Complaints against pizza hut

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Dear Sir,

On 13/3/2011 (sunday) timing afternoon 1.35 pm (apporx.) I went to eat pizza hut at A. K. rd, Andheri East, Near Sangam Cinema outlet. Mumbai.
While eating pasta in this restaurant i found that ia pc of glass which was very sharp and size of glass pc was also quite big.
I request you tp pride me a letter mentioning that the above incident happend at your restaurant and your company is responsible in case i fall in such stumuk problem or i may face problem of eating glass pc.

I tried to get the same letter from pizza hut but they have not provided me with any number or letter.

Reuest you to take my complaint against the pizza hut.



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    Pizza Hut is a good Brand in the World market but its home delivery is very slow.
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    I have been down to Pzza Hut Madhapur in Hyderabad 3 times in the last week...all the times I've been there, it's been around 10:30. They say their store closes at 11pm, but everytime they are closed. Once for a holiday, once because their manager was sick. It's ridiculous. Pizza hut should seriously end this sorry excuse of a franchise.
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This complain is in particular against the Pizza Hut outlet in PVR Saket Market (Saket Community Center). Firstly the attendants are highly discourteous and rude and are least concerned about their customers. I visited Pizza Hut outlets all over the country, but have never come across such unprofessional bunch of attendants. I visited the Saket outlet with my family and for a change ordered three Rs 99 meals (as it was something new that a friend had recommended). As per the provision printed in the menu, I asked the waiter to upgrade the beverage to a mocktail for which I was required to pay an additional fixed amount. Firstly, the waiter snubbed me by saying that mocktails are not meant for low ended customers and said that my order didn't authorize me for it. When I insisted for an explanation, I was told that if they started considering the up-gradation provision given in the menu, the joint would start suffering huge losses. The waiter told me that the very offer was a gimmick to pull large crowds. He said that once a customer enters the joined, he id forced to spend more for the sake of preventing himself from humiliation. I was shell-shocked because my friend had availed the same offer at the Select City outlet of Pizza Hut a few days back. When I told him the same, the attendant got really aggressive and asked me to get lost. I politely insisted that I must talk to the manager, but it was to no avail as they simply declined that the manager is not available for such trivial issues concerning low ended customers. When I asked them for the complaint register, they declined it too saying that no such thing existed because their reputation is so good that they don't feel the need to maintain one. After a lot of harassment and humiliation, I and my family were forced to leave the joint. The experience has left me with a very bitter taste and I have decided never to visit Pizza Hut. I will of course miss one of my favourite eating joints, but I just cannot stoop in front of such hypocrite management.

    I hope that the authorities will make a note of it and would take necessary measures that other don't suffer a similar fate and that the tyranny of Pizza Hut, Saket oulet ends once and for all.

    Murtaza Ali
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    I am a student of IIM Bangalore.
    I would like to bring to your kind notice that the manager and the delivery boy that have been recruited for the PHD delivery service are not only rude but inefficient.
    They don’t know how to treat the consumers properly. When you call them they keep transferring the calls to one another without actually solving the problem.
    I don’t know whether this is enough news for you or not, but I would sincerely request you to take up the matter seriously.
    and if they cant solve the problem they just hang up on the conumers.

    Please take up this complaint seriously.

    Anima Choudhary
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    i heard consumer court takes a good action regarding the complaints of th restuant i want to give a complaint regarding pizza hut before i use to place an order they use to deliver then i had an argument and nw wen i place order they say we dnt deliver on tht area and they r delivering the same to our neighbours ... pls take an action if u cn

