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Dear Hcl exec.
as i recieved a call yesterday from Mr. Atul Joshi about the concern i was
supposed to get the response by today morning and yet i have not received
any clarification from your side pls let me know abt the stattus of the
and also mention abt the the drivers cd which i was promised to get on day
before yesterday
due to latency in this process to get response
i have to suffer mentally as well as financialy because the laptop i
purchased is useless with out drivers
pls have a strigent action Aa early as possible

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 6:34 PM, Mohan Salvi <mb.salvi@hcl.in> wrote:

> Dear Mr. RGHAV ,
> Sorry for inconvenience caused to you. I am forwarding this mail to Atul
> Joshi who handles Goa territory.
> Dear Atul , kindly speak to him and understand this issue.
> Thanks and Regds
> *Mohan Salvi*
> *HCL Infosystems Ltd - Pune*
> *From:* raghav shukla [mailto:raghavshukla007@gmail.com]
> *Sent:* Monday, May 04, 2009 10:31 AM
> *To:* mb.salvi@hcl.in
> *Cc:* goa@hcl.in
> *Subject:* Complaint regarding Services offered
> Hello Dear
> On date 25-04-2009 I have purchased the hcl laptop B 38 C2D S NO.
> 4094AX349547 , From Dealer I was informed by any configuration and he
> supported me also when i asked him about linux support later on i got to
> know also that it does not suppport linux so please tell me what action can
> i take against the dealer who has misgiuded me and conselled the product to
> me apart from this
> i was also not provided by the drivers required for Vista And XP , When i
> called customer care they gave the link "www.hclsupportservice.in" which
> also does not work i have the problem at the time of getting the list of
> products it does not go anymore after this
> So i visited Goa HCL service center as well on 29-04-2009 and asked them
> to get the drivers initailly they advised me to download the driver from
> internet even after knowing that i am getting problem in downloading this
> later i asked this one in written then they told me to wait and gave me
> reply that they have asked it from pune Head office and it will take hardly
> take one day to reach here, On 30-04-2009 I have not recieved any call from
> them when i called they said it will reach on 01-05-2009 on 1 st may i also
> have not recieved any call
> and when i called they told me that its Pune Center which is taking time
> they are helpless On this reply from one of HCL service center i start
> repenting on purchasing this product
> and even today i have not recieved any call and the product is useless for
> me
> Under Consumer Laws to get the good services and satisfaction i want
> following action
> So i am totally disstatisfied with the service and product which i have
> been provided by hcl
> i want to get it replaced and paid me back by which i can purchase a laptop
> which is fully linux supported and get the good services
> i am sending a copy of this to consumer court just as notification
> Kindly send me also all the mail addresses to which i can inform this
> --
> Raghu Nandan Shukla
> (09212758954)


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    my laptop webcam has disturped so i went to it in your servicecenter in jhansi .
    he replied me it will replaced after two weeks but now he says me that he sent mail to company for replace webcam but now tow weeks go he is not repair my web cam when now it is in warranty period .

    so plz you tell what can i do for repair my web cam?

    give me response immediate my mb no. is 9005661177
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    I am aseem rastogi I have purchased HCL laptop-S.no.6094AX458786 on 27/july/2009. i have regestered for YOUNG INDIA PLAN & got the sealed packet from courier DTDC(no.V01934510) & opened inpresence of delivery boy i found 1 reebok carry bag and 1 EMPTY BOX OF WATCH BOTH reebok poducts given comments on ackment slip Piz check amd deliver contents therein .

    thanks & regards
    aseem rastogi
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    I have purchased hcl laptop from sector-22c chandigarh from hcl showroom hcldigiexpress who has given advertisement in the tribune regarding free reebok watch and reebok bag worth rs 3900/- but after i purchased vendpr said we will register online with hcl who will provide me the gift items as promised, but after several reminders young indiahcl people has send me e-mail that vendor has not registered my laptop with promotional code so we are not giving you the gifts. sir i want to tell you that i would have got good quality samsung laptop at the same prise with gifts worth 2500/- but they have cheated me. kindly look into matter .
    j. p singh
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    dear sir,
    i have bought an hcl laptop( Model:powerlite 9400sp, s.no:4093a1356938) from alocal vendor in Palampur (Himanchal Pradesh) and now iam studying in Jalandhar but after one month it stoped working properly and it is under warranty but hcl care jalandhar and chandigarh is not solving the problem so pls look into the matter i have submitted it twice bu t the problem is not solved i have the photo copies of submittion in hcl care of jalandhar, Sir iam a student pls help me out or show me how to raise case against them i have all the documents necessary with me.
    Niit Jalandhar
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    Dear All,

