Want to file a complaint against DRS Agarwal Movers and Packers


I have shifted my household stuff from Mumbai to Bangalore and paid them hefty amount (51,000) for the same which included the insurance amount of 7050 for the household stuff valued 2,35,000.

Now when i got the stuff here those guys first of all didn't unpack all of my stuff which i had to do on my own and they simply denied for unpacking the household items.

Next day when i unpacked my stuff 2 of my dinner sets were completely broken and when i called them, a guy came to my place for the survey and till date i haven't heard anything from them.

I called today to check the status of the claim procedure and Movers and Packers guy (Nagesh and Pramod Tiwari) simply said that you should've told this on the day when the stuff was unloaded and denied to process the insurance claim.

I'd been waiting for 1.5 months to hear this statement from those guys.

I want to know what would be the procedure to get the claim amount from them.

Mohit Gosain
+91 966 388 1233


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    I have booked agarwal packers and movers(agarwalshiftingpackersmovers.in, contact no. 9310051100) to relocate my households including furniture and home appliances from Noida sector 27 to murugeshpalaya Bangalore. They took more than any other company and said at the time of quotation that insurance is included in that. I left for bangalore and at that time only mother was there. They reached and said that they need Rs.2100 extra for insurance. My mother called me and I discussed it with that representative. I didn't want any complexity for my mother so I agreed for Rs.10200 total.And the guy they sent for packing said some of my items need be specified on papers(one Exhaust fan, on room heater, one small gas cylinder,one small carton of unused cosmetic products that costed around Rs.1500, total items of around Rs.4500). At that time they said on 5th day you will get your stuff for sure and then they delivered it on 9th day after I threatened them of registering a complaint. I was surprised that all the item that were not specified are missing and all cartons were opened and even they broke the lock of my almirah and some expensive sarees and some other clothes were missing. My computer table was broken and then I noticed even after taking money the haven't specified any thing regarding insurance. I called on the above specified no. and he said that we have all your stuff just sign the paper and we will deliver that. The guy who came for delivery said that we have recieved only this much so please sign this as it is not our fault and the contact person will take care of all the things. After that I tried calling them and they always say we are busy will see it later, we don't have time right now. Its almost a month over and they are not reacting.Don't know what to do but I suggest you not to go with agarwal packers and movers with above mentioned details.They are cheats.
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    I used DRS Agarwal Packers to move from Hyderabad to Bangalore. I paid a premium price with insurance coverage. Things were stolen, goods were damaged (several broken items), torn mattress, and on top of that response from the management team was utterly disappointing. In fact, I sent repeated emails to A.K Agarwal (the Director) and the head of claims, Sarala. Sarala only provided lip service and no action was ever taken. Eventually, their Bangalore-head Gajanand comes over for inspection of the damaged goods after almost 20+ days and several phone calls. Gajanad and the management eventually after a lot of email, phone call sends me an email that they can only pay Rs. 500 for my frame and other damage cannot be repaired (see below).

    Here is a part of the email --

    Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 2:09 PM
    To: 'cc.bangalore@agarwalpackers.in'; 'claims@drsindia.in'
    Cc: 'MURAHARI'; 'sureshverma@drsindia.in'; 'op@drsindia.in'; 'hussain@drsindia.in'
    Subject: RE: Prashant ,GC No.4233348, Hyderabad to Bangalore, - Damage & stolen

    This is completely denial of service after all this irresponsiveness. I have enough pictures to show how the products were delivered (with your people in the picture) including the wear and tear.

    A.K. Agarwal and the management - I would like to request to have a call to discuss this directly with one of you. I can't tolerate this non-sense from your subordinates anymore. Gajanad is totally unprofessional, arrogant, in state of denial of his irresponsiveness and wrongful practices in the Bangalore office. If he is your voice in Bangalore and for all the emails I have written so far, I am completely disappointed with your service in totality.

    Please let me know if you intend to rectify my issues or you plan to ignore it.



