valid ID Proof Licence and scan copy of my 10th, 12th marksheet. . But the Ticket Tacker misbehaves with me and also Charged another ticket for just rupees 430/-. I just said how to refund the money the T.T has charged or Online ticket charges .I am Submitting the Complaint and I am ashamed for our INDIAN RAILWAYS Department.
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    Here I am please to inform you that your Employee had a misbehave to your regular passenger(this is not Important that I am your regular passenger but just to let you know) just because of a request to stop the train for 1 more min of their usual time and the train driver replied No, and when we requested him again than he replied that He will "SLAP" on my mouth and will break my tooth, That request was because one person who dropped his mobile phone under the train.

    Do not know his name But I can give you some detail which can help you to find out that DRIVER NAME,


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    I am fed up of trying to book ticket through IRCTC. 2 times my money has been deducted from my account and yet ticket is not produced.

    I want immediate action on this.
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    Sub: (Theft of my personal costly articles during train journey by New Delhi-
    Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express and inaction of Railway).
    I,the undersigned ,a passenger of New Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express going
    to describe a painful story of Train journey experienced by myself,for which I
    shall think hundred times to travel by any train in future,that:-

    I had booked a train ticket (PNR NO. 244-0129369) in Train No-22812 from New
    Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express for my journey on 01.10.2012 in AC-III .I
    reached at New Delhi station at 04.30 PM as the train was scheduled to depart at
    05.10 PM but due to some unknow reasons that day the train was re-scheduled to
    depart at 06.10 PM.I was carrying a blcak colour bag having an Acer Lap Top,Tata
    Photon Data Card,Lap Top Charger,Pen Drives and official Dcouuments and other
    useful and valuable articles inside it.After the train arrived on platform No-11
    of New Delhi Rly. station ,I boarded in to the train (B-3,Berth No-55) and put my
    bag on my berth .I noticed some person boarded in that coach without having any
    reserved berth in that coach .For example Berth No-43 in B-3 Coach,Which was
    booked in the name of Deepak Kumar -M 26 from New Delhi to Bhubaneswar(PNR-
    280910064) bt boarding at kanpur.Another person told to be D K Shukla ,a Railway
    employee of DRM office Delhi,working as an accountant,who was having one pass no
    918260 boarded in that berth and travelled up to Kanpur.The movement of this
    unauthorized person was quite suspicious,seeing this the passenger travelling in
    berth NO-41,named Md Ashfaque Khan,took the photograph of hat suspected person.To
    my greater surprise ,the pass/ticket particulars of that suspected person was not
    entered in the chart by the train conductor.Around 2 AM when I woke up ,I found my
    bag was stolen.By that time the train had already left Kanpur and running some
    where between Allahabad and Mughal sarai Junction.The Authorised passenger Deepak
    Kumar had already occupied his berth NO_43.I immediately complained to the Train
    Superintendent Mr.M.L.verma and Deputy Train Superintendent Mr.Uttam Singh Meena
    regarding this matter.There was no RPF or GRP escorts seen in the train from
    Kanpur-Mughalsarai.Seeing this situation ,the Deputy train Superintendent
    hurriedly made the entry of the so called Railway man D K Shukla ,in the
    reservation chart.

    I asked the train Superintendent and his Deputy Superintendent to take
    immediate action but they haven't taken any action.After requesting them they had
    lodged a complaint in the theft of passenger luggage format before Mughal sarai
    junction.At Mughal Sarai junction the RPF staff along with the Guard Mr.K K
    Mandilwar who were present in the train denied to receive the complaint as they
    mentioned that the place where the theft occurred does not comes under their
    jurisdiction and forced me to get down at Gaya station for filling of F.I.R and
    further proceedings.When I refused to get down at Gaya station,they haven't
    received my complaint .Then the train superintendent gave message to control room
    and Mr.J P singh(GRP), Gaya received the complaint at Gaya Rly station.