    Regarding your complaint you just have to send a complaint letter to the Head Office of the Co. to get any solution on Company level. Keep a copy of that letter with you. Wait for the response for 15-20 days and revert back soon after getting any help from the Co's. side.
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    Respected Sir,
    I am very sorry to inform you that the attitude of your staff is
    towards customers is quite callous and disgusting. First of all I could get
    the number of your customer care call centre with great diffuculty. The
    person there was unwilling to help and register my complaint and he tried
    his level best to delay it. He was insisting again and again that my
    warranty period has expired. (I have purchased it 10 months back and it has
    3 years warranty.) Utlimately my complaint No. 228090148 dated 25.8.2009
    was registered and and one Mr Manish came to my house to check my computer.
    He took some parts of the computer with him with the assurance that within a
    week my computer will be repaired. Today it is 15 of Sept and the person at
    your call center has just told me that it may take some more time to locate
    the person concerned. And God nows when my machine will be functional.
    Sir, HCL is a reputed company of international fame. I read news
    regarding the achievements of your company in the media regularly. I am
    surprised how the persons working in such a reputed company can be so
    callous toward their own customers. I preferred HCL brand among several
    reputed multinational computer companies only because it is an Indian
    company it will have better customer care facilities.If such is the state of
    affairs in HCL, then I can only say that I will have to go to the consumer
    court to redress my grievance.
    With last hope from your end.


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    M/S HCL

    1. Further to my earlier complaint.

    2. Regret to informyou that I did not receive and reply so far. However, I am writing my problems once again to you. My HCL laptop Sl.No.3064AX045068, HCL 5601(milk stone) was subjected for a small servicing during the warranty period at your Chennai Service centre. During that time, the Manager of the service Centre Mr. Subramaniyam advised to enter into a AMC contract for two years for Rs. 7000. I paid the amount to him by a cheque bearing No. 732213 dated 26-11-07 of ICICI bank. The cheque was promptly encashed by your accounts department and I presumed that the particulars of the AMC details will be available on your network. He also told me that the extended warranty is applicable only in India. In the last week my daughter took the laptop in your Kochi facilities, but they have refused servicing stating that no particualrs of service contract is available in your network.

    3. May I request you to do the needful urgently to resolve the issue/ Alternately, if not possible you can refund my amount with interest to me since you did not cover the serive warranty. An urgent action from your esteemed organisation is requested.

    4. My e-mail id udaybhanunambiar@yahoo.co.in.

    Yours truely,

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    this is to bring to your notice that i hav bought a pc from anchal computers laxmi nagar delhi smwer two years ago and its guaranty/ warranty is still existing. a complaint was lodged by me on 3/9/9 and was attended by service engineer on 7/9/9, and he took the 8 gb hard disk and said that it will be replaced / repaired.
    but even after 12 days of waiting the HCL people dont hav any answer why my pc is still without the hard disk.
    my complain number is 39090022.
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    Dear Sir/Ma'am,

    This is to bring to your notice the utter lackadaisical response to complaints
    by HCL.

    My HCL Desktop computer has a three year warranty. Last month the DVD Reader/
    CD writer combo drive packed up and that was the starting of my travails.

    Firstly, it is next to impossible to get through to the service centre no. They
    are perennially busy...and when there is no busy tone, there is no
    response...may be they are only for out calls!

    With great difficulty i got through to Mr Ranganathan, the service head who was
    kind enough to connect me on the internal service line to register my
    complaint. The complaint was taken down but i was not given the docket no as
    the computer was not working (this is service centre of a big IT major!!). This
    was somewhere around 12 Aug.

