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Dear All,

I am writing this letter to all the above with an intention to report the incident
to the concerned authorities so that an action can be taken. And to reach people who
are planning to take any kind of services from Make My Trip in India or abroad.

In the below passages I will write in detail about my experience with this
unprofessional organization and how people involved in this organization mislead
innocent customers and manipulate things. The whole incident took place between 15th
Mar , 2009 – 14th April,2009

I am an NRI based in Dubai and was looking for a holiday package to Europe for a
week’s duration. After going through many advertisements in the newspapers and
websites I finally found a trip “European Highlights” being offered by

This package was offered on their India website. Since I am based in Dubai ,I
contacted their India office through their online chat option. I was serviced by a
chat operator “Jitender Sharma”. He told me that I can avail the same offer from
Dubai as well as they have an office there too. The office in Dubai is by the name
of Apollo Flight Centre.

The very next day I called up Apollo Flight Center to enquire about the said
package. I was serviced by a lady called “Gertrude Gachugu” , she asked me to visit
their UAE based website makemytrip for further details. On visiting the site
I got the below information:

Package Name – European Highlights
Price - USD 1499 per person on twin sharing basis.
Duration - 6 nights and 7 days.
Departure Date - 25 July,2009

(Information as published on their website is saved in the document attached.)

The above package included the Air Fare , Hotel Accommodation , Sight Seeing , Meals
and Guided Tours etc.

The above details suited my requirement; hence I contacted Ms Gertrude from Apollo
Flight Centre to give me the final quote for 4 adults and 3 infants so that I can
book the package. And this is where the whole PROBLEM started.

This lady was completely IGNORANT of the package/process and for more than a week
she kept giving me different quotes and prices. Every time I used to ask for any
additional information regarding the package, her previous quote would change
without any reason. On asking why the rate has changed, she would have no answer.
This was getting very irritating and confusing for me. During all this confusion I
am being contacted by Mr. Malco Rodriguez (GM, Apollo Flight Centre) He apologized
for the incorrect information being provided by his staff and assured me that in a
day or two he will personally provide me with all the services that I require.

In spite of talking to Mr. Malco Rodriguez (GM, Apollo Flight Centre), there was no
progress and for more than 7 days I still did not had a quote of the package.

Going through all this and still waiting, I decided to bring it to the notice of
Mr. Deepak Kalra (CEO, , hoping that things would get streamlined.

I wrote my complete incident to Mr. Deepak Kalra (CEO, and copied
Mr. Malco Rodriguez (GM, Apollo Flight Centre). Within half an hour I received a
call from Mr. Malco Rodriguez (GM, Apollo Flight Centre).. He tried to pacify me and
AG AIN apologized for everything that had gone wrong.

I would like to quote his words here “Mr. Kashyap, I would not be able to sleep
until and unless I resolve your matter”.

Mr. Malco Rodriguez (GM, Apollo Flight Centre) asked me for a day’s time to resolve
the issue. The next day I got a call from him that he had finalized the prices and
everything but he would require another 2-3 hours to confirm on the departure dates.
I had started to feel comfortable that now the things are speeding up but I was
wrong. There was no communication from him since then till date.

Another 2-3 days passed and time was running. I had no clue what was going on as no
one was in a position to help me out here. It had been approximately 10 days and
till date I did not had the quote.

Seeing no response AG AIN from Dubai office , I AG AIN wrote to Mr.
Deepak Kalra (CEO,

This time I was contacted over the email by Ms Geeta Eral (Manager - Customer
Delight, She apologized for all the inconvenience that I had to go
through because of and assured me that she will get back to me on
resolving the issue ASAP. She also mentioned that I can write back to her for any
issues directly. I thought that this time something will happen and I will finally
be able to book a package for my family and friends but as earlier I was wrong.

Ms Geeta Eral did not replied to me for another 2-3 days . I was wondering what is
happening on my issue. On writing back to Ms Geeta Eral for the status on my issue ,
I got a reply that we are working out on the departure dates and it would take
another 3-4 days for finalizing the same. I got really very irritated. I was unable
to understand what they were trying to finalize ?? Everything that a customer needed
was mentioned on the banner of their website. I was not asking for a customized
package for myself but only what was mentioned on their website. I wrote back to Ms
Geeta Eral (copying the CEO) strongly that why it is taking so long to book a
package which is advertised on your website. I even asked her to let me know if
their company was not in a position to offer the package as advertised on their
website. I got no reply from her.

It had been around 15 days that I have been breaking my head with staff of but no resolution.

After 20 days I am being contacted by Mr. Manoj Gagwani (Head International Business
India ,

As usual he ALSO apologized and gave me the same stories which I have already heard
from Mr. Malco Rodriguez and Ms Geeta Eral. He asked me to give him 2-3 days and he
will finalize everything and get back to me.

Even after a week there was no response from Mr. Manoj Gagwani (Head International
Business India , I completely understood that they are just trying
to fool customers and not in a position to offer what they have stated on their

I wrote my last mail to Mr. Deepak Kalra (CEO, copying all the above
people with whom I have corresponded with. I clearly wrote that I will be
highlighting this whole incident to the relevant authorities in India and UAE so
that innocent customers are not cheated. But STILL there was no revert from anyone.