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    At first I could not believe my eyes, but its true. I found an obviously dead and roasted roach in the Pizza delivered to me on 12th June 2012. I had ordered a Veg panneer El rancho pizza which got delivered by the Anna nagar branch. Since I ordered it at 10.30 pm and by the time it got delivered, i realised the joint would be closed. I am just wondering what health hazards and protocols do these so called restaurants follow! Are we guinea pigs for them ?!!! Would definitely like them to eat their own pathetic and unhealthy pizza. I have already taken an image of the same.
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    This complain is against pizza hut outlet jhv mall varanasi.I ordered the combo pizza @ 4pm on 30th september 2012 and when the pizza didn't come I called them back to inquire about the pizza the guy told me very disrespectfully that your order was not registered with us when I protested they said that it was there fault and they will provide me a complimentary pizza free of cost.when the delivery guy arrived with the pizza he started asking for the money becauase they think it was my fault.don't you think sir that after getting the pizza after two hours is it fair for me to pay the called me back but they were very rude and kept on realizing me that it was my fault rather then accepting dere fault.sir we pay pizza hut for the service not for the humiliation.I would request you to take harsh action against name is piyush n my number is 9621520954
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    Dear Sir,

    As soon i received bill from pizza hut after finishing food, I found that these people are making customer's fool in terms of service tax.

    As you are aware that, service tax can be charged on the service provided to customer not on the whole amount which is Food + Service Charge (10%). Kindly consider below example for better understanding.

    Food and Beverage = Rs. 1000.00
    Service Charges @ 10% = Rs. 100.00 (10% on the Food and beverage amount)
    Service Tax @ 4.94% = Rs. 54.34 (4.94% on F&B + Service Charges)
    VAT @14.5% = Rs. 145.00
    Total = Rs. 1299.34

    As per the definition - "Service Tax can be charged only for the services provided to the customer".

    Now, see what is happening here in the above said example.

    Service Tax should be charged only on the Service Charges amount i.e Rs.100 and not on the entire amount (1000+100).

    In this example, the customer should be charged only Rs 4.94, whereas he has been charged
    Rs. 49.00 extra.

    Where does this money go? Only the restaurant owner and the chartered accountants who work for them know.

    I hope you understand my concern here; lets save our people from getting cheated from famous restaurants!

    Looking forward to hear from you soon!

    Thanking You,
    Best Regards

    Amit Gajjar
    +91 99795 97930
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    i want to bring your kind notice that i booked a Pizza in Vikaspuri branch on 25th Nov in evening they not properly cater it and after One and half Hr they called me to ask for fresh booking.
    There service is very poor and unmanaged
    That causes me so inconvience
    I request you to please do the needful for the same and take action for the same.

    Harvinder singh
    ph 9999232344
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    Hi Team,
    This is with regards to disappointing service for home delivery from Pizza Hut Bangalore Customer Care/Airport Road Branch/Indiranagar Branch.
    Order No. 740
    Date 12/15/2012
    From Mobile No. 9535300225
    I have placed an order for crown pizza at 9:03 p.m. date 12/15/2012 & it was suppose to be delivered at 9:30 p.m. but after calling so many times after the delivery time was passed by 20 minutes.
    Customer care executive end up giving lame excuses and transferring the call from one center to other, but at last order was not delivered & my last call which was done 8th time got abruptly disconnected. I have spent around 50 rupees as call charges to get the pizza delivered.
    This is very shameful for such a brand to tolerate & keep such untrained staff who could not mange to deliver one pizza after customer calling so many times.
    Request for the strict action against this & compensate my call charges. Hope i will never order pizza from pizza hut unless until I am compensated accordingly as it has turn to be embarrassing incident for me in friend of my guest. I have to request my guest to go without having dinner & I have to compromise to sleep empty stomach due to no option left out due to irresponsible pizza hut representative at 11:00 a.m. at night.
    +91 9535300225
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    I wish to report the plight of having ordered a Pizza from Pizza Hut, Bangalore outlet. I had ordered a Family Size Pepperoni Pizza (Bill No. 70 from POS API) from your Airport Road Branch franchisee (Dodsal Enterprises Private Limited). I made the order at 12.35 PM on December 16, 2012 and was told that the Pizza would be delivered within 40 minutes (By 1.15 PM). The person came to deliver the Pizza at 1.20 PM, which is still acceptable, considering the Bangalore traffic (though it is Sunday, still am willing to give the benefit of doubt to the deliveryman).