    The tryst continues. Finally, courtesy Mr Vivek my complaint was registered on 20
    Aug with the caller ID 208090195. I was overjoyed and assummed that god has
    been kind and all my troubles are over. But, alas, that was not to be.

    At home, we kept waiting for the bell to ring and messenger from God (HCL) to
    come to take us out of our misery. But maybe our prayers were not loud enough,
    so, again, I had to knock at the door of the head priests, ie MR Vivek, and
    then on 26 Aug we were graced with the visit of the service
    representative who removed thr troublesome CD combo drive and gave a
    receipt No 25454 and caller ID 258090318 (carbon was the same standard as
    HCL service and can hardly be read, so the number may not be correct).

    However, the gods are still not pleased and the CD combo drive has still not
    been replaced.

    I refuse to herein after keep ringing up all and sundry in HCL service to beg
    for favour, which is my right.

    Therefore, the action which I propose is as

    If my service is not attended to within next two working days that is by 15
    Sep 09, I will be approaching the consumer forum to file a complaint, as well
    as other legal recourse.

    Secondly, publicise the excellent(!!) sale support of HCL.

    Waiting for your reply.


    Captain Puneet Chadha
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    sir ,I take Hclnotebook B38C2D SINO:6094AX458722 in bangalore from dealer month of august11 2009,i register on 12 in that month there is a gift of woofer and Tshirt the dealer told with in 10 days you got it you register in hclsupportservice.in but the thing is i didnt got now !so whats the reason i register correct and you replied also ,so i kindly reqest you please reply whats the problem ?if dealer cheat me what action i take ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I wait for your reply
    thank you
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    I am from Bangalore,i take Hclnotebook B38C2D SINO:6094AX458722 on 11august2009 from nearest dealer in that month he told gift of woofer and reebok t-shirt you register it in hclsupportservice.in and send adress after reply from hcl with in days you gotit.i follow same procedure and you also replied and i also send my adress means it registerd on my brother name Suresh and adress also so what the problem i dont know the dealer would cheat or any problem from my side so i kindly reqest you reply whats the problem ?i wait for your reply

    you Reply to this adress call to this no(9738533942)

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    Dear Sir,

    I had purchased a HCL desktop with 3 year warranty from Priya Communication, Sector-14 Gurgaon. Later on i noticed that my HCL TFT 17" giving problem oftenly when i turn on my PC. It was showing a sleek pink line and regarding that problem i had called to the customer care and they registered my complaint (149090451) on 25th Aug 2009. On 18th Sep 2009 an engineer came and he did pick the TFT and told me that it will be replaced within 10 days. After 10 days i called to customer care regarding the status of my TFT but they said to me that they can only forward the request to service provider. Now its 12th Oct 2009 and from 28th Sep 2009, i have called them around 50 times and evry time they just forward my request but no status i got till date. They are just trying to tentalize me. Mr. harvinder (CCE) had given me the number of service provider Mr. Anil (9811349666) but Mr. Anil has told me that you have to get the status from customer care instead from me. Now what should i do sir.
    Its my humble request to you sir please take some necessary action to sort out my problem.

    Rohit Mehra
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    dear sir,
    my self AMIT AHUJA , i have purchase a hcl laptop from shri vivek computer , govind nagar kanpur, & they have promised me that i will get my gift through courier & till now i have not got it . i request u to pls solve my problem & reply as soon as possible

    my email id : amitahuja.2009@gmail.com
    contact no. 9616071707
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    dear sir i did not find my wrist watch till now.i purchased my desktop computer on 14/10/09 .sir i would to gave some responce on this case.i give my some adress and other infoermation.

    Name :- Binod singh
    Adress:- rly qtr. 94/b unit-2 B.F. siding shalimar howrah-711103 (WB)
    Mobile no:- 9748715416/9163685545
    Date of purchase :- 14/10/09
    Desktop machine no :-HCL A7- 1121
    S.L.no.:- 8097 A7019916
    Promotional code:-DIW 090901
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    Dear Sir

    We place purchase order to HCL Infosystem with full advance payment for 60 Desktop on 18-09-09 and take receipt for the same. But after so many phone calls and e-mail we could not got our system. i make complaint at Head Office also but problem could not solved till now. Now company personal asking Rs. 1000 per PC due to update price of computer. When we make full payment in advance how we can pay more. Please help me.


