Complaint against Indian Railways and their Employee, Extra Charge, Misbehavior

I booked a tatkal ticket on your Railway Counter at Kathua in J & K, The ticket PNR No:- 232-0878248 and the serial no is 67428410 (Second Class Sleeper). The ticket is for 4 (four) passengers starting journey from Haridwar to Jammu Tawi
on 26th,May 2011.
But the railway employee (T.T. & Examiner) misbehaves the 4 Passengers.The passengers having the duplicate copy(Fax Copy and Photo- Copy) of that very ticket and also have valid ID Proof each. But the Ticket Tacker misbehaves the four passengers and also Charged him another ticket for just rupees 1268/-. why the Ticket Tacker (Railway Employee) not consider the duplicate copy (Fax Copy and Photo- Copy)of the ticket. The Railway Employee (T.T./ Examiner)has no Charts prepared, this is totally illegal we have confirmed ticket that is in Coach S2, Seat No:- 10,11,13,14 in the Hemkunt Exp. we were paid two times why. The Railway Employee who misbehaves and harrassed the four passengers namey as "RAJ KUMAR" approx.I just said how to cancel the
ticket and the refund amt will be credited to my account. At this time (11.50 P.M., 26-05-2011 the date of Journey)the train is running on speed, we are Submitting the Complaint and we are ashamed for our INDIAN RAILWAYS Department.


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    Dear Sir,
    I am Monthly Ticket Holder last 22 Years and Travelling Between Ujjain To Dewas,
    Monday when i have reached ujjain station to pick up Gwaliour Indore express train have just started then i have pick reservation coach to avoid acciedent,
    after some time Mr.Malhotra came in coach for checking of ticket, i have told to them i have MST and inform situation to pick reservation coach, then he started mis behavior and use word which can not mention here as a reputed citizen, i have request to them please make slip accordingly but he not consider any request and continue to do mis bahviour and then after charged Rs.490/-i request them explain how to charges Rs.490/- he has refuse the same and torcher me and told me if you not pay this charges i will lodge police complaint against you.
    i have paid Rs.490/- as per slip No.8 dated 17.10.2011.
    you are requested to take serious action against Mr.Malhotra and inform me on my e-mail ID,
    if you have not take action and inform me within 15 days, i have right to know status of my complaint in rule of ITR.

    thanks & regards,
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    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I travelled form Alwar(Raj) to Delhi on 24th Oct 2011. Ac was not running and I asked TT to start AC of Train he said He don't know and its not his department.
    Gate of coach # S7 was broken, glass in gate was missing.and train was very dirty..tea, coffee cups, buiscuits raper, chips raper was lying there.

    If we spend good amount to travel a short distance or long distance journey, we expect only satishfaction not a reward. But this time I suffered due to dirty and non ac train.
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    On 26th we have booked a tatkal ticket on line from Ajmer to Hyderabad for 27th on train no 12719/AII HYD SF EXP through PNR number 2131264555 for myself ,to my wife and for my son .In that we have mentioned number of my sons driving license which is scanned copy. At Ajmer Railway station a special squad came under the leader ship of Mr. Asokuma CTI of NWR to specially check the ID’s of tatkal tickets and checked our ticket also. We have produced scanned copy of my son’s driving license which is invalid because it is not original copy Then we have produced original copies of pan card which are available with us and shown my original pan card but they blindly refused and booked us as ticket less travelers and called RPF to vacate our seats then we have borrowed money from other passengers and paid 2090 rupees through challan number 0666152 to travel on the same train. This is happened not to me to other 15 passengers also in the same train.
    What is my argument is when tatkal ticket is cancelled due to non-availability of original ID card and I have treated as ticketless traveler then they have to refund the money to me for which I have booked a ticket on line .I am producing all type of evidence that the picture on scanned copy of driving license and original pan card is same and remaing two passengers also original ID but railway authorities misbehaving with passengers like this IS it fair?. Government making rules to control the misuse of on line booking by travel agents they are doing their business as usual but passengers who are booked the tickets of their own suffering. Passengers paying to TTS for getting seats in reserved compartments government is giving on more chance to get the money by this rule. I am requesting Railways simply harassing the passengers is not fair take steps to control travel agents not to misuse the online booking forcibly vacate the passengers after paying the fair also not fair. Everybody is not taking money with them after booking the ticket so please do not make them beggars’
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    dear sir, we travlling in garib rath amritsar saharsa exp by 18 feb 2012 vide pnr no