This clearly shows that they don’t have any respect for the law or for customers.

In the end I would like to strongly highlight/summarize the below points:

Ø Staff working in unaware/ignorant of what their company is
Ø Service level of is far below the standards.
Ø Misleading information being published on their website as well as brochures.

Ø Unable to provide what is being promised in the advertisements. This is an
offense in the eyes of the law.
Ø Lot of hidden cost not told to the customer at the time on enquiry, which is
the reason prices keep changing every time.
Ø Cheating Indian as well as foreign customers by their planned nexus.

It is my kind request to take this incident seriously and take strong action against
such organizations who are looting customers money , breaking all the laws and still
doing business.

I am only one of such thousand customers who had been mislead by and
have taken the initiative to write to the concerned authorities.

(Banners as advertised on are attached in the document)

(All correspondence can be provided on requests to support the above incident)

Thanks and Regards
Saujanya Kashyap
Contact - 00971503767356


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    Saujanya kashyap is right .
    my name is Altaf Karjikar and i have been through a similar experience as so have the below people
    their addresses were taken from . you can find hundreds of people who have ben conned , cheated , duped of their money by . Deepak karla is well aware of this ( since people do send him mails regarding this but still takes no action as he is the ultimate beneficary of the conned money , may God almighty repay him and his family in the right manner for taking money by cheating others .
    i booked a ticket by ( pronounced as ) for jetlite flight in India but did not get the ticket or get my money back.
    money paid but no ticket , i had to book alternate tickets from other flights .
    in case more such people are still looking to make complaints please lets form a community or some group to make sure this website is shutdown as soon as possible . please remember 1 person cannot make a diffrence alone but together the help of others we surely can do something to stop this nonsense. there is no harm in trying to get our own money back.
    Altaf Karjikar
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    I had booked a to & fro ticket from Bangalore to Pune from their website. After the payment is made get a mail that only the return journey (Pune to Bangalore) is booked but the forward journey (Bangalore to Pune) is not booked.

    So I told them to cancel the whole thing since without a ticket to Pune what is the use of a return ticket. They inform me that only the forward journey can be refunded and not the return trip and that if I want to cancel it will have to pay the cancellation charges.

    Basic COMMON SENSE will be first to book the forward journey and then the return journey. This experience leaves you feeling real cheated.

    I have previously booked quite a few tickets from Till now have had a very satisfying experience with them. I would seriously recommend people to use them rather than this cheat of a website.
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    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I had made hotel Bookings online on makemytrip site for the hotel Ayur country resort(3 star),Munnar,Cochin-kerala on 16th of november 2009.I ahd got a confirmation voucher immediately on that day itself and my money of 4846 got deducted.My checkin date for the hotel was 25th november 2009.Just before 2 days of checkin ie:23rd november i get a call saying that the hotel rooms are not available in Ayur country resort and the our stay is arranged in the same category hotel (Autumn trees) which is also a 3 star and a resort kind of a hotel.But all the information was false.It is 1 star hotel(kind of lodge.It will be wrong to say 1 star).Immediately i told them to give the refund back.They refused to do it saying that booking has been alrady done.They did the arrangement without consulting us and taking our preference.I tried calling them many times.They used to cut my calls once i used to tell them to cancel the booking and give the refund.

    I have sent many mails to have refused to give the money.

    The concerned authorities,please look into my matter and take necessary actions.

    Please assist me to take the matter further in the court.

    Makemytrip is playing with the innocent people nad thier money.

    thanks and regards,
    Preeti Shetty
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    I, Ritu Srivastava, has written 35mails to the company requesting to send my Make My Trip Voucher of amount Rs 5513/ (transaction). I booked that voucher on 22 October and so far I have not received that voucher and I am waiting for that. everytime your customer care
    executives say the same thing that "They have forwarded my request to concerned Department and they will get to me within 24 hours". So far, I have not received a single call from end and moreover they are not bothered about my voucher. My money has been stuck". They are just giving me false promises that i will receive voucher within 48 hours.

    Last time I spoke to CCE on 2 of December and he stated the same thing. It has more than 45 days. This is sorry to say that I am bugged with all of sorry and excuses made by your company.

    I dont know whether their concerned depart is sleeping or what they are doing. I want to bring this in front of CEO of Mr. Deepak Kalra (CEO, If anybody has his e-mail id, please give it to me.

    My contact details are
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    Hi ,

    i want a lwyer who can get me refund of money faster and some compensation on harrasment and mental agony.I booked tickets on my credit card on october 24 i got a reply that the tickets are booked and please make a payment to our Chandigarh office i made the payment through credit card immediately.then the same day acall came and said sir the tickets could not be booked and we will return your money in 10 days then the phone came sir we have available tickets to BRazil but you will have to pay 7000 more i made again the payments ,then suddenly someone called and told me that we will refund your money as tickets could not be booked. then i requested to let me know if there is till a ticket available on other date they told me that a ticket costing 64000 is available,i purchased them,

    Somehow i had some visa issues and had to cancel the tickets they charged 9000 as penalty i agreed but the Customer care executive told me that the tickets were for 54425 not 64000 i was shocked then they said there is a escalation we have to sort it out and you will get acall from accounts ,For 1 week no one called i called them and they took my bank account number. i gave them that but again after 1 week no one called so i called gaian and one girl told me the case is still in escalation and you will receive in 5 days but still i have no payments.