    Virender Kumar
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    Dear All,

    Kindly forward your written complaint to the Head office of the Co.
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    I have purchased HCL Desktop with product Code : AZ001084 and Machine Sr No. 8084AZ071265 on 25th Dec 2008 from M/s Syal Electronics, Palam Village, New Delhi – 110 045.

    2. The initial configuration of the Desktop as per the advertisement made by M/s Syal, a dealer of HCL computers and Laptops, is appended below: -

    Model : AZ 1084
    Operating System : FREEDOS
    Processor : Duo 2.53 GHz
    FSB & Cache Memory : 800 MHz
    Mother Board : Intel 945
    RAM : 2 GB DDR 2
    HDD : 320 GB
    Optical Drive : DVD RW
    Key Board : Multimedia Keyboard
    Mouse : Optical Mouse
    Monitor : 17" TFT wide
    Warranty : 3 Year on side
    Price : 29,490/-

    3. Just after three months of purchasing, the desktop started automatically going to restart mode. The frequency has increased whenever opening the new files in Word, Exel, Paint, Adobe, etc. At the first, I made a complaint to the M/s Syal, he then send his software engineer for initial check up. Software engineer thought that window may be corrupted by viruses and he straight way formatted the PC. But the problem could not solve. Software engineer of M/s Syal then suggested for giving a complaint to the HCL service centre for the hardware problem.

    4. Subsequently I registered a complaint to HCL through M/s Syal. On 20 Mar 09, Mr. Pravesh, hardware engineer from HCL services visited my house and identified the problem of 1 GB RAM (There are two circuits of RAM of 1 GB each). He take out 1GB RAM from my PC for repairs at service center and made the PC operational on another 1 GB RAM. After a week or later Mr. Pravesh replaced the repaired 1GB RAM and close the complaint. (For reference customer service report 9753 of 20 Mar 09 enclosed as an attachment 1)

    5. But after replacing the RAM it started again going to restart mode. Subsequently I followed the same procedure for complaint to HCL. On 10 Apr 09, Mr. Chandan, hardware engineer from HCL services attended the complaint and he also did the same thing. He take out 1GB RAM from my PC for repairs and made the PC operational on another 1 GB RAM. After a week Mr. Chandan replaced the repaired 1GB RAM and close the complaint. (For reference customer service report 8196 of 10 Apr 09 enclosed as an attachment 2)

    5. But the problem not rooted out yet. It started again going to restart mode. I continue my work on the same PC for the time being, as I have to leave for Mumbai for more than one and half month. After coming back to Delhi, I again logged complaint directly to the HCL service centre on 17 Jul 2009, complaint No.177090109. After a long chase on the phone number i.e. 46142680 the complaint has been attended on the 28 Jul 2009 by Mr. Shiv. He also took the 1GB RAM from my PC for repairs and made a PC operational on another 1GB RAM. He yet to replace the 1 GB RAM. (For reference customer service report 18821 of 28 Jul 09 enclosed as an attachment 3)

    6. Now PC is running smoothly, but on the 1 GB RAM. Neither the phone number is being picked up nor, the service engineer has replaced the 1 GB RAM. What should I do?
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    Being an HCL EMP i purchased this desktop on 2/06/2008.Now
    this peice is not functioning properly.Three things which i want to
    mention --

    * Mouse

    * Starting Problem

    * Ports

    These are the main things of a PC and look they are not working.

    When i made a call to book an eng to fix this problem ,they are saying
    that the pc is out of warrenty.I mean i m not a fool or have i made a
    fool .The warrenty card shows that this pc is in 3 year of warrenty.

    Ok they told me send a mail with a copy of BILL and WARRENTY CARD. I
    did it like a gentleman.But now they are saying that they are not
    receiving my mails.Being an IT person i thought that the server might
    be blocking my email id and send the same mail from 2 diff email id's
    .But still they havn't receive it.