    I strongly suspect the so called Railway man who travelled from New Delhi to
    Kanpur without any reservation ticket had committed theft of my laptop and other
    valuables in association with the train Superintendent and Deputy Train

    Being a bonafide passenger of a prestigious train like RAJDHANI Express,there
    was no security to my persona articles.Even no proper step of action was taken
    promptly by the Railway men in the train to get the stolen articles recovered.I
    was mentally tortured during the whole journey.

    Please take necessary action so that I shall get back my stolen articles and
    take necessary action against the negligent workers of railway so that no other
    passengers shall suffer like me.

    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully

    Rakesh Kumar Padhy
    C/o Dr.Nirmal Kumar Padhy
    PO:-Hillpatna ,Brahmapur
    Dist:-Ganjam , State:-Odisha
    M-+91 7894455374
    +91 9778968940
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    Hi sir,
    i have sent my all luggage with my own journey train Pune -Lucknow exp on 5/10/12.
    I paid all amount 550 rs for 85 kg luggage.
    After that i said can you please send to the train luggage boggy.

    They said yes i will send but not found lucknow junction luggage counter.

    I stay in last 2 days but not received yet my all home luggage.

    Please help me.

    my booking luggage no is B279618 from pune.

    I am still waiting in lucknow station.


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    Indian railways is the worst service india and the tt's are beggars. Just they will beg money from passengers by telling some reason. Indian railway minister will get the commissions from tt's. It's bullshit service provider.

    The customer support is worst.
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    Indian railways sucking the blood of the passengers by putting bulshit rules. Are tt's will give money to the railway minister? The tt's will demand by telling some bullshit reason.
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    Dear Sir,

    I had very bad experience with railways due Mr Pavan Kumar who works as TC at Sewagram railway station on date Oct 7 2012.
    I traveled from Pune to Wardha in Maharshtra express along with my wife and my daughter who is one year old.
    Every resident of Wardha knows that if we are travelling from long distance and train has stop at Wardha station and Sewagram station(formly known as Wardha East) then you can get down at either staion. As railway fair for these two station is same for long distance trains.

    So we get down at Sewagram station as it is near to our place. Mr Pawan Kumar was on duty as ticket checker . I showed him my e-ticket. And he pointed that ticket is valid till Wardha only . I told him fair is same for both station and Sewagram station is also known as Wardha East station. He agreed that fair is same for both station. but He was not letting us go. He guessed that I am with Family and my Kid was crying because she was tired after 16 hrs of hectic journey ,so I can give him some bribe,

    But I told him I have not done any crime and I paid correct fair to railways and also I dont encourage corruption. When I told him I do not encourage corruption he got angry and resticted us from going out of staion. He was talking in very bad manner . And keeps on threatening us that he will put us behind bar.
    He started asking us Rs700. I told him this is hard earn money and I am not giving you single Rupee because I have not done any crime or any mistake. Because the fair is same for both station. Then he started asking for Rs 500. Still I was not giving him money because I do not support corruption. I hate corruption and corrupt people.

    Many people gathered there to see whats going on. And my daughther was crying because she was hungry. Just becasue of my daughter I agreed to pay him Rs 265 on condition that he will provide me receipt. As I asked him for receipt in front of many people he agreed to give receipt.

    If you want to reduce corruption in railways then you need to take action againt him . And please return my Rs 265.
    Can you please get explaination from him on what basis he charged Rs 265 for 2 adult passangers.
    I will go till Railway minister for this issue if you are not taking any action against Mr Pawan Kumar(corrupt officer).
    I can come to anywhere to put my point but he should be punished.
    Below are the details of my ticket.