    PNR NO. 2660149406

    Train No. & Name: 12204 - Shc Garib Rath

    Date of Journey: 18 Feb 2012

    Class: 3A

    Booking Date: 24 Jan 2012 22:21

    Boarding Date: 18 Feb 2012

    From: Jalandhar City (JUC)

    To: Begu Sarai (BGS)

    Distance: 1,550 kms

    Boarding: Jalandhar City (JUC)

    Reserved Upto: Begu Sarai (BGS)

    Quota: General

    Scheduled Departure Time: 05:50

    Total Fare: Rs. 2,772

    Adult: 4 Child: 0

    Passenger Mobile Number: 9569707675

    Fare Details:


    Ticket fare

    Rs. 2,772

    Rupees Two Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Two Only


    IRCTC Service charges

    Rs. 20

    Rupees Twenty Only


    MakeMyTrip Fee

    Rs. 20

    Rupees Twenty Only


    Bank/Card charges

    Rs. 51

    Rupees Fifty One Only



    Rs. 2,863

    Rupees Two Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Three Only

    Passenger Details:





    Concession Code

    Booking Status/Current Status/ Coach No/ Seat No






    RAC 33 / - - -






    RAC 34 / - - -






    RAC 35 / - - -






    RAC 36 / - - -

    we trvling from jalandhar to begusarai. we are seat confirmed in coach no g-13. we are waitting till delhi ac will be on but there is no response from any body. we reporting many time to on duty conductor but he can not do any thing. we will remine time to time all staff of the running train he unable to do. atleast one pers generator opr told me that we will manage your seat in other coach.i told him that in this coach ac why not on. then i told him now we go to guard in lucknow jn and station master to report him. after that maech will talk with amritsar his sinior then he tolm him to change your coach polarity of phase it will be on. after that ac will be on. my whole family got ill.after two hour then ac staff ac got off.many people are got ill in this train. we are going begusarai for those work due to whole family illness not done. we expend our time in illness.when we return from garib rath on 01 mar 2012 vide pnr no 650-6197856 same thing is happened . we told to ac staff on lucknow to start ac then he strat after muradabad. we are travlling normaly by garibrath but all time it was happened.generally ac staff on returning from saharsa he start ac after muradabad.we failling very diffculty in this train. why railway is charged ac from passanger if he dont give ac facility. why i suffur above these problemb, we are allready paid . kindly give me the resion we are all failling sick till date. we will give lot of many to docter to recover our health. kindly do infaour of above problemb and confirm by mail, we will got lot of economical hrass. the train was very dirty, there is no any ceaning facility .thanks and regards

    k k singh
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    On date 27-02-12 my younger brother Hemant Sharma and mother Ramadevi Sharma travelled with confirm Tatkal E-ticket. Details are as follows.
    Journey Date 27-02-12.
    PNR no. 870-0219849.
    Train 19105.(Ahmedabad to Ajmer).
    Seat S 10/46,48.
    Sir, I booked tickets for them. While booking for identity I give reference of PAN card for my brother and Voter id card for mother and they shown same proof to TTE along with IRCTC ticket booked mesage which is saved in my brother's cell no. 9879945950.As on today also saved in same cell no.
    Eventhough TTE charged Rs. 50/- for print out(EFT recipt No M-0629951). Railway doing compaign for save 3 lakhs paper a day for our nation and TTE like this unaware of this compaign than how can we save paper? additionally he charged against rule, I request u to take action n refund my amount.
    Thanking you,
    sincerely yours
    Dr R T Sharma.
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    I am Amar from bangalore. I was booked 3 second sleeper class tickets in tathkal, but 2tickets are in W/L after chart prepared.
    i took general tickets and travelled in of TT come and asked for ticket we told everything why we are travelling in sleeper coach.
    he charged sleeper class ticket worth amount and taken rs 500/- fine.