    When I got the Pizza, it was normal room temperature. On the top of the Pizza, it was written that if the hologram does not say “Hot”, the Pizza would be delivered free. I showed it to the deliveryman, who called his Manager. The Manager who claimed his name was Mr. Dharmender (Mobile No. +91 7795 121682) told me that “The hologram of HOT” was not meant for family size pizza’s, but was only applicable for Medium and Small size pizza’s. So I asked him why is it then written on the cover of the Family Size Pizza when it was not applicable for Family Size Pizza. I told him, under the circumstances, I am supposed to get the pizza free, as per what was written on the cover ; but still offered to pay 50% of the bill amount of Rs. 744. He told me that was not possible and that he can give maximum of 20% discount. When I did not accept, he started speaking in a very abusive tone and sarcastically told me “What sort of people you are ? Your idea is to get to eat our Pizza free. I will give you the Pizza free. I hope you will be able to digest it !!!!!”

    Based on his attitude, I told him I am not going to pay anything and that he can do whatever he wants. He then again called me after 10 minutes on my cell phone (Thats how I got the number) from the number mentioned above (at 1.29 PM) and abused me. I told him I am not a beggar on the road who is desirous of wanting free pizza’s from Pizza Hut. You guys charge a premium for the Pizza’s and I am willing to pay the premium provided it is delivered as promised. In a country where pizza’s are available at Rs. 250 onwards, why should I pay Rs. 750 for a Pizza ? It is for the service and for the quality of food served. I am sorry to say, both were horrible, apart from the false claims and abuses that I had to listen from Mr. Dharmendra. The pizza itself was cold, soggy and did not look fresh.
    When you are appointing franchisee’s who are representing your brand, it would be better for you to check their credentials. Else your own brand will take a beating. Having people serve sub-standard, cold pizza’s, beyond the promised time, and on top of it having arrogant “Managers” is not helping your cause. I am sure you would also appreciate. I am also in the Service Industry and am a Senior Vice President with an MNC Bank. Once you have promised something, ensure that it is delivered, else don’t promise. And if you are not able to keep up your promise, ensure that your client gets what is written – not have arrogant managers try to make false statements (like “Hot” is not applicable to large pizza’s) and abuse their clients.
    I am anyways reporting the matter in the Consumer Forum and few Food blogs as well, so that other people like me are not taken for a ride by your incompetent franchisee’s.

    And I have told your “Manager Dharmender” that you can send someone to my place. I will pay him Rs. 1000. He can keep the balance Rs. 250 as tips, so that Mr. Dharmender is not under the misconception that people in India are “beggars” and are ordering from Pizza Hut to get “free” pizza’s.
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    On 05/1/2012 (saturday) timing night 10.05 pm .I went to eat pizza hut at Lahad Datu Town,Sabah,Malaysia.
    When i wan to make order i waiting for a long time,when all food to table,i wan to order again nobody is coming,
    i complaint with the manager but he make me feel like ridicule my complaint,I was angry that he did not take seriously this thing.if can i dont want go pizza hut forever,very bad service.
    Reuest you to take my complaint against the pizza hut.
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    Yesterday on 16 Jan 2013 i had been to pizza hut Link road InOrbit Mall Malad Mumbai for 4 course dinner base cost Rs 149

    I had ordered fresh lime soda from dinner menu

    They charged me VAT 12.5% and Additional VAT 20%
    beside Service Charge when i asked why additional VAT of 20% is charged they told me it was CO2 tax
    well if there is CO2 tax why they charge on entire meal just charge on beverage cause entire meal does not contain CO2

    This is cheating the end consumer and goverment is happy cause more tax is aquired.

    To all customers i request, even if my case is neglected do not go to Pizza Hut they are cheaters
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    I called on the20 th of january2013. Pizza Hut call center. Spoke to a guy called irfan at10.30 and he in turn gives me information that the stores in mumbai have closed at 10.30 when I contacted Pizza Hut at lokhandwala they said that the store is open till 11.30 if Pizza Hut does not want to deliver pizza's they should just like other joints mention they don't deliver a certain time not give false store timings never ging to order from Pizza Hut again if they have is kind of customer service representatives.