    PLZ GIVE ME A SOLUTION ..........
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    dear sir,
    i have bought an hcl laptop( Model:HCL notebook B38 C2D, s.no:6094AX460308) from INDIRA SWITCH 14-15, indira plaza, hawa sarak, jaipur (Rajasthan) on 16 july 2009 , but i have not yet got my young india prize, sir plz look in to the matter send me my prizes.
    pramod kumar mandawat
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    Dear All,

    To get any help from the Co. Pls. forward your written complaints to the Head office of the Co. The address is:
    The Managing Director,
    HCL Infosystems Ltd., E-4,5&6, Sector 11,
    Noida, UTTAR PRADESH – 201301.
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    Respected Sir,

    I had brought an HCL laptop in the month of September from a dealer stationed at Jalandhar City, Punjab. It is known the Digilife. The adress of the dealer is:

    M/s Regional Computer System
    Opp. Lovely Auto, Nakodar Chowk,
    Jalandhar City. Tel: 0181-5000090
    email: gupta74@hotmail.com
    After two weeks or so the screen of my HCL laptop started flickering. I went to the above mentioned dealer and submitted my laptop. Now it is 4th nov, 2009, and i have still not got the laptop back. I caled them, but every time I call they come up with some explanations which I feel are not true. Sometimes they fix a date when I am told that I would get my laptop back, but again they say, due to some situations they would need time. I am fed up of adrressing such arguably false explanations everytime I call them. Please help me sir.
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    hi.. i bought a hcl notebook on 6th august frm a store in delhi but with in 2 mnths times the mother board had short curcit.....i chose to buy hcl for its after service but sorry to say the serive is very poor of hcl... as aftr he mother board had short circuit i had contacted the centre frm where i had bought this note book n they gave me anumber to contact for a hcl service station n firstly that service station had shut down aftr which i manged to get another num for a diff service station who said they do not repair laptops n fither gave another num who to refused to repair the laptop.... mind it all thsi servic station i ma mentioning are exclusive HCL service station. finnaly i manged to find one in greenpark in new delhi who assured to get it repair and give in 2 working days but when appoached to collect aftr 3 working days was told it wasnt done n then said according to tems n condition if spare parts not avlaible can take more then that,,,,, i agreed to it but aftr i collected my laptop must say my laptp has been making noise when i start n rather its in a bad condition n also the the portion where the keyboard is had come out...... all i can say i horrified with hcls service and in near futher will never buy any hcl product neither will reccomnd any one to buy hcl........hcl says sumthing else but delivers some thing else......i regret choosing hcl.......
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    Dear HCL , I have purchased one EZEEBEE TOP T321 PDC having number 7097AZ008008 AZ001121 from the local reseller/service provider m/s. DVS Kolkata-7000 32, on 19th sept. 09, the same company made the installation but I am not sure of perfect installation, I want some qualified person should see the installation from your end and to see the installation is proper and to see that I am getting the best from this proiduct. I am also observing a white patch on my HCL TFT LCD MONITOR which may be a deffect, I am putting my name, Address and my cell phone number for your quick reaction.


    R/3/4, Regent Estste,
    (Govt. Housing)
    Kolkata- 7000 92.

    cell- 91 9804 234748

    e mail- alokeroy999@gmail.com.
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    Respected sir,

    I am facing so many problems in our company laptop (HCL laptop) from till
    I have purchase it and now again I have submitted it in your service
    centre at Chandigarh against JOBSHEET NO. 2302004467 DT. 28/11/09. Please
    advise your engineer please check the problem and do the Permanente

    This is my closing time and you cannot imagine how I can close my closing
    without laptop. Please do the needful at earlier at possible.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    Pawan Kumar
    Area Sales Manager (Punjab & J&K)
    Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
    M. No. 09357252567
    e-mail : pawan_nrpl@hotmail.com

    Original Message
    Subject: [Fwd: laptop problem]
    From: pawankumar@naturalremedy.com
    Date: Thu, November 6, 2008 9:11 am
    To: webhost@hcl.in

    Original Message
    Subject: laptop problem
    From: pawankumar@naturalremedy.com
    Date: Wed, November 5, 2008 10:31 pm
    To: wecare4u@hcl.in
    Cc: pehredar@moneycontrol.com

    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that my self Pawan Kumar working with Vet. Medicine
    Company as Area Manager, Punjab. Last year I have purchased a HCL Laptop
    from August Marketing Ludhiana vide Sr. No. A074AX171801 product code no.