    can any one tell me Rs 500/- leagal to charge us. We are not travelling without tickets.we have general and Waiting list last mi (tathkal ticket) we come to last 2 hrs before travel.
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    When my friend Mr. S bhattacherjee traveling on train no. 22815 from Bilaspur to Coimbator in S4 Seat no 33,34,36 on 16.04.12 with his family, his luggege was stolen inbeteen Vijawada to Gudur. After the incidend every this was surprising which im narrating below-
    1. when they understand that bag was stolen train just leaving Gudur station.
    2. 2 Police man was there in the comparment. they tried to convince that no one entered the compartment.
    3. Mr. Bhattacherjee pull the chain to stope the train to got down the Gudur station as his sure that thief get down at gudur station.
    4. Polic man did not coopeate with them. they threaded the passanger to keep quite.
    5. Mr. Bhattacherjee felt that police man helping the thieft to scape.
    6. After some time TEE had came and give them 3 form and filled infront of him. TEE gave the from and advice to deposite at Coimbatore.
    7. Before reaching Renugunda mr. Bhattacherjee received a phone call from 06508114062 infrom him that your luggage had found at gudur staion and kept in GRP office go and collect.
    8. Mr. Bhatt. surprise how his new phone no thieft know. His phone no. had disclosed to TEE only during filled up the form.
    9. this is the question that every one TEE Police all are involve in this case.
    10. Mr. Bhatt get down at Renugunda and go to GRP to file FIR but they denied to take FIR.
    11. They return to GUdur and found they luggages were copletely packed condition. there is no damages of both the Briet case . they opened and found that Gold- 140 gm & 5000/- are missing but cloths and paper is as it is.( 140gm as they are shifted from kymore to Madukkuri for job).
    12. GRP was unable to give right answar how did they received the luggage.

    From above fact it is very clear that all are involve in this incident.

    Now, my request to enquire the fact and find out the gold and money.
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    to whom ever it may concern
    respected sir/madam
    i was travelling from satna to habibganj on 23 april 2012 from kamayani express(11072) in which i was made to experience misbehaviour nd misguidance of attendant staff of ac 2 tier seat no. A1- 33,
    in which the attendant said that i have to surrender the beddings before 1 hour reaching the destined station.Is it so the rule says???????
    I think that is too shamefull on seeing your service.i wish you would take the matter seriously nd take actions on the culprit.
    he told me his name very bravely P.M.Pujari nd he also told that he was from mumbai railway staff.
    after seeing this type of service nd behaviour of a attendent of a luxury class compartment i quite hurted nd wish u would take proper actions so that the incident should not get repeated nd no one else experience such a bad behaviour.
    with regards
    Rahul Shrivastava
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    I was travel by Flying Rani Express (12922) from Surat to Mumbai on 11th May, 2012 against PNR No. 8302448748 and after become chart my ticket was W/L by 7 and I ask to TC for the status of the w/L and he tole me for Rs. 20.00 they I say why Rs. 20.00, I have the reservation tickets and then i refuse to give Rupees and he told me that i will not provide or allott the seat to you and he go and after I see that so many passengers not come or board the train and its palace it vacat but he will sell the Ticket by Rs. 20.00 and by rs. 50.00 from the passseger and fortunately in my compartment one passengers of seat no. 134 not come and he will allote the seat who will give the money to him and after that I will ask 2-3 times for the seat but he refuse to me and not allote to me and sell the tickets.
    when i standing there, he want to cross my compartment but when he saw to me then he will not cross to me and get down on the platform and cross the my compartment because he thought that if he come to me then i will ask to him for ticket and he have to allote the tickets to me as a free. and he will loss by rs. 50 and by rs. 20 as .

    So sir please take the against such types of TCC and please refund my all the amount and tell me his TCC name to me.

    Please do the needful and reply otherwise I have to go RTI or consumer forum.