    From: Gajanand [mailto:cc.bangalore@agarwalpackers.in]
    Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 12:49 PM
    To: Prashant; claims@drsindia.in
    Cc: MURAHARI; sureshverma@drsindia.in; op@drsindia.in; hussain@drsindia.in
    Subject: RE: Prashant ,GC No.4233348, Hyderabad to Bangalore, - Damage & stolen

    Respected Sir,

    As per our inspection your house then was a mirror screches in bed and in matterss some black mark is thear so it not repairble and your photo frem damage will be retified from our side or your self want to replace we will pay 500/- for
    photo frem repair kindly reply

    Gajanand Suthar
    No 166,4th Cross,Lal Bagh Road,K S Garden,
    Bangalore - 560 027. Ph 080 22229045
    Fax 080 22248264.Mobile No- # 9379695932
    e-mail : cc.bangalore@agarwalpackers.in
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    I used Agarwal Packers and Movers to move my goods from Bangalore to Goa and paid the said amount without negotiating. When I got my goods here in Goa there were 4 boxes missing and when I told them about this their staff told me to sign the papers as my stuff will be in their storehouse and will be delivered the next day. The search for them has still not concluded. It has been more than two months since the missing boxes notified.

    At first, they lied that the boxes are lying in Ponda storehouse, then after calling them repeatedly for a week they lied again saying that the boxes are in Bangalore. Then two-three weeks nobody answered calls, then after a month and a half I get a call from them saying that the boxes have been misplaced and they will pay me Rs. 6000/-.
    I told them that I do not need the money; I need my boxes as the compensation what is supposed to be paid is much below the actual value of the material in the boxes. In addition, the sentimental value can never be compensated. I have incurred a loss of more than Rs. 20,000/- as the boxes had expensive sarees and other goods. In addition to the losses incurred as mentioned above, I also had to bear the expenses of repairing the furniture that had broken due to their negligence.

    Now, they have stopped responding to my calls and emails. I feel that they knew that my boxes were stolen from day one but kept the whole thing under wrap and kept dodging me for more than two months now.

    The details of the bill and LR are as below:
    LR # 4233826
    Invoice # 4191300
    Dated: 20/05/2012
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    Ya these are the same problem which are faced by many people, i'm one of them.
    Many consignment contractor did not take their responsibility when they deliver any shipment.
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    Date of Booking of Items from Patna : 15-11-2012
    Promised date of Delivery to Ranchi: 17-11-2012
    Amount Charged: Rs 14000
    G.C No. 4162375
    Items: Household items
    Actual Date of Delivery: Delivered in parts from 15th to 22nd of December 2012.
    Condition of items: some of them have been damaged.
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    Date of Booking of Items from Patna : 15-11-2012
    Promised date of Delivery to Ranchi: 17-11-2012
    Amount Charged: Rs 14000
    G.C No. 4162375
    Items: Household items
    Actual Date of Delivery: Delivered in parts from 15th to 22nd of December 2012.
    Condition of items: some of them have been damaged.
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is to inform that I had booked M/s Goyal Goods Pack Move Pvt. Ltd for the transit of my household goods from Jalandhar location to Delhi location on 07/12/2012.

    The consignment was fully insured by United India Insurance Company Ltd under Policy number 040201/21/12/01/00002296 with comprehensive risk coverage.

    Now when I actually received my goods from Jalandhar to Delhi at my residence B-20, 2nd Floor, Jungpura B, New Delhi 110014, I was shocked to see that my LCD (details given below) which was perfectly working at the other location (ie. Jalandhar), was not getting switched-on when installed at my residence in Delhi. When I tried to find out the reason for the same, I got to know from the engineer from ONIDA company, who came to investigate the fault, that the front panel of the LCD was broken.

    I immediately lodged a complaint with the insurance company, and as per the advice of their Surveyors & Loss Assessors (M/s. Alka Gupta & Associates), I got my LCD repaired at the cost of Rs. 17,600/-. But now the insurance company has denied the claim stating that the list of items insured was not attached at the time of insurance of goods, whereas I had submitted the same to M/s Goyal Goods Pack Move Pvt. Ltd at the time of packing of goods (at their request).
    Also, M/s Goyal Goods Pack Move Pvt. Ltd had charged me Rs 3000/- extra for insurance, whereas the original policy was issued at the premium rate of Rs 589/- only.
    Now I demand that either M/s Goyal Goods Pack Move Pvt. Ltd should pay the loss value or the insurance company.

    Please help.

    Thanking you!