    If any lawyer is there please help me i am willing to pay 10 % of my payments and 50 % on compensation to the lawyer

    Please contact me on 09878450460

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    Hi Sir/Madam

    To tell in one line the worst customer service i have ever seen in my life is

    The incident was i was trying to book a flight ticket in Paramount Airways on Jan First week.
    In the final process the website went down due to techincal errors. The money has been taken from ICICI Account.
    I called the customer care that night for more than 10 times but no one was giving a proper reply what happened to my money ?...
    Every time they were telling different answers..
    Finally next day one customer care person told recieved my money and will book the tickets and sent a confrimatiom mails for the same.
    But agian after 2 hours i got call from another cutomer care person it was wrong message and you will recieve your money back within 72 Hours.
    So in this mean time i was happy that i booked my tickets but finally it didnt happen.....
    But when i called the cutomer care after 2 days the person was saying it will take another 7 business days, i was totally frustrated about the time i spent on and the insecurity of my money for the same.I told him the experience and frustration i had with for the whole incident and asked to connect the call to amanger when i asked to connect to the manager ,but this guy being a brillinat customer exceutive he put the call on hold for more than 10 minutes so that i will get farustrated and leave the Call.Great Thinking buddy ...
    That time i made sure that i will never open in my life.....
    I told all my friends,colleagues in my MNC company,relative please dont use for any reason anymore
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    I have faced the same issue as with Makemytrip's customer care. They have taken the money from my account and have not confirmed my flight tikcets yet...
    Not just that... though they are able to pull up the details of the booking, they refuse to acknowledge receipt of payment or confirmation of booking.
    Can anyone share the email id of their CEO Deep Kalra?
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    Below is my complaint I sent on Feb 2nd, 2011 to Ms. Chadha from Make My Trip New York Office. I am waiting and still no action on it, I just cant believe this company is such a Unprofessional, uncaring, giving fraud service to its customers

    November 25th I am browsing for booking a flight ticket to India one way. I am excited to finally meet my family after three and half years. After some friends recommendations I go to Make My trip web site. I go to see that it’s an Indian online travel booking company. It also says no. 1 choice for NRI, India's No. 1 Travel Company and a lot of other stuff. I say why not it’s my country’s company and I can trust them and I want my business to go to them. I went to the Chat option and start chatting with Mr. Sharma. Reference ID: [101125-025694] Chat session. I give him my travel details and also mention i need an airline ticket which do not require TRANSIT VISA. He acknowledges it and books me a flight on Kuwait Airlines and assures me that no transit visa is required, The flight will depart from JFK Airport to Mumbai and samll stop over in Kuwait for flight Change.
    MakeMyTrip Booking No. US1011B02251

    December 23, 2010 I reach JFK airport, stand in line for boarding pass of Kuwait Airlines. I reached the counter and the agent tells me that the flight stops at London Heathrow Airport and I need a transit Visa for Britain to board. I am kind of shocked. I went ahead and spoke to the reservation manager at Kuwait Airlines Booking. He says the same thing. I tried explaining him that my booking agent from Make My Trip conformed me that I do not need a transit visa for this flight. But the reservation manager tells me that he can’t allow me to board the airlines. I call Make My Trip, the agent tells me that Make My Trip booking is right and the flight doesn’t need a Transit Visa and the agent mentions at no point I informed them in chat that I need a booking without a transit visa. I am kind of confused.
    The agent tells me that he would cancel my Kuwait airlines ticket and book me another flight. He books me at Jordanian Airlines which costs me $2381. MakeMyTrip Booking No.US1012B02117. I stand in the queue of Jordanian airlines, now Jordan Airlines reservation agent says that I need a transit visa for Abu Dhabi and refuses to give me boarding pass. I call make My Trip again. After all the chat, they cancel my booking on Jordanian Airlines and book me on Emirates Airlines MakeMyTrip Booking No : US1012B02117. This costs me more $300. Total Cost of Flight now is $3616 one way. ($935+$2381+$300)
    I arrived India and get sick for 3 days. The first thing I do is check my Chat Transcript of booking my on Kuwait airlines. In the chat I specifically mentioned the visa I hold and also went on to inform them that I do not need a flight ticket that needs a Transit Visa. The booking agent acknowledged it and booked me on Kuwait airlines.
    I contact Customer care of Make My Trip in India and they tell me that I have to chat with customer care on US website. In about 2 weeks or so I get my refund of $935.
    I contact Customer care though Chat. I explain the agent everything and told him that it wasn’t customer’s mistake if the booking agent booked a wrong flight after having all the information about the customer and specifically mentioning about the Visa Status. It was solely Make My Trip’s mistake of not having updated info of the flight they are booking there customers on. I also tell him that I am willing to be responsible for $935 which was my initial charges for my travel arrangements and my $2681 should be returned back to me. (Now after $935 refund I expect $1746 to be refunded back to me) The agent says Sir, the manager is not present right now and somebody will get back to me with a resolution in 48hrs. Reference ID: [110104-044888] Chat session Tuesday, January 4, 2011 6:33 AM.
    I contact customer care again for another 3 more times through chat and I do not get a resolution and I have been ignored and the agents were very unhelpful:
    Reference ID: [110108-006163] Chat session Friday, January 7, 2011 5:06 PM
    Reference ID: [110114-007214] Chat session Thursday, January 13, 2011 6:08 PM
    Reference ID: [110114-008458] Chat session Thursday, January 13, 2011 7:02 PM
    I have called 4 times on US website booking no. (1800INDIA10) to customer care of make my trip, I needed to talk to manager and the answer given to me was that the manager was busy and also not available. My calls were dropped and very unprofessionally handled and the agents spoke to me rudely.
    I belong to hospitality field, and I worked for hotels l like Hilton and Leela’s. I can’t believe such a reputed company can do this to a customer.
    I feel that I got cheated and there is no value of service rendered to me from Make My Trip. My reservation wasn't handled properly by Make My trip even though I made my travel plans way in advance and caused me lot of inconvenience.