    Pnr Number: 8706559097 Transaction ID: 0572699128 Train No: 11039
    Train Name: MAHARASHTRA EXP From Station: PUNE JN(PUNE) To Station: WARDHA JN(WR)
    Date: 06/10/2012 Class: SL Boarding: PUNE JN(PUNE)
    Resv Upto: WARDHA JN(WR) Quota: Tatkal Booked By:

    Ticket Details
    S# Name Age Sex Berth Preference Senior Citizen
    1 shrikant Landge 30 Male Lower
    2 Nilima Ghodkhand 25 Female Lower

    Below is receipt no for Rs 265 .

    Shrikant D. Landge
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    my name is praful raj. i am travling on 22-08-2012 to hajipur to sealdeh.tte was slap& abuse me becoz
    i am standing on gate becoz i am going to toilet .he do not say anything he was abuseing me
    i do not known his name but his duty was aasonsol to sealdeh train name balia sealdeh exp.
    kindley punisehed the tte
    please inform my mail id
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    We have booked our tickets in Rajgir Howrah train no. 23040 for travelling on 23rd Oct 2012 by the sleeper class (there are no AC coaches in this train). This train is worst than a passenger train.
    The train was scheduled to depart from Rajgir at 16:15hrs. However, the train left Rajgir at 19:15hrs – a delay of 3 hrs from the originating station !! And this was not an exception, it was a norm. I was made to understand from the local people that this train usually is 3-4 hrs delayed from Rajgir, everyday. When the Indian Railways is aware of this fact why does it not any corrective action – at least change the train timings.
    This was just the beginning of the misery of the passengers on this train. Once the train reached Bakhtiyarpur JN at around 10:30hrs (about 03:30 hrs late), the coaches for Howrah were disconnected and left on one of the rear platforms. Then one of the guards of Bihar Police informed the passengers that they can alight the train and go to the waiting room on Platform no. 1, as the train which is supposed to take these coaches to Howrah (Janta Express) is expected to come only the next day morning at 8000 hrs!!! (implying a delay of 14 hrs). Again this was not a one off incident it was a routine. The previous day train left at 0830 hrs that morning (a delay of 14 hrs). Why does the Indian Railway not take any corrective action? There are three trains which ply on this route – Danapur Howrah, Amritsar Howrah and Vibhuti express – Why can’t Indian Railways couple these two coaches to any one of these trains? Why do the innocent passengers of this train have to undergo this misery every day in spite of paying the full fare? If this is a daily affair, why can’t they put it on the IRCTC/Indian railway website, so that the passengers are at least aware of the issues before they book their tickets?

    I am sure the Indian Railways will do nothing in this regard. I urge all NOT TO TRAVEL BY RAJGIR-HOWRAH TRAIN No. 23040
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    Lodging of complaint against theft of my Luggage
    Farid Khan C/O Gufran Hussain
    26A,CN ROY Road
    Tel +919971234358

    Chief Security Commissioner and Various Officials
    Dr. S. C. Sahu

    Sub: Lodging of complaint against theft of my luggage

    I was traveling in train No. 12321/Howrah-Mumbai Mail from Howrah to Koderma boarded the train on 26th October 2012 under PNR No. 6114265288 in coach No. B-2 Seat No.50 (middle berth with some realtives in seat no.B2 49,52,55 )The ticket was booked through IRCTC website.

    I lost my Laptop Bag Black Colour between or at station Asansol and Dhanbad.
    I have a strong feeling that some of the train attendents are engaged in this theft,Also there are some passengers invoved who board the train at dhanbad in seat no.B2-51,54.I had already lodge the FIR with TTE(Copy attached).

    Lugguge contained the following main and important items/articles apart from other things kept in it as per my remembrance is concerned:

    1. Dell Laptop(charger,Mouse,Head phones)-Model No.T541006INB Inspiron 14R,Service Tag No.GDCB7BS
    2. ATM,Credit Cards,Check books-ICICI,HDFC,Bank of India,Punjab National Bank
    3. PAN Card(No.AWJPK1817A),Driving Licence
    4. MTS data card,Two Pendrives(Mosebear),Medical card(FHPL)
    5.Wallet-cash having 2000 Rs approx

    The above are the main articles among other things which were kept in my BAG. I presume and after considering the views of my co-passengers in the compartment that my luggage was stolen during midnight sleeping time between or at Asansol and Dhanbad stations. I was advised by the concerned TTE (Named Mr.N.Singh)to lodge a FIR with Form available with him with very casual approach stated by him that"Nothing will happen to lodge an FIR and forget averything".