    Disgusting and unexpected from a chain like pizza hut
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    i contacted pizza hut outlet for home delivery for pizzas at 39883988 on 20th jan 8:25pm i was told i will get my order after 45mts ....the order did not come i called up enquiring at 10pm ... i was told sorry and it will reach in 30mts ....the order did not come ... never came ....
    i had my 5 year old daughter in high fever ... since i could not cook with her holding on to me .. i had to order ...and these people never sent that order .... disgusting and pathetic ....
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    I ordered pizza at 8.25pm (Bangalore, Hosur Road PHD) on 080-3377 3300 and did not get delivered even at 10.30pm. In the meanwhile I called up at 4-5 times and it was told to me that the store manager will call me. That store manager never had a courtesy to call up. One of the most irresponsible and useless organisation playing around with public. When they cannot deliver it on time, they should inform well in advance that it may take time, so that we can decide whether to order it or not.
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    Ordered pizza at 9:05 pm at the call Center number who confirmed that my address was within delivery area. Got a call from the local shop asking for my address confirmation at 9:50 pm. Once again called to confirm address at 9:55 pm. Then received a call from the delivery boy asking for confirmation of my address once again. Called up shop and they said that they will deliver though it was outside their delivery area. (Their delivery area ends 200 m from my place!) then the boy finally arrived at 10:10 pm with one out of the three pizzas that I had ordered. I returned it in frustration. 15 minutes later another joker arrives with the remaining two pizzas. Have sent it back as well and ordered from dominos.
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    I would like to lodge a complaint against Pizza Hut Delivery. We have ordered a Pizza Medium size-Spicy Veggie, with replacement of chilies with capsicum.
    Also given feedback while ordering that last delivery we had the pizza was not cooked properly.
    The delivery took 50mins of time and the Pizza was not baked properly, also there was no chilies neither capsicum in it.

    We have called their call center for 4 times and there was no response in terms of replacement/ return of Money. They didn’t even have a courtesy call to say sorry.

    This is really cheating and eating away customers money. we want justice and want our money back.

    Thanking you!
    T. Bhavna
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    i had a very bad experience of pizza hut. today i tried your new pizza magic pan its bad not at all good:(
    i was not baked properly. now i will never visit or order any of your pizza and also suggest my friends not to buy any more pizza from your resturant..
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    I m zahid saleem copmlant of pakistan ralwe station.
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    We ordered in pizzas today fr dinner at 9.48pm on the clock of PHD. Was told my order would get to me in half hour. Called them back when i dint receive it at 10.20pm and a guy at the customer service said it should reach me in 15. at 10.45pm nothing again. I called the cust service back again a guy called Kumar answers the phone and as a matter of factly tells me that oh your pizzas wont reach you today as the lokhandwala outlet is facing some technical issues so they have stopped processing orders. I asked him to spell out what he just said and he curtly repeated that you will not get your pizzas today !!!!!! asked him for the outlet number he blurted some random numbers and hung up.
    I called the number he had given and as expected it was switched off. I called him right back and a guy naresh answered. He heard me out and hten handed the phone to his on duty manager - mahesh kumar who inturn called up the restaurant manager at Lkhd branch and called back sayngi my pizzas wiould be delivered in 10 mins.
    We utlimately got the pizzas at 11.30pm - Pizzas so cold / rubbery they found their place straight in our garbage bin. My 3 year old daughter who was eagerly waiting for her pizzas from 9.30pm, has gone to bed hungry.
    The worst ever experience. Your service sucks, your customer service team need a crash course in mannerisms / speech / voice modulation and various aspects. you for sure have lost us as customers for good, and i am not stopping here, we are spreading the word around...
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    I lost my watch worth 4,000/- today in Pizza Hut (Race Course, Vadodara). After that I tried so many phone number which are available on google. Numbers are - 02652324543;02652323575. I got no response from all these numbers. I request to check all Pizza Hut's number (other than Delivery number) which are available on google.
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    Thi sis really pathetic. You call to call centre and teh comment is "Store manager will call you in 5 minute". You wait for 5 minute and no call. The delivery timeline is already crossed by 30 minutes and the call centre perosns are stilll saying that the store manager will call in 5 minutes.