    I rate this business the worst business I have ever come across. I would rather take my business to Yatra or Travelocity web site.

    Vikramraj Vijayan
    091 7259109484
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    Recently, just two weeks back, I had a confirmed ticket issued by Make My Trip for Bangalore - Bhubhaneshwar sector on Indigo airlines. But to my horror, Indigo officials told me that the ticket was ON HOLD and I missed an appointment with the governer of the state. Based on the advise of Make My Trip customer service support (Joke ?) executive, I booked the next immediate available flight paying extra sum over and above what I already had paid to Make My Trip. Till date, I am yet to get this refunded. No mails replied by them in the last 1 week and it appears that they have directed the mails to the JUNK folder !

    Can anyone share the email ID of Mr.Deep Kalra, CEO of Make My Trip ?

    +91 9560521515
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    dear respected sir,

    im the user of the make my trip and a travelling agent im always booking from m.k.t. and also booking rail booking in very lease fair and my complain is not booking rail i dont no why is please give me replay.

    thank u
    from shaik hassan ali;
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    I had booked a confirmed return ticket by Indigo through makemytrip website on 28th December 2010 for travel in February. I travelled the onward sector Hyd-Del on 18th Feb. I had to cancel the return sector on the 21st Feb - which my wife did by calling makemytrip about 5 hrs before departure of the flight. The ticket said it is a refundable fare and the call center person confirmed the same. An amount of approx Rs 3300 was to come as refund within 7 working days.
    By March 18th, when we checked our credit card statement - there was no refund. This was the beginning of a nightmare which is still on. After multiple calls and exchanges of emails we were curtly informed that the refund amount is only Rs 179 and that was credited into our HDFC credit card on the 22nd of March.
    We decided to get to the bottom of this matter and pursued with makemytrip. Everytime we were told that the matter would be escalated to a higher leval and that there was no supervisor available - pl call gain after 48-72 hrs...
    Finally, they agreed that there was amistake and they would credit the balance amount of approx Rs 2900 into our credit card - this happened around 23rd of March and the amount should reflect in our credit card in 5 working days.
    Today - 13th APril when we checked our cc statement - there is still no credit done by makemytrip for this amount. When we called them - we were shocked to hear that the amount has been credited on 23rd March itself and that they can't provide any further information - the matter will be escalated to higher authority - no supervisor is available - and finally they disconnected the call.

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    i had gone through all the complaints & mine is not different. Its the same story of unprofessional, cheating, unplanned, not keeping the words, irritating, looters office. You can name any worst kind of adjective for makemytrip & it will be still insufficient to rate their services. Recently I booked a family vacation in USA for 20 days & 19 nights. This booking was done on 3rd Feb & the tour date 3rd May. Till date in spite of paying every penny to them I still have not received final papers from them. Except air tickets I don't know who is going to welcome us in USA, where we will be staying? In spite of booking 3 months in advance because of their silly mistakes I had to cancel USA interview dates twice & finally appeared on 21st April barely a week before departure. But these people do not learn from their previous mistakes. Day after tomorrow we will be leaving our home town to board fight from Mumbai on 2nd May midnight. It's ridiculous that after paying hefty amount of almost 10,000,00 Rs to them they don't have any respect for their passengers.It seems not accepting the call, someone picking up the phone from office & telling that the concerned person is very busy is routine company etiquette all over the world. It's shameful that an Indian company is doing such kind of business. It's the only company I know who don't have any authority to complain. I think they should be awarded for creating one platform for all the employees & owners of makemytrip. Even Bil Gate, Mukesh Ambani, Laxmi Mittal are approachable surprisingly nobody knows how to reach Mr. Kalra.
    Hope my tour starts well on 3rd & ends well.My mother is very happy now a days & she has all the praise for makemytrip people since I started praying GOD first time in my life.
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    I loged in the portal of make my trip where i have to book a airline ticket for my parents who have been stucked up in srinagar on 30th april 2011 because of AIR INDIA strike. So i thought i book a ticket fro delhi and send them a new ticket . And i was on make my trip portal where i booked a kingfisher flight for 1st may 2011 and the portal says the tickets are available for the kingfisher flight and i started filling the passenger list then the payment gateway, i punched the debit card gateway where they have taken the money of RS.8944 /- from account and then instead of receiving the ticket i have received :- to me
    show details 1:21 PM (52 minutes ago)