    Dinesh Maheshwari
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    Northen Railway employee Mr.Tara chand S/oMr.Billa,Wife name-Smt Bimla living in Hno-122/1A,Railway colony no-2,back side Sh.Guru Harkrishan Public School G.T.Road Amritsar is working as a Supervisor in Railway colony,B-Block(safai jamadar).He is man who is working as an addict of alchohal(wine)and many other drugs.Just check his past records and he has not been working for the past 15years as an irregural man,thief of department,indisciplined.Many times he has been out of the department and taken on duty by writing application.His whole attitude his job is very poor.The man-power working under him does not know where his supervisor stands coz he is seen drinking wine and comes to duty in fully addicted position and even not has the ability to stand.Just persons must be filed and discharged out of the department.Even he gets naked when he is in department because his physical and mental abilities are lost.He is mentally upset.His daughters are running cases in court.Whole family has a bad reputation.Mr.Tara chand nick name in Northern Railways is Master.Such Railways Employees are not just a threat to railways but as well as nation.
    Please look into the matter and take quick action against this man.Its not just a mail its a truth.
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    I was traveling today(21/5/12) on east cost
    express(train no18646) today from khargpur(kgp) to
    howrah.ticket no
    G63161408.II superfast.fare rs 47.on kgp 1 0f the
    first 2 second class compartment was blocked by
    some passengers by big bags & material.the doors of
    train locked from outside.only 1 compartment packed
    by i forced to travel in sleeper
    compartment.there I met TT & complained against
    it.but he(name-pradut biswas) claimed fine 4
    boarding sleeper class.then he did not take action
    against it but forced to leave train in mechada
    station.he fined me rs-326.(receipt no-196560)
    I then talked higher authority relating to ticket
    checking.but no one helped question is
    1.why 1 compartment of 2nd class blocked?
    2.why TT forced to leave train in midway?
    3.there was no chart of fine with TT? who will responsible for my WASTAGE OF TIME?
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    sir mera name kuldip singh sandhu hai mera address hai bankra birati, p.o. birati, p.s. airport, kolkata 700051. sir mera ghar ke samne tathkal ticket counter hai aur waha broker etna jade ho gaye hai ki pucheya math am adme ko ticket milna mushkil ho gaya hai aur sath ma ticket counter wala bhe mila hua hai wo her ticket pa 50 rs extra leta hai aur her broker 3 form ek sath counter mai dukhta hai aur wo counter wala 3 form leka ticket karta hai aur wo 1 se 7 thak to unki line lage hote hai jiska karan am adme ko ticket nahi milta please ap log es ka bare me kuch ke jeya. ma unke name bhi likh raha hu please check it bishu, gopal, duldul, tapas, vicky ya 5 name muja malum hai aur enka head hai bishu please kuch action ligeya inka upar aur in ma sa 2 jan rate ko station mai line laga ker sote hai wo hai gopal aur duldul aur mera no hai 8296842151 i will wait for your answer and action
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    Hi, my father work in gsd kanpur in nc railway of cdms post . namely shri D S DUBEY .No one listen of my father rail services , as he is not getting the 3 sets of railway passs. after giving letter to above officer they do nothing and they ignore my father's letter. even they do not the set school pass after giving the whole bio data as well as bonafied of related collage
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    Hi,i am Kiran daily traveling to the palkode to bayyapanahalli in last 3 years to the dharmapuri passenger train,two months onwards this train reched bayyapanahalli station in correct time at 6.55 Pm but there is crossing since loang time between 30to 45 mints in this station,more than of the employes travelled in this traine but the SM didt cleare to the way most of the time we are all complaint and request to the SM but he didnt care,most of the employes faced problems for the same becase employes repeate in work at daily wise,please look into this and guaode to the your employes.
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    After new rules and regulation for tatkal ticket we got ticket from railway counter very comfortably.But from last one month it shows contradiction,even in counter i m the first customer in ticket counter but it shows waiting list,this is not for single time ,it repeated so many times.please qurey about this matter.Is it possible repeated times.If the first person result will wait5ing list then change the system Otherwise stop the corruption.
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    Dear sir,
    From bhuj kutch (Gujarat).
    pin : 370001

    At Bhuj railway station the parking facilities is not proper and there are many problems that people occur, and some one named Ashapura Parking the are just local people doing nothing and they take parking charge as Rs.8 What the hell is this the platform charge is till Rs.5 and the people are not good the facalities is also very very bad and people face problems in parking then why should we give them Rs.8 for this type of parking please do something about that people they are not good people they want money forcefully from public and service of parking 0% do something of that people the name on the parking ticket is written as. Jay jalaran Ashapura Parking and they say that they are bhuj railway approved parking contracter. If they are then please change them please its my request if you think that this is wrong than ask any public in bhuj kutch.
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    Dear Sir,

    Today on 10th July 2012 I was Travelling Between Saharanpur To Chandok by 13152 Jammutawi Sealdah Express in a reservation coach due to heavy rush in General coach. When i am Near to Chandok, A TTE/Ticket Checker Mr. Kuldeep Singh (Belongs to Moradabad Division & He is not Coach TTE) came & asked me to show my tickets. I present my tickets to him. He Said that you are travelling in a sleeper class so you will be charged Rs.600 as penalty. I don’t have any objection to pay the penalty as i am entitled for the reimbursement from my organization. So i paid Rs 600 to him & he & his colleague (whom name i don’t know) give me a receipt of Rs.320 which number is 997458. I requested them to please make slip accordingly (of Rs 600) but they did not consider any request and misbehaved me very rudely. I was shocked, why they are behaving like this & asked them to provide me the receipt of the entire amount which i have paid. They refused & said, Saale ek to sleeper me safar karta hai or upper se imandar bhi Banta Hai.1000 Ka fine hai hum tere 400 rupaye Bacha rahe hai to tu hero ban raha hai. I politely said that i am entitle for reimbursement from my organization, so i don’t have any problem to pay you Rs 1000 but please give me the receipt accordingly. Then again he started misbehave & abusing words which no one can not mentioned in such complaint. After saying this that i will make a complaint against you, Mr.Kuldeep Singh tries to through me out of the running train. Coach passengers came in between of us & saved me for which i am very thankful to all of them. Due to Misbehave of Mr Kuldeep Singh,I feel myself humiliated & shocked whole day. So i decided to lodge a complaint against the harassment.
    So i request you to please look into the matter & take necessary action against Mr. Kuldeep Singh and inform me on my e-mail ID