    Not sure what is teh solution while the kid is already starving..

    i think its useless to get the pizza from pizza hut
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    It is really a matter of concern about Pizza hut & want to highlight in your account as i had a discussion with your executive on 39883988 around 5:30pm on 2ns june and while placing order i am shocked to hear that only apartment in sector-24 rohini is allowed to place order not me who has his own house in pkt-19 rohini sector-24.

    I m very much concerned with this different standard and would like to know the reason for same.

    Vikas Jindal
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    I ordered my pizza at 1:11pm on 39883988 and not yet came its already 2:24 pm its 1hr 30min late

    in future i am not going to place any pizza in pizza hut.
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    This is to bring to your notice that I had gone with my family for dining out and went to Rajouri Garden, Delhi. We went to this mall where Pizza Hut has a small outlet. We ordered 2 veg pizza's PAN size. Since its a food court the order reads as take away. We took our order and sat down for eating, I had almost taken a bite and the Pizza Hut guy came running and told that the Pizza delivered was Non-Veg (contained chicken). I was shocked as I am a vegetarian and never have had any sort of Non-Veg or even Egg for that matter. The trauma caused with the act of Negligence is irreversible and unbearable. I would like to penalize the company for having such a lenient and callous approach towards the sentiments of the customers. I had asked for the email ID for lodging my complaint but the manager there didn't provide the same.

    Kindly help in getting the justice and penalizing the company for such a callous approach.
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    Dear Concerned,

    Me & My Family is a regular customer of PIZZA HUT since 2002……However….

    This complain is in particular against the Pizza Hut SERVICE in Vasant Vihar on 6th June 2013 at around 4:00pm

    Firstly, The Host next to door was talking on his cellphone while welcoming me and my Family which is highly discourteous and rude……. and are least concerned about their customers.

    When we got our pizzas, we found out they were BURNT Anyways…..and when we were having pizza and I asked for tissues but the server told me to use the tissues in which the cutlery was packed as I was not using Cutlery to have my pizza ..

    To this I asked him to bring fresh tissues but he kept forcing me to use the same…..SARCASTICALLY..To this I felt very bad as in I have asked for I don’t know what???

    And in my drinks(Masala Lemonade), server put straw from the opposite side and when I told him that you have putted straw wrongly in the glass then he said RUDELY I don’t make drinks as this has been made by somebody else…

    This experience has left me with a very bitter taste and I have decided never to visit Pizza Hut again. I will of course miss one of my favorite eating joints…..

    I hope that the authorities will make a note of it and would take necessary measures so that other don't suffer a similar fate and that the tyranny of Pizza Hut.

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    I had ordered 2 medium sized pizzas for which pizza hut charged me a lot of money, and actually delivered me small sized pizzas. When I asked their delivery boy, he said these are medium sized pizzas. Assuming that he might not be knowing the background, I accepted the order and called them 2 times and both times they said their manager will call me in 10 min and I waited. But no body called me. Really annoying that they don't even want to take responsibility of it. I had opted for pizza hut deliver for the first time and I got a very poor response from them. I had even asked for card payment but the delivery boy forgot to bring the device. Lucky them that I had the cash with me and I wanted my family to enjoy that evening.

    Dear mr Manager Pizza Hut Arekere Branch Bangalore, if you are reading this, please take the responsibility at least. From the experience I can say your delivery representative is not going to hear from me at least. But you will be hearing from me.

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    I know nothing is going to happen or action taken against it thats why I am not mentioning the delivery boys name but he did not carry the change and when I asked him to give it back in some time he never returned back to give it .... its not that I cant afford to loose money its just to tell ppl abt sad indian mentality of cheating thats y we are treated like this elsewhere
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    There are useless taxes on foods which i ordered for home delivery.
    They charge Service tax, surcharge tax, vat.
    I dont understand why are they charging service tax when there is no service provided.
    When contacted manager of restaurant , he told if you want to take it else just pay and return the food.

    Restaurant : DANA CHOGA

    Please register my complaint regarding this.

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