    Booking Unsuccessful
    MakeMyTrip Booking ID -NF252025427871
    Booking Date - Sat, 30 April 11


    Your payment has been processed, however due to a technical error, the system was unable to confirm your booking. This is a rare occurrence and can happen when there is a sudden drop in seat availability on your chosen flight.

    Your payment has been sent for refund processing and the same will be processed within the next 2 business days. We will send you a confirmation mailer once the refund is processed from our end.

    We request you to make a fresh booking on a different flight. Please click here to look at all possible flight options for your selected travel date(s) and proceed with the booking.

    Please refer to the FAQ section below on how to check the refund status of your transaction online.

    We regret any inconvenience caused.


    Payment Details

    Total FareRs. 8,944

    Total Amount Charged (rounded) Rs. 8,944

    Total Refund Amount Rs. 8,944

    Note: Any discount or promotional offer, if availed, has been adjusted in the Total Amount Charged.
    Then i spoked to the customer service representative MR. SARABJEET SINGH who is no where right person to sit on the seat. he does not know how to speak to the customers. Then spoked to the team leader MS. MEGHA GOSWAMI AT GURGAON OFFICE SHE WAS NOT ABLE TO HELP ME. THIS IS A CHEATER COMPANY PLS DO NOT BOOK ANY TICKETS OR PACKAGES WITH MAKE MY TRIP. AND I REQUEST ME. DEEP KALRA TO IMPROVE HIS SERVICES.
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    I'am filing the complaint against Make my trip as their site is really pathetic and these people and their technical failures are costing the customers huge amounts.

    I booked my tickets for Delhi -pune - delhi for my family , at the time of booking I got the time out error from their site and it was mentioned due to time out error your booking cannot be done please try after sometime so I went to to book the tickets and when I reached my Inbox I found that Make my trip has also given me mail for confirmation so I went to cancel booking I made via Make my trip and at that time they charged me 5250 Rs as cancellation charges , when I called them up they said that this could not be refunded as these are airline charges .

    I paid them 5250 rs for nothing and for thing that was not my fault , it was their system error that has costed me this money , I'am filing this complaint so that other people are aware what kind of thieves these people are .
  • ivietnamtravelivietnamtravel Junior Member
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    Has anyone used this website before? They are asking me to send them a scanned copy of my credit card even though they have already taken payment for the tickets. Seems dodgy. Any thoughts?
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    Just like many of the other complaints on this website, I have had a terrible experience with this company. Firstly, the flight timings, availability and prices on their website were not correct. They should be sued for publishing such wrong information. since I couldn't complete my booking online, one of their agents calls me back right away so as to close the deal. I spend 45 mins with her on the phone, going over my booking in detail. Once she takes everything into account and recaps my reservation, we go ahead with the booking.

    Then I don't get an email confirmation or hear anything for 5-6 days. At that point, I call them back and they email me my eticket. I get my eticket and see that they have made a mistake with the date. Now, I'm unsure if it was a real error or they just booked me on whichever flight was available, so as to book their revenue.

    I call back and complain about the wrong date on my reservation. They promise to investigate and call me back. Obviously, no one calls me back. So, I call them again and sped about 45 minutes trying to get a supervisor. Meanwhile the agent assures me that the original booking stands good, as the agent who made the booking recapped the details before issuing the ticket. He, however, knows fully well that no one listed to the entire call. If their quality assurance people had listened to the entire call, they would know that the agent was clearly at fault.

    Since they don't want to pay the date change penalty themselves, they hide behind an assurance that the reservation was recapped before it was issued. This is totally false, as I was very clear about what I wanted. The agent clearly made a mistake and Makemytrip is now unwilling to fix it or even acknowledge their error. They won't even let me speak with a supervisor.

    This is clearly a racket and must be stopped. For a Nasdaq listed company with esteemed shareholders such as Tiger Global, this company is a mess. I am very disappointed and will seek legal counsel on this matter.
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    Be aware...If you are planning to go through makemytrip for planning a vacation, be prepared to go through mental stress and worst unprofessional attitude from the agent. I got a ticket which includes flight and hotel and I called them about 20 times, to change my travel plan, but they never solved the problem. First its a big pain to wait in the queue to reach the customer service and even after I reach them always the call go to the wrong department and they never directed me to the right place after that. They always ask to hold so they connect me to the right department but instead they disconnect the line and it just get repeated for ever. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT I EVER EXPERIENCED.
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    can someone please provide me mr kalra ceo of email addres. i would be really greatful
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    Below Chain of Emails that I sent complaining to Make My Trip is self Explanatory


    I work in the logistics and Airline industry myself... please dont give me excuses that Airline rates are dynamic... I understand that it is dynamic but based on load factor... but 2 changes in a gap of 25 minutes and that too from one rate to another and then back to the same rate??? Are you kidding me??? This answer is unacceptable to me...