    Also,No GRP guards are available in the train during the journey.It shall be really insecure to travel without any GRP guards and it is unevitable that this type of theft happens in 3rd AC boggie

    I hereby request to take suitable steps ASAP to recover my stolen luggage and kindly intimate to my above address and to my mobile No. 09971234358 immediately for which act of kindness I will be ever grateful to you and your department.

    Please inform the current status also,and action taken till date....

    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,

    Farid KHan
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    Respected sir,

    miyagam karjan stationon 03/12/2012 train- viramgam valsad no-59050 , train schedule time is 3:01 train was late so i ask panel operator about train at 3:15 he said -jab ayegi tab dekh lena, mere kahne bad , he is mention 30 mint. late on black board. once again At 3:40 i ask about train,and again he said, dimag kharab mat kar ham tumahare liye nahi bethe he. ham sabko nahi batate sirf pehchan valo ko batate he. finally train coming near 4:55 .and i missed my shift bus and i was absent because of not proper msg from rilway emp.i am mst holder and looking mostly they are not mention on black board when trains are do the need ful.

    mahendrasinh rana

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    Respected sir,

    miyagam karjan stationon 03/11/2012 train- viramgam valsad no-59050 , train schedule time is 3:01 train was late so i ask panel operator about train at 3:15 he said -jab ayegi tab dekh lena, mere kahne bad , he is mention 30 mint. late on black board. once again At 3:40 i ask about train,and again he said, dimag kharab mat kar ham tumahare liye nahi bethe he. ham sabko nahi batate sirf pehchan valo ko batate he. finally train coming near 4:55 .and i missed my shift bus and i was absent because of not proper msg from rilway emp.i am mst holder and looking mostly they are not mention on black board when trains are do the need ful.

    mahendrasinh rana

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    Respected Sir,
    This is regarding complaint No.-S/NR/UMB/000015035 for JTBS-58 ( saharanpur) your officer (Mr. Vimal kalra) had come for inspection. He behaved very rudely & badly with me & my doubter the owner of JTBS who is physically challenged woman. He was threatening that he can close the JTBS forever bcz she has done complaint against him. How can the person can come for inspection if complaint against him only. He dont know how to behave with women. We will do complaint against hi to higher authority. Kindly take action against him and dont send him again as that girl in shocked status .kindly resolve my issue asap .
    Respected Sir,

    • JTBS -58 is running by sukeshi jain. She has given the request of ownership transfer of JTBS 58 on 07/06/2012 in your office.Transfer request for the same is still pending with you.
    • She is physically challenged and unmarried woman. She has only one source of income which is JTBS 58.
    • The owner of the shop where JTBS is running ,is increasing the rent from 13000/P.M to 15000/- PM. Otherwise he is pressurizing to leave the shop.She is not able to give 15000/- Pm because she is not earning that much from JTBS.
    • She is facing difficulties commuting through Rail as she is physically challenged .Whenever She has to come to Ambala office she has to hire taxi which is very costly for her.
    • She, herself and her employee visited Ambala division so many times for transfer of ownership of JTBS 58 but still there is no solution for the same.
    • She has already spent so much money and time for the same . She is very disturbed and tensed just because of this.
    Requesting you to transfer the Location of JTBS -58 ASAP for the sake of morality and justice with the humanity .
    We will be grateful to you.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Yours Truly ,
    Sukeshi Jain D/o Mr Arun Kumar Jain,
    59- New Awas Vikas Colony,
    Email Id :
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    This is to inform you that i had a reservation from chhapra and i sttarted my journey from chhhapra to howrah.
    I had a reservation in AC 2 Tear at seat No. 2 from chhapra to Howrah. My PNR No. is 2441694001. The problem is th we all passenger are facing the problem of electricity. There are so many person are suffering these kind of problem with me. I called up this No.09771429946 to discuss about our problems at chhapra but they denying to us so many times. At the last i called up this No. 09771429946 to know the status about electricity and the person who was sitting there was abusing (like mother and father) to us and told to us that he has no time to inform to us about the status.

