complaint against casa retreat pvt ltd, bangalore



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    I Have bought this package on may, 2012 in Bangalore for 17,500rs, but not utilised so far. But any of the Viabangalore website numbers are not working. They are the no 1 cheaters.

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    We got a call sayings its a promotional call from bigbazaar.They said they are giving compliments from bigbazaar and that their office is in castle street.Also was mentioned that only couples are allowed.They tortured calling us every 5min.After we reached the placed the lady in the reception said ur time is 15min from now and took us inside.We we said we had no time for talking ,they showed all faces.Finally we agreed to listen.Then the biggest fraud Ravi comes in and gives all quotaion saying he will suite room in all resorts etc all bogus promises and that we could take back our money after two years if not used.Now when asked for booking,these cheats first tell all rooms are room,when we gave a open option for any days,he gives a standard room in low class hotel and asks us to pays for the complimentary breakfast and also bear our room taxes..These rooms are worth just 1900 excluding tax in which we are asked to pay 450,so he bears only1450/-..when questioned they dont even bother to answer.If we call they say "our back end team will mail us"No replies...All frauds ..Beware..BIg bazaar too should take action as they are using bigbazaars name to cheat costumers..Beware people,all frauds..The big boss of the show is Gopi..
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    I had taken a 3 yr membership by paying 17500 rs in 2011.. first year we went to goa. We dint utilise 2nd year. Third year we went to goa and no booking was made. We came back and spoke to ravi. He prmised us a refund of 1/3 our membership amount.. its 6 mths now n we dint gt any rrfund.
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    I am Mr.Dattatreya H/o Naga Kalyani, posting this complaint against CASA RETREAT Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. I have taken this in Nov 2011. From then I am planning to go to any resort with my family. I called so many times and they told they would book at the earliest. I paid INR 18500/- due which . This year it would be expired by this oct 2014. Even if i call then the phone numbers are not working. Could you please help to go get their contact details or let me know how to get my money back..
    Even i see many postings reg. this and my question is why Consumer court is not taking any action on this? If it is already taken, let me know the court order number so that i can also followup immediately..My phone no. is 9986042908/20
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