    And mind you... when your dash board said 4851 when I clicked 'buy' on it I should have got that rate... other wise you are cheating the customer... and as the date closes in does the rate go up or down? and within 25 mins?

    I think you guys need to at least give me a valid explanation to the point that how did the rate change in the minute of clicking the dashboard to booking the ticket and that to by over 40% and was back down within a span of 25 minutes???? Please do not give standard responses... The least I expect you to do is a thorough back ground check before reverting...

    Please let me know the contact details of some one with a little more responsibility and sensibility that I can correspond to since you seem more bound by policies and standard scripts than common sense.

    If this is going to be your final response I will be forced to go to the consumer forum on this... Since it more a matter of principle here than money. I feel cheated by Make my Trip.. And I will go to any end to express my displeasure...

    Hope to receive a more sesible revert from a superior at the earliest...

    A very dissatisfied customer
    Nitin Varkey

    On Wed, 21 Nov 2012 22:07:57 +0530 wrote

    Dear Mr. Varkey,

    Greetings from

    With reference of your mail, please note that to use Jabong voucher it is not necessary to add 2 items, however if amount is less than 500/- INR then you need
    to add item as voucher is for 500/- INR. Please find screen shot attached for your reference. Please note Jabong is one of the best online service providers.

    Please note that for booking id NF2511920721660, while processing to payment we have clearly show message that fare was increased from 4851/- INR to 7652/- INR.
    I also accept that you have again booked and got better price of 4976/- INR for NF2511920722230. Please note that air fares are dynamic and change within seconds. Fares are not guaranteed until they are purchased.

    We wish to inform you that we will not be able to honor your case.


    Kunal Bariya| Executive- Customer Delight

    From: []
    Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 11:06 AM
    To: Mice
    Cc: Shilpa Gupta
    Subject: Re: Complaint - Your and Vouchers from

    Dear Makemytrip Manager...

    Please stop sending customers coupons which have got riders attached to it... I tried to use the below voucher at Following is what happend

    1) When you select one item and apply the voucher it applies... but the site will not let you buy the produsct saying that you have to attach atleast two items to your cart before you can purchase... (So it cant be used)

    2) When you add one more product and try to use the coupon it says the coupon is not applicable... this is ridiculous...

    And more inportantly the cost on Jabon is atleast 10% higher than any normal online site... So if your agruement is that we first need to purchase two items without the coupon and then use the coupon on the 3rd purchase... eventually the loss for the customer is far higher than the gain of that mere 500INR.... I would have rather you didnt give any vouchers.. than make a fool of us consumers...

    I am going to be posting this information on the other networking sites as well... So that others dont waste their time... since I wasted at least a couple of hours surfing the site to find some products which suited my requirement (and my time is very precious like a lot of others) since the other were senselessly overpriced.

    Another big issue that I had faced while doing my booking on MMT is that when I booked a ticket for BOM => the price said said 4851 All inc... but when I booked it... the final transaction amount came to 7652(Booking reference NF2511920721660)... And then 25 mins later when I made another booking for the same sector the price was back to 4976 (Booking reference NF2511920722230).... Same flight same date... booked on the same day within a span of less than 30 mins... When I called your call center the 1st time your agent told me that flight rate fluctuate any time... Which I agree.. but that logic doesnt apply in this case.. for two reasons.. when I saw the cost of flight on your dashboard it was 4851INR, it changed in less than 2 mins??? and in another 20 mins it was back to the same cost???? I understand escallation of cost towards the flight date but the reverse???and tat too up and down fluctuatio in a span of 30 mins... anyway she couldnt explain a logic back to me and said she had to speak to her senior... while on hold the line got disconnected and i had to call back and speak to another agent ouf yours who understood mystand point (was pretty understanding and sensible, but somehow not empowered)and has told me he has escallated it to the back office team apparently... he gave me a ref no of 121118-019275 and told me some one would get back to me within 3 working days on this ... so I am waiting... but I want to put on record that I do not expect an experience of this nature from what I thought was a professional organisation in MMT....

    I have been using MMT for some time andiIt would hurt me to got out as a detractor and negate MMT in all my social and professional circles... Not to mention the social networking...

    Hope to hear from someone in a responsible position in MMT soon...

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    i booked my tickets of hotel rose valley at digha through for a single room my sbi ac was debited by 3802/-

    but their reciept showed amt 2850.

    when i asked for clarification they couldnt clarify besides behaved rudely.

    sir it feels cheated. ur last hope. kindly help

    my emailid
  • edited April 2013
    I wish to share with you how our holiday plan got ruined by irresponsible and delayed handling of bookings. I am sure our horrible experience would be extremely useful for you to fix things in your organization so that no other customer would have to undergo the same in future.