    Jitender Gambhir
    Mob # 9582212649
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    we have been transfered from jaipur to lucknow ,hired drs agarwal packers n movers , did insurance of my staff also , but there is huge damage of my house hold staff like , led 40", fridge,cooler,washing machine,food processor, baby cycle, crockry items.
    i m following up with all branches but there is no response .
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am submitting written complaint about New Jyoti Movers and Packers. (Contact person Sonu Yadav mob. no.9657755500)

    I am very sorry to say that the Jyoti movers and Packers cheated me in many ways

    - Two items missing from the luggage that has submitted at Pune when reached to the Ankaleshwar. Same thing is mentioned on the receipt and driver agreed and singed the same.
    - They have promised to unpack the entire luggage at the end but now they are not ready to pay attention.
    - Some of our luggage is fully damaged
    - Dressing table damaged totally
    - Fridge is not in good condition many scratches and major bumps on door.
    - The furniture ply of cupboard is also damaged.
    - Sofa-set damaged at one end.
    - Many boxes were wet from the bottom and my cooler is not in working condition now. Dvd player box was soaked in water.
    - The person from Jyoti packers promised that people will visit along with the truck and will assist totally to pack. we informed them that there are no people from their office on that day (06/10/13) but being it is Sunday they said that their people will visit on Monday (07/10/13). But today they say it will take around 3-4 days to do so. It is not possible to remain in house without unpacking material.

    I will be thankful if your team take some actions about this.

    New jyoti movers and packers contacted me through Justdial. I have informed the Justdial team about this.

    ]New Jyoti Packers and Movers in PuneMovers and Packers hyderabad,Best Movers and Packers in PunePackers And Movers Pune[/url]
    Only one no. and email address for all over India office.

    Please let me know your progress in this regard and let me know if you require any assistance.


    Dr. Bhushan Patil
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    I transfered my Yamaha FZS bike through Agarwal Packers & Movers from Noida to Chennai due to my job change, GC/LR No.: NOIDA000556. They took my bike from Noida on 28th September 2013 & deliverd my bike at Chennai on 12th October 2013, almost 14 days. When i received my bike at Chennai it was completely damaged. Headlights, front indicators, handle bar, leg guard, front wheel base, front shock absorbers, digial meter, front mudguard, everything was damaged. I immediately called Chennai branch to file a complaint then i was informed by Mr. Surender to contact Noida branch as they cannot do the payment for breakage. I called Noida branch & they informed me to give me in written in the bike receipt form & send with the delivery man. They even had a talk with the delivery man about the damage & were told the same. I ave also sent mails to noida@agarwalpackers.com & chennai@agarwalpackers.com along with the damaged photos of the bike but they are not ready to do the payment for the damage caused by them during transfer. Kindly help me out as the breakage amount is huge & i am still waiting to listem from the company.
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    Dear Sir/madam,

    I had shifted my house old belongings from Mumbai(Hyde park,Thane West) to BTM 2nd stage Banglore . The items were delivered on the 2nd of Nov .Its been a bad experience with Agarwal as all the precious items were damaged with snaps of some of the almirah and other items attached. The damaged items were mentioned in the LR copy as adviced by the supervisor, but till date no one has contacted me .

    I would like to sort it asap else would forward the pictures in facebook and other blog sites so that atleast some people would get benifited seeing the posts.

    The GC number is 950646

    Please find the snaps attached.


    Harish R
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    on 18/06/2013, ABI International packers and movers transported my household from jharli, haryana to raigarh, chattisgarh. At raigarh during unloading no company Representative was present, I found my wooden sofa set and bike got damage.I informed to ABI person VIR Singh on phone and deducted RS 2000. At the time of unpacking, I noticed that my various household materials were missing.So I contacted the company person Mr. Virsingh, he said me to mail me along with damage part photo for claiming insurance.
    Lost items:
    1. Samsung mobile charger .
    2. Small VIP SUITCASE with spaner & three locks inside of Rs 500 each.
    3. tailor Scissor useful for cloth cutting.
    4. sofa Covers.
    5. Woolen Blankets
    6. crockery set bowls

    Damage item:
    1. Wooden sofa set ( repair cost Rs 2000).
    2. Hero honda bike fuel tank (repair cost Rs 1100).
    After some days when I called to virsingh he said your claim settled and claim amount is Rs 2500 and as you already deducted Rs 2000 so only five hundred amount balance and you come and collect the same.
    Then I mailed to customer center of ABI International , Mr. B S Rajput replied me, but he was also saying the same thing.I told him that my material were stolen by your persons and also material got damage but now they are not accepting their fault.
    Then I asked him regarding insurance claim paper, but they didn't replied on that.
    I also contact to Mr. Anil Ambede of National Insurance as his signed along with his mobile number present on that insurance certificate.
    But calling to him various time regarding to know the exact claim amount, he also not replied.
    Please help me what should I do
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    I have shifted my HHG from new panvel to gurgaon on dt 13 nov and they told k within 7 days will get your goods but yet I ve not recieved that. What to do for this non commitment services.
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    I have recently transported my household articles from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar paying a hefty amount of over Rs.45000/- including an insurance amount of Rs.3000/-. In spite of clear understanding that the goods would be transported from point to point without any transhipment the company did transport after several loadings and unloading in between the two places and completely damaged the dining table which was noted in the receipt to the company. The company officials promised to set right the dining table or reimburse the loss. However, even after making several tele-calls there has not been any response from them as yet.