    Naseem Khan
    DUC Unicef
    C/o CMO Office
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    Hi Sir/Mam
    I have booked eticket on Date of Booking : 24/11/2011 and Date of Journy : 25/11/2011 on Tatkal Scheme. I have file TDR reason is TRAIN is CANCELED.
    In TDR Status status shown that REGRETTED.
    If train is cancelled then why my money amount is not returned and status shown REGRETTED .

    Name : Ambuj Srivastva
    PNR Number: 2228646961
    Transaction ID: 0420813468
    Reference No: ekt2011124003804555
    Date of Journy : 25/11/2011
    Date of Booking : 24/11/2011
    File TDR Date : 4 /12/2012.
    Train No: 12560
    Reason For TDR: Train Cancelled.
    Ticket Type: eticket

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    E-MAIL :
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    Dear Sir,

    I bought E-
    Ticket with PNR no. 4442684900. I reached Valsad station at 3.35 am to
    catch Veraval Express (train no. 16334) on 4th June, 2012. I have checked
    my seat number from enquiry counter at 3.35 am. Also ask for train time.

    I got seat number from enquiry and got message that train is running on
    time and suppose to arrive Valsad at 3.45 and departure at 3.48.

    After some time at 3.45 am I ask one hawker about the said train and he
    has replied that the Veraval Express left before half an hour.

    Again I have checked with enquiry window and found that on 4th June, 2012
    the Veraval Express departure from Valsad at 3.15 am (33 minutes before

    I have also discuss with Mr. Rajesh Rajput on IRCTC customer care number
    at around 4.0 am but not received any satisfactory answer.

    I was traveling to Ahmedabad to attend important meeting. You are
    requested to compensate my following expense/
    loss of opportunity held because of carelessness of Indian Railways.

    Rs. 605/- for Said train ticket

    Rs. 17000/- for Travel expense for by road

    Rs. 40000/- for loss of four hours because I reached Ahmedabad by road at
    1.0 pm and

    could not able to atttend meeting on time

    You are requested to compensate Rs. 57605/- within five days.

    Thanking you,

    Utkarsh Desai

    3/A, Shivam Society,

    B/H Jalaram Temple,

    Valsad. State : Gujarat


    Mo. 9328212739
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    Respected sir,

    My father is travelling in Bandra Bhavnagar Express. The train no is 12971.(It's an e-ticket) As there was an emergency he had to travel and was having photo copy of licence and number of other original proofs but I am sorry to say that your TC ( G M Parmar )has not accepted any of them and has charged 480Rs. (I asked how this amounted 480 but he did not have any explanation)from him and moreover the behavior was not at all good .(He has harresed my father at 11:30 )(Dt.24-7-2012)
    Here I provide other details of the ticket :-

    PNR no:8558028964
    Transaction Id :0533063887
    Licence no:4BN-91-15982
    Coach no:S11
    Berth no:9

    I request you to verify on this matter and reply me soon on this E-mail
    Hoping for your reply.
    Nidhi joshi (00:15)(Dt.25-7-10-2012)
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    I,prakash agarwala had booked a ticket for journey howrah to brahampore according my requist booking clerk issued ticket journey from bhagalpur to berhampore.can you say why i pay negligence of your staff?? PNR NO-611-1090809.BOOKING TICKET ON 02-07-12.CANCEL THE TICKET-03-07-12
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    i m travelling from delhi to sirsa wide pnr no.243758716 on 1august 2012. the facility for which they charges no provided by us Ac is not working and people fill in excess by ticket exeminer.when we asked TTE for not working of ac he replied. ac plant is of this coach is failed. we are not satisfied for the replied by him
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    I am Debraj Lahiri. Three months ago I bought a Indian railway Smart Card to avoid que and did my travel. Now last week while buying the train ticket by using the smart card, system showed some error and could not able to buy ticket. This has happened in Bidhannagar road station. Now there is a counter for Smart Card which was closed and beside that counter there was a long que. I asked that person sitting in that counter about my smart card and he told me "This is not possible for me to guide you forget about your smart card, stand in the que and buy ticket like other people".
    This is the service our railway providing us.What is the meaning of buying the smart card machine and install it. Being a educated person I like the concept of the smart card and at the same time I also expect proper service form the Railway.
    This is really not expected from Indian Railway. They are not at all bother about their service.