    Confirmed plans for booking on 2nd Dec (booking ID IN1212B01121) with the following itinerary and cab details

    Noida - Agra –Fatepur Sikri- Jaipur – Delhi (13th to 16th). Stay at Laxmi Palace Jaipur 3 rooms all 3 nights.

    Tata Winger – 6 adults, 2 children

    Paid Rs. 33,968/- on 2nd December for the above hotel and cab.

    No booking vouchers received even after several days. One of the travel expert, said she is on leave and would do the needful upon return to work. Professional etiquette is that in such a situation another team member takes up open transactions. But the travel expert was very reluctant to pass it to another travel expert, which we guess was the start of things going wrong. Even in the mails executive had not included support team email id or contact numbers which would have been very useful for the customer in case of any miscommunications or concerns.

    As the travel dates were nearing, we got worried about non-receipt of hotel and cab vouchers. However, we assumed that bookings were already confirmed and the delay was only in sending the vouchers.

    Two passengers dropped out from the trip plan from our side. So, out of the 3 hotel rooms, we requested cancellation of one room 7 days ahead of check-in date so that full refund is possible. This was not done. Only later did we realize that probably travel executive had not made any bookings at all.

    Talked with almost everyone in the expert’s team. Several names were used include and nobody was willing to take ownership of the bookings and do them properly after checking the details, but everybody kept promising “within half an hour”.

    On the eve of the trip, we got a return call informing that Laxmi Palace is not available and that Surya Villa is an okay alternative. We were not happy but had no option but to agree for Surya Villa reluctantly.

    Had to follow up a few times in the evening for vouchers. Each time it was a different person and the common excuse they were giving was “responsible person who made booking is not at her desk” etc. When we explained that we are dealing with and not a single travel expert, they seemed to understand that they cannot put the blame and shirk the responsibility. Finally we forced one of the expert to take responsibility to make proper bookings as per our requirements.

    Shocked to find that the hotel voucher sent was for 1 room instead of 2 rooms. And the Car voucher showed Indigo instead of Tata Winger and it did not contain any information regarding the Trip route which we have shared or KM limit which was already communicated and confirmed in the email.

    When we contacted Makemytrip to ask why Indigo was booked, we were told that Indigo is comfortable for 4 adults and 2 children. But since we had paid for a bigger vehicle like Tata Winger, we refused to accept the downgrade to Indigo.

    Finally the expert agreed to fix the cab issue. A Tempo was arranged in lieu of Tata Winger. The Tempo guy was wrongly informed by Makemytrip team that the itinerary is Noida – Jaipur – Noida. We requested to give the correct itinerary (Noida – Agra – Fatepur Sikri - Jaipur – Noida) to the Vendor to avoid trouble during the trip.

    The tempo guy turns up in the morning with a printout in which Makemytrip has mentioned only Delhi – Jaipur – Delhi. He refused to take us to Agra. We are in the tempo now going to Jaipur, and trying to piece together our spoilt vacation.

    We are still not aware whether the cancellation for one room is properly done, and whether we will enjoy the stay at the alternative hotel you have found for us.

    Internet-savvy people like us can very well make travel and stay arrangements on our own. So the only reason we come to services like Makemytrip is to save time, for the convenience, and for professional services. Unfortunately that didn’t happen in our case and we cannot put a value to the amount of uncertainty, tension, and frustration we had to undergo for the travel arrangements with Makemytrip. And we are on a heavily compromised holiday which we are not enjoying. Having to draft an email like this during a trip with family is unfortunate and best explains the situation.

  • edited April 2013

    Dear Sir,

    Yesterday, I had booked one Air Ticket ID No.NF2201732021120 at around 17:12 for Lucknow to New Delhi. After 2 ot 3 minutes, we have received a call from your Executive Mr. Shantanu that the said booking is not confirmed by your system and will be automatically cancelled with a refund of full amount, as this is a technical fault at our end.

    As per his advice, I again make a booking for the same destination vide ID-NF2201732021630. I at once contacted your customer care office to confirm the status of my second booking. At that time, my call had been connected to Mr. Rohit and he told me that the second booking is also not showing in our system. During the heat argument in between us, he told me that now the system shows a confirmation of my first booking. He closed the call by assuaring me that he will recommend for the full amount to refunded against the second booking, it is a crystal clear fault of your server.

    Today morning, when try to contact your customer care, my call had been connected to some other foolish executive of your office like, Ms. Rupmati Singh as well as her Store supervior Ms. Juhi...., who didn't have any knowledge of checking the system.

    Your office is being requested to look into the matter on priority and arrange to cancel my second booking ID-NF2201732021630 at the earliest and refund the full amount without any deduction, in my credit card account.

    An immediate and prompt action in this regard will be highly solicited.