    Further, I would like to request you that to understand the passengers problem asap.

    Kindly do the needful

    Amit Kumar Giri
    Passenger of AC/ 2 A
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    Dear Sir,
    I was Travelling Between Ghaziyabad To Kanpur,
    12 Nov when i have reached station to pick up Uchahar express train have just started then i have pick A/c coach to avoid acciedent,
    after some time Mr.Gautam came in coach for checking of ticket, i have told to them i have Three tier Ticket and inform situation to pick A/c coach, then he started mis behavior and use word which can not mention here as a reputed citizen, i have request to them accordingly but he not consider any request and continue to do mis bahviour and then forcely pulled me down from the coach. I still requested him when any station come i can go to my coach but he ignore my request. He has refuse the same and torcher me.
    Some how i reached Agaiybpur Station and complain aginst him. I have receipt.
    you are requested to take serious action against Mr.Gautam and inform me on my e-mail ID [email],[/email]
    if you have not take action and inform me within 15 days, i have right to know status of my complaint in rule of ITR.

    thanks & regards,
    Pawan Agnihotri
    Pnr: 2500035642
    TrainNo. 14218
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    Hi ,

    My name is A.Deepak , I was working with a company CMO AXIS PVT LTD which is a MPO for which they were outsourcing a project 4xp Investments and trading .
    I actually earned incentives of 1,50,000INR for which TAX is been deducted for 12,000INR I have Form 16 for Proof .
    They paid me only 50,000INR and informed me that they wil pay me remaining next month but its been many months they failed to pay . I had also sent repeated mails to CEO : Pramod Harith and HR : Poornima harith but I did not get any update .

    I have approached Human Rights Commission and Labour Court for remedial justice.
    I want to intimate the management through this Blog

    Thanks and regards
    Deepak A
    Employee ID:1021
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    One train is with time, the railway delay the train with 3 more hrs, and stand near allahabad station and all late train are bipass him
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    I am very Unhappy with the type of service which i got yesterday in Firozpur Janat from Valsad to Mumbai Central.. some MST holder boarded into the firozpur janta from Pardi and told us to vacant the reservation seat i was with my family so i protested them they started using abusive language as if they were bastard and don't have a family... and these guys where playing card and making other woman's not seat besides them who had there reservation seats too..

    Some MST pass holder behave very bad with the passenger who have reserved seat..

    Please let us know whom is this to be blamed.. Railway or the TC who is incharge to care of this...
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    NDLS TO PURI PURUSOTUAM EXPRESS,25th Nov 2012 , Fans are permanetly off in the sleeper compartment causing disgusting inconvinience for the passengers.

    When we address TT for this problem he do nothing , saying complain in the railway dept. That is disgusting problem.

    Ashwani kumar kar

    New Delhi

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    I rhea from borivali has a coMplain for bag damage. In the train there are so many rats and because of these my clothes,our bags are damaged so I want you to please keep the train cLean .so why to come in 3rd ac ,we would go in local.our pnr no is 223 8103042 train no 12479 ticket no 63897722 train name surya nagri exp date 29 november 2012 seat no 51 53 54 56 .
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    के स्@ट;ेशन ब्@य;ावरा-राजगढ़ स्@ट;ेशन से इन्@ट;रसि@ट;ी इन्@द;ौर-कोटा गाड़ी सं. 19802 द्वारा अन्@त;ा वापसी पर अक्@स;र अन्@त;ा का टि@क;ि@ट; न देकर कोटा या बारांॅ का टि@क;ि@ट; लेने को बुकि@ं;ग बाबू द्वारा बाध्@य; ि@क;या जाता है।