    Seems the trust the packer enjoyed in the past has been exploited without actually maintaining the earlier high standards of efficiency.

    I only hope that the company does something abt it before I move the consumer forum for lodging my complaint for a heavy compensatin.

    Acyutananda Das
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I shifted my household items from Ahmedabad on 17/11/2013 and received them with one item missing on 28/11/2013, on asking about missing item that is dining table base drs people told me that they will give it on next day and when I call them they say they dont know where it is. they asked me to call ahmedabad people and pune team, but no one know where it is. If an ISO company employees does not know about the Item it clearly means it is stolen by drs people. Please help me to find my item.

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    This is with regards to my complain against Priya Packers and mover, Bhubaneswar. ph. no.09337136902. We had to relocate from Bhubaneswar to Tatanagar. As we had very few items so they asked us to pay 12000/- totaol amout in advance. We had paid the same and when we got shifted and the things got unloaded, we found our almira(cupboard) and Cot to be in damaged condition.
    When we asked them for the same they were all puzzled, no answer for the damage happened for the costly goods.
    I want some one to take action and i want my compensation to be returned back for the damaged happened to my costly goods.
    Last time once i had a complaint, that was really solved in a pretty few days. I hope Akosha will definately help me out regarding the same.
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    Hello, This is concerning the consignment no PUN002825 of my household goods from Pune to Ghaziabad. The front glass of my Microwave has been broken and these people from Agarwal Packers and Movers are not ready to get it repaired.On the top of it Mr Om Prakash (Mobile no 9310814321) is using bad and foul language on the calls.
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    My GC NGP000852 started from Warora MH on 10th april and has reached Raipur on 11th's night. Its twodays sinceand they are simply denying to delivery since their hands are tied due to other packing assignments. This is my second bad experience of this company.
    Whatever contacts numbers they provide,they are all superidiot persons who dont have a clue where and when the consignment is.
    Totally diassappointed!!
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    I have used service of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd
    The consignment number was UPB000932.

    It was in the month of October 2013.

    There were damages to my belongings in transport. I had insurance done.

    I had been interacting with one Ms Kusum ( 9339036800)and one Mr. Anil (9339067237;9831564545) from Kolkata.

    They are non committal on providing damages and showing extreme apathy towards my concern.

    They need to close this matter ASAP by providing me the solution by repairing the damages or providing equivalent money.

    Arindam Dutta
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    I used services of DRS packers and movers dtd 02/04/14 to get my household stuffs transferred to Solapur from Mumbai.
    These guys did not provide any labours to solapur and had to arrange local labours myself with the confirmation of reimbursement of claim amount from them.
    Till date i have not recieved my claim amount.

    I have been interacting with : 1. Digvijay Singh., 2.Lalit Mishra, and these people are just making false promises and fooling their customers.

    Praveen Singh
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    Dear Sir

    I have shifted my house hold from meerut to pune through Agarwal Movers and packers.

    During unloading they have not unpacked all the items and post unpacking shoe rack was broken , my freeze was not working and all the flooding items got destroyed. When I called them they were not responding properly. There person Mr Vikram who is responsible for survey was not ready to come for survey and he has given me no of his boss. When I spoken to him than he got agreed to conduct a survey and after that I have taken follow up for 2 days and than the survey is done and now there is no response from there side.kindly help.

    Ashish Mishra
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    I have shifted few of my stuff from Bangalore to Jaunpur (Place near Varanasi) and paid them hefty amount 8,500) for the same.

    It's more than 1 month now, I haven't received my stuff and when we call them, we only get one response, that we cannot track it because, there was flood on the way.

    My parents and I have been continuously calling to Bangalore office on this number 09343482022 and this person has been misbehaving with us.

    I want to know what would be the procedure to file the case against them and get my things as soon as possible.

    I have all necessary documents to support my claim.

    Neetu Singh

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