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    Dear sir/Maam
    this is to bring in you kind notice that resevation counters are full of agents who pay a certain amount to the person sitting at the counter and get the train tickets and reservation from them,I am sure that the lifestyle they live is much more than they should have and if proper enquiry is done then it will be proved that these people are simply exploiting and misusing their position.Agents dont leave the window and their colleagues keep on bringing new forms for reservation and commin man keeps on waiting for his/Her turn.If u speak against it then they fight and even beat u at times.All this is done with the help of railways employees.One agent is submitting 50 to 80 forms a day.On each ticket or seat railway employee is charging an amount from them and these agents are charging from the common man.I also have snaps of the employee on my cell phone.Tried make video but could not do so as they started to threaten me and take my phone.This inciden is of rawatpur railway sation in kanpur.Time is between 2:30 to 3:00 pm on 09/08/12.If there has been any way to upload his photo then I would have done it here.
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    HiI book a ticket from one of your agent (corporate name umamaheswara online service; email id pin code 507115) My transaction Id 0547509778 and pnr no 4862528136 travelling from bdcr to sc. The charge for this journey is Rs 187 but the agent charges Rs 200. I questioned him why he is charging more even after getting his commission, he replied me that the railway department is not giving any commission for him. This isn't fair. He is miss-using the service and charging more from common people. Please take proper action.
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    Dear Sir,
    Still my admit card not issued till date. I have fill form against Junior Engineer & Senior Section Engineer. But no information from railway
    If i am not applicable but still no rply from railway that whats the main reason behind this.
    please support me.

    Ashish Parshar
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    Dear Sir/Madam

    I was traveling from Chandigarh to Bandra Terminus on 21/08/2012 by Pashim Express Train. My PNR No. was 2500395805. I had booked 6 ticket for Me and my 5 family members. My seat numbers were 58, 59, 60, 61, 62 and 64. The coach was S9. While were planning to sleep in the night, heavy rain was started. And even it was started to rain on our berth also. The rain water was leaking through one of the lights. Our upper berth seat was fully wet with rain shower. We had tried to contact the TC. But he was sitting in the AC compartment. We had tried to knock on the door but no body was responding. The rain was pouring heavily on our seats. We were not able to sleep as the shower was coming on our other seats also. Hence we were forced to adjust our selves in very difficulty. It was very surprising to see that in the compartment of indian railway it was raining inside the compartment. What the railway authorities are doing. dont they check the each every berth. After paying full amount for seats why should we bear so much trouble. Hence we request you to compensate for the same. We also have shooted the leakage of water and also taken the pictures of the same. If you people want we can send you the same also. I hope you will give positive response to our complaint. And compensate us for the trouble we had faced. And also take necessary action to repair the bogies before monsoon so that nobody has suffer like us

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    I have filed a TDR for a ticket, PNR # 2660806738 on 28th Feb, 2012. The TDR is yet not closed.

    The ticket was booked for 2 person. Date of journey 25th Feb. the ticket status as on date of travel was 1 ticket was RAC, another was WL. Hence the passengers didn’t travel, and I filed the TDR under the category ‘Party Partially Confirmed /Waitlisted And All Passengers Did Not Travel.”. The TDR was filed within 4 days (which is under the condition of filing under 30 days).

    I met all the condition, still the TDR was cancelled once. I got the case re-opened. But still, the TDR is not being processed by the Indian Railways.

    Request if you could take the case on priority and get it resolved as soon as possible.


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    I traveled on dated 09/09/2012 from H Nizamudhin to Bhopal, pnr no 213882027 train no 12156, RS3-39, TTE allot the vacant seat to other people who travelled on general ticket by taking extra money and the RAC passenger were not entertained.When I asked him foe seat he misbehaved and thread me to push out. I want to know the seat no S3-30 & 26 status.
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