TDR Rejection on Wrong Reason by IRCTC

Dear Team

I had raised a TDR Request with IRCTC Reference No: ekt2011022602188978 for my ticket which remained in RAC Status and I didn't travel

After 2 months , I get a revert that TDR is rejected on basis that passenger travelled ( Remarks: 530-NR/67 As per records Passenger(s) travelled on the ticket. The case is repudiated.) This is absolutely false . It was an RAC Tickets and I decided not to travel . I am eligible for full refund

I want IRCTC and Railways to justify on what grounds it is rejected as I had not travelled on journey

Passenger Name : Manav Mahajan
Ticket Details
S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
1 manav mahajan 28 Male 0000/ Booked

TDR Details
Reason For TDR: Passenger Not Travelled. TDR Status: CCM Regreted Reference No: ekt2011022602188978
TDR Zone: NR TDR Filing Date: 26-Feb-2011

Refund Details
Refund Status: Refund Not Approved Refund Date: 30-Apr-2011 Refund Amount: Rs.0.00 Remarks: 530-NR/67 As per records Passenger(s) travelled on the ticket. The case is repudiated.


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    Respected sir/mam,

    I had filed TDR with reason "Passenger Not Traveled" due to some medical emergency.

    IRCTC rejected it by saying that "Passenger Has Traveled".

    How is it possible. Ticket was mine, I did not travel due to medical emergency. Then how can they say that. I doubt TC has given my seat to some other passenger taking ticket amount as bribe and showing that I have traveled.

    So requesting you to please take appropriate action.

    Or else I have to file case against Indian Railways - IRCTC.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Harsh Shah
    Mob. - 8767456979
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    Respected sir/mam,

    By mistake I had filed TDR with reason "Train cancelled" .But reason is I'm not going to travel tomorrow due to some medical emergency.

    PNR Number: 2835629371
    Passenger name: Vivek Sharma
    Date 20/7/2014

    I am not going to travel on this train tomorrow.So I file TDR.Please refund my amount. Train is from jaipur to gurgaon on 20th july.

    So requesting you to please take appropriate action.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vivek Sharma
    Mob. - 9717021817
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    PNR Number 6431641554
    Ticket from Bhagalpur to Anvt on Garib Rath, 19th August

    On 19th August, Train 22405 started 7:30 hrs late, at 8:00 PM instead of 1:30 PM. My passenger did not travel()missed the train because on Bhagalpur station, railway inquiry was dysfunctional, so no update on right timings) and within one hour of departure of train, I filed for TDR citing the reason - Train delayed by more than 3 hours.
    Firstly I got the e-mail which mentioned I did not mention any reason while filing TDR. I responded by correcting them on facts.
    Now, IRCTC has rejected my TDR citing the reason - I filed the TDR after two hours of departure, which is completely ridiculous. And so, I lost my full Rs 1000 in the ticket.
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