    But after five months (in month of April 08) I have face problem like
    power off automatically and dual display. In the last one year I am going
    to your service station 20 time but problem still pending. Now my laptop
    warranty period is expiry. Now suggest me or solve my problem. i am so

    I am waiting for you’re positive response.

    Thanking you,

    Pawan Kumar
    M. No. 09357252567

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    Company is not taking any action regarding the same. So please don’t go for HCL Notebook.
    HCL notebook is worthless, HCL Company is not taking care of their customer, HCL engineer is not well trained, HCL never give after sale service. Beware from HCL.
    Please think 1000 times for HCL Laptop, Because HCL Company is least bother about after sale service.

    Thank you,,
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    Sir ,

    I have purchased a HCL desktop computer from CROMA-INFINITI RETAIL LIMITED , located at M/S THAKUR MALL ,Nr. Dahisar check Naka , Dahisar(ease) .Last evening i observed the message "AT SECTOR ..62885040 ERROR..2,READ OR WRITE DISK ERROR ! , please find below details of my machine ...


    MONITOR NO. :- TFTBG447/44447CM.

    CROMA CUST NO.:- 9016580

    DATE OF PURCHASE :- 15.11.2009.

    SALE INVOICE NO. - 120-101362

    My personal details :-

    Sameer B. Bhagwate ,
    Flat no. 15,Bldg.No. C/16,
    Taruban Shobha CHS ,
    LIC Colony,
    Borivali(west), mumbai 400103.

    I have opted and paid Rs. 1900/- extra towards extra warranty .I have purchased the HCL machine looking at the HCL brand name and trust after working on your machines since last 20 years at my office .I also have faith on TATA group , hence I bought the machine from CROMA .

    Keeping the same relationship in mind , I am sure , I will be given a high priority on your service part and repair the necessary errors on the said system at the earliest .

    Regards ,

    Samir Bhagwate ,
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    Dear sir,
    I have purchased my HCL Laptop from Great Eastern Appliance Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, on 15/10/2009 and then somewhere between 16/10/2009-20/10/2009 i have registered my machine via online. My dealer told me that after registering my machine, i will get my hcl gifts through courire from HCL. But i didn't my gifts as yet. I have also talked to HCL CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVE through my phone; but he was unable to provide necessary confidence to me. So sir, i am earnestly requesting you to kindly look into the matter and send my gifts as soon as possible.
    my mobile number is:
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    Dear sir/madam
    This is to inform you that,i have purchased new HCL ME LEAPTOP.in my laptop EC2 option is not working and Dealer said ypu will get free gifts from hcl.3times i was sent details to yongindia.but till date i didn't get any response from hcl.here my details are following below.
    SERIAL NO-9094AX117585

    REG.DATE: 31-12-2009
    PURCHASE DATE: 31-12-2009.
    MOBILE NO: 9176176751
    EMAIL ID:sankrish2020@gmail.com
    87,GST ROAD
    INSTALATIONDATE: 31-12-2009
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    Hi i purchased HCL notebook B38 C2D Machine No. 3094A305900 on Dec 22,2009 at Sri Saimedha Computers Hyderabad. so far I didn't receive
    gifts . Please send immediately
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    Hello Consumer Court Members,

    First register your complaint with the customer care, and if [FONT=&quot]In case you are not satisfied with the response of the Customer Service Center then send a written notice via registered post to the CMD of HCL, mention all the details in it and attach all the photocopy of document like purchase details and other (If any).

    Visit: http://www.consumercourt.in/address/14404-notice-before-filing-consumer-complaint.html for notice reference.

    Address of HCL Office:
    The Managing Director,
    HCL Infosystems Ltd., E-4,5&6, Sector 11,
    Noida, UTTAR PRADESH – 201301.

    Hope this may solve your problem. If still have a question then feel free to contact us again.
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