    बाबू के अनुसार यहां के कम्@प;्@य;ूटर में अन्@त;ा टि@क;ि@ट; फीड नहीं है। शि@क;ायत पुस्@ि;@त;का मांगने पर अभद्र व्@य;वहार ि@क;या जाता है। इसी क्रम में दि@न;ांक 28.11.2012 को सांय 4.56 पर मुझे अन्@त;ा के स्@थ;ान पर कोटा का टि@क;ि@ट; लेने को वि@व;श कि@य;ा गया जि@स;का टि@क;ि@ट; स. 58129148 है।
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    Dear Consumer Forum,

    I want to complaint against the Indian Railways (North).
    I was travelling in the 12562 Swatantra Senani SF coach no S6. (DATE: 11/11/2012) from New Delhi to Samastipur
    I was travelling with my wife & friend. We have only 2 ticket.
    So I need one more ticked to travel in sleeper class.
    So i requested to TTE,please issue one more ticket.
    He Charged me 730RS.
    But earlier i traveled in same train without ticket at same situation i requested to TTE issue my one ticket and he charged me 620.(New Delhi to Samastipur) dated 19/04/2012.

    Please confirm me in the same train charges will be vary.please confirm me as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Hemant Kumar Jha
    Mob: 9015138695
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    this complaint is regarding vsv swamy employed in cherlapalli fci siding.respected sir i would like to bring to your notice about this employee who is running business on the name of gayatri seva samstha and not attending office and most of the time he is missing from the duty place and in his tenure many goods have been derailed and no timely action was taken due to non availability of this person namely vsv swamy and he is adjusting transfers to his personal needs where in he has grown up sons and daughters.this is a shame on indian railways that needy people are transferred away from families whereas these people who dont attend the office and r not punctual are given adequate facilities hindering the peope in need.he is involved in cases by shri ram chit funds and non payment of emi 2 vendors and is involved in taking bribe from the persons of fci..with due respect as a responsible citizen of india i bring forth these discrepancies in ur office which need to be rectified and such a person to be thrown away fromt he prestegious institute like indian railways....
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    i am erander singh as i was in journey on 10th of dec 2012 by nizzamuddun - madgaon goa samprk kranti exp since our waiting was 44 and 45 before 15 days thn whn i saw before 4 days it was reached to 1 and 2 rac and before 3 days it was cnf thn on date of journey how it came to rac s5 47 an rac s5 47 pnr no- 2241020259 thn i didnt understood first it was 1 and 2 rac thn how it come to rac only i was travelling from nzm to pnvl we were very conjusted and uncomfartable
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    this is a complaint against a ticket giver who charges 5 rs. extra on every ticket. this railway station is "Nihalgarh" railway station.It comes between lucknow to sultanpul route. sir kindly take a strict action against this person thank you.
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    Today ( 20-12-2012 at 11.00 am) i went to get my journey modify at hapur railway station. At that time mrs anita bhardwaj did misbehave & demand for extra money as bribe for modify my journey from date 05/01/2013 to 11/01/2012 it make wrong impression of our indian railway so i request to have a serious action against that employee mrs anita bhardwaj frc hapur jnc
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    Today ( 20-12-2012 at 11.00 am) i went to get my journey modify at hapur railway station. At that time mrs anita bhardwaj did misbehave & demand for extra money as bribe for modify my journey from date 05/01/2013 to 11/01/2012 it make wrong impression of our indian railway so i request to have a serious action against that employee mrs anita bhardwaj frc hapur jnc

    thanks & regards

    kailash chand
    add: B-33 apna ghar colony delhi road hapur
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