    Cc : Mr. Yogesh Kerwal, The Reporter, The Times of India, 10, Darya Ganj, New Delhi
    Cc : Consumer of Court of India
  • seema218seema218 Junior Member
    edited May 2013
    Makemytrip booking ID NF2106726180591, booked on 22nd April, cancelled on 23rd April. Flight rate is Rs 17040, deducting cancellation charge Rs 2500/, Makemytrip should refund me Rs. 14540. on 23rd April, they confirmed and promised to refund within 3 working days. Since then every 3 working days, I gave them a call, they keep telling me that within another 3 working days it will be processed but giving no reason why it happens. I'm not able to trust them again, please help.
  • seema218seema218 Junior Member
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    Makemytrip booking ID NF2106726180591, booked on 22nd April, cancelled on 23rd April. Flight rate is Rs 17040, deducting cancellation charge Rs 2500/, Makemytrip should refund me Rs. 14540. on 23rd April, they confirmed and promised to refund within 3 working days. Since then every 3 working days, I gave them a call, they keep telling me that within another 3 working days it will be processed but giving no reason why it happens. I'm not able to trust them again, please help.
  • edited August 2013
    I have a simmilar experiece,my return air ticket was cancelled by them without my permission,after writing 100 mails of complaints,only appology has come thru mail not refund after 3 months,customer service is the poorest in the world.they are just cheating the customers.
    No one reponds with facts and details.
    Very shamefull for such a big unit.
  • edited December 2013
    Jan 3rd flight 06.50 Chennai to Madurai I need to change time evening 2.30 pm
  • edited January 2014
    I am sorry to say that This was@extremely bad and disappointing experience using MakeMyTrip for our recent travel to Thailand.
    I don't know how three time they have done the same mistake. We have reached the Bangkok airport and Local agent say your transfers has been canceled by your Indian Agencies(MakeMyTrip) I have to arrange things by myself after 2 hours of fight. Then again they made other arrangements but again same thing happened.

    this has leads us spending lot in and as well as it was kind of mental harassment to all of us.
    They are just cheaters.
    If anyone has the email-id of higher authorities please provide.
  • edited January 2014
    Dear Sir/madam,
    I have done the reservation on 3rd jan for jaipur from vadodara for journey on 13 jan,2014 , Reservation was confirmed , PNR was 19038105670977. But i got a call on 12.1.2014 from your Make my trip bus operator , they said bus is facing some maintenance issues, & we are unable to provide the bus service for my planned journey (i.e. on 13 jan).
    He told me you can refer another bus operator , your bus journey (for 13 jan,2014) is cancelled.
    I got surprised & socked , i told him that please provide some alternate option , but he denied , we are not responsible for that. he told me please cancel the ticket , since fault from our side , so you will get 100 % money back.
    But when i cancelled my reservation , i got only 55% amount .

    So i would like to know ,
    1. who is responsible for this because only one day before i got the news that i have to cancel my ticket due to fault of service provider.
    2. How can i get my money back.

    waiting for reply.
  • edited February 2014

    I booked a airticket on 21st jan 2014 n my booking failed. Called up customer care they confirmed mebto rebook. N guess wat happened my booking was confirmed later.

    N I had already done a rebooking. Now I had 2 bookings for same pasanger. N mmt was charging me heavily for cancellation of ticket.

    All escalation levrls of mmt are hanfled by outsourced sgent n send standard replies n mo resolution.

    I am never going to book frommake my trip.

    My nooking id NF2201638443840
  • edited February 2014
    I wanted to fly to Muscat via Fly Dubai, but since ticket was not getting booked through the flyDubai website, n being weekend, i booked it through the authorised dealer -
    The details of my query are - I made booking for two person from Kuwait to Muscat, but my booking was unsuccessful, the reference number given to me was 'KN23028621070' and it said to try again. I tried again but the result was the same, this time the booking reference number was 'KN230286210796'.
    Now i have two issues here.
    1). I got my ticket booking for 'KN230286210796', and the fare details are - Fare Summary ( In KWD)
    Base Fare= 76
    Fee & Surcharge = 34
    Convenience Fee =2
    Baggage =32
    Grand Total = KWD 144
    When the makemytrip sent me the ticket details they did not send the fare details / Summary on the printable ticket. Also , there was some problem with makemytrip's communication with the Flydubai website, they did not send them also our full booking details. This is very annoying, and , hence, we were made to pay excess baggage allowance at the airport before the flight. In spite of booking 20 kg per person baggage already paid, we again paid this at the Airport.
    The Receipt of the baggage payment is attached.
    Also, the E-ticket email send by makemytrip is also Attached.
    Here, i ask you to give me the refund of 37.500 Omani Riyal ( = 6,000 Rs.) , which i was made to pay unnecessarily, after already paying the baggage allowance in the booked ticket.
    I want you to refund my amount as soon as possible in my credit card, through which i have booked my ticket.

    2). I have not received my refund for the booking of KN230286210170.
    After getting my ticket booked 'KN230286210796' on 23rd Dec. 2013, i got call from makemytrip India office, saying that the refund of 'KN230286210170', will be done in 8 days in my credit card.
    It has been 2 months and i have not received any response from
    I am expecting the total refund of 144KD{Ticket booking} + 27.49 KD (37.500 Omani Riyal){Excess baggage allowance} = 171.100 KD = 37,979.61 Rs
    I Request Consumer forum of India to look into my case as we are the frequent flyers, and events like this evades our trust and confidence. Hope you would take necessary prompt actions towards makemytrip, and help us get our refund.
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